Boniface Oluoch aiming even higher

Boniface Oluoch joined Gor Mahia in January. Gor Mahia had been pursuing Oluoch’s signature since as far back as 2013 but Tusker resisted. It was only after he was deemed surplus to requirements at Tusker that he became available to Gor Mahia. And he has not disappointed.

Even when Gor Mahia conceded 6 goals in their first 5 matches, it was clear that Oluoch was not to blame. In the last 10 games he has thoroughly impressed by keeping 10 succesive clean sheets. The 10 clean sheets is a KPL record. But Oluoch is not taking all the credit.

“It is a performance I did not expect especially at Gor Mahia who also had two very good goalkeepers in Jerim (Onyango) and David Juma,”Oluoch, a two time KPL best goalkeeper said during the Mchakamchaka show on AuperSport on Tuesday evening. I can only thank my team mates especially the defenders who have also played a key role in not only ensuring that we remain unbeaten but we also keep ten successive clean sheets,” he said to

Oluoch was not under any illusions about what it would take to gain the starting position.

“When I came to Gor, I did not expect to be the number one keeper, but the coach has shown confidence in me and I can only pay back by giving my best. At this point, I know my best is yet to come.”he continued.

Oluoch is confident that the team’s imperious form that saw them finish unbeaten in the first leg will continue in the second leg.

“Every player is giving his best when they are given a chance to play. We are playing as a team and working together for success.”he said to

Profile of Boniface Oluoch

Born on August 20, 1987, Oluoch had spent 5 seasons at Tusker. Back in 2012, he had been called to the national team as a very promising youngster. Many saw him as a potential heir to Arnold Origi. However, he has been plagued by inconsistent form often losing his starting position to players like Samuel Odhiambo. But when on form, Oluoch has been sensational and arguably the best goalkeeper in the league.


20 thoughts on “Boniface Oluoch aiming even higher

  1. Well spoken Bonny. On a totally onrelated but important point, Tusker just released Aboud Omar and in my opinionda Gor should sign him as cover for Sibomana. Two reasons.
    1. He is a modern day natural left back who can ply the wings too and very good at his trade. Age is also on his side and I wonder why Kimanzi keeps on releasing such gems of players. But I wont weep for him since his blunders are our gain.
    2. We don’t have a second competent left back after Sibomana. Simon Pierre plays in that position yes but he is the Chinese copy of Omar.
    Over to you EC

    1. If Kamanzi has release Abud Omar then I think he is the best to be signed, the boy is fantastic, and what people should know a player can play anywhere in the Field that’s the work of TB, to moul aplayer to even position has not play in before. Remember Mike Okoth started his career in Football as Goal-keeper but he end up deadly striker. Please the Mr. Chairman look for Abud Omar before some Clubs snanch him for us?

  2. Agwanda, janyakach is home. Any value or special qualities does he add apart from his trademark throw ins that reminds me of Ocholla jua kali Throw-ins back in the good days

    1. @Collins, if you have studied Nuttal’s strategy, it involves serious pressing of opponents and we have scored many goals from that. I think Agwanda and Were are players very well suited for pressing play. Other than the throw ins the boy has a powerful shot and energy. Watch this space as he enters the golden boot race.

      1. I don’t doubt Agwanda’s quality. I started watching him play way back at primary school level and knew he was destined for bigger things. What am suprised about is why the EC preferred him over Danny. Someone explain this to me. My stomach turns at the thought of Gor Mahia facing Tusker with Sserunkuma as the spearhead. If we dont snap him up.. it is Tusker, Sofapaka or even Ingwe( they have a knack of attracting quality players even with the drama they constantly dish out)

  3. So far kogalo made av made many local playerz to be famouz.e.g
    1.baldin ngwa
    2.julius owino
    3.peter opiyo
    4. makori

    1. All these players only shine while at Gor. They fail as soon as they leave the club. Look at Rama, Ssere, or even Dawo! I suspect they use adrenaline while at Gor but their skills are nothing but average

      1. @Ingo, I don’t think you cease being skillful just because you have changed your team. The atmosphere at Gor brings out the best in players but then Gor has no control on what happens to them once they leave. Just wait to see how Were and Agwanda will terrorise teams while at Gor

      2. Ingo, in theory what you say is debatable. Pls see my comments below. There is an advantage and disadvantage that a player has while playing at Gor. But as I have mentioned what stops Tusker, Bandari or Ulinzi from shining yet they have ‘all the food they want’. Where are the skills you mention? There is a good reason for that too. That is a theory I have come to understand between what a Gor player has and what an opponent has? But I will admit that the foreign players have a talent that the locals do not have. It is up to players like Abondo to change their attitude to bridge this gap. Remember that Gor ’79 and Gor ’83 et ’87 conquered Africa. Infact were it not for dumb Officials Gor ’79 would have brought the cup home. When Gor was playing in Guinea, Mali , Egypt take note that they played infront of hostile crowds. So how did they mange so many away victories? So it’s not just an atmosphere issue. Basically your saying that an average Gor player should do better so long as he plays infront of big number of fans. So is there any reason they do not play for Manchester or Arsenal? When Dawo went to Egypt…take note that in Egypt the Zamalek, El Ahly crowds are much bigger than what we see in Kenya. Your theory is debatable but I admit that it can be mentioned with a certain aspect. Logarusic was the one who said that players cannot think and run at the same time. What he said is very true. You come to realise that what an average Kenyan player considers to be talent is very different with the kind of talent the foreigners have brought in. K. Omondi et P.Were were both rejected from SA clubs coz of this kind of talent.

