Coach Logarusic frustrated with interference

Courtesy of Daily Nation

Gor Mahia coach Zdravko Logarusic isn’t a happy man. He is deeply frustrated at his new club.


Logarusic, who took the reins at K’Ogalo last month, has differences of opinion with the club’s leadership.

Speaking to the Daily Nation in Nakuru at the weekend, the coach said although there’s been a slight improvement in performance, he hasn’t been given a free hand to institute the changes needed to turn around K’Ogalo’s fortunes.

The Croat feels “excessive and inexperienced baggage” in the team must be offloaded immediately, while the club’s leadership insist the coach must work with the current squad because many of the players are “young and talented”.

“I need to clean up the house because I will not work with an inexperienced team who fail to perform despite given time to improve. Gor is not a testing ground where poor players are given an opportunity to sharpen their skills, and still fail,” said Logarusic after his team’s 1-0 loss to Ulinzi Stars at the Afraha Stadium on Saturday.

Gor vice-chairman, David Killo, admitted that they had not given Logarusic “a 100 per cent free hand” to run the team, adding that the Croat should “go slow” on his plan to sack some of the players.

Must be patient

“It’s true we haven’t given him a 100 per cent free hand to run the club, because there are areas he is restricted and must consult us,” said Killo, who is also the club’s Technical Committee Chairman.

“He is a bit impatient with the current Gor playing unit which comprises young and talented players who are still learning,” he added.

Logarusic urged the club’s leadership and fans to refrain from the culture of passing the blame to the referee every time they lose a match.

“We should change this attitude of blaming the referee every time we lose,” Logarusic said.

Gor had a penalty call dismissed by the centre referee Sylvester Kirwa after Ulinzi Stars defender Lawrence Owino had handled in the box.

52 thoughts on “Coach Logarusic frustrated with interference

  1. This article leaves so many unanswered questions:
    1. Who is in charge at K’Ogalo?
    2. Why has the coach not been given 100% free hand?
    3. Is it in consideration of the legal and financial implications?
    4. Is someone protecting the ‘young and talented’? If so why?
    5. Does the EC prioritize good performance in the league?
    6. How much more is the coach able to contain before he calls it quits?
    7. Is it the case of a bad workman blaming his tools?

    Talk of a divided house. Someone has to rise up and show leadership at K’Ogalo otherwise we could as well shelve our title ambitions till 2014.

  2. Barefoot Bandit is right. Who realy is in charge? Killo should know that the new coach will be blamed for poor results. Fans will not go for the vice chair but for the coach. The coach will go slow but the team will be relagated. This is the time to give him a free hand in picking players. This interferance should stop. Killo and the likes should know better. The coach was hired to do the job and not go slow.

  3. Now good people you can hear the truth and the true picture at GM. I have been thinking all along that there are some forces somewhere. So its true Killo is stoping the coach from doing his job and now I know the playing unit is devided,some with the coach and some with Killo so playing at GM depends on Killo. Most fans said this is what happened to Awono and he failed miserably. So why hire a coach if Killo calls all the sorts. Fans its now clear, the poor performance is not because of the coach but because of the likes of Killo.

  4. This is a double edged sword. The coach wants immediate results of which I don believe will come that easily. With no structures to horn the skills of the young to take over the ageing ones we will have the same issues. We have tried the two models; one for mzee SIANGA and the other we went out on spending spree for the experienced ones this term. We clearly can discern which one is better. Complete overhaul of the team has both financial as well succession woes. Let there be moderation from both the tech bench as well as the EC. Should sit down and agree the best possible way and leave the media out of this. June transfer window is here and we cant attract the best if we are quarrelling in the press.

  5. We all know that when a new coach is hired he comes with his new team.The croat agreed to start working alone but with the kenyan mentality they wouldnt allow him to do his job.Remember antony hey!!!!!!This man incharge of the technical committee if he thinks he knows why cannt he take over and coach the team?We always want to find a way and blame someone and this time round i think kogalo fans should insist on the the coach to remain and kick out this noise makers.Sianga had the young they are talking about but they dismantled it why?No team is playing just because they are in the league but we need results thats what the coach wants too.
    Let these guys concentrate on the youth team and build it from there.Please Chairman save the coach from these hyenas,we have a very good coach.

