Conflicting reports from Gor Mahia camp

Whereas there have been reports of is disquiet among players in the Gor Mahia camp over unpaid bonuses accruing from last year’s Kenyan Premier League (KPL) win and runners-up position in the GOtv Shield tournament.

However, officials of the club were quick to dismiss the reports as “baseless”. Coach Bobby Williamson said he is not aware of the issue as he was concentrating on preparing the team. “There is nothing like disgruntlement in the camp. The players are determined to play even for nothing for Gor Mahia. It is a big honour for them to even wear the team’s jersey. “Having said that, however, those matters are best addressed by the administrators. My work is to prepare the team on the pitch and ensure they get the best results,” he told the Standard.

A section of players were reported to be unhappy with the officials for not paying them part of the prize money the team was entitled to and want the matter addressed urgently. On Sunday night, reports emerged that the players wanted to boycott training to show their displeasure but this did not happen and they trained normally on Monday morning at City Stadium. A senior player told the Standard that they are disgruntled over the matter and it is affecting their morale. The player who asked not to be named for fear of victimisation said: “We were expecting to get half of the prize money as players and leave the remainder to the office but three months down the line there has been no information over the same. The players are demoralised and want this matter to be sorted out quickly.”

Ngala denies report

Gor Mahia Deputy Secretary General Ronald Ngala also disputed the reports and pointed out that the issues are emerging only because the team lost to Nakuru Top Fry. “I am not surprised that such reports have emerged. I want to state categorically that there is no truth in them as we have found out from our investigations. “We talked to the captain and he assured us the players are happy and ready to give their best on the pitch. This is all coming up because we lost the match on Saturday. If we had won, there would be no such reports,” said Ngala.
The official said Gor players were never promised anything from the KPL and GOtv Shield prize money. “In 2012 when the team finished runners-up, we decided to pay the players Sh1million as consolation. “For last year’s prize money, we have not yet made a decision on how to divide it but when that happens the players will be informed as appropriate,” said Ngala to the Standard

20 thoughts on “Conflicting reports from Gor Mahia camp

  1. “For last year’s prize money, we have not yet made a decision on how to divide it but when that happens the players will be informed as appropriate,” I don’t know the Whole truth but there is some truth in this mater, as quoted by Ngala.

    TB, the backbone of the team lies with the players.
    The players, despite all these, you must realize that you have very passionate fans behind you. Try and make them happy as they are the pillars of the clubs popularity. Therefore, act maturely.

  2. Bachu above is right, playing unit please play for us your supporters we see everything. If something goes wrong we will be there with you but certainly not all of that office will always be there.EC should see around that workers of all sorts are jamming the streets demanding their employment rights; these players may not be an exemption. Am not saying there is any issue, but in case there is an issue or even a smell of it, please move quickly and resolve.Where there is smoke there is………?

    Ngala,Ngala,Ngaala !!! unless you take us for some nitwits, what does your statement above mean? Where is that money and why hasn’t there been made a decision on how to use it, we are in March, the money was paid in November? When will the decision be made????What does this show for the EC?

  3. why would you be holding onto prize money when we are in another season. now you guys are caught pants down. YOU pay the player kata ujejru wangni wadinonu,

  4. “Last year’s prize we have not made a decision on how to divide it” so there it issue, so the whole go slow thing was true………..will the decision ever be made ? Because indecision is creating discontent among the players ( eeeeeh! )

    Nevertheless, a loss to tusker tomorrow and we shall demand all the answers, off course peacefully!!!!!

  5. I have never trusted this Ngala guy. He has been in the EC for long and i believe he is one of the most ewperienced looters of club finances, if not then why would he defend a deputy position year in year out.
    The players are right to demand what belongs to them. They fought so hard for it. So of them suffered seriour injuries playing for title and now some one is trying to fool us that they are yet to decide on how to divide the money!
    I wish one day the hooligans will direct their anger to the Ec and not to the innocent public.

  6. Bet you high chances prize money is not even there. “Paid” 2 Situmbeko by G.Bwana. Some condone these actions by EC terming calls 4 answers (not excuses) personal attacks / tirades against EC.
    The coach seems disinterested perhaps he got his bonus. Only problem is as pointed out “TB can’t get into the field & play”.
    Its a real catch 22. As restated by the coach/admin I don’t think players threw away the game vs Top Fry, rather we were beaten fair & square or as Wenger puts it “twas an accident”

  7. @Mcosweto you are inciting hooligans at the EC, please stop it. Will that solve the problem? This issue is fake because bonases are not even part of contract agreement and therefore the club ows players nothing. And the truth is that the players are not on strike and are not planning any strike!

