Bwana: We are committed to keep Logarusic

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With reports suggesting Gor Mahia’s coach Zdravko Logarusic is on his way out of the club at the end of the season, Gor Mahia Secretary General George Bwana has come out to reiterate the club’s commitment to retain the coach for a minimum of three years.

Logarusic joined Gor Mahia after the sacking of Cameroonian Anaba Awono following a series of poor results and since taking over, Gor Mahia has been at their best beating teams at will in all competitions.
According to George Bwana, Gor Mahia and Logarusic have a two year renewable partnership agreement and they are committed to keep him at the club.

“Logarusic is a professional and a good coach. Everybody can see what he has done turning around the fortunes of the club in a very short time and we are not about to let that go away just like that. We wanted a good coach and from the many who applied, we settled on Logarusic who has not disappointed us so far,” Bwana says.

“Together, we have an agreement and a three year strategic plan to make Gor Mahia one of the best teams in Africa. We have set up plans to effect so many changes at the club and the coach plays a fundamental role in all the strategies to be employed in achieving our desired goal.” He added.

“However, with all these, we acknowledge that the coach has his own targets that must be met as well. With his good results, he needs to be properly remunerated and as Gor Mahia we will do our best to ensure he remains at Gor Mahia.” He adds.

Although Bwana was cagey on divulging salary details, other sources suggest Logarusic rakes in 250,000 shillings a month from the club’s kitty. Recently, Dr. Evans Kidero paid for a fully furnished apartment for the coach but with other more lucrative offers flying in from all corners of Africa, Gor Mahia will have to pay more for the tactician’s extension of stay.

“We are trying and we will keep working hard towards making the coach happy. With the good performance he has brought to the team, we are definitely seeing an improved revenue collection. But again as a community club, it is sad to say we can only do so much.”

For 17 years since 1995, Gor Mahia has not won the league title and this is the closest chance they have to end the dry period under the Croat. Currently Gor Mahia is placed second on the league table behind Tusker and in firm contention for the league title.

“It is shameful that as one of the best clubs in this region we have not won the league since 1995.We could be having cabinets full of trophies by now and with Logarusic, we believe our three year strategic plan will change this trend. But this can only be achieved when there is good, calm and beautiful atmosphere in all departments at the club including players’ motivation and proper remuneration of the technical bench. We understand this and we will work towards achieving our desired goals which include keeping the coach at Gor Mahia.”

24 thoughts on “Bwana: We are committed to keep Logarusic

  1. Good retoric mr. GB. I thought when unvailling the crotian i had of one year contract but if what u r saying is the position then give him 3more years, start renegotiating contracts with players and other technical staff too to avoid fall out.

  2. GB, we need action not just stories and excuses. Following the excellent performance of the team, our Coach’s term should be reviewed as soon as possible. This is a matter which is very critical for the future and the EC should sit down with TUZO to review the current package with a view of improving it.

    The sponsorship should capture the following:-
    1. Coach’s salary,
    2. Winning bonuses of every trophy that the club will win,
    3. Entertainment allowance
    4. A vehicle serviced and maintained by the company
    5. Record breaking allowance
    6. Contribution to the national team allowance
    7. Return air tickets when travelling out of the country.
    8. ETC

    The highlighted are some of the motivational tools that will make the coach to work hard and deliver trophies.

    We fans are willing in supporting any initiatives aimed at improving the team’s performance.

  3. Lets put that commitment into action.Its obvious that this is the right person to take us forward.From our massive gate collections and sponsorship deal i personally don’t see why we cannot offer him,the technical bench and the playing unit better terms.Lets act now or we risk going back to the bad old days when we used to curse at the frequent draws and losses!!!

  4. This coaches departure will bring problems.With this revenue the club enjoys one would have been expected to start a trust fund to cater for players and coaches at the minimum

  5. What keeps anyone in one job for a longer period is good salary and friendly working environment where there is a sense of acceptance and belonging. GM needs to work towards this. This coach is highly professional and we respect him for that. He’s good in listening and whenever we have post our suggestions regarding line-up and other issues related to the team in this blog he takes them seriously. Since he came to GM every player is being given equal chances to show-case his talent without being biased.

  6. GB please do whatever you do to keep this coach in GM. Make proper strategies to get support from GM members and fans. Once we take these trophies we wil compete at continental level. Without this coach? No way it shouldn’t happen. Logar please stay!

  7. Let us do all it takes to retain this coach GB.Even if it means we ,the fans have to chip in so be it. Other clubs are watching and should we not do something we shall live to regret.

  8. How long will it take for the club to stop acting like eternal amateurs, and take themselves and their team seriously? Why are they talking remuneration only now when they should have known the moment Gor started to win there would be clubs all over the continent offering him a deal worthy of a professional? Let the club management get serious. Treat Gor as an asset that needs a long term investment strategy. The most valued asset are its people, and when you have a winning combination you do everything to build on it. A proper merchandising strategy as well as marketing the Green army can bring in more money that will keep everybody content. Let us hear about long term funding and investment strategies. And if Tuzo does not understand the asset it has in Gor, then I am sure there will be at least six others who would be willing to fill the gap, more effectively.

  9. To all Bloggers, I salute you all for your continued support to the team and above all let us always remember to give Glory, Honour and Thanksgiving to our Heavenly Loving Father who has taken us this far in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our lord and saviour that has always given us strength, health and wealth to attend all matches. May all the glory and honour be returned back to God.


