Derby Ends scoreless

Ten man Gor Mahia fought gallantly to hold league leaders AFC Leopards to a scoreless draw. Gor Mahia were reduced to 10 men when Ali Abondo was given his marching orders by the center referee for a tackle on Amon Muchiri. The match had to be stopped for several minutes due to crowd trouble when fans unhappy at the red card caused fracas.

All in all it was a balanced match. Kevin Omondi was lively throoughout the match and may be slowly returning to top form. It was his run in the 5th minute tha resulted in a free kick which Rama Salim curved goalward for Patrick Matasi to punch outside for a fruitless corner.

The performance of the Gor Mahia defense was an improvement as they held Allan Wanga and the marauding Jimmy Bageya at bay for most of the game. Omondi continued to give the AFC defense fits as his mazy run in the 26th minute forced a save from Matasi in the AFC goal. Wycliff Kasaya in goal also gave a good account of himself. In the 33rd minute he was forced into a spectacular save from a Jimmy Bageya shot.

Rama Salim limped off injured and was replaced by John Kiplagat. Kitawi was replaced by Ali Abondo and Moses Odhiambo came in for Midenyo. The game was finally balanced until the 66th minute when Abondo was sent off for a high boot on Muchiri. Gor Mahia fans reacted badly. Some started to leave while others caused fracas. Players appealed to the fans for calm. The game was finally resumed after 15 minutes.

For the rest of the game, Kogalo fought gamely to contain AFC who had a one man advantage. Kevin Omondi, still lively made another un in the 88th minute before being fouled. The resulting freekick was taken by Moses Odhiambo whose low shot went wide.

Gor Mahia :Wycliffe Kasaya, Musa Mohammed, David Owino,  Musa Mohammed, Anthony Akumu, Christopher Wekesah, Moses Otieno, Rama Saim,Kevin Omondi, George Midenyo, Ibrahim Kitawi

Subs: Jerim Onyango, Yusuf Juma, Ivan Anguyo, Demonde Selenga, Moses Odhiambo, John Kiplagat,Victor Ali.

AFC Leopards:Patrick Matasi, Edwin Wafula, Amon Muchiri, Eric Masika, Jonas Nahimana, Martin Imbalmbala,Jimmy Bageya, Bernard Mangoli, Allan Wanga, Salim Kinje,Victor Ochieng,

Subs:Barnabas Tiema, Robert Syongo, Laurent Tumba, Mike Barasa,Charles Okwemba, Oscar Kadenge and Augustine Etemesi.

54 thoughts on “Derby Ends scoreless

  1. the so called “fans”. by now its pretty obvious who is destroying football in kenya. after abondo tried to break someones leg. what kind of culture do the gor players have. there is something wrong with the club.. how do u aim such a kick to ur fellow player.this guy deserved the red card and probably an arrest. come in the gor stone age club… its obvious that the players on both sides nolonger had the stomach to play…this is what i call working with a knife on ur neck. the end result was a poor display of football by the so called top clubs of kenya soccer. the gor fans then go home “wallowing in poor mediocrity”, happy that they held leapards one man less. it amuses me how gor fans take pride in such situations, then on top of this ur supposed seen wearing a fake jersey, its unfortunate how alot of these guys feel that wearing an adidas fake t-shirt gives one the right to behave this way. i know there exist some who are innocent but u know what they say about one rotten apple.its the same image that a policeman will have, even if he does not take the bribe, the fact remains that by just wearing the uniform ur image is already dented.until this ghetto mentality leaves the club, then i can confidently state that gor is heading nowhere… i also blame the gor EC for not educating these adidas guys about etiquette, these clowns atually have no idea what damage they do to the club and the standard of football in this country in general. i now stand convinced and painfully so that the league is better off without gor mahia fc.

