6 Feb 18

Wendo and Samuel Onyango in action against Nakumatt last weekend

Gor Mahia are set to play Equatorial Guinea champions Leones Vegeterianos at Machakos this Saturday. It marks the first time that Kogalo will be playing a continental assignment outside the three big cities.

Coach Kerr is is trying to prepare his side despite not  knowing anything about the Equato-Guinean side.

“It is a tough game for us considering that we don’t know much about our opponents. We are going into the match blind but they have probably had a chance to see some of our games.” he said.

Kerr also noted that he had spoken to several of his contacts all over the continent but none of them know anything.

Kerr wants to keep the team focused on the task ahead.

“My work is to prepare the players mentally so that they can focus on picking positive results and understand what is at stake in this match,” he continued.

Kerr was looking forward to measuring the strength of his side against Sudanese champions Al Hilal on Tuesday but the match was canceled. In fact Al Hilal had not announced the match against Gor Mahia.

On last weekends match, Kerr was dissapointed that his side did not score more.

“It was a good game against Nakumatt but was disappointed with the score line. We created at least 12 clear chances and should probably have scored more goals. But compared to our Saturday fixture, that was a different ball game. The expectations are different. Furthermore, we also have to get used to the new stadium in order to get it right,” he told the Standard..


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  • Jakoyo says:

    am surprised somebody like ‘kerr’ would say they dont know much about the ‘vegetables’….surely , cant you watch the matches of national team equitorial guinea ? ‘vegetables’ have about 5 players in the national team that recently lost to Rwanda late last year. Talk of understanding Africa.

  • Oswozo Moziek says:

    @jakoyo,it’s not possible to have inside information about every team.

    Besides,the coach has been honest enough to admit that he has asked his contacts but no one seems to know anything about that team

    Equatorial Guinea and vegetables as you call them are two very different teams with perhaps very different style of play unless they are coached by the same person.

  • Jasego says:

    Worry not Sir Kerr,not knowing anything about them is testament enough of who they are,minnows in african football.I followed equitorial guinea in the recently concluded Chan Tournament and with five players of Leones donning the national jersey i witnessed Mediocrity at it’s best.Just prepare your charges well and psyche them up to pynp not less than 3 first leg goals against a team that whose strategy be seeking for a draw at best,1-0 defeat or luckily an away goal.Go for the Jugular good Sir,we will be present in Machakos colourfully donned and ready to cheer you to Glory

  • In fact few people know that Equatorial Guinea exists as a country. You should focus more on the team that we will play after the vegetables. And which team are we likely to play after them?

  • jaupanda says:

    I think Kerr is so honest. At the same time, he has said that his job is to bring his team into the right frame of mind. This means to prepare with certain facts.
    1. That you are not sure about your opponent therefore prepare to play.
    2. Do not underrate your opponents.
    3. Your opponents have come to either win, draw or loose.
    4. You are going to play to win, the rest are unfortunates.
    5. As a big Team much is expected of you and not your opponent.
    6. The focus is not just Vegeterianos they are just but a huddle that MUST be jumped over to get to the group stage.
    7. It is all about self belief and not worrying about the opponents. It is good to have an idea about them but they must not be topic at the table.
    Kerr talks a language that as Kogalo family resonates with our self belief.

  • Jamriambo says:

    One question though,. my people. The Sportpesa logo is still on the banner Gor is using to advertise the match. Is sportpesa still on ama what is happening that we dont know?

  • Michael ogolo says:

    What I like most about Kerr is that he’s not celebrating the 4 goals that Gor scored against Nakumatt. In fact he’s complaining that his charges did not score many goals after creating 12 clear cut chances. Meaning he was hoping that Gor could have scored like 8 goals. It means that this season we will witness an avallange of goals coming from our beloved team. So those who might be worried about vegetarians should expect not less than 4 goals in the first leg however much they may try to defend. Long live K’ogalo.

  • Jakoyo says:

    @jamriambo, the club is in dire need for new kits. it is costs more to remove the logo from all the jersey therefore can we as fans collectively raise kshs 3 million to buy new jerseys (playing and training kits) and throw away this ‘free branding sportpesa nonsense ‘

  • dawaplus says:

    i know that we will eat this lion vegetable on sato.we need group stage meat thereafter.

  • Oduor12 says:

    If the only information available is Chan’s E.Guniea games with 5 players from Vegetables then let Ker & Co. review these games to get some/whatever insights as to the Veges’s players and hence the team. Let’s use whatever we have. Being a preliminary round match what is at test is the quality of our players and bench at this basic level of CAF. All the best.