Bwana elated at Gor Mahia win

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Gor Mahia secretary general Mr. George Bwana is a happy man after his team’s win over AFC Leopards in the Tusker Premier League (TPL) encounter on Saturday 22 September at the Moi International Sports Centre (MISC) Kasarani.


Dani Sserunkuma scored a brace in the game as the league leaders raced to a 2 – 1 win to see them go top of the table for the first time in 15 years an achievement Bwana described as historic in a short interview with after the game.

The win registered Gor Mahia’s 14th straight unbeaten game as they started off from the relegation region and Bwana admits they will have the comfort of watching fellow title contenders play on Sunday 23 September, with the hope that the outcomes go Gor Mahia’s way.


-I am very happy for the win; everyone affiliated to Gor Mahia is, because AFC Leopards are our biggest rivals and it is always thrilling to beat your arch rivals. It is even sweeter that with the win we go top for the first time in a long time which is historic.

-We can now sit back and watch the other title contenders on Sunday because the job is not yet done, he said.


The reigning champions, Tusker FC, play Karuturi Sport on Sunday, a draw in the encounter wwill push Gor Mahia to the second slot. Gor Mahia will also be paying keen attention to the Thika United match against SoNy Sugar in Awendo.

14 thoughts on “Bwana elated at Gor Mahia win

  1. Walter Alando Bwoga

    With 5 matches left for us, the defining moment could be our match with Tusker. Matches left are:
    Rangers v Gor Mahia
    Gor Mahia v Karuturi Sports
    Gor Mahia v Tusker
    Muhoroni Youth v Gor Mahia
    Gor Mahia v Thika United

  2. Jakoyo

    Omera Bwana stop worrying about the current season , leave that to the coach…………start thinking of how gor mahia will play in the continental matches next season and off course how we shall strengthen the central defence, defensive midfield and attacking department . If you need money, we are willing to chip in……………

  3. Governor Awendo

    After listening to Radio jambo this morning, if the head coach is gonna leave at the end of the season then this will leave Gor in a bad state. Remember we cannot play continental matches well as we’ll be struggling to fit in with a new coach. Let TUZO as our sponsor get serious and pay the coach well or else even buying Tuzo products will not be business as usual. The coach has advised the club to source for another sponsor if they want to go far.

  4. Kassam Mwivangano

    As much as we may another coach, professionalism calls for consistency in some areas.

    Let the EC understand that for Loga to comment on leaving at the end of season means he’s interested in staying if only better terms are agreed. Guys we all know that good performance at a big team like GM makes you and vice versa. Hence Loga has been widely marketed by the virtue of success at GM, and losing him to teams with good pay even in Kenya is not difficult..remember this also applies to players!

    If only we could embrace profeesionalism in management and deploy commercial approach to our operating systems the sky will be the limit but as long as we still think along the mentalilty of estate ‘security’,handouts,perennial fundraisers and moneyed leaders then we’ll still be up and down.

    I rest my case.

  5. mwakio

    After listening to Giddi Giddi and Ghost Mulei of Radio Jambo this morning and reading Standard Sports Feverpitch, Zdravko Logarusic has indicated that he would be leaving at the end of season due poor pay.

    From this direct quote from Standard Newspaper page 44/Feverpitch “Definitely I am leaving at the end of the season. It is a pity I’ll have to leave Kenya despite fan support. Money talks you know, and Gor cannot give me what I want. I have offers elsewhere of up to five times of what I am getting” end of quote.

    I now humbly propose that our Executive Committee lead by our able Chairman Mr. Ambrose Rachier should sit down with the sponsors (TUZO) and have the coach salary/allowances package to be included in the sponsorship package. Globally, good coaches do not come cheaply and we have to pay for good coaches unless we want to hire failed Kenyan local coaches.

    It is also pity that we do not ave a proper way of managing gate collections as lots of monies are lost to inept and good for nothing officials that have continued to fleece the club dry.