  2. a bunch of hooligans.i PRAY HARD that u b relegated to the nationwideleague so maybe u might learn something from there.u never learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!a pity to the nation and the beautiful game.jinga kabisa

  3. Its gud thing to our players u md as proud kudos to nasio kevo owino wekesa for holding this man who said he is out to score hahaha wanga men ur going some where

  4. you could see the pain in kitawi and midenyos faces as they pleaded with thugs masquerading as gormahia fans who were hellbent on making sure ogwang got all three points thanks to their stone age reasoning.i told the office to act on these goons but they are keen to want to please after collecting say 5 million the club will be fined 1 million and play several home matches behind closed doors meaning the club will lose revenue.all sober soccer fans agree that abondos tackle deserved a red card but no some fans want soccer to be played according to their own rules.the last minutes was played with the leopards russia fans present while on the gormahia side we had a handful while the majority were stoning cars on the roads.i suggest we raise our home matches fees to 400/= all round and arrest a few of these thugs who are keen on ensuring the club always gets negative press.

  5. in passionate fans at times you can get holliganism,it is not news some of Kogalo fans sees Gor more than a club..not just here derbies the world over are always hivi…big up boys

  6. As much as itis im abit concerned that some posters are out to abuse and use rude language on kogallo fans on this log. Kindly refrain and post elsewhere

  7. Stoning cars is pure thuggery. What did those cars have to do with the events in the stadium? These thugs really must be erased out of the face of Gor Mahia.

  8. Abondo is a liability to the club and a disgrace to football.the same goes to those hooligans in the name of GM fans.
    Kudos to all other play unit and tech bench.
    I don’t understand how leopards have gone unbeaten that long because they aren’t that good.they are just ordinary.they should get ready for a beating come 1st of april since by then we would have got our winning formula.

  9. to u dinga, what dya mean ali should have been arrested? u must be crazy! stop commenting issues out of inferioty complex, GM is here to stay whether u like it or not…

  10. your behaviour as fans today was a massive let down !
    other sources indicate that by jana some of them had started planning this ? for what purposes ? ati “kesho watushinde tuwashinde tuta wadiscipline !” what did you gain then ? twitter indicates an AFC fan was killed ? u r a cursed lot everyone of you who did that, and ooh, for your behavior your team shall not go unpunished in the eyes of GOD.


  11. we can be out of this nonsence had Rachier been visionary, we cant build again with the same chair, he run out of ideas. We could be far far away from leopards who had only 2nd half of last year to reoganize – I stpped watching

  12. The team performance was overshadowed by sme fans hooliganism and news circulating that 2 afc fans were killed in the scuffle…pure disgrace.
    its high time we act on the hooligans who are giving GM a bad name and football in general.

  13. @dinga why do u brand adidas shirts fake yet the club both u and me netted un taxed 2M. Yes i do believe even legea u advocate for is pirated. (2) @ wuon pap u’ve suggested our gate charges increased to 400/= who tells u they cant afford if they can manage to travel as far as western pay gate fee. Did u people realise before half time gor terrace side wasnt full as afc? After that gates were open when people walk out to relieve themselves then huge fans plus hooligans came in freely. I fail to understand the rules of officiating when cards should be issued this is because Kitawi was clearly elbowed in first half after rama has been subbed yet no card or a foul kick called. Generally Abondo’s case was guinine. AFC Players were rough playing until after the red card is when they changed tact. Gor mahia my blood and team VIVA NA HONGERA GOOD PLAY ONLY STRIKING NEEDED.

  14. My village vehicle was also stoned and my backlight mirror damaged,but gor mahia made me proud today.i will just hv to go to a jua kali MAKANIKA. 4 Gor forever.

  15. Guys let’s just digest this soberly without calling players names. Victor Ali has earned his place in Gor Mahia and we should be very careful not to vilify him or any other player. Before according the lad that dubious tag of ‘liability’ I suggest that we ponder the following:
    1. This was his first time to play in el classico before that charged crowd.
    2. He sat in the bench and saw his team being forced into early substitutions thanks to injuries that were deliberately meted out by AFC.
    3. The only way of surviving the deadly tackles from AFC was to play hard.
    4. He was playing for a team that did not want to lose this game at all costs.
    5. How did he react to the red card? Did he contest the decision?

    All these factors put together raised the young man’s adrenaline to unimaginable levels and it is the adrenaline that drove him into that tackle and not his brain.

    There are players all over the world who have been red carded for even much serious tackles and they are never condemned by their teams. Victor needs our support now and that is what we as fans should accord him.