  6. I am so pained if this could be true, I just hope it is not true. Just what is happening, what does the vice chair mean by not giving the coach 100% space? Who takes responsibilty for results? Poor Kogalo who will come to our rescue? Is there something we do not know and how on earth did this story get to where we have read it in the public domain? Was this the same story with the previous technical bench? God forbid, if we can’t manage a club only then we are headed nowhere. Where is AR the chair?

  7. What should be done is to let the coach have total control of the team while Killo and the rest concentrate on bulding a feeder team for GM. We need a strong reserve team as well as a strong under 18/19 team. By the way there is an under 19 KPL tournament in August (was supposed to be in April but due to the Super 8 Gor/KPL issue it could not be held) the question is do we have such a team in GM. Or we will go on picking relatives of the officials and then bringing them together and expecting them to win. A team like Thika can raise such a team with ease. How about a big team like GM? As we ask for younsters to join the team we should note that we also need experience in that team. The problem with us as GM is that at times we don’t seem to know what we want. Bring a youthfull team like Siang’a’s and the fans will be up in arms that GM is not a school team. That is when a team of experienced players like Sofapaka runs rings round them. On the other end when experienced players are brought in we start desparaging for their age and lack of drive. To me personally I think we need the right mix of young and mature players but with the drive and fire-power to drive us forwards.

  8. Who is Kiilo???? Kiilo ya nini? ama ya nanii??? fans, just turn up on thursday at the training ground and see what happens. there are some stupid old call them security who think that Gor belongs to them. there was a day I wanted to buy drinking water for the boys since their was none, they asked me that I was to go through them fast. this are the same people who tarnished our name after they denied Sofapakas TM entry to the ground. Its a shame EC.
    once you put stractures in Gor, everything will flow.
    My plea to fans is to demand full accountability of operations, audits,sponsorship and management.

    Goerge bwana and team, we had lots of confidence in you!!!!!!!!

  9. Killo? kilo ngapi? these are the people so full of impunity and lack even the minute ideas in football! I wonder how such a know-nothing was elected to the team’s management position(EC).

    Leave politics out of football, I know by virtue of who we are( guys you know what am referring to here), we mix everything with politics, however, in football, we are doomed to fail lest we give the Croat a “free- hand” to go about his business of managing the team.

    Be warned, Kilograms/kilometres, or whoever, those archaic and barbaric behaviours are not needed in Gor Mahia, take them to your village.

  10. A letter to Logarusic.

    Dear Mr. Logarusic,

    How useful to Gor Mahia is the 1,000 games you have been in charge as a coach. Haven’t you faced trouble with managers in the 1,000 games? Haven’t you faced trouble with players in the 1,000 games? Have you faced trouble with fans in the 1,000 games? How good were the players you coached before compared to what we have? How many titles did you win in the 1,000 games considering that you have been coach for about 30 seasons?

    How i wish you could work with the team you have. On your first day you said you had been observing this team and was sure you could improve its fortunes. Please stop this nonsense of attacking players left, right and centre. If one is not good enough, bench him. Why play him only to tell us about ‘potatoes’. We need results and not stories. Period!

    You may be new in this part of the world but my advice as a fan is that all our players are as poor as the ones we have in the whole league. Please take your time and watch other matches and tell us who is that great talent you can see. Who is that top player who runs, thinks, scores and fits your demands? Our EC bought two of the runners up top scorers last season. The top scorer was Waruru who only got his first goal of the season against Gor Kogalo the other day. He only had 12 goals to show last season. We also bought the most promising young player last season. We bought two more experienced goalkeepers. We brought in three experienced defenders.

    What i’m telling you is that we have talent that won a cup last season but now we are losing to everyone. Please don’t bring your arrogance and excuses to Kogalo as you will be the first on a flight back home. Settle down and make a team out of this players.

    When i look at our team i see talent everywhere; Owino, Juma, Rama, Kitawi, Akumu, Otieno, Wekesa, Ochieng, Makori, Omondi, Mapunda, Anguyo, Kiplagat, Musa, Selenga, Midenyo, Lavatsa…should i continue? Who in our league is twice as good as this players? Unless we are shopping out of our borders, we have to make do with ‘rotten poatatoes’ for now and in the future. We all knew of a good Rwandese player last season and we also knew that we couldn’t afford the asking price. What will you do?

