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The much awaiting derby between AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia will be played on  Saturday 22nd September and not Sunday 23rd September as earlier planned. The venue will still be the 60,000 seater  Kasarani Stadium.

Sources have said that the dates were changed because of the Safaricom Sevens Finals which will also be played on the same day (Sunday) and televised live on Supersport.

According to the Source, FKF wrote a letter to KPL asking them to change the date mostly because of security reasons.

According to FKF, Security forces would be overstretched with the two events taking place at the same time. It might also be also to the fact  that Supersport would have wanted maximum viewership for both events and hence the need to shift the derby to Saturday so that they can also get good viewership for the Finals of the Sevens on Sunday.

Another factor was be the crowd factor. Having the Sevens Finals on the same day as the derby would put most fans at crossroads as to which event to attend.

The match is anticipated to draw the largest crowd in the recent Kenyan Premier League history.

24 thoughts on “Derby date/venue changed

  1. Sato is ok so that whoever wins its party till sunday
    the pain of losing 2stima is gone now am focused on the BIGGEST DERBY IN THE 21st CENTURY its not over till 10th nov, let us all maintain PEACE after all we r semejis aren’t we?

  2. Can we start bloggers branch. Its seems we’ve got quite a following among the semejis. Perhaps u cn lets us know what it is thats endearing u to this our K’galo. Is it the come baby come brand of carpet soccer or the intellectual nature of the way opinions are exchanged on this site. Anyway karibuni and also to kichapo of the year on sato. Expect Koops to whin abt the change of date.

  3. Kasarani should in no way turn out to be a disappointment for us. My humble opinion is that it is a win-win situation for Gor Mahia and the entire K’Ogalo family.

    This is why it is a win-win: should we beat Efusi, then we shall rejoice and thank God for answering our prayers of winning ‘the next match’ (and we sincerely trust God for that). On the other hand, should Efusi beat us (God forbid!) then the joy still remains K’Ogalo’s. Why? Because they shall have atleast played better than they are playing now for them to beat us. I know many Gor Mahia fans are happy when Efusi plays well (sisi hatuna roho mbaya wala hatuna ubaya na mtu).
    When we join Ingwee fans in dance along Thika road to the isukuti beats on our way to city centre, as K’ogalo fans , we shall be celebrating an Ingwe renaissance; we shall be appreciating that for once they have improved and upstaged us in our beautiful brand of soccer. What else do we do when a sibling ‘we love so much’ works hard and improves his grades?

    My plea to K’Ogalo family is this:
    1. Kasarani is big, please turn up in large numbers cheer our boys like never before so that they feel at Tok Komwanda (feel at home).
    2. This is crunch time and as a God-fearing family let’s avoid side shows, unnecessary arguments and insults in the blog but instead spend more time on our knees seeking God’s face for victory on Saturday. Our prayers may not be granted if we mix them with A.O.B.

    Almighty God, king of the ages do not forsake Gor Mahia F.C come 22nd. Father hear our cry, we beseech you. May you continue to reward our players’ good and hard work. Saturday’s game happens to be our ‘next match’ and Father you know our prayers and petitions regarding ‘the next match’.
    For now we ask that you offer them your protection. Guard our team jealously against all the seen and unseen forces of evil. Let your protection surpass that of gwend a-thing a-thing as she protects her chicks from all manner of danger. Pour on them your continual dew of blessing each day as we approach this big date. We pray all this trusting and believing in the name above every other name: Jesus Christ son of the living God. Amen.

  4. @barefoot bandit, AMEN! Jo polo, kwere kod obong’o nyakalaga ruoth wuon yesu kristo owuoko alam makende kendo duoko wan ayud loch makende chieng’ono

  5. Hii game ingechezwa Mombasa stadium…..I dont see how else we can run away from rioters, stone throwers and hate mongers. Just see what happened in afraha stadium last week.

  6. Oh gracious Lord, graciously consider the prayer and supplication of Your servants today, O Lord my God, to hearken to the [loud] cry and prayer which he prays before You today that grant us victory over Ingwe on Saturday 22 Sept 2012 in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

    After the match and victory, we shall all return glory, honour, praise and thanksgiving to You our Heavenly Loving Father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour……Amen and Amen.

    Lord, we take cover under the blood of Jesus Christ and we pray that Thou shall sower all fans (both Gor Mahia and Ingwe) with peace before, during and after the game in the mighty name of Jesus Christ …Amen..Let all bloggers say Amen.

  7. Av seen at that only 20000 tickets will be available for sale which will start from Friday for VIP Kshs.500 and others Kogalo fans,buy ticket as early as possible.Why 20000 yet Kasarani is a 60000 seater stadia?

