Confident Gor Mahia take on Mahakama

Gor Mahia will start their GoTV shield campaign on Saturday as they take on minnows Mahakama-Mombasa. Coach Ze Maria has confidently declared that he is going for a treble this season.

“Gor is a big club and the mentality here is winning every match, every competition,”he said to Citizen Sports

With that in mind, he is thinking long term and has decided to rest some key players.

“I will rest some of the players like Musa Mohammed and Karim Nizigiyamana who have played in all matches.

Which means new signing Wellington Ochieng has an opportunity to impress.

Mahakama coach Mohammed Abdulbasit is vowing an upset

“We are going to offer our best. No doubt there is incredible talent in coast and in my team. We respect Gor a big club in the country and that’s why we sought a top flight club challenge in our preparation when we played Bandari. We lost yes, but learnt a big deal. We have been working on the errors we made in the match and we are prepared now. The team is in high spirit and we want to pull a surprise, our fans in Nairobi especially those from coast should come and see,” he said to Citizen sports.

The match will be played at Kasarani on Saturday June 25

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