    Muhoroni, Karuturi, Ulinzi, Sony, Rangers and the likes are no better than us and you know it. We are always ready to cheer you, so please sit with your team and find solutions soonest. Remember you have over 1,000 games experience and we expect you to make a team out of our players.

    Thank you.

  11. Now i agree that something is seriously wrong in our good club…if the coach is not in control then i’ll never blame him for poor results..i’ll blame the EC!
    it does not matter how many times we change the playing unit what we want are good results…even AFC used to change like 16 players in a season…see now they have a winning unit.
    Foe some reason i have some faith in the current coach because he looks like he has passion..the EC should just support him by allowing him to select the squad.
    I dont want to imagine that my team Gor is in a bottomless pit!!! we really need to change how we do things.
    If the EC is not allowing the coach to operate…this is hooliganism on their part! it is tantamount to throwing stones…we say NO to such actions.
    Players…please give your best..we love you and we want the best out of you…if you dont do your best…this amounts to…hooliganism against loyal fans.
    Fans..let’s support the coach and desist from actions that paint the club in bad light.
    All the best.

  12. you cant hire me as your accountant and still do the maths for me!!
    No wonder we never make any improvements because there are people who constantly interfere with the technical bench and that is not right.
    Let the coach do the work he was hired for….

  13. Can somebody define for me the word “young and talented” because looking at the Under 20 national squad of 50 players non of these young and talented players features.

  14. I am smelling a rat in Gor Mahia. This is why we are not performing. Existence of interference with the technical bench will continue to result into poor results. Am seeing Gor Mahia struggling at the expense of inept and ineffective officials. EC, please think twice before the axe fall on you. Why should there be interference with the coach’s work? Who is in control at Gor Mahia? Where is the Chairman?

  15. These are no football managers..they are brokers..its high time we do away with the current constitution which advocates 4 a welfare system like management and adopt the effective system world wide..Rachier and the kogalo fraternity is being let down by cheap publicity seekers in the name of EC…Its now plain that we av been venting our wrath on the wrong pple…pls lets do away with these brokers…

  16. Finally we have narrowed down to where the problem is…EC is the problem! EC should stop acting as politicians rather they should work in a unified way! Let everyone do his work…EC it’s administration… know your work so i wonder why the EC is interfering! Who will save us…i now turn to God for help coz clearly human beings may not help Gor !

  17. GOR MAHIA. Circus will never cease. When we win the story is different. When we are beaten then all dirty linen are thrown to the media and public at large. When will we really learn to handle issue’s in-house and brainstorm in collective and professional manner.

    The truth is that it appears there is clique within the EC undermining the coach and as such he has taken the shortest route of blasting them publicly through the media so as to expose the rot deep inside the EC. Was the coach single handedly recruited to the detriment of some EC members? Does our EC consult widely and collectively as one team?
    WHO WILL BELL THE CAT? Definitely not the players,fans or the coach. Food for thought?

  18. Eblazing diva and this creative village thing i dont agree with your long lectures that make you sound like Gaddaffi,in life you must know when to run and when to hide.You see good people you cant hold on to the trigger forever you must fire soon enough if you dont someone is gonna shooot you dead.
    I have no hope in Rachier’s team i dont see him delivering anything quote me if you will they say the coach is impatient me i ran out of it months ago,telme if there is smoke what more evidence do you need to beleive there is fire……..think guys Kogalo is gone to the Dogs now its gone unless some one take charge wake up CHAIRMAN you are sleeping and ensure the coach has 100%CONTROL.

  19. ..the work of a good teacher is to make the most out of his students always encourage them to improve and build on their achievements..did i see Gor Mahia beat Sofapaka or i was dreaming? thats a success to build on.A good teacher does not run to the headmaster demanding new students in the class, for him to perform..thats what Logarusic is telling us.
    My advise club in the world where a coach has 100% control..none even Mourinho was stopped dead when he wanted Cassilas Croatian free advise..the fans are always quite impatient and you better get your act together,, and start relating and buying confidence of your Di Matteo did and is doing where the great Villas Boas failed….Sir you are good no doubt..but dont start crying this early ..pliz dont.

