Coach Kerr happy with result

Coach Dylan Kerr is happy that his side managed to grab a point away from home when they played Rayon Sports on Sunday.

“This is a fantastic away result, every player on the team did an excellent job to ensure we don’t lose, especially the defenders.” said Kerr accring to

Kerr defended his team which has withstoodd a lot of criticism for conceding that goal.

“It was not like the one we conceded against Mathare United at Machakos Stadium. This time, the ball did not split the wall. It was a fantastic free-kick and we could not do anything about it,” he said according to the Standard.

Kerr however admitted that the large crowd at Nyamirambo stadium may have intimidated his side.

“The Rayon Sports fans were marvellous and stood behind their team. I think my boys panicked after the equaliser and at half time, I had to tell them to relax and just enjoy themselves.” Kerr continued.

Kerr thinks his side will overcome their first game jitters.

“The early goal unsettled us but we recovered and even hoped to do better. It is just the first match and we are looking forward to a better campaign,” he said.

Gor Mahia will need to solidify their defence and sharpen their attack as they face a formidable Algerian side in USM Alger on May 16. The Algerians walloped Young Africans of Tanzania 4-0 last weekend.

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  1. Former AFC Leopards coach Ivan Minnaert says the team has to stop the habit of changing players often if they are to do well.

    Minnaert who now handles Rwandese club Rayon Sports left Leopards two years ago.

    Since then Leopards have had five coaches.

    “When I was at Leopards, I noticed that they had this habit of changing players every six months. Most of the time it was never done for the good of the team but because some officials wanted to receive part of sign on fees. They have to end this trend otherwise the team will continue to struggle,” he said

    Our two clubs have a lot in common. I think some of the noise we here about coach this and coach that is sponsored right from within the executive. Next time we make noise we could just be fueling someone’s game plan.

  2. I do support the comments of the coach and we as fans should continue supporting the team without any condition. Our work as fans is to give the team full support no matter the circumstances.

  3. There are better days ahead. I hope Gor will be the first cecafa team to grace the quarter final stages of the CCC because we are assured of atleast one east african team by virtue of the group!

  4. Like I said Confed group stage shines the spotlight on every aspect of our beloved K’Ogalo. Imagine our players being intimidated by the large number of Rayon fans. EC must take bold steps to attract fans back to the stands. More fans means more morale support for the players and more revenue for the club. EC is selling a product, that product is a football match, let them get the price and logistics (security) all right. All said and done that match was “winnable” and life would have been easier going forward if we had those 2 extra points in the bag. We know our weaknesses very well and with astute signings in June we should be able to qualify for the knockout stage.

  5. @oduor12…I agree with you on the part of trying to get fans back into the stadium.

    However,I feel the EC has somehow let us down here.Our marketing towards matches is poor.Ardent fans like me and you always get to know where and when our team is playing.

    What about the others who also want to support the team?lack of information and proper marketing to lure fans to the stadium is our major undoing.

    Just look at how they are marketing the Hull city game… that is the kind of aggressive initiative we require especially now that we are in the big league!!

  6. @oduor 12 Even Without New Signings This Team Is Going Places. Let The Ones We Have Gel N Be Cohesive Without The Disruptions Of New Inclusions. Over N Above I Share The Coaches Sentiments N Am Equally Happy. Bring That Murabu Tumnyoroshe!

  7. I was also happy with the performance in Rwanda and i believe if it were not for the heavy rains that disrupted good play, we could easily have won 3-1 or even 4-1. The future of CAF CC for Kogallo looks good……..

    Nevertheless, what surprises me is that the Rwandese paid ( almost full stadia ) to watch their team play, the question is how many of us are willing to pay to watch gor mahia play USM algier on 16th May ? The answer will surprise you.

    1. Can someone enlighten me, if EC signs some new players during June transfer, will they be eligible to play in this CAF tournament?

      1. Yes, they will be registered with CAF at a cost alongside other players who have proved their worth like Innocent Wafula.