  4. Here where the football lives. and any player in kpl,hope to join the green army wan time to be their ladda to play for hr neighbr’s countries… thanks to those wu av got the chance. hehehe,, #keli tew is on hs way back at kcb fc. #ingo help the tim

  5. If Tusker has released A. Omar then my advice to Gor. Stop what ur doing and get this guy. I think this is currently one of the best players in Kenyan soil. I however do not believe Tusker would be crazy to let him go. My take is that Gor will end up taking all the players. Players will realise Kenyan soccer will be directed thru’ Gor. Harambee stars should have been a better channel but there are reasons this team has failed and it’s not about money. The other team that could have had any impact is Leopards but they currently have to many problems.It’s good to know that wenye Gor is now a dying breed. Players who thought they had a right to Gor just coz they were Luos are now being forced to change or are out of the team. I take this opportunity to wish Harambee stars the best even though I have my doubts.
    Kenyan soccer success can be driven by three teams(mentioned above). I will not give reasons today. My theory can prove why a team like Tusker with all the resources, or Ulinzi or Sofapaka will never sustain a challenge to Gor. Take note that these three teams are very different in nature but I mention them with good reason.
    Gor is now turning into the best market to display your talent. Olunga, Kagere, Nzigimana, Siboumana(ignore spelling mistake) are players I expect to go places. These guys are ALWAYS hungry and they play like it’s the last game of their lives. That’s why whenever any of them has the ball then fans know it’s either a missed chance or a goal. May the Almighty reward your efforts.

  6. Omino sent bus fare to Agwanda so that he could go and sign. On the other hand, Nuttal had sent an air ticket for a KQ flight

  7. Going by the rumors of Omar’s release and suggestions that the EC goes for him, I think we are adding a good problem to the EC. My comfort however is, the EC is raising the standards….With Gor being the possible destination for every player, may we continue to prepare ourselves even before the second leg begins.

  8. People Ve pointed out ingo here in blogg in Bad faith, but for the first time i agree with ingo ,apart from owino, akumu , show me gor players who Ve excelled international y they chased away. This Is facts coz their work rate Is below par, apart from few players who Ve up their Game the rest are average. If they are above average why are they not fielded by coach frequently. So whether u like or not agwanda Is average Player u cant compare him with ssere or Paul were. Ve watched him severally when He plays but i dont find any natural talent in him, anyway This Is same story we were told about kopany, am not anti luo but truth ne told they account about 50% of for squad So when i query their capability other feel otherwise. U cant twist the truth no matter how u twist it.

    1. This is beauty of sentimental different opinions. However, I do not think that the Luo factor arises here. Remember that players are individuals and not tribes. Be it in Europe, or where ever, there must be a mix of talents and this means anybody can come from anywhere. It is therefore not a wonder that K’Ogalo is performing extraordinarily well. Look at the mix from within and without. Ingwe is notorious for going that avenue and look at what is happening financial woos aside.I like what is happening at Gor now. No player would want to dare come in simply because there is some one they know or their past performance. We want to see you you now. We give you the opportunity and it is upon you to show case. The Twelfth facilitates a player to push themselves to the core and this is good for any player who would want to go far. It does not matter what language they speak.

      1. If it’s about Luos (which unfortunately shouldn’t be the case) then isn’t Cheche luo or even both Origis. And the team that lifted the Mandela Cup were all luos apart from maybe Abbas Magongo. I believe that it’s talent that took them there. I think what is happening to our players is that they are not psychologically prepared for life out of Kenya. Most Nigerians aren’t talented but are hard workers and persevere life out of Naija and this makes them excel out of their country. For those who don’t know when George Weah came and was beaten by both Gor and later on HS he really admired the talent of George Oynango fundi. Same happened when Okocha admired John Baressi Odhiambo’s talent. I believe these two great players could not have been wrong. We should also know that talent alone will not take you places. You need the physical presence as well. So in Agwanda we have a gem which needs to be polished and we will soon be singing his praises.
        If these players are not talented then I wonder why Ingwe has always wanted to sign the Gor players

  9. Just like in Nigeria, footballers are predominantly Igbos. In Uganda, the Baganda account for 90% of the footballers. However I agree, tribe should not be a factor in performance

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