    Olu signs out

  20. some one said in this blog that a fish rots from the head , sasa tuko na ukweli wa mambo can the coach be given 100% control of the technical bench? AFC fired almost all the players last year due to indiscipline and we can see the results , in Ko galo some kilo guy thinks its a training ground with this EC GOR is headed for relegation , this EC needs to either perform or be shown the door

  21. What the coach is saying has been said by many on this site.
    Truth to be said, Awono was good but a coward who could not raise his voice even when he was being pushed to the corner.
    We need people like Logarusic because even if he leaves today, we shall now be having a clear picture about Gor.
    I don’t mind cleaning the team, so far even in our work places if one is not performing he’s shown the door.
    AFC fired 9 players, gave their coach the team to handle and discipline, kept off selfish leaders,built a new strategy and these were the words of Koops “Forget about this year’s KPL title I am just here to rescue you from relegation zone, give me time to re-organize the team and set for next year…” Has this helped them or not?
    Sympathy will not help us move kama mbaya ni mbaya! When all is not well we need to accept. Players are not delivering and we need to shake the house period!
    Fans are very very patient cos we have always supported fully but where is the feedback?
    This is a serious case and if we are relegated, do not be cheated that it may be easy to come back. You all know strong teams that went forever. National league has also a number of strong teams.
    As a strong supporter, i need a solution now!!!

  22. why should we give the Coaching role to someone if we can’t allow him to do his job. And the Vice Chair has the the courage to admit that. He should be ashamed of himself. Why can’t he take the Coaching job if he feels he can do it better. shame on you.

  23. Paw Akuche and Iganatius Otieno, I know how you guys feel.It pains most to see the mighty Kogalo stuggling to avoid relegation and some people think its okay, we gonna pick some day.When a fan slapped Bwana in Naivasha some times back, I was very much excited coz I knew the guy did it out of frustrations, it wasn’t his intention. Now we know the people trying to pull Gor down and the next match it will never be easy for Killo and this for sure I know. Fans are keenly following this. Even in this blog, there are several Killos and am surprised where they have gone to today. We can’t let Gor go, we can’t let killo destroy Gor, we will be in gor and support gor all the time. Fans need to engage another high level gear so that Killo would be able to understand things


  25. I have read what the coach has been saying and came to the conclusion that he is not the kind of coach that grooms players but wants finished products,unfortunately their are no finnished products in our league.Their exists very talented players with very poor technical skills,that is why Siang’a decided to recruit school boys so that he could impart the technical skills at that early age.While i agree that the coach should have 100% control of the playing unit,i think he is also lazy and wants polished players for instant results.History is there for us to make reference when our future success is threatened.The 1987 group of legends was groomed from 1984 and coincidentally they were not known names.

  26. A lady and gentlemen, judging by your comments, the EC has turned out to be the villain and the coach the victim. Take one minute and look at both sides of the coin. As we pile condemnation on the weasel (or wild cat for that matter), let us also ask ourselves if the chicken (the coach) is blameless.

    The weasel (EC) is trying to be rational while the chicken is being emotional.

    The EC is obviously weighing the financial and legal implications of a radical surgery on the playing unit before the June transfer window. That can be very costly and will obviously leave the coffers empty and K’Ogalo in debt.

    The chicken wants to dismiss players right away. Question: where is the ready market where he will just go and pluck the talents he wants? And for free because I don’t think there is any vote for emergency mass recruitment of players. Why can’t he wave his acclaimed magic wand and win games with the current crop of players until the June transfer window? I am seeing the case of a bad workman here.

    @Eblazing Diva commented in this blog not so long ago that this guy is playing with our psyche. He is building his case and his defense. Once he is done, he will continue with what he is good at- an onward journey to his next port of call, while leaving us tearing GM down to shreads.

    @Paw Akuche you are not a thing and you cannot be one. Please accept that Creative Village too is not a thing. You Paw Akuche, Eblazing Diva, Creative Village, Okoth Jabilo, Ochigah etc, are respectable and serious bloggers herein and not ‘things’. Let us continue to accord each other respect without mudslinging and show @Pareiyo 09 the way.

    @Pareiyo 09 it is over 72 hours since you maligned me. I hope you didn’t expect to go Scott free. This is my advice to you:
    1. Desist from smearing my name with filth.
    2. Comment less on something you know little about, but if you must comment then take your time and establish its gist and crux.

