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or Mahia coach John Bobby Ogolla is shopping for an assistant coach who will help him of his duty as the Gor Mahia FC caretaker Manager. Up until now, Bobby has been working with Team Manager Tom Ogweno after the entire Gor technical bench was sent packing owing to poor results.

“I do need an assistant coach to help me schedule my programs and help me in training the team. I have been working with Tom who is the team manager in the past one week and he has been doing a fantastic job. But I feel that I should have an assistant so as to have more efficiency and easen the work load of both of us”, he says.

Ogolla who has so far lost his first two matches at Gor says that he himself is looking for the assistant, adding that he would want someone whom they will work with cordially.

“I want someone whom we have the same goal and mission; an ally of mine, not someone who will come to sabotage me. I have received a number of requests but I am yet to settle on someone and soon there will be an assistant at Gor. It is important that I get someone myself because then it would be easier to work”, he adds.

Gor Mahia lost 2-0 to Tusker on Wednesday evening and the veteran coach is keen on turning the tables especially with AFC Leopards lingering in the vicinity for a Sunday showdown.

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  1. I hope its not Matano as speculated earlier. Am still opposed to it for obvious reasons. It should be the passion of the coach to do duty for the club but just not looking for a job. This guy is not Gor blood thru. I wonder whether he cant reach some point when its neck to neck competing for a position with Gor and Leopards and he still sway for Kogalo.

  2. admin bwana,you mean you dont have a picture of sir bobby in gor mahia’s colours?.I think the white he is wearing is for batoto?
    @2,Eblazing,what if JBO,says that matano is the person he thinks he can work with best?Bearing in mind that they worked together well at batoto?

  3. admin just copy paste JBO nice photo in our colors in today’s daily nation(16/3/12).

    i hope he will have a free hand in choosing his assistant.
    becoz this Sunday not any other Sunday ,taya nyaka thooooooo!!!



    In the last United States elections, President Obama and Madam Hillary R. Clinton were competing against each other. When Obama finally secured the Democratic ticket and won, he looked no further. He chose his fierest rival, the iron lady, Madam Hillary Clinton to the powerful office of the secretary of state. Four years down the line, we all can’t stop to admire the warm and cordial relationship they’ve striken as each of them execute the mandate of the office.

    I don’t think Bobby needs a close buddy or ally as his assistant. He needs a person who necessarily is not a yes man. it is healthy to have a man who have crazy ideas but who in the end is consciously aware of the aspirations of this grat club. I think we don’t think this club, to use the words the president, AA need ‘ a technical team on probation terms’. Our statutes must spell clearly how the technical team is selected. There should no vacuum in the office and eliminate this fear of job insecurity. I feel for Bobby whose fate is still lurking. I also support indegenous coaches be given the opportunity to showcase their talent. This madness of ‘white witchdoctors’ is a misconception a club of high stature like K’Ogaloust avoid. Let us avoid the stereotype that a black man with a book is acting white.

  6. @6 pareiyo,a team of rivals,i think wont work coz,it is the very thing that has led us to were we are in terms of a new t/bench.You see,when we had Jolawi and Awono,we had like two centres of power,and you saw the sabotage,infighting and alignments.Do we want to go back there?
    Obama and clintons’ example does not apply here, the two cases,(democrat’s politics and kogallo t/bench)are as different as they are diverse.The fundementals,details and objectives are also very different.
    World over,all succesful coaches/managers are given a free hand to conduct their affairs (mourinho,fergie,wenger,guardiola etc;)You try to checkmate them,and you open the floodgates for infightings in the team.Anyway hayo ni maoni yangu.

  7. About two weeks ago,i wrote here concerning afc’s gate collection.Afc played two matches one againts mathare and the other was againts oserian.Againts mathare ticket masters handled ticket sales, ksh 450,000 was collected.Againts oserian,wells fargo handled the ticket sales, ksh 900,000 was collected.I did attend both matches and the attendance was almost the same.Bloggers,petitioned the Ec,to try contacting wells fargo to do the ticket sales.And so today we are happy to learn that gor mahia has appointed wells fargo to be in charge of ticket sales on sunday during our derby with afc.Thank you for listening to fans!

  8. he!he! looking for assistant really sounds good but how long will he last? i say so because what is ailing the team is not being addressed for example we needed to sack some players now too many cooks spoils the broth, EC is the other area where the problem lies they are too slow in making decisions ,interfering with the technical bench failing to run the club on an upward just imagine 5 nil loosing streak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will attend the derby shout myself dead with alot hope hope in my heart we should not let the team walk alone please let us all see the area where the problem is and lift the load of players and bobby if not the streak continues am so sad for my team am on my way from Zanzibar see you all jokanyanam,fans and any other person who attends the match

  9. on the positive note though the team is camping this really good for the coach to pick the ones who concentrate more for the match @arumtidi what happened to blogger s branch launch

  10. @Arrumtiddi it’s good the EC is at last hearing from us. But I wonder why some quarters (KPL and SSMB) are against us using Wells Fargo. Read Have some people been benefitting from our sweat and are unhappy that they have been smoked out? Since we are the home team we are at liberty to choose a provider of our choice, even if we decide free-entry to all. Everybody should respect that choice.

  11. Bobby we r together and all the best BOYZ for the DERBY.LET PAINT THE STADIA IN gREEN and White.This thing of separation anyway to some extent is good though fans can mingle around.

  12. Well it will not be that easy to beat AFC on sunday let be realistic, and i hope we win but a draw will be better thank a loss. I think it will take us about another 3 or 4 games before we can start winning on a regular basis.we dont have goal scorers at gor Afc has 3 of them wanga,baraza and victor ochieng. Our back line is not that good same as Afc back line but Afc have only conceded 1 goal while we have conceded 8. These are facts. I hope we Draw on sunday. a win will be iceing on the cake.


    It is sad this issue keeps on coming up every now and then. It is an open secret some people are raking hundred of thousands if not millions from these weak ticketing system.
    Over the years, fans have raised their concern over the issue. The federation itself has never tried to solve the issue leave alone clubs.

    Gor Mahia in particular mainly depend on gate collection as source of revenue. The football fathers, past or present did nothing to stremline the collection of these money. Whether they are co- conspirators in this scam, your guess is as good as mine. The fanbase of this great club is growing by the day. We expect the revenue also to grow.

    It is now time to hold our leaders to account especially on the promises they pledged during the electioneering period. I have all along admired the leadership of Mathare United. Bob Munro, the brain behind this most successful club in the Kenya Premier League, have been able to steer the club from the slums to where it is now. Pundits may quickly say that the club may be receiving funding but if the resources are not properly utilized , do you think MU may be where they are today?

    It is sad, a club like GM, 20 years older than Mathare United do not still have an official website, a proper secretariat with full time employees and is still reeling in debt! When Bob Munro hinted that his wish is to build a stadium for the club before he quits, I don’t doubt his words. But when AR, George Bwana promise to do the same for K’ogalo, I have serious reservations. Why? Because there is glaring differences between the two men.

  14. Why should he look for assistant when it is a known fact that he at GM temporarily. The EC should clear the air and confirm him as the Head Coach before JBO poach for his assistant.

  15. guyz what is the chairman sayin, he had three yrs but does not seem to have had a vision for Gor. like ZD we need him to throw in the towel

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