  8. Bro Mwakio. Kindly include the refere ers in the next prayer session and of course their bribers. Please also extend prayers for the police to enforce law on bhang smokers who have become a real health hazard and a threat to peace.

  9. I had really wanted this derby to be on Sato so that there is no curiosity over the weekend and I’ve Saturday will be very convenient for majority of our fans. See you at Kasa…let the scoreline at the end of 90mins be 3-1 in favour of GM

  10. @ Jakoyo above Ooh La la..! This is really K’ You are very right this a grudge match bearing in mind that it’s a derby that was initially mocked based on our table position during super 8, and so it is all system goes come on sato of which anything can happen. Don not pack your car carelessly Kasa is alaways Kisirani and you never my friend. LAZIMA MUJIPANGE MAPEMA GUYS.

    Some of us however much prayers are posted for the sake of our club prosperity we will never get it at all Cost. @ Jakoyo us K’Ogalo fans we are not “The holier than thou”. Any nonsense will be dealt with equal force of the green army. Dawa ya moto ni moto. Let peace prevail but if it happen to evade then GOD forbid. We shall respond accordingly.

    Let us accept to watch an entertaining match devoid of incitement please. And in any case AFC are very much aware that if it comes to your fears we have the correct dose to deal with it at any place in that moment of time. No need to elaborate further.

    @Jakoyo “TOKELEZEA” the rest will be adequately taken care off either spiritually or through manpower., be it unruly fans from AFC within and outside KASARANI sports ground..
    @ Kassaam Mwavingano K’Ogalo has the capacity to deal with biased officiating on the spot and come the D-Day this issue’s of mashemeji’s ,neighbors or relative will not exist until after the match. LAZIMA WATU WA OKOTE NDANI NA ROHO SAFI.

  11. To be honest, i would hate to see the corporate clubs or the so so called “batoto ba mungu” (as if the rest are batato ba shetani. Washindwe!) win the league. Its either kogalo or ingwe, the others are just pretenders to the throne.
    Kogalo forever

  12. Thanks to all especially for the prayers.I am looking for 12 men or more(the better)who will accept half day (Friday)dedication to prayer for Gor’s victory.You can just spare a few minutes or any duration available to you.If you can then,skip breakfast and lunch on Friday in prayer and dedication to the Most High Lord Jesus Christ for a Gor Mahia victory.This might be taking it too far but no prayer in the name of Jesus Christ is in vain.Incase you choose the half day fast option then logically you’ll have to avoid conjugal just for thursday evening.NB:THIS IS BUT A HUMBLE REQUEST.i therefore do not expect insults or bad language on this.

  13. This is a derby of the season. Lets us avoid unnecesarry confrontations. We are going to WIN so the likely source of violence are the loosers. But i urge Shemejis to just accept defeat ROHO SAFI.

  14. my take is planning should involve fans some fans should be nominated from both sides and the referee should be upto task cos ogwang my try to bribe him this a recipe for disaster there is word going round that the team is not serious with the match and training is poor our coach knows what he want so lets leave it for him

  15. look at what efisi EC has done print 20000 official tickets then another 20000 to line their pockets there should be rule that a competent company handle tickets foe all kpl teams these so said ECS are bunches of thugs killing these clubs

  16. Can someone ( Read Bloggers) also offer prayers on behalf our muslim fan base, Ec officials like Faiz and players like RAMA SALIM, MUSA MOHAMED and ALI OBONDO in the mighty name of ALLAH.

    @ OKOTH JABILO am yet to read the prayers for Logarusic from Jo Ndhiwa branch.

    Christianity is now becoming monotonous at the expense of other faithfuls and yet our beloved K’Ogalo belong to a multi-socio-cultural composition right from our EC to the technical bench, playing unit and fans at large.

    @jb alias jabbes just relax, AFC’s match is just like any other games that we have played while training using our routine program and their is no cause for alarm.

    We do not want to pile pressure on our boys after their hard labored efforts in the last couple of matches that managed to push us up the ranks. Let AFC camp and train vigorously cause they are the ones under pressure and then come the D-Day we thump them properly.


  17. The Game day is set; the venue is surely set but remember it is at the same place that one team succumbed to an acute stomach ache that they failed to honour an abrasive encounter that still remains acute to this day.

    N’way, Serikal’s supporters do carry with them the leftovers of yesterday . but we sum up by saying, COME BABY COME!

  18. In this derby no team will be a loser K’Ogallo will WIN and take the 3 (Read THREE) points while efusi will remain with the cash. Let us fill Kasa so that the players (efusi) can have something after their usual money thirsty officials gone with their share read 20,000 official receipts and 40,000 unofficial receipts eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh what a coincidence i’ll be at Kasa on Sato after attending my sons’ parents day at Kikuyu see you guys

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