  16. Muswa,that victor is a liability and i will not stop calling him that.tell me anything meaningful that guy has do with the ball since that curtain raiser against tusker.his freekicks are aweful,he never gives any coplete pass.GM should also suspend any player who gets himself redcarded for malice for further two matches to enhance players disciple.

  17. GOR is a thuggery club with bang smoking fans! You are lucky GMT and Aluda at KPL will shield you from the hash penalties! Fact is: have stolen sodas & botteld waters from poor vendors at the stadium gate no10. 2-you are MURDERERS-you killed an ingwe fan in town. You will for the near foreseable future be fixed at 2nd best weak teams in KPL!

  18. Well done K’Ogalo, it was a deserved draw, though the LEOPARDS came into the game with no winning strategy and resorted to rough game earlier on until after Ali Obondo played their game….!!Booby, we need real strikers who are confident in front of the goal and score. No point of being called a striker without scoring!!! You had the best chances to score but you didn’t..! The LEOPARD was blunt upfront and always scared on rebound. From today’s lesson, focus and give us goals.For the fans, be patient with the team, just support and we will be places.

  19. @23 Benson, kwa mpole….., you had 90 minutes to change the scoreline for your ego but feeble all through, u are lucky it went that way…..!

  20. Gor u really disappointd evr1.Nyayo is banned by fifa for future games.DID VIOLENCE SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS.Gor will NEVER win the League and you ve lost fans as well!

  21. Am kenyan $gor mahia fan bt my appeal to both pliz dont throw words coz its both fan did destroy pples car not gor nor Afc pliz lets pray for peace .thanks alot

  22. @@dinga you are out of your mind to call for arrest of a player by who and which methods?

    These kinds of tackles are common in football matches and you should mind your posting here. Victor is Gor Mahia player and we should encourage him not to make such tackles. However the AFC Leopard players were too rough in most instances! Why was Rama fouled? Why was Kevin Omondi being fouled most of the times? Football is a game of men and contact.

    The worst event was our fans that need to be condemed at all times. Why throwing stones and objects in the pitch? These fans need to be identified and be banned from entering the stadiums. They should be arrested as their behaviour was totally unacceptable and uncalled for in future games.

    Fans please behave for the purpose of good football.

  23. I pity these fans who are praising our players instead of mourning with departed souls of Leopards’ fans. This is a forever curse on our club Gor. We will never win Kenyan championship unless we repent and ask for God’s mercy. My prayers with the departed families. Am ashamed to be a GOR FAN. Am taking sabbatical leave from this archaic behaviour.

  24. You might be a Gor fan, should realize when you should be too ashamed to talk about it…let alone defend your colleagues, collective bahaviour.That was bad…and Gor should somehow find a way to contain their erratic fans.
    Football is a peaceful affair,not war.

  25. Victor commited no criminal offense so let’s stop wasting time justifying something that will never happen. By the way our players were being injured it’s good Gattusso was injured as he could also have gotten a red card. On the alleged death(s) let’s hope it’s a rumour just like that of our fans dying in a road crash from the Naivasha game. We have to condemn hooliganism from whatever quarter it comes from. Even AFC got involved in hooliganism last year (Super 8) and the game was abondoned but we now treat them like they are angels. I thought this site was for GM but looks like it has now been inflitrated by those who don’t like the team going by some of the comments. It’s good to note that the cameras took pictures of the goons and we hope they will soon be arrested ‘ili iwe funzo’ to the rest.
    On the game looks like AFC is an overated team going by those wishful balls upfront. If only we could work on our striking then all will be OK.

  26. I am proud of Gor Mahia. Say what you want but i remain proud of my team. AFC were scared throughout the match. They talked whole week but yesterday they fizzled.

    Faiz issued a warning before the game of plans by some politicians to cause problems (ODM related). When some tackles are not punished and others we see a straight red in an emotive derby then questions must be asked to the right authority. The referee can be used to ignite the fire.

    As Dan has pointed out above, it was Gor’s fault but in the FKL cup it was the Leopards who felt they couldn’t handle it anymore. Why do they think they are angels now? Is it because they are at the top of the log?

    How many people thought the police could have controlled the crowd in a better way? Why must someone throw teargas at a massive crowd like that one? At some point even the AFC crowd was scampering to safety. What if there was a serious stampede?

