Supersport United coach expects intimidating crowd at Machakos

Supersport United coach, Kaitano Tembo is expecting a massive crowd to show up to intimidate his side this Sunday.

“It is not going to be easy against Gor Mahia in front of their own crowd because they are probably the best supported team in Kenya. Going to Kenya to play in front of those thousands of passionate fans will be a crucial learning experience for some of the younger players in the team like Jamie Webber and Darren Smith.” said Tembo who took over as coach after Mark Fish was fired in early March.

Gor Mahia Skipper Haron Shakava is urging fans to turn out in droves and gibe his side the home advantage they desperately need.

“We are home and Gor Mahia die-hards should try and turn up in their droves to cheer the team for good result. We can do it!” he told

Turnout for Kogalo matches at Machakos has been paltry in 2018. Even the big match against Esperance failed t draw numbers. And as was pointed out in the previous article, it was the crowd that lifted Kogalo against Hellenics 25 years ago.

Supersport United, whose nickname is “Matsatsantsa” , have been sub par in 2018. But they have plenty of experience in this tournament and thus cannot be overlooked as Shakava pointed out.

“It will not be an easy match…because last year SuperSport United played in the same competition up to the final but we are ready to face them. Our aim is to win and nothing less.

Supersports last league match was against Polokwane and Supersport who were reduced to 10 men, lost 0-1 thus worsening their domestic woes.

15 thoughts on “Supersport United coach expects intimidating crowd at Machakos

  1. That’s a sign of cowardness. Intimidating crowd is in Tunisia not in kenya . Let us call a spade a spade, not a big spoon

  2. This is a team coming here against a backdrop of poor domestic results,losing yesterday to Polokwane City who are Nondescripts in PSL.We really should win this game convincingly their last year run aside of reaching finals they are just not there this season.Strikers showing up and burying our chances is all we need to get the 1st leg advantage

  3. Intimidating crowd in Machakos? The costs involved, the uncertainty over safety of fans gate collection with hyenas waiting to devour, sofaset support nyale.Those capable to make it Machakos on Sunday but surely there won’t be an intimidating crowd there,maybe if it were kisumu.

  4. Yes, let’s attend this match and give the much needed support to our boys.
    Walusimbi’s issues haven’t been sorted up to date……. awuoro office Rachier

  5. Yes ! Walusimbi and many silent others woes continues..don’t be fooled that bills have been paid. no pay = no goals , as we cannot be just looking to legendary almighty chairman all the time for solutions, we as fans MUST stand up and be counted !

  6. The truth is thay Gor like all other teams arw having fimancial difficulties. As much as i like Walu the trust between him and Gor has been breached. The best thing is for him to be paid then off loaded. Olumga succeeded because of his patience, same to Muguna but Aucho and now Walu are taking us througj the same path. Aucho wandered till he found himself in India. Our other top striker did tje same and now is in UG for Viper. The EC also needs to be truthfull with tje players

    1. hehehe, vintage @DO, smoking from both/all openings. Expert at fence sitting but bottomline it’s a see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil regarding EC. EC reneged on promises to Walusimbi not once but severally until he could not stomach it anymore, it’s only rational. Yes Aucho and Flava (kindly reflect on our finishing problems) may be “struggling” but has K’Ogalo done any better without them. Players’ welfare is of paramount importance there are no two ways about it. Players aren’t dimwits to be tossed around on empty promises. THEY ARE THE GOOSE THAT LAY THE GOLDEN EGGS. PLAYERS PLAY SO EC SHOULD JUST PAY. That said praying for victory over SSport and progress to Confed Cup.

      1. EC is totally wrong here amd Must Pay walusimbi,apologize and beg him to remain and serve out the remainder of his two year contract.He did no wrong just demanded his rightful dues after Conmen & Women took him for a ride

    2. I refuse to blame any player on this, the EC should just honour its side of the burgain.
      We talk of recruiting quality players and yet we are unable to manage this ones that we have always criticised for misfiring. Bure kabisa

  7. Note it’s the likes of Walusimbi, Ssrenkuma, Aucho and all other players who play, making saves and scoring goals that have made, make and will continue making Gor Mahia F.C great. AR and his EC have an important administrative/ supportive role, key of which is honouring financial commitments to players, but they will never take the field against Esperance or SSport. IT’S VERY SAD TO SUGGEST THE OFFLOADING OF A KEY PLAYER WHO IS ONLY RIGHTFULLY DEMANDING HIS DUES WHILE THE OFFENDING PARTY IS NOT HELD TO ACCOUNT. THAT’S ENCOURAGING IMPUNITY. LET’S GET OUR PRIORITIES RIGHT / IN ORDER WHEN SUGGESTING “OFFLOADINGS”.

    1. We cannot offload out greatest experienced international player currently because of a thieving EC.What is Aduda talking about on about Walusimbi being difficult to understand.Pay him his dues stop nonsense,known paupers masquerading as CEOs while embezzling club funds in conjuction with chairman cannot take GM to the next level.Waza Must be Paid and reparations plus apologies offered.

  8. Waluimbi Is Right. Taking Players Round In Circles Is Unacceptable! What Trust Is Someone Talking About? It Is The EC that breached that trust.

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