12 Dec 12

Courtesy of futaa.com

Tusker Premier League giants Gor Mahia will bolster its squad for next season by signing quality players within and outside the country.

Gor are scheduled to face Seychellois side Anse Re-Union in the preliminary round of the CAF Confederations Cup in February 2013, and for them to perform better, the Executive Committee has vowed to work closely with the technical bench in the recruitment process.


-This time we want to assemble a stronger side in the competition.

-We are working closely with the technical bench to ensure we sign quality players from within and outside the country so that we can have a strong team that can challenge for the title and not just compete, said Secretary General George Bwana to the club’s official website.

Last year, K’ogalo was eliminated from the first round of the same competition by losing to Mozambique’s Ferroviaro de Maputo.

First round

Gor will host Re-Union on the weekend of 15-17 February 2013 in the first leg tie before travelling to Seychelles after two weeks for the return league.

The aggregate winner from this round will qualify for the first round where they will meet Egyptian side ENPPI.

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  • Jathur gi ji says:

    Four issues only

    1. A strong team means s strong coach as well, whats the fate of Loga Mr Bwana?
    2. Teams are busy signing players,Tusker has come out on their new players, apart from David Otieno which is a very good signing, who else is on the list? Or it is something you prefer to keep secret for now?
    3. My last question is what is EC doing about awards to players, see what AFC have done, you would a blind office after such a good year not to remember the soldiers who did it for you.
    4. There is usually some programme for players to tour upcountry in December, is there one this year and if so how is it? This time include something for Rongo, a big fan base which has always been bypassed.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year 2013 when we will be the league,super 8, FKF CUP,confederation cup and any other cup on offer champions

  • Mwakio says:

    @Jathur gi ji, I share your sentiments.
    1. What is EC and the club doing for our galant soldiers?
    2. We have CAF Cup, how is how recruitment of new players proceeding?
    3. We need to hear something about the coach!!
    4. AGM would be very necessary to ratify some of the deliberaions and way forward for the club come 2013 season.

  • nyakogalo says:

    For once the great bloggers are of the opinion that we should reward our players for their perfomance.I have always put it in lay man’s word to appreciate our players but we are the same people who were looking at players in the negative way(their weaknesses instead of their strength).AFC did it as we were busy mourning and saying things about our players after we lost.I believe our fans should also be given an opportunity to able to bond with these players as we did sometimes back.

  • Mwakio says:

    @nyakogalo, our chairman has always been rewarding players during the end of trips to western kenya with a party held in his home.

    I think we can do it differently this year with fans being allowed to participate too. I’m willing to contribute Kshs.15,000 towards this motivation and appreciation.

  • Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch Kampala) says:

    Why are we so much in a hurry to know who has been signed? Transfer window is open until 31st January 2013. Who told you that EC and the technical bench are sleeping. I have just spotted Sir Bobby in one of the popular restaurants here in Kampala having serious discussions with one of the very best players in Uganda Super league. To avoid jeopardizing the talks, I keep the player’s name top secret until the deal is done.
    Let us be patient.
    For God and my beloved club Kogallo

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    I have seen clearly that money is not the issue since we are looking forward to signing any player from Kenya and outside, so let us deal with the coach issue (hire a new coach or bring back Logarusic if the club is ready to part with 4m plus 500k monthly salary) first and then discuss the new signings thereafter.

  • fred odhiambo says:

    Of course there is bound to be alot of anxiety when it comes to players leaving or joining any club.However,the main cause of concern here is that we have not sorted out the coach and new signings issues yet the continental game is almost 2 months away.Can we please get down to biz ASAP?even EPL teams prepare well in advance for the new season,let us not be an exception!!


    @5 Albert Kosero (Sofaset branch Kampala) you are spot on. Problem with most of us is that we demand to know the nitty gritty of issue’s that are very confidential the soonest possible.

    Albert has just confirmed that Sir JBO is out in a mission and this justifies my previous post regarding the status quo of Logarusic. There is no vacuum in the technical bench and the earlier we give JBO some breathing space to do his job the better it is for the club. This guy has his job well cut out and during this transfer period he will not sit down waiting for Logarusic to come back, knowing very well that the discussion have reached a deadlock.

  • GORBIDDER says:

    Please note that this same G.Bwana is the same official who “signed” Nigerian Film star/Academy award winner one F. Nwosu.
    If we don’t have money (despite a surplus of kshs.17.5m) to contract our coach, the where will the money for signing new players come from. Remember Eddie Mbiru.
    Lets call a spade a spade this EC is wanting!

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Sofaset Branch Kampala-As per the official Gor Mahia Website this branch does not appear on the list.

    Albert Kosero is this an oversight or is this branch a fake?
    Is its a fake then how can we trust your story that you spotted Sir JBO. When will you stop useless bootlicking remember your Ziko worshipping. EC has no plan B for a head coach so LOG IS COMING BACK PERIOD.
    As one put it he’s desperate to be K’galo coach and vice versa.

  • Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch Kampala) says:

    @ODUORI12, what is the issue now? If it is a crime to state that I have spotted Sir Bobby at a restaurant in Kampala, then I am sincerely sorry and I ask for pardon. Otherwise, if it is not, why insult me? Where does bootlicking come from in my statement? I rest my case.

