Coach Kerr positive ahead of Esperance tie

In this TV interview, Dylan Kerr says he fails to understand why KPL is congesting the fixtures during the month of March when there are 10 months left in the year. He says KPL should make it possible for Kenyan teams to do well in the Africa Champions League by ensuring that teams are well rested. Kerr is unhappy that his team is forced to play5 games within 14 days and yet are still expected to do well against Esperance.


Nevertheless after the Bandari tie, Kerr was more positive ahead of the mammoth March 7 encounter against Esperance of Tunisia. This after Gor Mahia put on a sold performance against previous league leaders Bandari on Saturday.

“I wanted the performance today, I wanted the energy and I got it from my players,” said Kerr to

This despite the fact that Gor Mahia have lost Wellington Ochieng to a long term injury. Ugandan utility player Godfrey Walusimbi is also injured, which leaves Gor Mahia with few options at the fullback position.

The good news is that Ivorian Striker Ephrem Guikan who picked up a concussion is now out of danger.

“Guikan suffered a knock after falling awkwardly from the aerial challenge. He suffered concussion but doctors have cleared him. He is now out of danger and can play next match if the coach wants to use him.” said club CEO Omondi Aduda to



21 thoughts on “Coach Kerr positive ahead of Esperance tie

  1. I fail to understand when somebody says he doesn’t see any problem when we are losing dependable players due to fixture congestion. Now Walusimbi joins the list, too sad

  2. Can news be clear,Walusimbi got injured when and where?Didn’t he play full minutes as rightback yesterday?I know referred to him by mistake instead of karim nizigiyimana.Is this still the case or we lost him to injury too…

  3. It can be very sad to lose a utility player like Waluwalu to injury. Hope the TB will give precise information on the extent of his injury if at all it is true. If Gor can play against Esperance the way they did against Bandari then we are hopeful.The donkey work will be at the defence and defensive mid field to frustrate waarabu attackers who will be determined to away goals.GOOD LUCK GOR MAYIENGA.

  4. Kasarani is getting a new surface and a modern one one for that matter….synthetic sand fibre what is used in many or lest we say all grounds in Europe and Americas this is the same happening to nyayo kinoru kipchoge 4 other training grounds and later to machakos after the two in Nairobi are ready

  5. I hope tb has learnt something.. you can register one right back with no cover this is careless and unforgivable anyway quick recovery for ochieng… tb work on the right back issue come june atleast two more(the karim and ochieng wont deliver much after recovery they’ll take time…which might provea disadvantage for us)

    then kudos to the boys for saturday victory kwa game ya caf

    kindly tb considering a strong mid and swift wingers(mbish n wendo si mbaya then either kachi ade or sammy kwa wings …. please from facts mieno is good but on hard games ni abiria same to juma…. espi this time us morepgysical than skillful(Im happy for that wenye wamefuatilia their games will agree with me…. I wud pick kachi, sam then kagere n jausenge guka aje second half

    joash, shakava, jaja n daktari(onguso) kwa defense si mbayaa.. And bonny to be reminded of his duty….

    1. @rodneyochieng, the concept of having utility players that can be deployed to any position answers this concern?

  6. btw why not consider ondieki, lukawom n j.oluoch loans kam june to gain momentum and compusure then bring on tedy cover for wendo) two rightbacks who can operate also as a centerback and an attacking midfielder of our class… still aucho effect is felt(box to box) and also remember the right wing is ineffective….. I fear…

    tb hope mmenipata gor emawahero… I wonder how this right back was never considered for reinforcement ..

    1. You Seem To Know More Than The Technical Bench! Just Be A Fan And Let The Tb Be! How Can You Pupport To Hire N Field Platers? Do You Train Them?

      1. Yaye bwana, hapana kasirika, it is through healthy argument that we can come up with fruitful solutions. Let fans speak their minds . Esperance: Come baby come, We Kogalo we respect you but do not fear you

  7. What is… 3.5.2 is a solution here 100% either way i will be there in full spirit ready to cheer for the win and clean sheet…. it is time we stop trying the solution for the game as fans and call out on jaza stadia thats my plea and will take that question…

  8. @seville,so city stadium is forgotten. We should expect a Mall in its place ama flats. Already a portion has been grabbed and its now a private toilet

    1. Some times i fail to understand why my worthy friends keeps on circulating video of Gor Mahia Vs Everton showing only Roony`s goal but not Tuysenge `s header. Are these people really Kogalo`s supporters ?

  9. 7 stadia renovation is promised by sonko admin city being one of them but as it goes it just music being played… As it goes we are told anything to a peace our souls when we enquire the kenyan way… nyayo is a fortress i hope will play group stage matches there….. am already in Canaan waiting for confirmation on Wednesday

  10. Ngesto we are stakeholders so technically we are in part of administering duties…with out funs giving their input then surely u be like arsenal where change is never seen and reflected in any of the competitions

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