Blackberry pens new contract

Long serving Kogalo attacker George Odhiambo Blackberry has opted to renew his contract at the club after a protracted negotiation between the club and his agent. Blackberry was the last key player who had not renewed hos contract.

“Blackbbery’ has committed to Gor Mahia after agreeing to sign a one and half year contract extension. He was the only player, who was yet to extend his stay after his contract had run down but I can confirm now that he will be with us next season. As we speak, he (Odhiambo) has travelled to Nakuru to join the rest in pre-season training. I now believe that the team is ready and good to go.” said club CEO Omondi Aduda to

Blackberry first joined Kogalo in 2009, left at the end of 2010 and returned in 2014. He has experienced a major career revival in 2017 that saw him earn a place in the national team where he had not played since 2011.

Aduda also confirmed that the club has released Rwandese midfielder Jean Baptiste Mugiraneza. He had request a release in order to get more playing time after being unable to cement a first team place at Kogalo.

“We have officially released the player and from what I am gathering is that he has signed for APR. We want to wish him well for whatever he did for our club and respect his choice.” said Aduda.

Also leaving the club is Mike Simiyu who has joined Mathare and John Ndirangu who will play for Kakamega Homeboyz this season


11 thoughts on “Blackberry pens new contract

  1. Thanks office though am not sure why we couldn’t get any funds from Migi sale.
    Why are our fans against Machakos yet logistically in the absence of Nyayo and Kasa it’s the best option. Ksm with the dump site and no dressing room is out of site. Bukhungu has not been approved by CAF.
    We need to disassociate the team from the polarizing kenyan politics

  2. hehehe…we are celebrating 50th annivesary on 18th February 2018 and this is the news we read from machakos ? Yajowa, thooooooo………………………………….the headline should have read something like ‘gor mahia given 50 acres of land in machakos county for setting up own stadia and training facility ‘.

  3. I think what is disheartening to some fans me include, the begging.So if AR had not begged we would have given a walkover to our CAF opponent’s,don’t think so.4 or 3 yrs ago when we were banned AR was the chair, this ban would have awakren the desire and promise of building GM ‘s stadia, if he had started then by now the stadia would be almost complete.The one million he is offering mutua would have gone to help in doing final touched.Mawazo yangu,.

  4. Bytheway the chair can also engage sonko and enter into some agreement kitu ka lease hivi, GM renovates city stadium takes ownership for a period after it elapses handovers to kanjo..Lawyers in the house is that possible?

  5. Hooliganism is a double edged sword and the one million goodwill gesture is a small price, which the concerned, are only to willing to pay. Let me elaborate, these hooligans are the very same fellas who 1) run the fake tickets and gate entry scams and even if arrested are released by intervenion of some official. 2) are indepensible come club elections, note that is the only the time the club registers members. 3) are the mercenaries for hire who attack coaches. To me the only way to attract real fans is offering season tickets cum membership. Yes adopting a stadium, especially City and Kisumu is the way to go in the future. That said, good news is at least now the talk of missing out on CAF 2018 is behind us. LET’S INTENSIFY PREPARATIONS.

  6. Level mindfan on point…. ethihad stadium belongs to Manchester council and many more the only thing that is put to consideration are things like expansion of the stadium under the tenure loyalties payed to the council annually monthly or weekly standards to be maintained in the facilities in short safaricom did it to kasarani why not gor mahia
    NB. Safaricom signed naming rights only not administrative and commercialisation of the stadium for 55 million; 18 p/y

  7. Tok Komwanda must be renovated without further ado.Kidero let us down on that aspect setting aside non-existent 200 all through his tenure as county boss for white elephant renovations.It is the easiest viable option to increasing stadia in the city but china must be given that tender if we want to see any meaningful civil & engineering works done including building more stands around the stadium and improving changing room,toilets & laying a tartan track

  8. Sportpesa was willing to take up city stadium , eenovate and rename it. The problem are the cartels in this country. In case they dont benefit then better all of us to suffer.
    Are the goons in is seeing how we cpuld use the 1m to motivate our players instead of paying for thier recklessness?

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