    I owe you lots of respect and would therefore not wish that this degenerates into an altercation that might make people wonder whether you and I have shared a sumptuous meal of kidneys.

  27. It very sad to talk ill @22,you can just give a way forward.your last sentence is not take on the above issue we can only remove the excess baggage starting from the EC office because some came with the idea of stepping to politics.FOOTBALL and POLITICS dont go hand in hand.To BRANCHES why dont we convey a meeting to see the way forward on the above issue?

  28. I did quote sometime back that this bloated EC with its current membership will go down into our history as the most confused and ineffective in GM history. But as usual all bloggers were up in arms against one OGANGO TRAILER!!
    Never have they agreed on any issue starting from:
    1. Players recruitments and salary
    2. Technical bench and the Coaching staff
    3. Home games gate collection and the managing firm.
    4. Handling the press and their public utterance.
    5. Eradicating hooliganism.

    We have our mindset wishfully occupied with relegation and come June transfer window GM might note attract the best players per say but might end up losing even what according to the coach are average performance at the expense of sinking into the same relegation zone in 2012.


  29. Paw Akuche and friends, today it is David Killo to go to hell and tomorrow maybe it is someone else. Please don’t get emotional. As the bandit says, the ‘chicken’ was very excited when we beat Sofapaka or were you not too? Wasn’t David Killo still the chair then of the technical committee? Get real!

    Give an all round observation as a blogger. This boys we have are not new to us. Didn’t you carry Lavatsa shoulder high last season. What was our position this same time last season with this same players before we even bought other stars? Please if you agree with this coach about ‘our potatoes’, name them. Name which player you feel is a ‘rotten potato’ that can’t even be sold. I repeat that all i see is talent in our team. Encourage and challenge the coach and the team to perform.

    I will rest my case but i’m sure tomorrow there will be another scape goat given to fans to slaughter.

  30. The problem with us is the emotional way we handle issues. One minute we are celebrating and forgetting that we have a fractured EC, ill-equiped players etc. Some of these things could be handled in a special genral meeting where ‘bona fide’ fans can suggest solutions. Writing on this blog just helps us vent, abuse and malign each other but there is no guarantee that anyone will read and implement what we are suggesting. As far as I know the chair cannot do anything to any elected unless that official has contravened some laws

  31. Dan @30 we are reading from the same script my comrade , just digest my post on 17 and you will agree that we are one team cast on a vicious circle and as such the circus will never end depending on the prevailing circumstances. And the coach has correctly read the body language ; No wonder the same story winds up with the guy castigating both fans and officials to desist from blaming referee’s and yet he is the same person who cried foul of the penalty that was denied. I have politely resigned to cheer the team and just wish them well.

  32. its good that the problem is now coming to light. someone said i was going to much on the EC. a corrupt tech bench is in extistence coz of an equally corrupt EC. so some players have ‘chottaad’ to play, how do u expected the tech bench to lay them off!! everything will come to light. remember, once a matatu crew gives the police the daily 50 bob, then they do as the want. if the cop tries to discipline them, all hell breaks loose. there is no way the croat was going to be given 100% co-operation. some players are being favoured to play and must remain in the club. as i said b4, hold the EC responsible, the chairman having known how managers easily make ‘glorious’ statement easily left the media crazy sec.generals fry , the big question, who betwn the coach and bwana(and his tech bench) will blink first.i will say this again, bwana, if the coach goes, pls make sure gor never looses again , remember last time u were able to calm them down the adidas squad, what will u tell them this time yet its now known that you have tied the coaches hands. FANS , hold the EC responsible for any rot. the coach has stated his problem.its that simple.gor simply needs good management with the resources it has. some yrs back moi brought in the dream team to clean up the govt business. leaky soon realised that some stones could not be touched. the kenyan way is to do a ‘justice ringera’… a principled person my dear friends, in such situations, even if you bring messi, blackberry ama oliech… NOTHING DOING. demand your pound of flesh from the EC. lesson: never hire officials on emotion, be they romantic, sentimental, friendly…NEVER.

  33. this time the coach is 100% right and i realy support his centiment. EC give the coach time to bring changes in the team

  34. Mr Ocampo vincent, I stand by the word “shame” on the vice Chair. There is no ill feeling on my part as far as he is concerned. If for sure this is what he has been doing, then he should be ashamed of himself. It is the Coach who will bear the blame on the losses and for the vice Chair to admit that he has been meddling is a big shame on his part.