  8. @ODUOR 12 do not be bothered by those “Test-Tube” fans they will post all the silly and idiotic nonsense that comes across their peanut brains.

    You did not read of one @Dan Original posting that they should emulate H/STARS by playing and winning as their allowances accumulate and being diverted by the corrupt officials. Others even have the audacity to compare the very poor and suffering Gor players welfare with their workplaces.

    Some of our fans behave like they are blogging on behalf of the mediocre EC & TB. And when you try to bring them to the limelight; then the best response you will get is insults. GUYS WE MEET 2MORROW AND SORT THIS GUYS ONCE and 4 ALL. TRUTH WILL SET US FREE.

    “BW” is an extremely very very happy person after successfully renegotiating his contract with a better terms of engagement which is not reflected with the kind of performance the club is posting so far and with his “BUBU” style of leadership; i know for sure that he can not STAND UP for his “FOOTSOLDIERS” when need arises. This EC & TB are slowly courting for a backlash as much as we call for amicable solutions.

  9. @ George Ochoro y r u denying the truth! Told u earlier in my post there is problem! Some of these players are our friends nd they have been on go slow. Why are u defending these corrupt officials! What are u getting in return? It doesn’t matter whether the players have got a right to the prize money or not but that’s what the club promised nd they must be given. As somebody put it maybe the money was swindled long back by the so called Gor owners cum friends u’ll call us hooligans or human waste but we shall not accept corruption at Gor.Rest my case.

  10. Our problem in this country is that we never take time to verify things before we reject or support them. No wonder we mill around someone staring at nothing in the sky in Nairobi. Which proof do we have that any of the parties is saying the truth? Of course we expect @Ogango Trailer and @Oduor 12 to take any side apart from that one taken by the EC and TB. At least I have learnt that from experience. @Mwakio and @Kosero will take a neutral cautious side while there are those who will also take the EC and TB stand. When the a firm makes astronomical profits they don’t necessarily share it with hte employees but can decide to invest it back in the business. But if we have a performance contract that says that the employess will share in the profit depending on their contribution then they MUST be paid that, and this includes even those employees who left after that particular financial period or year. Mind you in reality the company can make millions but as an employee you get ‘nothing’ because you just did what you were paid to do as only exceptional performers get bonuses, though for team work and inflation purposes you get a token bonus.
    So before we support either side we need to know the details though it is MORALE BOOSTING that the boys are rewarded for what they did last year. All parties should also be cautious that teams without financial support like City Stars have players who are struggling for the team yet a well-endowed team like Ingwe is struggling. What would that mean if the City Stars player gets a chance to play for Ingwe or Tusker or Gor?
    All the same I urge both parties to meet round a table and iron out issues and those itching for running battles to give us a break. We are too mature to resort to running battles to sort out internal issues

  11. So when will you make a decision on how to divide it (the prize money)? Or let me rephrace – is that money there in the first place?

    I presume if players win a trophy which normally comes with prize money, there should be no negotiation about it. Kindly but urgently pay them so that if they fail to deliver there is no excuse.

    So is that money invested somewhere or it’s kept until ‘they forget’?


    So indirectly please pay. we do not want to suffer like Man U (at Number 7) or Arsenal funs (6:0)

  13. Its been around for a long time that the real enemies of K’ogalo normally camouflage themselves either in EC or fan groups pretending to support ‘peace’. When it is wrong it remains just that ‘WRONG’ regardless of whether your parent is involved, it must be stated as it is.
    I am happy Mr. Ngala has stated the true position and quickly exposed these people. They’ve been crying aloud in the last twenty four hours on how players should be punished, how lies have been peddled against the EC, how channels should be followed.. but thank God almighty for the confirmation by one Mr. Ngala of the status, the fair and true status.

    Well, we now know the many who just wished the story of unpaid bonuses were just hot air, a prank or an imposter trying to wreak havoc at GM..Hmm as Agwambo puts it Ng’ooo. It really and truly happened, the guys have not been paid and they (players) are bitter!

    If i may ask who is entitled to this money (Prize)? At least we know where the gates money goes to and merchandise.

    We also know those who wish to behave as if they don’t live in a country called Kenya and as such pretend that the so called leaders in that country need to know some things and so they think people should fool themselves to teach those leaders what to sadly turns out that the leaders are just corrupt and the ‘people know’ such that the leaders’ purported ignorance is just a ploy to cover their tracts.