    For God and my beloved club Kogallo.

  • jb says:

    who will sign players the office again! we mush be serious we are wishing away the issue of the coach yet he is co critical here we make 10 steps then we make 30 backwards

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    Let us remain focused on the topic without deviating and let nobody feel that he’s ‘more’ supporter than the other or his contributions to this blog are better and more needed than others’. As a leader it’s always good to listen to others. Thanks all for understanding.

  • Dan says:

    @ODUOR12, please offer some respect. Of the 13 blogs yours is the only one contributing negatively to the blog. As far as I know @Kosero is one of the most independent minds on this blog. He keeps away from the ‘herd’ mentality and for us who follow his contributions we later on come to appreciate them though after a long time. Back to the issue. We cannot wait for Loga to come back for us to recruit. After all he left a list of players to be followed and those to be dropped. Only the EC through the tech banch can do that. Isn’t Bobby one of the gor coaches? Work never stops because the boss is on leave. Even Loga can be wrong since some of the dropped players were recruited during his reign. Let’s encourage the EC as they are now the guys in charge. On rewarding players any club worth its salt will do that and we should do it, maybe differently as instead of going to a club we have a club day at the City stadium, get the fans pay 100 bob and we have the occassion there. Am sure gor fans can donate tents, music (live bands and discos) and we can also have the others offering cartering services, children’s playthings like jumping castles. At this point the EC can sell the GM merchandise, calendars etc.
    Whoever wanted gor to go Rongo, that program is not there this year. It didn’t assist much last year (except injuring our players due to sub-standard fields) but there were plans to go play HomeBoyz i KK, a team in Kisumu, Nakuru as we prepare for the CAF cup.

  • Akuot oyugi says:

    @ODUOR12 & KOSERO (kampala sofaset branch) pls not that its wise to let bad habits die with the year 2012. As we move to 2013 pls cool the tempers. Futaa.com today is talking of Crispin Olando of Tusker fc sign to either Kogalo or mashemeji so lets not speculate much neither demand much from Ec. Concentrate on CORD VOTE HUNTING. Thank i rest my plea


    @ 13 Walter Alando Bwoga that is the “VOICE OF REASON”. And I support you on that, we should be accommodative despite the divergent views that does not favor your side of argument or debate. Let us stay focused on the issue at stake and avoid insults.

    @ Albert Kosero take it easy, I know ODUOR 12 as one of the best seasoned blogger, may be it is about uncertainty with regard to our beloved coach Lugarisic. Him missing in action during this transfer period is painful to all of us. But the biggest problem is lack of official communication from our EC, whether or not the coach will be available.

    This is what is hurting our fan base of late and that is why I have prepared to face next season with or without him as the head coach, since am not part and parcel of GM
    decision making organ. Am just a fan and as such if my wish is not granted I will not cease to be associated with GM. Mitchel has just taken cover, due to delay in payment but that will not kill our patriotism to support our national team. Coaches come and go, soldier on guys.

  • mwakio says:

    All BloGgers have right to know what is happening in the club. You cannot dismiss our views as this is the norm for fans and supporters. Even in Europe fans have their wish list for players that should join their respective clubs. So there is nothing wrong when fans are inquiring what is happening in the club.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Pole @Albert Kosero. Personally I don’t see anything wrong in your comment.

  • nyakogalo says:

    This is a festive season, why cant our office organize for something to bring us together and help us support our players during this time.most of us are in employment and our employers do appreciate the hard work we have put throughout the year by having staff party or even give bonus.
    I believe that someone should be able to forward such suggestion to our office.gate charges to go the players as a way of motivating them.
    BY THE WAY WHEN WILL BLOGGERS BRANCH BE REGISTERED.Its such a shame when other branches contribute we are just blogging.This is a challenge put to @mwakio and other bloggers who have gor at heart.

  • Jakoyo says:

    for me ……now that jockins otudo and humphrey mieno are gone to tanzania, my wish to gor mahia management is that we get consider this guys……….mungai kiongera, crispin olando, eddie mubiru, dennis goma , hassan wasswa and robert ssetongo ( all uganda) or roosevlt blatty ( kenyan)

  • It is wonderful to note that we not only demand for results but we also appreciate each other for the job well done during the year. If there were ways in which the get together could be organized, then it would be a wonderful thing. Probably use the City Stadium to do this. May be not even getting to provide soft drinks but probably just organize it for us to shower good words on our players, the office and the supporters.just. To facilitate this, we could pay KSH.100.00 at the gate and let be given to players for the work well done.My thoughts may not be exhaustive but just following up on what Nyakogalo has posted above. EC, we can do it give it a try.

  • joshu says:

    There shall be no western tour this time round, it is the very same reason we always have a disastrous start in the League, players exhausted by the long and tortourous but pointless trip after a grueling football season…this time there is going to be proper rest to ensure we start the next season with a bang and maintain the momentum and win this damn league with matches to spare

  • mwakio says:

    @joshu why do you use the words damn league? If the league is damn, why do our glamour team Gor Mahia play in this league?

  • joshu says:

    @mwakio my choice of words is only intended to express my frustration and exasperation at missing out on the league for 17 years now, not to belittle the league