  10. this is where business ecumenicism comes into play if our coach is in such big demand tie him to a bigger and longer contract so that whoever wants him will have to pay us too this football thing is business all the way

  11. In times of deemed impossibilities, that is when things happen to remind us of the need to depend on the One above us.It is also a reminder that we should not take a rest and go to sleep. For that is the time to watch out. With successes that we are currently enjoying I think that with sobriety we will pull this off. Logarusic we love you and as the office listens to what you have to say which I know they will and of course within their ability,picture the joy you have brought in our hearts and stay on.

  12. There shud be no question about the coach going anywhere,we are The Mighty Gor,with our might….i mean the huge fan base which continues to grow as we continue the good performances under Logarusic translates to good income for us pesawise,the coach must earn good,must be comfortable and must be happy…the playing unit and the technical bench must also be rewarded with good renumeration and must feel happy and more motivated. With such,it wont b long before our fans fill the whole Nyayo Stadium and that would only raise the income of the club and help us being self sustainable before even talking of sponsors. Sponsors will be looking for us instead of the other way round. Then go for Safaricom for mega sponsorship,green is the colour,na watu ni wengi na lebo yao iko kwenye Jersy za Gor.

  13. Let the man go if he so wishes. ! We can not hold on to somebody whose heart lies elsewhere. The club , gor mahia , is bigger than any coach in the world.

    He has made us proud, but there is somebody else who can make us even more prouder.

  14. Gor Mahia fans are playing their part and will continue to, if they are called upon. Remember it was only about three seasons ago when total gate takings would be only Sh80,000, yet the club survived. Now we can pay up to Sh6 million, a match!
    But unless we avoid shenanigans, Mashemeji behavior in the Tusker Premier League will continue resembling Somali clan fights. See below:
    …….”I can tell you that there are so many issues at Leopards and this is the reason they will never be champions because of the way things are done unprofessionally,” a dejected Koops told
    So, the die is cast. These guys ceased to be in the Tusker Premier League title race four matches ago. They were just deceiving because their house had long crumpled!
    Also, come on Gor Mahia, stop that talk of Logarusic “dissing” Tuzo that they are not giving him money. Tuzo budgeted for player salaries ONLY two years ago when the contract was signed. This clown was nowhere by then so he should not bring side-shows.
    So, Matano, just walk majectically and retain the title for Tusker. These other fellows can continue playing off the pitch and get the results they deserve.

  15. The only man who has succeeded in helping GM fans smilling and keep those small round gadgets (mawe) in their pockets!! He must not leave otherwise Bwana and Co will be in serious serious trouble.

    As for AFC, what a mistake to fire/suspend da coach. Wahalla go dey o because dat Mickey Mouse or whatever they call him no sabi any ting. They fit shine dem eyes o

  16. We have a great coach in the name of Lugarasic, that cannot be gainsaid. However, I dont like the idea of him holding GM at ransom. If some club is willing to pay him 5 time what he is earning at Gor, so be it. The only prudent thing to do is to let him go. After all Len Julians left and came back, so did David Oti. I am sure Luga will also go and come back. But he should not hold anybody by the balls. To me players welfare is more important than anything else. My opinion.

    For God and my club Kogallo.

  17. Bwana this is a tough time with interests to deal with. I wish you well Bwana. I personally Evans Alala is looking at you to save the situation and GM. I know its hard but you are also hard.My grandfather used to say this when the going became tough for a man “WUOI TO NE IOMOE AN’GOO?”. Lets all pray hard for guidance and success. Erokamano uru Jokanyanam. Nyasaye mad medu ndalo.


    Whilst i agree with what most bloggers are suggesting, but i am skeptical that some of this suggestions are clearly not attainable and just meant to fill the pages of this blog.

    To illustrate my point, I wish to draw your attention to what happened in 2003 when the NARC administration took over power. The Kenya Revenue Authority was only collecting a paltry 100 million per year. After alot of changes effected both at the leadership and systems, the Government is now collecting more a trillion shillings per yearz. This has enable the Government to finance it’s budget 100. Many of the loopholes were sealed as well as expanding the tax bracket.

    Gor Mahia should adopt the same method in order for to finance our rising wage bill. To suggest more money for coach Logarusic without strengthening systems is a waste of time. I am not convinced that our revenue collections is going up steadly. Instead we are treated to theatrics and lame excuses by officials who don’t want to take responsiblity. Shame on them!

    Unless we do this, our dream of becoming a successful club will remain a pipiedream. By the way, i was at Nyayo national stadium to wtness the launch of Ingwe bus. I can tell you the monster is a state- of – art machine. At least it will give efusi some bragging rights, at least for a moment. Kudos the EC of Ingwe!

  19. I greet you all K’Ogalo fans. Sometimes back I did suggest that we as fans should find a way of making gor self sufficient. I recommended that if 10000 committed fans can agree to sponsor the club with kshs 1000 every month, that translates to 10 million every month then we shall be able to take K’Ogalo to where it belongs. GOR will only be competing with big teams to even get the best players in the continent.

  20. Yes, we need action. We fans we have shown our commitment including traveling with he team and coming in large numbers no matter how much is levied at the gate. A coach like Luga can not take less than a million shilling since he is an expatriate. Like i hear from other fellow fans, sponsors and even the PATRON need to act like KIDERO who has shown by example. You can not think of drawing a strategic plan before thinking of your HR. So pay, and pay and pay the coach and players well.

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