    Our club officials have terribly failed the club by not initiating money generating activities such as:-
    1. Sale of club merchadises and replicas,
    2. Coming up with seasonal tickets,
    3. Recruitment and registration of members/fans,
    4. Looking for more sponsors etc

    In the recent past, bloggers in this site have been posting the way forward for making the club financially sustainable but all these good proposals fell into deaf ears of these inept Executive Committee members as they are only pre-occuppied with how they can steal from the club coffers.

    These EC having continued to deny the club rightful earned revenues through gate collections and sale of club merchadise.

    From my analogy, if you can mirror what happened in Kasarani Stadium, where the attendance of stadium was dominated by our Gor Mahia Green Army fans can purely testify to this case. Most of our fans occuppied the mainstand where the entrance fee was Kshs.500 and our fans are willing to pay more in support of the club.

    Why can’t these Executive Committee members come up with ways of making the club financially sound? We need to hire professional coaches, recruit high calibre players, establish sound policy on investment in new ventures that will make the club generate more revenues, build our own stadium, etc

    I’m sorry to say that these EC members cannot enable the club to achieve our goals apart from stealing and fleecing the club.

    Why can’t they invest wisely and thereafter earn some salaries/allowances in return?

    The book of Malachi 3:8-12 liken these officials to us as robbing God in tithes and offerrings. It is a curse to rob God and the club from what is due to heavenly kingdom and club.

    Malachi 3:8-12
    Do Not Rob God
    8 “Will a man rob God?
    Yet you have robbed Me!
    But you say,
    ‘In what way have we robbed You?’
    In tithes and offerings.
    9 You are cursed with a curse,
    For you have robbed Me,
    Even this whole nation.
    10 Bring all the tithes into the storehouse,
    That there may be food in My house,
    And try Me now in this,”
    Says the LORD of hosts,
    “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven
    And pour out for you such blessing
    That there will not be room enough to receive it.
    11 “And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes,
    So that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground,
    Nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field,”
    Says the LORD of hosts;
    12 “And all nations will call you blessed,
    For you will be a delightful land,”
    Says the LORD of hosts.

  6. Creative Village

    Listening to Loga on Radio Jambo this morning, i must say he is still interested in coaching Kogalo, he only wants better terms. He also promised three titles at seasons end. We need to keep focus and talk at the end of the season. Sponsorship is also coming to an end and there will be opportunities for new negotiations.

    Otherwise congrats team for the sweet victory over Ingwe.

  7. Pod Antie

    Mwakio you are spot on! It’s hard to write anything after you!
    Whether we win the title this season or not (and i believe we will win it(), Loga has taught us that foreign coaches have what it takes to win titles with Mighty Gor. They transcend petty Zico ‘mtaa’ politics of selection. They are professionals and know how to motivate players. They are tough and disciplined. When they have all these features, they come expensive. And we don’t have to look far, we have Logarusic. He gave us a chance to show us what hez got at a very cheap cost but more significantly, at a great self sacrifice. Many of us dont know but it’s not easy to live in a hotel for even a month straight. It’s hard when you have no compound of your own. This guy did it for us, for 6 good months or more!
    We can retain Loga. We can match his offer. This guy will take us places.
    As Mwakio has stated, the EC must change their behaviour. They can’t view Gor as a money spinning venture for themselves anymore. They must plough back. Fans alone can fund a huge portion of Gor’s balance sheet. There were atleast 20k Gor fans on Sato at Kasarani. With the kind of performance Kogalo has had in the last couple of months, i can guarantee that the fans will double. Home games can attract as much as Kes 15M each game. These games dont have to be played at City. And when you have that sort of fan base attending your matches weekend in weekend out, bigger sponsors will call us, with bigger wallets. And the merchandise? Mwakio said it all.
    The middle class like me now command a huge percentage of Kogalo fans . We can pay even Kes 1500 per ticket for the middle tier at Kasarani for home games! Yes we can, we love this club. And we love comfort and security. And we can report early, 3 hrs early, just like i did on Sato.
    We can buy authentic merchandise at Kes 5000.00 per shirt as long as they are going to the club account. Yes we can! Just how you target us. Just how you market the club. We can raise tonnes of money for the club even before sponsors come in. How do you tap in to us? Think about it and think fast!

