CEO Aduda denies embezzling funds

Gor Mahia CEO Ludovick Aduda is refuting claims that he has been colluding with treasurer Sally Bolo to embezzle funds. Aduda further contradicted Chairman Rachier and said the club is not broke.

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Nyangi, early this week, claimed that Aduda, in cahoots with the treasurer Sally Bolo, are misusing their position by illegally deducting players’ salaries.

Nyangi further added that the two have ganged up to sabotage her, even going behind her back to conduct the responsibilities of an organising secretary.

“The treasurer had been misusing club’s money the way she wants. She has been colluding with this other cartel called Aduda to deduct player’s cash without the knowledge of the Executive Committee,” said Nyangi in a long statement posted on the club’s face book page.

“Mike Simiyu (player) was paid 15k less last month and repeatedly this month. The chairman ordered the treasurer to immediately pay the boy his full arrears which up to now nothing has been done.”

But in a rejoinder, CEO Aduda refuted claims that they have deducted players allowances, further revealing that the club is not in dire financial troubles.

“The CEO is not a signatory to the club’s account. If someone opens her mouth and say that money has been lost, then that could also mean that the signatories, who in this case are the chairman, the treasurer, secretary and vice treasurer are the culprits,” Aduda told Goal.

Aduda termed the allegations are ‘hog-wash’, clarifying that the claims are not possible because “nobody is being paid in cash.”

“All players’ salaries are being channeled through individual bank accounts.”

On the Mike Simiyu case, Aduda explained that it was a club decision taken to push the former Muhoroni Youth player to work hard.

“When we bought this boy, we thought that he would help the club, but upto now, he’s not made even a single start.

“He refused to go out on loan as was recommended by the coach. He wanted to prove himself at Gor Mahia and we accepted the request on condition that we reduce his salary.”


8 thoughts on “CEO Aduda denies embezzling funds

  1. So every player;like Simiyu;who hasn’t broken into the first 11 has suffered a salary reduction or is just Simiyu?Was this bit included in the contract or was it a gentleman’s verbal agreement?Something is not right here.

    1. And what does the contract say? Such decisions must be arrived at in a structured manner. Was the player and/or his agent fully involved in arriving at that decision?

  2. Mr. Lordvick Aduda surely has nine lives. On several occassions, he has left Gor Mahia in a huff, and usually punctuating his departures with unprintable utterances against the club. How he manages to sneak back in is a mystery. True to his nature, he quits Gor Mahia swearing “never to come back’, crosses over to FKF or whatever and while there ensures that he is a stumbling block and frustrates any good initiatives towards Gor Mahia. Strangely, he finds his way back and engages the disharmony gear, a far cry from what is expected of his position as CEO.

    Whatever is happening now is yet to get worse and is definitely heading there. It is a very familiar vicious cycle whose outcome is usually a nosedive in the team’s performance and plummeting of all progress. It is within the EC to stem this ugly diversion and all should burn their mid-night oil to ensure order, harmony and cohesive administration is restored.

    Let me wish the Team and Ker another big win over Thicker United today. May I also express my relief for the resurfacing of Oduor12. It definitely raises serious concern when consistent members of this site like Oduor12 and The Trailer go missing in the aftermath of very emotionally-draining General Elections.

  3. I think this word ‘cartel’ implies a sydicate whose objective is to make gain using unlawful means. It is therefore incorrect for Judith Nyangi to refer to Mr. Lordvick Aduda as a cartel. In fact, I am not surprised that Nairobi’s Kifafanga cha Computer also describes Dr. Evans Kidero as a cartel. It goes without saying that the former is Judith Nyangi’s role model and mentor. The obviously common thing between these two is assuming key leadership positions amidst glaring academic deficiency.


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