Blunt attack worries Nuttall

Gor Mahia coach Frank Nuttall has lamented the lack of a sharp attacking edge following Gor Mahia’s first few friendlies of 2015. The attack has fallen short so far, scoring only one goal against lower tier side Bidco , one goal against Western Stima and no goals against Bandari.

Nuttall indicated that the club is still in search of a lethal striker. “I can say we still have to work hard to get a goal poacher. We are still very short in that area but I hope by the close of the transfer window, we will have found a solution,” said Nuttall to This is rather interesting because CEO Lordvick Aduda announced a few days ago that they were not interested in Jacob Keli because Nuttall is satisfied with the current squad.

The strikers signed this season have yet to wow Nuttall. James Ohawa was sent packing within a day of Nuttall’s arrival whereas Taofiq and Olunga are good but do not yet have the cutting edge.

“I trust in the abilities of Olunga and Taofiq, they have good ball control, but it will be expecting too much from them to come in and make an instant impact,” continued Nuttall.


34 thoughts on “Blunt attack worries Nuttall

  1. EC interferance in TB matters is GMFCs problems.
    Aduda wants 2 be seen 2 b calliing the shots, TB identifies the gaps (even Jakoyo&Co did) but its EC who choose the actual players. Mixed roles?

    Ex-SG who was run out of Kasarani was actually a double agent inexplicably selling star players mid-season.
    The local arm of our TB are too scared 2 correct the situation & thanks Nutall for doing the sensible thing of subjecting the EC signings to trials.

    Maybe Keli hataki kushare signing fee!

  2. please Bring in KELI. this is a motivational player. I know what he can do. I spoke to him and seriously ADUDA is not SERIOUS! AFC PORCHED OUR PLAYERS SO KELLY’S CASE IS NOT NEW. GET the boy and we are done.
    Kelly can play with Olunga or B/Berry well.
    what happened to the latest signing? It was to be on monday or we wait to read on

  3. Read from Fans/Jerry confrontations!!
    Mombasa Fans! we never do that in Nairobi. we can boo playersin the field but not confronting them personally. That was so childish. We are moulding a new crop which need to gell. we have different days in office!
    by the way We are scouting for a Total Gor mahia defence force to arrest these kind of issues.

  4. This is when you ask the coach…who are you telling?
    1.When Gor was recruiting where were you?
    2. Those recruiting got what they think was the best, you did away with what you think was not good enough so where is the problem? The point is that the players in the Kenya league are of the same caliber otherwise they would be in europe or North Africa. mark you, Kimanzi et Sofapaka guy have teams that Gor cannot beat, using the same caliber available to you. That is where a good coach comes in and that is why countries like cape verde and Boukina Faso are now in the Africa cup of nations. The fact remains that Gor equally has good players. The Gor attack has in many times showed pure mediocrity while attacking. That is why your in office. I do not support what happened in Mombasa but the truth be told, Gor fans will be looking for a PATTERN OF PLAY worth 650K.

  5. Dinga, Dinga Diiiiiingaaa toka hapo. Do you know that then the coach had no contract? That he was not therefore sure he would be offered any? Do you know that there was a rush to beat certain CAF deadlines? For the sake of the team lets be civil with our comments, am I now a sycophant I fear!!!!!!

  6. Dinga I see you’re clueless on what and how your opinion should come out….You fumbling with words with examples that don’t reflect the status of the team you purporting to support. ….Just like Jathur gi ji has just told you you have no understanding on the terms coach was operating within the club…And even if Gor recruited Messing you think your argument on the Mombasa hold any water? FYI it was to test formation and chemestry or partnership…….Give us some space and support God not just criticize for the heckler of it…

  7. Dinga I see you’re clueless on what and how your opinion should come out….You fumbling with words with examples that don’t reflect the status of the team you purporting to support. ….Just like Jathur gi ji has just told you have no understanding on the terms coach was operating within the club…And even if Gor recruited Messi you think your argument on the Mombasa hold any water? FYI it was to test formation and chemestry or partnership…….Give us some space and support God not just criticize for the heckler of it…

  8. I am also a sycophant too.

    I have resigned from contributing to this sites for there are many hooligans that have invaded this site.

