Coaches laud Gor Mahia’s stellar display

Nizigiyimana congratulates Walusimbi

Mathare United coach Francis Kimanzi has admitted that Gor Mahia fully deserved their 2-0 victory on Sunday. This is a rare moment of humility for a KPL coach. Most KPL coaches who lose to Gor Mahia typically blame external forces like the referees, bad luck or the inability of their players to follow instructions.

Geoffrey Walusimbi who is now in his third season with Kogalo was in fine form. Kimanzi was impressed by Walusimbi’s all round performance.

“I think what won it for them was the individual brilliance from their players. Walusimbi for example got a great goal for them and though I think our defenders should have done better, I have to admit it was brilliant.” said Kimanzi to supersport.

Walusimbi’s goal is an early candidate for goal of the year. He deftly lost his marker with a nifty move reminiscent of Ben Oloo “Breakdance”. Then he curved the ball to the far right corner of the goal beyond the reach of the Mathare goalkeeper. It was a goal that combined individual skill, accuracy and technical savvy.

Burundian fullback Karim Nizigiyimana who started the season poorly, is rounding back into the form that almost saw him win the KPL player of the year award in 2015. Eric “Marcelo” Ouma continues to rise in stature with each game.

“The two fullbacks (Eric Ouma and Karim Nizigiyimana) were also outstanding and I think they are the ones who won the match for them. They were good at their positioning and crosses too,”  Kimanzi said.

Six yard box poacher Jacque Tuyisenge continued his sharp displays with another well taken goal. He is now third in the scoring charts with six goals behind Ochomo of Muhoroni and Makwatta of Ulinzi. This despite missing the first few games of the season through injury.

George Odhiambo “Blackberry” who has four goals is regaining some of the confidence that saw him single handedly shred defences in 2010. It is the first time in over 5 years that his name is appearing among the leading scorers.

Gor Mahia’s Brazilian tactician Ze Maria was satisfied with the display on Sunday.  After a slow start, the team is adapting to his philosophy and the performances are improving with each game.

“It was our second match away, against a good team but we managed to get maximum points, and we are slowly getting back to where I feel we should be. The first leg is almost concluding and I am happy we have managed to at least make up for a poor start in the beginning of the season. ” said Ze Maria to

Some said that the “samba touch”  could be applied only on good surfaces such as the artificial turf in Kisumu and Camp Toyoyo where Gor Mahia trains,  but never at Nyayo. Those concerns have now been assuaged as Gor Mahia put on their best display yet.

Ze maria is now keen to wrap up the first leg on a positive note as they take on bottom club Sofapaka.

“Well, we want to give our best in the final match against Sofapaka and hope we can get maximum three points.” continued Ze Maria.

Though at the bottom, Sofapaka has enough quality in their line-up and Ze Maria will have been advised by Ottamax about the dangers they pose.

22 thoughts on “Coaches laud Gor Mahia’s stellar display

    1. @oriarogo, where do you get the information from. The lad is ready and willing to renew his stay in Gor Mahia. If you have nothing to post please spare our reading on this site.

      1. @Jamigori is this the way to express yourself even if I am wrong? Do you think you are angale and I am a trush? ? Why do you over rate yourself that much. You could have simply rectify me in a goodway. I may sound stupid but I am a live and kicking. Not all fingers are the same in length. Thank you for pissing me off.

  1. Let us desist from making alarmist statements like Oriarogo done. The boy has actually clarified that nothing has been agreed on with any party though he is currently talking to Gor Mahia office. I am sure we will be able to convince him to extend his stay at Gor Mahia by at least one year. We both know how good he is and how important it is to hold on to his services. We therefore will not mess this up by allowing to just walk away. Even the National team selectors have recognized his prowess and therefore have given him his maiden call-up. It is in his best interest to remain in the best team if he wants to fulfill his potential. The boy is no slouch and I know he will stay grounded at Gor Mahia.

  2. Is it true @Oriarogo.Anyway if it is we didn’t get to feel his full potential in a bigger stage(Champions league or cecafa); so akienda hatuta miss yeye Sana.But we need to put an end to Gor Mahia senior team academy. We should be equal to TP Mazembe.

  3. Omera if Marcelo wants to go then so be it. We don’t have time to plead with individuals whom we’ve nurtured and now they are giving us ultimatums. Marcelo Gor exposed you to the big stage and now you feel umefika, kijana bado hauna experience na hautoshi mboga mwendo ni polepole and if your greedy agent (Muyoti) the current ass AFC coach is misadvising you then pole xana. Let the current hype don’t get into your head as Sibomana is an able replacement, wait until he will be given a chance he will disapprove you big time knowing very well that his position is under threat. l rest my case.

  4. On the matter of Marcello we are trying hard but Muyoti’s demands border on insanity,the signing fee is substancial but we can try meet it but to demand a salary equal to Aucho & Walusimbi is just complete Nonsense & Foolhardy.