  35. Guys you see ama nyi ni vipofu gor is going DOWN CREATIVE VILLAGE it was a computer error i was typing furiously but i want to make it clear that no real gor fan was really exicited by the sofapaka win we were just holding our breath and again last year it was not exiting i made noise through this blog that we were loosing it 16 or so years without the premiere league title and now nobody should dwell anymore of the history like someone talking about the glory days the circumstances were diferent and those examples people give cant work anymore-football is now big business,its commercial and if you give a coach a job then leave it to him,the idea of meddling is history because what intrest does the likes of kilo have in a playing unit that does not perfome,my suggestion is ALLOW THE COACH TO KEEP THE PLAYERS HE CAN WORK WITH AND GET FROM WHEREVER THOSE THAT HE CAN WORK WITH WITH OUT ANY INTERFERENCE OF THIS NON-PERFORMING THING CALLED EC GIVE HIM A TIME FRAME HE FAILS HE GOES HOME.Ithink thats being proffessional and forget this thing people keep on talking about that gor does not have money…..what money? If the club want money noe that is the work of that EC and not interfearing with the coach I HOPE YOU GOOD PEOPLE OF KOGALO WHO DONT THROW STONES REALISE THAT KOGALO IS GOING TO BE RELEGATED…..I MEAN RELEGATED as you continue hoping.

  36. Now look how we are tearing at each like wild hounds and in public, and this is what our office has brought unto us by their actions. A key thing in an organization like GM is information management. Who is in charge of public affairs at the club or is there any thing like that at all? How did this matter come to the public domain, is it possible that the coach has tried to reach somebody in vain. Look how now by this exchange we make spectacles of ourselves, in the name of team supporters!!!

    The following must tone down on their comments and what they know about the coach, Creative village@10,Olu David @19, Jakoyo @24 and any other person with sech bent reasoning. Because the question is why give somebody such a demanding job and tie both his hands behind his back. I do not think and I have never heard the coach saying he would fire any player but if he thinks he must then why not, he is the coach.

  37. Gor vice-chairman, David Killo, admitted that they had not given Logarusic “a 100 per cent free hand” to run the team, while we the fans are expecting good results? this office needs to go.

  38. Somebody asked whether the coach was hired thru competitive process or was hand picked. We were told they were many who applied but never told whether there were interviews. I so believe there werent any given that the present coach came on a Thurs and started trainings on Fri. I feel the infighting within EC is the case of sour grapes. Each member has a stake in the coach, players, sponsorship deal, portal site, MPESA account, insurance for boys, Wells FARGO deal and everything. Each one wants to outdo and cut deals for personal gain. So in this kind of setup you will always find them under cutting each other. On the other hand the coach should do with what he got until such time he can shed off the excess baggage. I once said whatever the side the team performs, the coach will either take the credit for good performance or ship the blame to someone else. When the team played well he said things are improving. When we were beaten rotten potatoes were observed. When we beat Sofa he said they played as per his instructions. We get beaten by Ulinzi everything changes. He has now blamed everyone; the players, the fans, the EC and even castigated the whole African football. This is mental game. He cant observe all these and blame everyone within this short time and yet he had the ‘dawa’ for this team after following its progress back in West Africa. Its time we do analysis from every front; Fans, EC and the coach. Leave emotions out of the matters Gor Mahia.

  39. I said it from the beginning the players were selected by the officials, for poor results the coach is blamed, this is time it is open, the main undoing in Gor are the top dogs who came to bring Gor down, it’s high time for them to go also.

  40. @ 34,I do agree with ur sentiments V.C must just go.power of Kogalo is the mighty fans.av also being saying who is the spoke person for Kogalo?coz for Government we av tired of comic show.

  41. @ 39 Mc Ochan mar Piny today you are Mc Ochan mar “POLO” tell them osiepa. It starts with bloggers to understand that success is not a wishful thinking, but proper organization right from boardroom to the shop floor.
    Even barcelololololololona. Have kissed the la Liga and European championship. At this rate if we do not tone down our rhetoric then definitely it is RELEGATION PAP.