    @Pascal, your posting just show the kind of a person you are and if you are to be given any post in Gor Mahia, I can assure you that you will run away within 5 days. Please respect the the peoples’ opinion as we respect yours. Almighty God is there for you and me.

  9. I don’t fear being called sycophant. I will support the team which have been assembled by the EC and TB whether the striking force is blunt or not.

    The EC have done their best, TB are doing their job and players will always do their best in the field.

    Me as K’ogalo supporter, I will always play my role by paying to watch and support them whether we win or lose.

  10. Ja thur gi ji: The point I am tryn to make is that The Coach has the same material Tusker et Sofapaka has. Wether recruited by him or not. Gor mahia has more players in national teams than any other team if you consider the Ugandan team players. Uganda is currently ranked ahead of Kenya. So the coach saying he is worried while more than half his squad being national team material does not count. Another example would be AFC leopards. Coaches should stop looking for excuses and deliver. My opinion is that if the coach is going to be paid 650K and still have a team playing the same crap football then then fans will question and I believe this is what happened at the Coast. If a coach says he is worried then he is openly doubting his own capability. Otherwise I expect Gor to do well coz they started early preps. There basically three ways to do better;
    1. Buy the best players
    2. have a good coach who can mold an effective winning unit
    3. Do both
    I do not see how the coaches contract or caf deadlines come into play. waren’t Gor aware of all this? It’s too early to doubt Gor capabilities but the coach should portray confidence. I also think Olunga can do well provided he has good support in balls and by this I mean good accurate passess.

  11. Dear Family, a family that prays together sticks together in bad times and good times. As we share our thoughts and opinions I think that our main objective is to add value to the Kogalo Family. The good will always triumph we must not therefor stop doing it. As regards Nuttal’s concern for strikers, he is within his mandate to express his thoughts. He is with this team daily and working with them. He knows and has identified the potentials within the guys he has.He is therefore talking about guys who have matured in this area which generally we can say that Kenya as a Nation has been struggling. Sserenkuma was on the top of the chart for so long. Where are these Kenyan goal poachers? as a Nation we still have a lot to do in this regard.Nuttal and his team are on the right track. There are lessons we can learn from the on going Afcon. Who would have thought that Zambia would be the first team out? I urge us to be patient and stand out with our team.

  12. Whatever you say Dinga, Pascal please be modest and fair to others like EC and Coach, such irate talk does not help anything. As for me I understand the difficulties the team is going through, rather than insult people all over the place I am ready to support always, call me whatever names you want. This is disgusting and childish.

  13. Dear Bloggers,

    Let us try and be civil in our postings. There is no reason hurling insults at faceless people.

    My observations heading to the new season.

    1. I think dinga is right. Bwana Nutall, shouldn’t be worried, instead he should try his best to sharpen the attack. I believe he did a good job with Berry and can do the same with Olunga and Taofiq.

    2. Oduor12 has been raising very important questions for the EC as concerns Players, TB and Officials pay. My only hope is that the issues are being addressed. The whole of last season was about 350100 which ground to a halt. Let us not imagine it will work this season.

    3. I have noticed that our SG who resigned and made an about-turn has been missing in every event and function the club has held including the unveiling of players. What is the position bwana AR?

    4. After the many big-name signings, there is belief that we are indomitable and if what happened in Mombasa and the tone of certain bloggers is to be used as a measure, then we may see unprecedented levels of hooliganism this season. The campaign to root out this vice must be rolled out immediately.

    Lastly, i personally believe we have a good team that can challenge for honors locally and will call upon all bloggers and Kogalo supporters to support the lads and enjoy the game with less interference on the playing unit. That has been our only difference with the Blue corner. If we start attacking our own, we will see why AFC never performs even with big signings.

  14. Jathur gi Ji: I do not know why you class me as having insulted you. But again you have your own opinion. My question was simply to the air the fact that it’s the coach who has the keys to the queries he might be raising. An example is when the gorvt asked Kenyans to protect themselves. If the person who is in charge starts doubting his capabilities then the rest will obviously panic. The coach is basically the pilot of the plane. The worst thing is for the pilot to show any sign of doubt, hence my question…who is he telling? It’s simply a hard question.