  5. @Tosh…Muyoti is Marcelos agent?ok,that might complicate things for us.But this is Gor,we identify stars every season.The level headed ones are the ones who end up making it…eg Olunga.If others feel they want to go the Masika and Kevin Omondi and Timonah Wanyonyi way…so be it,let them go.Gor is bigger than any individual!!!

  6. if in deed marcelo had a problem with his contract then i dont think he would be fielded week in week out at the expense of sibomana who has a solid contract with GM and a very good player.lets not read much ado abwt nothing.the post us about GM play and the couches sas yet we ignore that and tok if wat concerns us the least.

  7. @ Oswozo l totally agree with your views concerning Marcelo. lf honestly he wants to grow his career then Gor is the best place but if he’s after money and ruin his career he can move to Efusi.We have all seen what happened to PPO, Wanyonyi which was unfortunate. Gor oksechi coz we provide the platform for excellence in one’s career.

  8. marcelos contract has nothing to do with this post.atleast try to b relevant with ur little abwt much instead of supporting the team

    1. @ Nick now are you objective when say that we should support the team?? who told you that we are not supporting the team? All we are saying is that the EC should be smart in signing players contract beyond 1year to avoid unnecessary conditions from players. We’ve been moulding players and they have leaving for free kwani sisi ni academy for other teams? Boss how much did we get when Abondo was released, football is business my friend kama haujui just continue being ‘objective’

      1. Hata sio football academy, these get a return on their players. Its all because of vested interests in the EC hence the high signing fees. Like i stated previously these secretaries cum football agents have turned our beloved K’galo into a bi yearly “football catwalk”. Jakom ain’t clean either.

  9. For Kimanzi to admit, then his team was beaten pants down. For the first time it is not the referee but the good game won it. As I said earlier, Gor is a team that bringing the kind of game that people want to enjoy. May it is still too early but I think that the EC should not be caught up enjoying the game at the expense of renewing Ze Maria’s contract.

  10. Kimanzi has admitted? Finally? That’s really great to hear from him!!! At least now it is not the referee. The other one who should be brought down to his knees is that Onchwati of Ushuru, I want him to get a kichapo one day ainue mkono.

    On this Marcelo boy, let Muyoti just take him to away if that is what is in his heart. And we just say thank you and wish him well. Before Janaury we did not know him. We will continue to discover others and who knows , even better ones. That position is currently well covered as in addition to Sibomana, Luke can also play there not forgetting Walusimbi.

  11. All agents want to milk even where they don’t merit. Remember Amouroche being Lavatsa’s agent? We should not worry about Marcelo. Definitely he is a good, young player who likes his time at Gor but has an agent who is supposed t handle his contractual obligations. So it happens that you get an agent who thinks that they have to maximize on a short stint of expertise then you have such issues. What Gor can do is to refuse to be arm-twisted and go back to our tried and tested Siboumana. Unfortunately it’s the young boy who might be the loser in the end.

  12. New kid on the block Eric “Marcelo” Ouma will not lose sleep over speculations about his future at Gor Mahia, instead he’s firmly focused ahead of Wednesday’s league match against Sofapaka.

    Mercelo whose six month contract with K’Ogalo is coming to an end in June has been the subject of online debate since his splendid performance against Mathare United on Sunday – with a section of the media and fans speculating that he could be on his way to arch rivals AFC Leopards as his representative is demanding a further short contract or nothing.

    But speaking to this site from Kisumu where they are currently camped ahead of the Sofapaka match at Moi Stadium tomorrow, the 19 year old left full back said nothing could be further from the truth.

    -I’m not against a long contract at Gor Mahia, I wouldn’t mind one year or two years deal so long as it has a release clause.

    – When I joined the club in January we agreed that if a better opportunity comes up then they will let me go, I don’t see anything wrong with that

    – As per now nothing better has come up so I want to play here. I would like to further my studies and a University in Kenya will do.

    The debate has attracted negative vibes from a section of the unforgiving “Green Army” with some telling him to ship out already, but the 19 years old defender is feeling someone is deliberately feeding the fans with inaccurate information.

    – I have no problem with anybody if they turn against me for nothing am still the same

    The former Kakamega High School’s “Green Commandos” player further sort to clarify that at no given point has his dad prevailed upon him to decamp to “Ingwe”,laughing off the claims.

    – It’s not true, my father is not even a Leopards supporter

    He is positive the matter will be over and one with soon.

    – I talked to my mentor Nicholas Muyoti and with my agent and we agreed to put the issue to rest soon.

    Mercelo’s stay at K’Ogalo under Coach Ze Maria has reflected a steady growth on the younger, the highlight being the weekend’s 2-0 win against Mathare United in which he assisted Jacques Tuyisenge’s second goal with a pin point cross from the left.

    The left footed sensation has been drafted in the national team’s squad to play Sudan in a friendly next week and Congo Brazzaville in the AFCON 2017 qualifier return match in June.

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