    In many countries like Mexico and Brazil, there is a high mesh round the stadium as a precaution. The most humble guys can be hooligans because of emotions and the authorities know this. Let us not pretend that only Russia guys are bad. The referee couldn’t pass through VIP.

  27. SHAME on all thos hooligans! Imagine thos women n children who had2 face dat violence! S’thing must b done n quickly.@13 u wil neva understand until inwe wins the league @31 overated or not they r the best, chelsea n inter won the league playin badly.

  28. that was pure hooliganism on the side of gor fans. lets not blame the players.GOR fans u behaved bad by throwing stones and looting from poor vendors at the stadium. All the cameras showed the gor fan who was courageous enough to enter the pitch and threaten the police. he should be behind bars by now.and why celebrate a draw? shame on gor fans who smashed my windscreens. becoz of you 2 fans are dead.

  29. Kenyan REFs are horrible thieves A ref robbed Karuturi of a clean win against Tusker by allowing an off side goal for Tusker to Equalise. That goal scored by Ndege was a clear offside but the ref went ahead and declared it a goal. What a shame. The other day Wanga elbowed a Muhoroni youth player and i met the lad in Muhoroni the guy is seriously in pain but Wanga went unpunished. For how long are we going to have these thugs (Ref) ruin our lovely game WASHINDWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kabisa mavi ya kuku

  30. You may call Gor fans whatever name you want but security must be all round. I suggest the police should man not only the stadium but major routes to and fron stadium. Ingwe fans or thugs if i may descibe them well were mugging people in broad day light leaving them without anything in the name of protesting. Who talks about that?
    During FKL it was AFC fans who did what happened yesterday, so today we are devils they are angels. We know many wrongs doesn’t make a right but security and referees officiating such matches must be careful on their decision.
    If I talk from the little experience I have in football, the tackle from Abondo was not good but it it not deserve a straight red card. Both players were going for the ball and it would have been a red card if the opponent was in a possesion of the ball and Abondo gave him that hard tackle.
    There was also high tension from both fans, though we condemn such behaviors hooliganism exist in both crowd. stop hating Gor fans.

  31. Gor Mahia hooligans have brought shame and dishonor to the club. This kind of primitive ghetto-like behavior cannot be accepted in a modern civilized society. These are criminals/thugs and they should be treated with contempt they deserve. They belong behind bars and should not be allowed in football stadiums. Bravo to the fans who behaved in a civilized manner and did not join the mayhem. It is a high time GM management come up with modality on how to sensitize their fans about the kind of conduct expected of them. These hooligans give GM a bad image.

  32. Both GM and AFC leopards die-hard fans are nothing but a bunch of hooligans. You have brought shame and dishonor to the beautiful game. These two clubs should be banned from playing football for at least two years to teach their hooligan fanbase a lesson. Who do they think they are? Kenyan football will move on with or without GM (or AFC). Shame on you losers. Shindwe!

  33. It was a sad day indeed, all that happened but going straight to the root cause of the problem. Refs are supposed to stamp their authority in games like these. When players hack down specific players from the opposing team and get no caution honestly what are you breeding in a situation like that? Yesterday like morinho says you had to shoot down a Gor player to even get a yellow card. Hooliganism aside but how do you think pple feel about these injustices. Victors was a straight red no doubt but where was this ref when we needed protection from AFC players. Some of them should have not even made the 2nd half! Rama salim, Kitawi, Kevo where was he. He needeed to have dealt with these reckless tackles from Afc and since he did not he literally dragged this match into chaos! But as usual its easier to blame passionate funs. Funs please do not always take matters into your own hands pls pls even though it was a serious injustice. Lets concentrate on our football so far so good! Keep the Faith Kogallo will be on top sooner than we think

  34. Let me tell you kogallo fans there is no ref in this world who will not have given a red card on that Ali’s tackle,rem football nowdays is career and that kind of a tackle is career threatenin.That y i fully support my chairman Mr. Alex Ole Magello for the stand he has taken coz:
    1)We can not continue loosing our fans in the name of playing Gor Mahia
    2)We can not withstand seeing our players being stonned in the field of play and their lives being put in danger by your hooligans.
    Lastly KPL Executives should ban Gor fans and also deduct them points so next time whem this fans start misbehaving thy know it’s their team will suffer more.