    Other enemies of the club would wish the fans just keep their senses away from feeling bad about looting from the club in the form of fake tickets,gate takings,club merchandise etc pretend to be very civil and now, according to Ngala non payment of players dues.

    I take this opportunity to thank you Mr. Ngala for clearing the air about this heinous act of not paying so that we know what we know is known, thank you Ngala.

    @Oduori12, my position regarding BW is not that of a sycophant, but honestly you are wrong on this guy, by all standards its not yet time or anything near to dismiss this coach, you are very biased against BW, YOU ARE TRULY UNFAIR ON THIS ONE.

    Trailer man, kindly give BW time, we can not win the league every year easily, we may have won it that way with an EC committed to football, not a leadership that quarrels about one official replacing another colleague with his spouse on an official trip!BW’s time may just come when its due but with the players taking to the pitch hungry. By the way do we expect the players to take early lunch in their houses to play at Nakuru? and win? then you heap all the blame on the coach?

    To me all these things have been there and let very few of us live in denial.

    O’Trailer, your anger is somehow suspended up to and if we win or lose to Tursker tomorrow, what if we win? Will the bonuses have been paid and the players happy?

  14. @ kassam, am sorry to say this but loosing tomorrow to tusker will aggravate the situation.

    I hope this ngala guy nor any of the EC members don’t show their faces at the stadium ! if the money was spent recruting players then say so, we shall UNDERSTAND! Kama hakuna pesa, hakuna pesa, come out and say so and tell us what you are doing about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all we are asking for!

    There Are also other issues we, fans need explanation, the tuzo contract expiring this week , why the club trains at FIFA banned city stadium for big matches and most importantly, inept technical bench full of silly post match excuse, they better shut up and blame the weather but not factors that are within their control. Is it so difficult to update the fans on this serious issues.

  15. My ooh my..some of u are as hopeless as they can be..y vent ur ineffecacious vernom on the TB and spare the EC who hv been workin hard to cripple the club..guess its true wen they say.”u get the leaders u deserve’

  16. @ ochoro you are the only person here who is understanding the meaning of bonuses.this is what i have been talking about here time and again,bloggers we should differentiate between bonuses,allowances,wages and salaries ,in this case this player is talking about bonuses how can a player who has been paid his monthly salaries plus the match allowances sneak to the press and he is courageous enough to tell us that he has not been given a bonus.A bonus is at the mercy of the employer to decide whether he is giving you or not,what we should know is that a bonus is not a must that you are given by your employer and in this case the gor mahia officials owes the players nothing.if it could be allowances like training allowance ,match allowance or winning allowances i could have listened to this player.But a bonus …a big nooo and am in full support of the gor mahia officials.A gain the player is courageous enough to tell us that they were supposed to be given a half of the prize money for winning the league.My question is ,is gor mahia as a club not supposed to make profit in case the players win any silverware or price.Bloggers let us be realistic if we allow this players to go this way,they will even demand a bonus from the money in case one of them is sold to some other clubs.This player is going beyond his field of operation ,how can a player talk of how the club officials spent a lot of money in buying new players…? where in this world have you ever heard a player talking about the amount used in signing his fellow players.We have to accept that this player has gone overboard and this cant be accepted.These players were paid there allowances and salary according to what he is saying and to me the club owes them nothing, and the player who is making a lot of noise should differentiate between bonuses,salary,wages and bonuses,otherwise it is our right to demand a good performance from you the players since you have no reason of go slow and tomorrow we are at city stadium and we don’t want jokes.

  17. Something must be fishy honestly why hold the money upto now?? which formula is so complicated that it takes them this long to”divide” the money surely. Truth must be said why promise n give Expectations that you can’t meet. Ahadi ni deni. The EC have taken us for a ride too long running our coffers dry n now we demand answers tommorrow.

  18. As much as I love the club I think tomorrow the best place to follow the match is on radio jambo. I can now see the beginning of the end. It’s very easy to destroy than build. The beneficiaries will be our adversaries. The sponsors will take their cheques elsewhere leaving us to survive on our egos. After that we will end up licking our wounds and fighting relegation.

  19. Am sorry guys but I’ll speak my mind out! The EC has failed us terribly right from top by milking our coffers dry! Ngala n comp should not set their foot at city stadium today! As for the team,beat Tusker or…….muache hiyo ujinga mko nayo.if u don’t want to play for Gor u can fuck off!

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