3 Aug 17

Dylan Kerr, The outspoken coach who is known for his colourful language, wants the players to fight in order to maintain their place in the starting line-up.

“You get the jersey, keep it! Don’t let anyone take it. It’s like having a girlfriend; you treat her good, treat her nice. There’s always someone who wants a piece of her and you don’t wanna lose her. Same in football; keep the jersey, make sure you are in the team,” he said to Capital FM.

He is likely referring to the goalkeeping position where Boniface Oluoch’s place in the starting was taken by Peter Odhiambo who went on to give a good account of himself.

Coach Kerr wants players to understand that their place in the team is not guaranteed.

“I want that competition; I don’t want people thinking that they have a God given right for that jersey. If I don’t think they are doing it, I will take it off them and then they have to show me they want it back,” he continued.

The coach’s frustration likely stems from the absence of key midfielder Kenneth Muguna whose reasons for absence are still not clear to the coach.

“He (Muguna) didn’t train yesterday (Tuesday) and in the morning (Wednesday) he said his knee was swollen. I haven’t seen him and that’s an internal thing that I will deal with. It’s a shame because I think he was pivotal for us on Sunday. But, to be honest, as a pro you are getting paid to work and as a pro if you are paid to work and you don’t show up for work, it is wrong,” the tactician added to Capital FM

Meanwhile the British coach continues to be dismayed and appalled by the lack of technique in Kenyan players.

“I have seen six games in Kenya and the lack of technique, ability in front of goal kills football. Every fan comes here to see goals. Yes we want to be entertained with good football, with trickery and skill on the ball but football is about scoring goals” he told Capital FM

Despite winning two games on the trot, Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr is not happy with his teams attack. Kerr who previously coached in Tanzania, thinks this is a problem across Africa.

“The problem with many teams in Africa is scoring goals, chances are created but that composure in front of goal is what is missing. Fans come to see goals and without goals, the match becomes boring, no goals no entertainment.” said Kerr to goal.com

However Kerr avows that the team has been working hard to sharpen their attack.

“This week we have been working on that but I am still disappointed with the fact that we scored just one goal despite creating many chances,” Kerr told

The goal that Tuyisenge scored against Nakumatt was well taken and showed composure in front of goal

Kerr is however happy with his defenders whom he thought gave a solid display.

“Credit to Nakumatt because they came at us from set pieces. But the defenders were fantastic, midfielders worked hard, but at half time I told them we were second best everywhere on the pitch,” said Kerr.

Kerr wants to instill confidence in his team to ensure that they understand that they are better than any opponent.

“My players have to believe they are the best and I believe we have the best squad and the best players. But we have to focus, know our job and then have the desire and plan to go play well. We take each game as it comes. We will keep on believing that what we achieve in one game is achievable in 16 more games,” he said.

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  • Jasego says:

    Thanks Coach, you are smart, intelligent and very rational in thinking. Just push the boys hard and win every match so we reclaim our title then focus on continentals where we will let you sign strikers who can do the job for you. The team is very good actually just push and encourage the boys to get the best out of them. Also try Maloba more that boy could solve your attacking bluntness by taking on defenders head-on just like Ademola Lookman of Everton, they are very similar in technique and ability, rotating him with Boniface Omondi alternatively to me is a very good idea…

  • Oduor12 says:

    That’s it Ker, I like your hakuna sugar coating but say it like it is style and I proudly quote:

    “But, to be honest, as a pro you are getting paid to work and as a pro if you are paid to work and you don’t show up for work, it is wrong.”

    “but football is about scoring goals”

    Music, sweet melodies to my ears, somethings that most bloggers have pointed out only to be castigated by the “Kingdom guards”

    EC get to the bottom of this and if players are not serious deduct their wages for failing to report to work.

    1)How does a knee suddenly swell at night?
    2)Have you reported the problem to the club’s medics?
    2)Are our medics aware of the fitness levels of our players?
    3)Are they carrying injuries the TB is not aware of?

    Bloated EC please up your game! Pease put in structures, that is not the job of the head coach.
    As Ker sorts out the playing unit who will sort out the bloated EC, fans? members who become non existent immediately after elections?

    Sooner or later Ker’s actions/ focuss is going to rub vested interests in EC the wrong way! Some in EC will start seeig MADEMONIS!

    I repeat GMFC’s problem is a skewed player recruitment policy because of vested interests by Mugabe & his bloated EC. Admin, GMFC is a club and, I repeat unlike H.Stars, is allowed to recruit upto 5 players from outside Kenya to compensate for the so called “lack of technique in Kenyan players”.

  • I would wish to register my support for how Kerr has handled issues since he was appointed the coach.
    The first thing he has done right is to identify and acknowledge where our strengths and weaknesses lie , his desire to level up with the fans and his challenges to players on the need to appreciate the gravity n pride of playing for a club with such a pedigree and rich history is laudable.
    If he is allowed his space I believe we will achieve the bare minimum this season, after which our priorities must change vis a vis our winning the domestics being a bare minimum .
    I too have followed this Maloba guy with keen interest but my take on his position in the team is slightly different and which could explain y his game time is far in between.
    A football brain with the kind of dribbling skills and artistry possessed by this boy requires a position where his football brain and artistry can best be exploited , somewhere in the middle of the pack where he can have more time on the ball e.g a Coutinho , his creativity and deceptions and vision can bring out the best in other players , I would prefer him to Kahata , who slows our game too much.

  • A person says:

    Ec members maruako lep sonko ufuwo ka guogi jokuogegi. Pesa ma ukwalo gor oloyo chicken change ma sonko miyou. Ondoch guogi gi.