  37. @Vitoo. Last year when AFC caused the abondanement of the Super 8 game against GM the same chairman was agitating for a replay of the game. They even stoned some of our players then. So it is OK for AFC to cause a premature end of the game by hurling missiles at the ref and opposing players but no other team?
    It’s my prayer that no fan lost their life since footy is just a game.
    So now AFC want points from the boardroon and not the field of play. The best way to go about this was for them to refuse to resume play yesterday and demand the three points. But in their own ‘wisdom’ they thought they would win against the nine GM players (Victor red-card and Kevin seriously wounded) and empty Russis stands only to almost lose the game via Lucky Dube free kick. I know it feels bitter for them to come out second best when you had already counted the three points.
    This is also to thank the GM fans who heeded the players request to continue the match. That is what it means to be a GM follower. Kudos to you all and Kudos for the players led by Lucky Dube and Kasaya for taking leadership.

  38. we all agree it was a sad day but we should not be quick at pointing fingers we all saw the biase refreeing,lets analyze carefully what led to the chaos,we should all preach peace instead of hulling insults and condemning a section of fans,both afc and our fans are to blame for the fiasco.

  39. Woteva the result,yesterdays scenes are unforgivable! U dont build success unless u r disciplined and focused. Kenyan futbol will suffer as a result n tooo often matches btn mashemeji hazileti raha tena!! the ref handled the match well n in my opinion, a couple mo players should get banned for unsporting behaviour! we must respect officials whether decisions go our way or otherwise!! Am ashamed!!!

  40. If we continue to defend this hooliganism, it will never help. The truth must be told.The tackle by Ali was very bad.The referee was right to red card him.The tackles by AFc Leopards players might have been many but not horrific like that of Ali. Second where did the stone missiles come from inside the stadium? Certain fans with ill motive might have found their way in the stadium with this missiles.The EC was aware that there were plans to disrupt the match but they never made effort to increase security at the stadium. Last time we had a problem with the AFC fans at the stadium,it was discovered by AFC EC that the group that had stated the fracas had been hired by one person who was aspiring for the leadership of the club to discredit the then office bearer. In our case, who were this fans who came to the stadium with stones working for? What is the motive of the person who organized this? I know some fans might have joined in innocently but non of them was armed with stones. The only missile they were using is shouting abusive messages at the referee at their loudest voice.

  41. very sad..we are all Kenyans so no need of harming each other in the name of soccer. Now the game ended so what!! let’s behave properly and God will bless to enable us move from position 14!

  42. @Dan ma bro am not advocating for any kind of hooliganism from any fan be it a kogallo fan or an ingwe fan.AFC fans did it last season but we learnt our lessons,our EC came out and made it clear who those goons were.That is y jana when Kassaya tripped Wanga in the box and the refree’s decision did not favour us we did not start throwing stones to the players because footy is just a game they way you put it.Imagine if Matasi was the one who tripped a Gor striker in the box na vile mafans wa Gor r hungry of goals na refa could ave not flagged for a penalt……what could ave happened? i fear the stone throwing could have started in first half.
    Hiyo 2 ndio uoga wetu.

  43. The same things that Gor fans are being accused of were initiated by Leopards who had clearly believed of giving our team unwarranted shame. Check on social sites, fb etc where I noted images of somebody who is prepared for a fight with inscriptions that, niko tayari kuchapa mtu. The said person is fully dressed in Leopards jersey.

  44. Am happy with the results though we didn’t win.We made leopards chase for the ball in the first half by deploying many ball makers in the game.Defence was OK and i feel bobby to maintain them to click such game plan bobby should have look from his strikers who is good at ball dribbling,check what messii normally does in bercelona,dribbles upto the box.Otherwise lets give bobby chance and i believe we will bounce back in top five

  45. gor should style up…i dont care…lets support our local football and stop barbaric, hooliganism.this out come is already being felt in the political scenario…..take it or leave it

  46. Ati ali abondo is a disgrace….? ei yawa fans please! I am sure that if Rama would have played the whole game we would have won it..coz yesterday our game was built around him….Ali is a good player but remember he has never played in a derby before……Those who were throwing question to u…any benefits?

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