  15. HEY HEY HEY !!!

    We haven’t got sponsors yet so please can we all behave. All of you please hold your horses, bad recruitment has been made and hard earned money possibly lost…………it’s not all doom and gloom. The transfer season has not closed therefore we have time to amend our ‘ tricky’ situation thanks to the EC. Just one lethal striker and we are done.

    Oduor 12 and many others ,you see why people don’t trust anything to do with EC – membership, gor mahia SACCO e.t.c. This guys you give them money they squander it !

    Can you imagine the pain as a shareholder if you had given out money to buy players only for those players to be rejected and thrown out by the coach ? … fired their sports director for the same reason !!!!! I demand resignation of Aduda or else……..for too reasons

    1. Failure to advice EC and the coach appropriately and on time matters to do with the technical requirements of the technical bench.

    2. Fielding a weakened gor mahia squad in the 2015 CAF tournament.

    3. Interference with the matters of technical bench regarding player recruitment.

    4. Abuse of office through recruitment of poor quality players and loss of cash ……players signed , paid money and contracts later terminated .

    We have a right to demand what is rightfully ours !

  16. @Villager: I think ur prediction no.4 is what will or is already happening. Alot of fans believe that Gor already has a good coach and now that the club has made these ‘heavy’ recruitment they would like to see ‘blood’ immediately, which ofcourse is very wrong. But again there is a level of mediocrity they nolonger expect to see. I think we should all be patient with the club.It’s to early to argue about performance. My beef however was with the coach for not showing confidence…nothing more.

  17. I haven’t watched any game since we last played Ushuru in Kisumu so i don’t know how strong or mediocre the team is. But what I can tell is that we don’t have a problem with the sub bench like we had last year. In other words this team is better than what we had last year. What we can do is pray that they gell faster and start producing results.
    What we also pray is that the INTOLERANCE being seen in all spheres of life currently in Kenya does not creep into the team and its fans.

  18. My fellow brothers let’s not misunderstand the coach, Nuttall indicated that the club is still in search of a lethal striker. “I can say we still have to work hard to get a goal poacher.
    We are still very short in that area but I hope by the close of the transfer window, we will have found a solution,” said Nuttall to

    I trust in the abilities of Olunga and Taofiq, they have good ball control, but it will be expecting too much from them to come in and make an instant impact,” continued Nuttall.

    Take time and understand the whole thing bro

  19. I support the coach on this but i would wish to see a team where midfielders and even defenders score when and if opportuinity come their way.
    I hope bloggers still remember ‘patia Sserunkuma’ narrative by some of us. The problem with gor fans is impatience

  20. There is the issue of the league it’s in diss array at the Kinney it’s like we are going to have two parralel leagues this season

  21. I also expect a strong Gor this season despite the lose at Coast. I personally feel the recruitment was fare and Gor will perform better. Gor might even take the first half of the league just to click but so be it.

  22. @jb , i have also noted the dilemma between KPL & FKF. If i was WARIO, I could have send this MONSTER called SAM Nyamweya packing like yesterday. This GUY should be TAMED and removed totally from any football management. Even FIFA can not protect HIM now that he has disowned the fact finding report about his corrupt and incompetent abilities. WARIO should act accordingly and promptly.

  23. well,i dont see the 2015 kpl kicking off.Nyamweya is just after the the supersport and eabl money.he wants to control the sponsorship funds.Talks that he has secured a sponsorship deal for FKF are just hoodwinks.

