20 Oct 11

The eagerly awaited Mashujaa day semi final , FKL cup encounter pitting arch rivals Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards was abandoned in the 90th minute due to crowd trouble. Throughout the match there was tension between fans as they exchanged taunts.

Matters really came to a head on 78 minutes when Police had to step in to calm fans down. Commotion continued until a linesman was forced to leave his position as the missles came flying in. Matters became worse when Kogalo stopper Eric Masika was hit by a foreign object and had to be treated. On 90s minutes, AFC players walked out of the pitch forcing the referee to end the match.

Gor Mahia had taken the lead in the 50th minute when Moses Odhiambo headed home from a freekick. Prior to the match, club officials held a meeting with Kogalo players to iron out outstanding issues that had led to the lackadaisical display of late. In fact Gor Mahia dominated the early exchanges with Collins Okoth pulling strings in midfield and Makori coming dangerously close on many occasions.

FKL will make a decision on Friday.

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  • Vincent Ocampo says:

    At last i can sleep well .that is the team.Kudos to Kaguzi u av made me proud.Kogalo fans i salute u.U av shown the true spirit.We r always loyal.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Kudos to the team, bench (playing Anguyo as stopper neutralized AFC’s aerial power now thats tactical acumen) and most of all the 12th man who cheered on the team from the start as if they were champs n not strugglers. Forwards need more coordination though!

  • vincent owino says:


  • arrumtiddi says:

    great show by the boys,that was just phenomenal!.the lineup showed purpose.great show by the players and even a greater show by the kogallo faithfuls.m so proud of being a kogallo fan.to the ingwe hooligans who forced the match to be abandoned,u are a disgrace to kenyan soccer,pliz stop leaving literally in ‘stone-age’.i wonder what the gor hater’ charles nyende will write now that the stone -throwing title has been officially handed to his ‘efussi’.thank u kogallo thank u green army.mwaaaah!

  • Jasawagongo says:

    At least we have surely humbled them and now we own the bragging rights for the rest of the year.

  • Jackowili says:

    Back in Mombasa, I followed the match over Radio Jambo then I watched the news clip of the beautiful goal.

    Three things to note from that goal: (1)George “Fundi” took a free kick from the same spot back in 1987 during a league match against Kenya Breweries under floodlights and Jogoo’s diving header was only stopped by the net for our second goal that night.

    (2) Moses Odhiambo has been playing well and improving with every game since the 3-0 mauling by AFC. One wonders why previously he would always be given the dying minutes of the game as a substitute.

    (3) When did we last score with a header?

    I believe we can be back to where we belong and stop being every team’s punching bag. Let’s motivate the boys. The PM has shown us the way.

  • Logombas says:

    Can anybody give us the lineup as it was….Mahia Malo malo

  • Kudos K’ogalo this is my team forever

  • mwakio says:

    Good results. This time around AFC are to be blamed. This was a good game and AFC were lucky.

  • OT says:

    That was a great game. And it was great to see Anguyo and Kiplagat back. This is the K’Ogalo we all know and love. Kudos guys. Is Zico still the coach?

    The behaviour of a few AFC fans who caused the abandonment of the match was just disgraceful. One more lesson: I’ll never sit in the Russia stands again. Those idiots smoking bhang there with impunity are just a nuisance.

  • arrumtiddi says:

    admim,with all due respect,i think some of the information you have given is not entirely accurate.
    1-the goal was scored at between 54th and 56thmins and not 50thmin
    2-the match was abandoned at between 70th-80thmin,and not 90thmin
    3-lastly and most importantly the match was abandoned not because afc players walked out,but because a section of their ‘russian’ fans could not stand what was happening on the field of play,hece pelted the linseman with stones and also hurled missiles on the pitch,one of which hit masika.
    Anyway, a good piece from the admin,thanx.
    @no 7 longombas,here is the line-up
    ronnie kagunzi(jerry),nasio,wekesa,anguyo,masika,gattusso,kevin omondi,moses otieno,moses odhiambo,john kiplagat,makori(hadji)

  • JAHKOREMO says:

    if if tech bench can reapt that team selction. hope they wnt change them again only injuries lakini plse can jerry get agood tech person to teach him when to cam off his line plse jana if could aguyo cunt clear that ball baraza ange funga kutema sana jerry mbaya ,but am happy.

  • jb says:

    very good very good!!!!!!!!!! well said and done kudos kogallo we could have paid back the three nil beating we got earlier the line up was spot on our very runners up position players are the best we have could we sign a goalkeeper on emergency loan to take Jerry’s place he is not performing well at the moment anyway a really good win on my returm@pereyio than you so much love gor till death do me bad

  • jb says:

    any news on Ronny’s injury he did really well before falling to injury wish a quick get well

  • papamiky says:

    thank you my people for yesterdays perfomance, both the team and the fraternity.
    we can do much better, imagine Kiplagat….being wasted all along. with Ochomo and Lavatsa, Kip will earn us a place both in KPL and FKL.
    by the way, where is Lavatsa?
    moses Odhiambo, keep it up boy!
    please, please, can the goalkeeping trainer emphasize on instilling confidence to JERRY? our next recruitment should see atleast two more new keepers.

    yesterday was just wooooooow!!!!!

    so do we have a coach?
    masika, pole sana. does the team have a medical scheme?

  • Nyakwarnyoredo says:

    Well done boys

  • dan collins obonyo says:

    KUDOS KOGALLO, we always have faith in you, bring the strikes on from now henceforth, lets end the league by giving the teams thorough beatings, i enjoyed my journey back to nakuru. KUDOS SIRIKAL

  • oti tall says:

    No Gor Mahia news in Daily Nation 2day now i know how newspapers are biased and standard are generalising the story

  • jakenya says:

    It was like a software performing spectacularly. Never say die. Each minute seemed and looked harder for the Leopards and in fact it was better walking away>

  • OKOTH JABILO says:


    Thanks GOD for our successfully meeting and for “TRULY” sooner than later there-after answering our closing prayers and wishes at the “NYAYO STADIUM”

    Technical Approach & Mental strength Won the DERBY.