  42. Olu Jacob, We are not in primary school set up to talk of students,teachers, headmasters and bla bla bla. We need immediate matokeo. Stop blaming the coach. We never know u might be one of the people up there trying to defend your hooliganism to the coach.

  43. In management we have the principle of control which states that a manager should notr be blamed for what he cannot control , am in the diffence for Mr Logarithim , why blame him if he cannot control and direct the team ? the person doing this is current Mr kILO AND HIS HENCMEN IN THE EC they are the ones we will blame and hold responsible

  44. well said by all the comrades above we have to move to particular direction @duor12 said gor is best run by a board not this EC i said the rain started beating us when we finished second gor just turned into a cash cow who are these young and talented who cannot even win a match yawa i said the difference between the mzungu and our local coaches is that they will tell you your problem and expect you to find soluti0on and in players contract their is performance clause, please nyamweya suspend all the officials of gormahia from running any football activity no wonder instead of working on how to root out hooliganism they cry was / is directed at gate collection really sad times for kogallo

  45. am so sad about the going abouts in gor mahia George bwana you have to all a meeting of all stake holders soonest this club is now a laughing stock relatives cannot help gormahia we need players not people you know as the playing unit look at the rejects from tusker we brought into gor not even a goal just causing riots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    It is laughable to note a vice chairman of the club can also be the chairman of the techical committee. How comes?

    From the above candid confession by Gor Mahia tactician, there is still alot to be done to put proper structures that will ultimately contribute to the overall vision of the club. We need an overhaul of our constitution to conform with the modern trends in football the world over.

    Logarusic, in all practical purposes supposed to advice the EC. A David Killo, an Ec member also advises the coach. How ridiculous? Logarusic talked of excessive and inexprinced baggage and not young and talented as intimated by the vice chair. This conflict of interest must be dealt with by the constitution. It is incubent upon all of us to sit down and correct this historical errors that have bedevilled this club for years. It requires the collect will and committmemt to overcome this challenge.

    I agree with the coach that we should not always blame the referee for everything. instead we should blame ourselves for failing to heed the advice of the technical team, which to me must be headed by the coach. Failure to which we will sucked into more confusion and trouble.

  47. Oue EC is like pharaoh , they have a heart of stone , we need to get a way of making our voices heard by them , an email address we can voice our complaints?

  48. The same Lugarosawich talked very nice things when we beat Sofa.I think this guy is sharp and leaves no room for green army to ask him questions on bad days.How does he turn his back one day after accolades on the same bunch of players.A good general stands by his soldiers in all situations.i think this guy was a case of the fans want a musungu like AFC,lets give them one.I don’t trust his wavering stand on his subjects.He could be avoiding the fire that is Kogalo fans or is a non performer.Myth has it that short men are guilty at every glance they get.He must be consistent and desist from labelling Gor Mahia squad as baggage since he accepted and we pay him to handle it in the condition that it is.

  49. Blackberry’s contract with Randers cancelled

    Blackberry leaves Randers

    Struggled to settle

    courtesy of

    A statement from the club confirmed that the player had found it hard to settle, and in that regard has been released.

    -On January 2011 Randers FC and George Odhiambo entered into a five-year agreement. In the past year, the 19-year-old Kenyan, however, found it difficult to settle in Denmark. Randers FC has now met George Odhiambo’s desire to annul the contract, reads the statement in part.

    -George Odhiambo has over the last approximately one and a half years developed well and has continually grown accustomed more and more to the European form of football.

    Lack of play-time

    -Despite this, he has not been able to work his way up through the hierarchy, he attacked the club for not getting the playing time that both parties had expected and desired.

    -This, combined with a strong desire to return to Kenya has led to George Odhiambo and Randers FC to jointly agree to terminate the contract on Wednesday 25 April 2012, reads the rest of the statement.

    Blackberry managed two first team appearances for Randers FC since making his debut on 18 May 2011 away against FC Nordsjaelland in a Superliga match. He also started in a National Cup match against Langeskov in August 2011.

    The 2012 player of the year commenced his career at the club on Monday 10th of January 2011 after making cross over from Kenyan club Gor Mahia where he had top scored that season to lead them to a second place finish on the standings behind Champions Ulinzi Stars.

    Written 25/04-12 18:16 by Wilson Mathu

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