  24. How can a hyena like nyaweya protect the sheep? All kpl clubs should stick with kpl for they know what happened with the federation run league

  25. How I wish the sponsor Nyamweya got would be used for the Nationwide , youth and women football. The money is needed more there than the top teams wich are able to survive. I also hope the sponsor he is takling about is not a broadcater at the same time. Skysports does not sponsor the EPL but only has some broadcasting rights.So let him get that sponsor whoever it is but let Supersport continue exposing our boys. The Kenyan league is where is it because the players can be scouted from anywhere in Africa. I’m sure Were, Wanga, Calabar, Serenkuma etc were spotted on DStv. What’s the point having a broadcaster who can just be seen locally?
    And by the way can FKL run our league? I don’t think so. However much Oguda was loathed he did a very good job running the league

  26. Wawawawawaw. Only in Kenya do these things happen. That new signings would be labelled failures even before they step into the pitch or based on a few pre-season friendly matches. It is only in Kenya you lose your hard earned cash spent on recruiting players even though it might be possible the same losers don’t pay gate fee (watching on TV) or tangible monetary contribution to the team. It is only in Kenya people demand results immediately without giving players a chance. Jakoyo??, seriously?? You are taking it too far!! Last time you labelled others as mere fitness instructors. Last season, it is only until two matches to go that you started posting statements to the effect that GM would win the trophy. Before that you labelled the team as failures, despite our assurances that all was well.

    Now listen, this team might struggle to go far in continental matches this season but I can assure you the team will be up there with the rest by winning at least two trophies, TPL included. You can dispute that if you like

  27. Guys this is genesis of FKF and KPL , don’t point fingers, we have just puppets being manipulated !!!!

    1970 and 80s – government sponsored body used to run the affairs of national leagues and funding was straight from the state coffers.

    1990s and 200s – FIFA began imposing its affairs in the managing and governance of football globally . It created regionally affiliated bodies and funded them thoroughly to muzzle the affairs of the governments. Welcome to the world where football is being run like a private company and not a public entity.

    Late 2000s – football even become more privately managed business and FIFA began creating parallel federations in countries all over the world to take offer the affairs of anything football from the government. A body called FKF in kenya was created and funded by FIFA simply to demonstrate the point.

    Upto date…FIFA. Is de facto the authority in anything football in Kenya and they will do anything possible to achieve their objectives. They call the shorts even in biding for the rights to host any major tournament and World Cup viewership rights. This guys have become larger than life… demonstrate how large they are, they put back Sam nyamweya the man they worked with in the 1990s in kenya to take the fight to KFF.

    What you are witnessing today is a fight between kenya government and this monster called FIFA. Guess who suffers ?

  28. Can someone tell me who is bankrolling our team? We seem to be the busiest in the market. Paying 2m for Kagere. Sofapaka has literally stalled with players like Miheso and Asike bolting out and no training started upto now.
    I pray and hope that it works for us, it never worked for Ingwe.


    Jakom AR is a more polished version of Sam Nyamweya who is to Kenyan soccer what Sepp Blatter is to FIFA/World Soccer.

    What Jakom does not want will always be frustrated, albeit subtly, especially matters of ACCOUNTABILITY,TRANSPARENCY & STRUCTURES and with it Saccos that have legally enforceable safeguards/regulations in the management of their affairs.


    “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together.”

    Bloated EC walks very fast alone, hiring players ati CAF deadline, only for TB to reject certain players. Now EC are hiring very expensive players who cannot take part in CAF.
    If TB subjected the players to trials and made recommendations to EC this would have been avoided.

    And by the way EC has not even confirmed that Dec 2014 salaries have been cleared.
    We need EC,TB and fans/members walking steadily forward together but AR does not want that.

    If he did why has the AGM for this year been delayed?

    The game plan is clear wait for GMFC to win a few matches and everybody forgets the real problems i.e KRA saga and quickly call the AGM and get an endorsement to continue as usual.






    Jagoal says soccer is a team effort but I would like to know what was the lowest signing fee, given that the highest is in the region of 1.8m.
    Have salaries been rationalized?
    If Nutall earns 1m what does his deputy earned?
    Sometimes you wonder why such a great club does not perform?

    Then you have the EC factor as one blogger put it do these persons invest so much energy and funds to get elected and then do charity work for 2 years?
    I believe the Mahallon Dangas, Zack Mboris did and maybe that’s what the current SG believed.

    Dan Original the team is being banked rolled by a small proportion the understated gate collections/merchandize sales being recycled back!

    I rest my case!

  30. @Oduor12, I hope you are not setting up fight between a section of the players against the other. I hope you are not setting up a fight between FN and his assistants or the rest of the TB

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