Bobby Ogolla: Gor Mahia needs miracle to beat Esperance

In Summarry, Bobby said the following to People Daily:

“You see, during our time, Gor Mahia used to parade for Africa tournaments every year which gave players enough exposure unlike today when qualification to the same is erratic and can sometimes take two to three years making players rusty”

“Given that we were perennial qualifiers to these events, we used to meet top-notch teams and we were a battle-hardened lot and I guess that is why we beat Esperance.

“It’s always going to be a daunting task for Gor Mahia to kill off the match as a contest. They will require a miracle to do it.”


6 thoughts on “Bobby Ogolla: Gor Mahia needs miracle to beat Esperance

  1. So even Wigan eliminated Mancity in the FA cup through a miracle? Please Mr
    greyhair with due respect don’t demoralise Gor players by imaginary conclusions.Why don’t you offer miraculous training to the players so that that they can beat Esperance miraculously.

  2. Respect the six million dollar man, he’s saying the truth.
    In the 1980s Kogalo and Esperance du Tunisie were like two people walking on the road together towards a common destination.
    The Gor sat down on the shade under a tree by the roadside and Esperance moved ahead!!
    Gor mahia and Esperance of today are different from the teams that met in 1987.
    One is much poorer

  3. Amenena. It is sad to see the standard of football in Kenya as a whole. Empty stadiums, cow pastures for pitches and celebrating of mediocrity for winning a third rate league even by African standards: cc. Zambia, SA, DRC etc. acha even N. Africa. Ukweli ni uchungu.

  4. Bobby has a point but Gor can still give it a try.Esperance was and is still big.Gor was very big in 1987.The kids born today do not understand how Gor was big.So big that even though Gor followers were politically opposed to MOI;MOI still graced their matches.The type of football Gor played under Jack Johnson and Len Julians has yet to be replicated.Sammy Onyango Jogoo,Bobby,Dawo,Magongo;Just for starters Gor provided 9 players to the National team under Fabisch that almost won the 4th All Africa Games in the finals only losing 1-0 to Egypt.Basically #1 through 9 were from Gor.

    Gor was so good that a crowd of thousands would watch them train at SOUTH B RTI and MOW in South C.Their camp back then was in South B and we would get free rides to their game straight mpaka ndani ya pitch.

    In 1987 it was DAWO in Kasarani that sent the stadium(full to capacity 60,000) on their feet;MOI was present.After the game against Esperance.Thika road(wasn’t dual) was blocked from Kasarani mpaka tao;Gor BIRO YAWNE YO!

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