    1.GOR applied 4:4:2 with four important preference in
    the first eleven namely: ROONY KANGUZI, WEKESA,ANGUYO

    2. Chinjili and Baraza could not march Anguyo in aerial
    balls.Gatusso,MosesOtieno,Kevin Omondi and Mwachofi
    “The AL-SHABAB confidently neutralized the likes of
    Okwemba,Kadenge and Bigaye in the midfield.Lastly
    the twin striking of KIPLAGAT and ODHIS “RASTA” had
    both SPEED, SKILL and FOOTBALL ARTISTRY that the old
    and worn out LEOPARDS defenders could not cope with.

    3. GOR MAHIA players and fans smelt the victory even
    before kick-off. There was a winning mentality that
    kept charging both ON and OFF the field.And when the
    GOAL got into the net “THE SPIRIT MAHIA” instilled
    awe-inspiring experience and fear to AFC PLAYERS,
    SUPPORTERS & THE OFFICIALS and as such they only
    needed their goons in the “RUSSIAN STAND” to do the
    needful so that they could save their skin. I HAD

  • duncan says:

    The person updating the web is not doing a good job,he/she should give us the line up and the stats.we fans are vigeugeu,when the team is losing we say buy players,when we win we say otherwise.I believe Gor has the best team in the country,the technical bench has been its main undoing.As for Jerry i think he’s had a long season and he needs a break.

  • arrumtiddi says:

    According to kpl and fkl fixtures.gor is playing sony on monday(24th)in kpl,then sofapaka on wednesday(26th)fkl final,then chemelil on friday(28th)kpl !.plz office liase with kpl early to have the kpl matches rescheduled.we badly need to win fkl ,so as to finish the season on a high,restore our pride and go continental next year.we also need to finish the kpl in a respectable position,preferably top 8.so that we can be able to play in the top eight next season and also get better cash from supersport.Ar and team pliz do something,coz honestly we cant play 3tough games including a final,in 5dayz.



    “HAPPY BIRTH DAY” to the new kid on the block. “THE BLOGGERS BRANCH” has been born with lady luck; No wonder its “ODHIS-LUCKY DUBE” who stole the show from the now famous “MASHEMEJI DERBY”.

    NB: Could you please send the minutes of the meeting
    and let us know when the next one will be held.

    Guys its not yet over, we have just eliminated one CAT the “BIG-ONE”; but the hurdle will be in the final whereby we will be facing Ex-Mathare United” camouflaging as the “SMALL-CAT”.

  • tom atinda says:

    The team spirit is affected by lack of commitment on the coach’s side. Zico needs counseling to know how to be a coach. since when did Ferguson, Mourinho, Wenger refuse to take the bench just because he wasn’t with the team in training? Some even give tactics from the stands. Please, Zico is not a god and if he doesn’t want to be corrected, then even his own future as a coach of any team is at risk.

  • TCAS says:

    Now that’s the Gor i know,the passes were crisp and the confidence was high.Fielding has been the biggest issue with Zico.The Awono guy can take over for now,his fielding is always point on.how can u leave players like Kiplagat,Macheda,Kagunzi,Anguyo and Moses Odhiambo rot on the bench becoz u nead to please certain pple? i like the courage the bench had to replace Jerry,we cant have sacred cows in the team.Kagunzi is also good at instructing the defence.Quick recovery man.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:



    AFC Leopards HURLINGHAM & KAWANGWARE Branches have identified and assisted police to arrest the two notorious “fans” who fueled yesterday skirmishes. Informed sources alludes that G7 and UDM had a hand in it.


  • Dan says:

    Three good ponits from the bloggers that need to be taken seriously:-
    1) Zico needs counselling and people-management training otherwise he can make a good coach if he can use the same zeal for defending to attack as well

    2)Team list selection has been poor. Who knew that Kiplagat could stand his ground in such a derby? His confidence and work rate was superb. For aerial balls we has Anguyo and Kaguzi to replace Jerry whose hands in goal don’t seem steady any more.

    3) Hooliganism should be rooted out completely. Why go to the stadium and spend all your energy in missiles and verbal exchanges with the opponents supporters? That enrgy should be used to cheer the team. All our fans needed to do was to leave the shemejis alone to disrupt the match without using us as an excuse. We should also expose the hooligans within us for the safety of all in the stadium. Tear gas for our young fans and divas is not what they need to experience if we want the stadium to be a place for social gathering.

  • Tinga says:

    I also agree with Okoth Jabilo – let’s emulate the Shemeji’s and deal with the “Hoologans” amongst us !! REPORT THEM TO THE POLICE

  • OCHIENG says:

    Kindly i am appealing to AFC funs to mature up , when they beat us 3-nill , we cried and walked home blaming ourselves for the defeat . Gor will be back gentlemen, that is just the beginning , let us continue supporting our team with humility, identifying our weeknesses and working on them .

  • Sam Dola says:


    The boys played well with dertermination and character.It is good to hear that Lavatsa is back in the team.let us encourage him for the good of GM nation.

  • joshu says:

    Ziko shud continue staying away, he has messed up the team and awono is slowly building it up, nw the management should confirm his as the head coach

  • oti tall says:

    AFC LEOPARD chairman Magelo yestreday near city hall blaming GM fans for luck of discipline and hate why we call KOGALO SIRKAL

  • Totally agree-Zico needs some psychology classes to improve his people management skills.