    Let our EC change their mindset on what they want to achieve at Gor.
    Let’s make an effort to retain Loga.
    Let all gate collections go to the Club account.
    Let’s pay our players the best salaries to retain them.
    Let’s attract the best talent in the market and region.
    We have the biggest asset, the fan base. With fan discipline, we can achieve everything we want.

  8. mwakio

    @Pod Antie, I salute you for comments. Let us look at Gor Mahia in the next one year, 3 years, 5 years and thereafter.

    We fans are ready and willing to support all initiatives aimed at helping the club and I can assure EC that we are going to be part and parcel of the initiatives aimed at making the club one of the biggest in Africa.

    The ball is in the court of EC and we are waiting to invest in our club through the following:-
    1. Paying annual or monthly subscriptions in different levels depending on the sizes of the fans’ pockets.
    2. Buying our Gor Mahia merchandises (Jersey replicas, umbrellas, stickers, jackets, track suits, key holders, mugs, pens, caps, newsletters, carpets, branded mobile handsets, plates, spare wheel covers, bags, towels, gym kits, bikers, folders etc) being distributed only by authorised agents but not backstreet hawkers.
    3. Resolving to pay full amount of gate collections without any leakages. Ticket sales can be done either through a commercial bank with wide branch networks or MPESA method. Tickets need to be printed by authorised security printers only with ticket watermarks that cannot be replicated by fraudsters.
    4. Acquiring new sponsors to augment the existing TUZO
    5. Recruiting new members to the club

    May our loving Almighty God help Kogalo fans to make the club more financially sustainable in future in the mighty name of Jesus Christ…Amen

  9. Dan

    Looks like we will lose the coach but it’s a good lesson that with better management everything falls in place. The coach also asked the Gor EC to get a substantial sponsor. Gor being a bigger team he feels needs an equally bigger sponsor. The refreshing thing is that with what we have seen Loga do this season we will soon get more offers and it’s upto us to make the right choices. We must also now think of going professional from the EC to the sales of merchandise in order to benefit from the goodwill f fans


    Mr. BWANA, I personally feel that the contracts of THE HEAD COACH and HIS TECHNICAL BENCH and THE PLAYERS should be reviewed UPWARDS. From observation GOR MAHIA has seriously brighten KENYAN FOOTBALL and it will be sad to see mass exodus of PLAYERS after the COACH leaves next season. Kindly open negotiations before the end of this season.

  11. Governor Awendo

    Indeed whoever is reading people’s sentiments on this page will note that everyone wants the coach cos he’s a tactician other than a coach.
    In a nut shell, Gor should stop looking only for sponsorship but should now wake up to have an investiment that generates fund. Rachier and team should think of having an enterprise for the team that will always give the club some percentage in terms of cash, be it a hotel or real estate but what we need is money.
    Our fans have proved that we can raise the gate collection and what else do we need.

  12. Wairimu

    I think we should not only really on the sponsorship but we should also look for other ways of making the club sustainable.I love our coach and i hope he will be paid better.Kudos hew is doing a good job.And yes,it felt good winning on saturday.

  13. Nyar Kano

    Invite financial analysts and investment specialists to look at the asset of Gor Mahia in full, which includes the fans. Management might resist because it will require transparency and a full accounting of even the last coin, which they have never really had to do. But it is time, if this team can become not only the best in Africa, but one of the best in the world. It is possible, all the talent is there. It now needs professionalism to match it.

  14. Okew Okuyu Jakamollo

    I hope the EC reads our sugestions and opinions….if they are then i know we will not lose our beloved Coach,they will meet his demands and will take our suggestions on board and the vision we fans have for our club will be realised. @mwakio….asante for your unwavering support and prayers…when you comment it becomes really difficult to add anything.Our fan base is good enough to self sustain us but we must be smatter when negotiating for sponsorships….clubs interest must come before anything else. The people being employed as security at the gates must be pple of intergrity and not points of self enrichment at the expence of our beloved club. Nimeona mara mingi watu wakitoa 100,50 and even as low as 40 shs at the gate and be allowed in while sisi tumenunua tikiti knowing tunajenga club yetu……..wacheni matabia na tujenge Gor kwa hali na mali….ama niaje mafans?


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