  8. Coach Kerr sometimes said something to the players that is worth repeating and emphasising , that the stage that Gor Mahia has put itself continentally provides the greatest window to all forward thinking players to grab and showcase their wares to the football world through extraordinary performances , thus providing a win win situation for themselves , the club and the fans .
    For this to happen , all the afforementioned must play their role , the EC must go beyond their localised and rudimentary approach (ANALOGUE ) to football , the fans must raise there game and fill the stadiums (AND PAY) , the TB and the players must do their part to attract the fans to the stadium , but after the fans have paid , the EC must make sure that the money is accounted for and that non of the officials engages in a scramble to eat the players food .
    In days gone by I.e the 70’s and 80’s , with smaller populations then , Gor and Afc had the capacity to fill the stadiums for matches that were of even a lesser magnitude , what then changed ? , even with an obviously larger population to choose from and with the advent of the Information age where their is a myriad of information tools to rely on- Now that is the basis of refering to the current EC as Analogue and Rudimentary .
    To the funs who for sometime have expressed their boredom with our localised successes against opposition that keeps on getting more and more mediocre with the years or is it we , Kogalo who are becoming better and better – now u got what you have been yearning and yelling for , show it by almost being part of the intimidating 12th man ( And Pay ) .
    Lastly to the ” fans” who have made it impossible for fans to jam the stadiums with their families with your uncouth antics and rebellions without any causes , Please give this club an opportunity to grow and thrive , we go to the stadium to enjoy our club entertain and not to watch your damaging theatrics , we all must play our part and for emphasis I repeat – The EC , The TB , the Players and the Fans .

  9. Let’s face it and the risks and possibilities. 1.
    If there will be a winner between Yanga and Rayon, Rayon will have 4 points or Yanga 3 points. 2 If Gor wins against USM Algiers, they will move to 4 points and top the group, a draw or loss will leave Gor with 2 or 1 point in position 3. 3. Our next game is a must win game to allow the team to take an early control of the group and also prevent Algiers from running away with the win. We will fill Kasarani to make our contribution through cheering.

  10. 09.5.18 KK Hm Byz Vs GM
    13.5.18 Ulinzi Vs GM
    13.5.18 Hull Vs GM
    16.5.18 GM Vs USM
    23.5.18 Sofa Vs GM
    26.5.18 Efusi Vs GM
    29.5.18 SoNy Vs GM
    18.7.18 GM Vs Yanga
    29.7.18 Yanga Vs GM
    19.8.18 GM Vs Rayon
    29.8.18 USM Vs GM

    A very tight schedule that demands hard work, focus, support and proactivity from all stakeholders.

    1. Madness at KPL, 13/5/18 to play ulinzi and hell city. Next Ker will complain of fatigue. Priority should be CAF, League, Shield then top 8 and friendlies.

    2. Have Sportpesa and KPL agreed on the Ulinzi and Hull games? I see a very busy schedule for us. Good for the fringe players but not good for football in general I know having continental matches drains all teams in their respective leagues. Especially those who do a Jan – Dec system. Let’s pray that we come out unscathed. As sais by @Teddy it’s time for us to give ALL our support. Just like we did in the 2010-2013 era

  11. On Kerr’s observation about the Rayon fans coming out in large numbers to cheer their team, it is something that we can also learn take note of. I think that if there was something to be done now, it is advertisement. Where the Team is, serious advertisement on TV and other social media opportunities. Like I said in another article, Gor is not just for the local fans along the lake side. It is now the face of Kenya as far as Football is concerned. Some serious business group should take the advantage and sell itself in this opportunity created by the team to sell itself. Is someone listening out there. I hope we can begin to see Gor Mahia being splashed across out TV and through the radios etc. This is just my thinking

  12. To EC, why not offer fans advance “CAF Confed Cup season E-tickets” for the 3 CCC home matches before 16/5/18. 15,000 “Russian” tickets at 450bob may raise kes.6,750,000. Also offer 1000 VIP tickets at 1,200bob may raise kes.1,2M. Total amount raised from the advance “CCC season e-tickets” can raise kes.7.95M to finance our group stage matches. Given that normally GMFC match tickets are 200bob and 500bob for terraces and VIP respectively the advance CAF tickets translate to a saving of 50bob per game or 150bob for 3 games for fans who opt for the E-tickets. On match day the CAF tickets should be sold at 250bob and 600bob for terrace and VIP respectively as CAF matches are of higher quality the local ones. E-tickets will curb fraud and eliminate cost of printing physical tickets. This advance CCC e-ticket project can serve as a pilot for membership cum season tickets for next season which can be rolled out for the full season or for every 3 matches, which is more affordable to the fans / members.

