Coach Polack travels home

Gor Mahia coach Steve Polack announced after Sunday’s match against Zoo Kericho that he would traveling home.

“I have a flight to catch at the airport,” Polack told Goal after the team beat Zoo Kericho 1-0 at Afraha Stadium in Nakuru.

His trip back home sent alarm bells ringing as many Gor Mahia coaches have failed to return from overseas trips be it Logarusic or Dylan Kerr or Hassan Oktay.

But Polack says he is visiting his native home to see relatives.

“I want to visit my native home and see my family members. It has been long since I came here [in Kenya] and I know I am leaving the team in safe hands.” he said according to

His native home is the UK as opposed to Finland where he became a citizen.

Polack is unimpressed thus far and noted that the team must work on a number of issues.

“We have a number of things we need to work on during the international break because I want the team to come back even stronger. I was not very impressed with how we played against [Zoo Kericho] because it is not how we are supposed to play. We switched off completely and gave them room to take on us. We will rectify the mistakes and be ready for our next league assignment.” he concluded.

Some fans

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  1. Can’t somebody have a break and visit his home? Why are we reading so much into this straight matter and since it comes during the international break? Let’s keep on supporting team and hope for fair draw in the CAF Confederation cup tomorrow

    1. @Ja Thur gi ji, I am one of the people who remain hopeful that he is coming back. Still, history has been harsh to us when these coaches leave for holiday. Though he has gone with his family, Daily Nation reports that he has reaffirmed that he is coming back. He says someone even called him from Ghana to confirm if the rumours of him quitting are true. That then begs the question that who started these rumours?

  2. With unpaid players (Jul-Sep) is even training attendance guaranteed?
    During these tough financial times whereby we cannot even afford to treat our injured players, leave alone the same players still sacrificing to play for 3 months without being paid EC still prioritizes buying an airticket?
    Do we need an expensive expatriate and foreign players to beat Zoo 1-0/ win the local league and be beaten 6-1 in CAF CL thereby missing out on 55m?
    For CAF CCC we need to spend 21m to get 27m yet EC insatiable appetite is beyond the 6m!
    Do we need

  3. Am requesting Rachier to send someone to Polack house to see if his belongings are available… history can always repeat itself

    1. My friend, what then do in the event that the person sent to inspect the house finds it swept clean of all household items? Hehehe. Do we alert FIFA or Interpol or UN or WHO or UNESCO? My point is, once a grown up has made up his mind, veriy little can be done to reverse it.

      1. The ‘club’ is in a quagmire which it was led into by the current leadership starting with ADOR, Ronald Ngala, Sally Bollo, Lordvic Aduda and the rest. The current leadership has lost their magnetic north bearing. These are people who have been in Gor Mahia for more than a decade and have added nothing to the club except series of failures and looting sprees. Surely if someone has no sense of direction then any can do. For example, if the new constitution was passed by the current leadership and deemed to be fit then why has it not yet been implemented? Hakuna kitu hapa!!

  4. We need Polack ,the players , TB and everybody else. But are those asking these queries also sending something to our PayBill?

  5. He is not coming back!…. Zico was loyal to the team and yet he was treated like a step child. He is not coming back ngo!….Rumor has it that Bobby Ogolla is on his way in. Bobby if you are reading this, please make sure you have a tight contract before you come in. Gor wanapenda wazungu, you will soon be demoted to an assistant if you don’t have a solid contract .

  6. Coach is not coming back….Bob Ogolla, rumor has it that you are in line to take over. Please don’t unless Gor gives you a solid contract. Otherwise you will be an assistant coach to a muzungu in 2 months. Ask Zico

    1. So you are a very high ranking player that even the head coach reveals to his quitting plans well in advance complete with chairman informing you of likely replacements then you offer your technical advice? You are an ingwe useless Nincompoop known as Benson Dissi as BB unearthed your identity long ago so go blog at that wall and spare us your analingus hubris concerning club matters and ask your mother the question of salary’s and paybill number that you posted in the previous wall…

  7. Gor house is engulfed in smoke. There is fire. Those who can leave are leaving on time. The ZOO match happened end of the month. If he was paid, then looks like he had fare for his ticket and family. If he has not been paid, then he is taking away his family to come and wage a campaign in solidarity with the staving player without exposing his family to starvation and eviction from the house.. SIC et al (4) your options are narrowing one day after another and one has to give way for fresh air. SIC et al – your efforts are not sustainable even though appreciated. You are sinking the club. Players are stuck because the transfer season closed. Please seek local coaching options especially that we are unlikely to progress in the continental competition. It a pity Gor is teaching “players and coaches a lesson”. For ten year no sustainable option developed or being developed? Time to leave. Leave for somewhere.

  8. Shocking that some people seem to be celebrating the situation we are in and gleefully pointing fingers at others for all the ills afflicting the club. OjOmondi for instance why do you pick on the so called SIC for ridicule all the time something isn’t right. What solutions are you providing yourself?

    Having said that, hope we are still doing the contributions

  9. This is not the time for blame games. The team is in dire need of funds. Let us assist by sending cash to 350100

  10. Just breaking from Cairo…Gor likely to make a trip to Southern Africa for CAF Confed group stage qualifying. Worst case, we face Bandari.

    More to follow…

  11. The jinx?Proffesional coaches come and leave because they soon discover both the club and leadership isn’t Proffesional.
    Pollack is gone,oktay,Delyan and Logaristic left same way.

  12. -True, Gor Mahia Vs DC Motema Pembe
    -1st leg in Nairobi (last weekend of October)
    -2nd leg in Kinshasa, DRC (1st weekend of November)

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