  13. I have heard and read the Kenyan football “pundits” and “analysts” opine with a sense of finality that USM Algiers will defeat as , the thrashing by USM of Yanga seem to give their theory some credence , but is that so ? , is it already cut and dry like they seem to believe ? , I dont think so and my reason is this , I want to compare USM and Espearance , who has the better pedigree , is it not Espearance , a team that had to resort to uncouth methods to defeat as , in their ground by just a goal , if that be so , then on what basis should we be intimidated by USM , Is it as by listening to the pundits that they are warabu , I disagree with those kind of lazy analysis , analysis that are so lacking in context that you get the feeling that the pundits are so fixated at reaching some predeterminedconclusion that the facts then become a bother .
    Gor Mahia with its house in order has the pedigree to surmount any challenge in this group , all we have to remember is that all the components of this great team must be unleashed to fire on all cylinders , the components in this case being the EC , TB/PLAYERS AND THE 12 th man ( FAN) , as for the FANS , lets put
    this component in action during the Hull City game and rediscover how good the feeling is , its embarassing that a team of Gor Mahia’s history can be intimidated by crowds like it happened in Rwanda while historically this has been our forte .
    To the EC , you have your program for the foreseable future , Please start planning now , lets not wait until the last minute to get your act together , some suggestions like well enumerated by @Oduor 12 are fairly reasonable and there is absolutely no reason why they cannot be institutionalised , As we the fans do our part , please allow that synergy to flow .
    Somebody mentioned earlier that there is no need to recruit during the June window , I disagree , any dynamic entity must always seek to reinforce , The World champions Real Madrid are still recruiting/ offloading , Barcelona are still reinforcing/offloading , same to Man City , Liverpool and including Etc are also doing the same , Gor Must Reinforce and offload

  14. Ker’s concern about the boys’ mental fatigue is valid. In spite of that, it is important that each player has self-belief. The other day Ker reminded them that they are among the best and needs no gain-saying.

    Think of Blackberry’s world class pass to Kegere against Rayon. Very few players (Iniesta, Luka Modric and Kevin de Bruyne) are known have such capability. I wonder why our hawk-eyed Musymo has not commented on that historic pass. You are in KK and boys just trust yourselves and you will come tops with a win and confound every doomsday prophet.

    1. Heheheh @BB, that defence-splitting pass still gives me goosebumps. I got distracted by another matter about the same goal really pissed when one article said the pass came from Mieno so we got into an argument with other bloggers whether it was a Berry or Mieno pass and I think that took all my ‘energies’. That pass is always in my head and I keep replaying it along with Kahata’s goal against Thika and Berry’s goal against Nakumatt last season…..

  15. This is now good for all us, the players , the TB and fans when people pick positives in a match a dwell on them. That was a pass and a half. Kanu the Nigerian, Okocha use to do such quiet often. Let us show the boys that we appreciate good stuff, with good playing surface, Gor Mahia can play football and this we saw in Rwanda just before the rains came down. Gor Mahia is in the right track.

  16. We should work on the defence and goalkeeping. We seem to be leaking too much. Above all, congratulations to all involved in the sweet victory and to Momanyi for his maiden goal. Just last week someone on this blog advised him on how to direct his headers and prophesied he would soon score and lo and behold…..

    1. Congrats are in order. I like the way Kerr juggles around with his line up. It’s not easy to predict Kogalo’s 1st 11. Pongezi team for the 3 points from Bukhungu

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