Dylan Kerr’s absence concerning Gor Mahia

Gor Mahia CEO Omondi Aduda is unsure of coach Kerr’s whereabouts. Speculation has been rife that for heath reason’s Kerr’s days at Kogalo are numbered

Additional reporting from ESPN
Gor Mahia CEO Lodvick Aduda is concerned about the absence of head coach Dylan Kerr, who has gone AWOL since the Kenyan champions’ exhibition match against Everton earlier this week.

Kerr was on the bench as Gor were defeated 4-0 by Everton in the SportPesa Cup at Goodison Park earlier this week, but didn’t return with the team from England on Saturday.

“Coach Kerr’s absence worries us,” Aduda told KweséESPN. “We have several games coming, with the preliminary match of the CAF Champions League in only two weeks’ time, and then the league will kick off.

“I really don’t know what the coach is up to, but we shall have a meeting on Monday and know the way forward because his absence disorganizes our plans,” he added.

“We don’t have the luxury of sitting back at such a time.”

Kerr, who took over from Ze Maria in July 2017, has helped Gor win the Kenyan Premier League twice, while he also led the club to the CAF Confederation Cup group stage.

The coach is yet to explain his absence to KweséESPN.

Despite Gor’s thumping defeat on Merseyside, Aduda is confident that the team have benefited from their overseas experience.

“Our players and technical bench have been exposed to good training facilities and equipment,” he continued. “Also, the players have learned the seriousness of football at a high level.

“Our team is not the same again after the game in England, but we need to focus now on the Champions League and defending our league title.”

Gor have been paired against Malawi’s Nyasa Big Bullets FC in the preliminary round of the CAF Champions League which kicks off later this month.

“I think we have a chance to push for the group stage of the Champions League this time,” Aduda concluded. “I believe the draw this year is not as tough as it was for in the last campaign.”

37 thoughts on “Dylan Kerr’s absence concerning Gor Mahia

  1. Aduda let us be honest and forthright in this Kerr issue. Those in the know including you and me knew of this Kerr Doctor’s appointment 4 months ago though he kept telling us he would only go for the surgery if it was 150% necessary. He loves GM too much and is straight forward in his dealings so let us avoid planting seeds of doubt in readiness of elevating Zico to interim head coach. Zico i will resist and make my reservations known for he is a Guesswork Coach who divides the dressing room terribly to the detriment of players morale. Let us pray for Kerr but also start sourcing for an interim replacement should it get to that. Meanwhile can you send Messrs: Kevin Ade Omondi…Wesley Onguso…Eliud Lokuwam…Shaban Odhoji..Raphael Asudi and Stephen Okiro on loan like yesterday to create room for the 5 impending signings we need to make before Caf Assignment. Thank You

    1. Raphael Asudi though is a good young prospect and can stay as a future understudy for Shafik Batambuze since we are almost completing the signing Geoffrey Ochieng from Western Stima who is a good cover for the left back position…

  2. A foreign coach above compromise and reproach should be the most appropriate. Meanwhile Zico to stand in.Gor has to move on without Kerr as we have always done in the past.

      1. Haha Musymo osiepa ichoree mabor wuod maa. Ikoo ni shakava obedi player cum coach yawa to kata Wuod Asego giri nikae oromo mako team thura ka Coaches…

  3. No doubt in mind it will be legendary Zico as head coach deputised by the upcoming stanley Okumbi…however let the eagerly awaited AGM do the talking !

  4. @Musymo imagine we still have a lot of his footprints in our play. Look at that building from the back(though it’s used by most top coaches) do you remember any previous coach doing that. But he was a good teacher using latest syllabus or a part of it

  5. Failed Quack Coaches like Stanley Okumbi who failed miserably at both Kariobangi Sharks and Harambee Stars and Guesswork Master Zedekiah Otieno who failed miserably at both Posta Rangers and Harambee Stars cannot handle GM without returning us to days of Mediocrity. We are past that level

    1. @Jasego, I am in total agreement with your posting regarding Okumbi and Zico. Those who do not know football are the culprits of the problem at Gor Mahia and that is why the clueless people like Jakoyo and others advocating for Zico. I do agree that the duo can’t be Gor Mahia coaches due to their ineptness and lack of big ideas. These are guys that will bring ubeste and friendships into the team instead of meritocracy into the team. Indecipline shall be the order of the day. Mediocracy shall become another name of Gor Mahia but within six months fans will chasing them like burkenges. Jakoyo and ilks should take this to Equity Bank that there are no local coaches that can fit into Gor Mahia systems of play and pattern.

      Gor Mahia will always perform with foreign European coaches.

      1. @Jamigori you see the problem we have at GM is many supporters cant accept that professionalizing a team demands consistency and hardwork coupled with initiative and proactiveness. Ze Maria helped us develop the basics of modern football in terms of build up and link up play. Kerr perfected it by introducing urgency and attack mindedness to which we have dominated locally. Now people want Zico and Okumbi whom they even go as far to refer to as Legendary to coach GM. Zico destabilizes the playing unit terribly by favoritism and arrogance such that at any time there are players who always feel unwelcome and want to leave. Add to the fact that he worships long balls and high press to get one early goal then tries to defend that 1-0 lead for 70 minutes cannot help GM as a team. We have come too far and must aim higher not Torpedo the past 3 Years back into oblivion like they were just a sweet dream…

        1. @Jasego, I am perplexed with bloggers who are campaigning for their Kariobangi guy to take charge. I can assure them that within or after 6 months, Jakariombagi will be jobless with rotten eggs in his face. Gor Mahia can’t be handled by these local coaches whose objective of fielding will be determined by how many bottles of illicit brew and sachets of bhangi each player will pay him before being fielded without due consideration of meritocracy.

          Let bloggers that mean well for the club continue fighting for bringing about professionalism in the team both at the EC and technical bench. If a professional coach decides to leave the club, let him be replaced with another professional coach but not quacks in the name of legendaries and jokers.

  6. “@ Aduda I want to give you the benefit of a doubt that you are the CEO. I am however a bit worried at the comments attributed to you “Coach Kerr’s absence worries us,” Aduda told KweséESPN. “We have several games coming, with the preliminary match of the CAF Champions League in only two weeks’ time, and then the league will kick off.
    Objective information giving demands that anything that is viewed as sensitive should portray a collective approach. The comments according to me are a bit desperate whether it is true or not. The danger is, once such information has been introduced into the minds of the people then, we cannot but only speculate that Kerr is not coming back. Now this is against the back drop of the earlier information that he needed to see a doctor in London for surgery. Kerr is a person of great impact to Gor as team, the Gor family and the Nation if I may add. Should it turn out that he was seeing a doctor then how will you neutralize the panic button you had pressed? In addition to that it will simply suggest that as a CEO you are not leading a team that is coherent, because through the lines of communication you would have had the information about him. To suggest that there is a busy schedule ahead be it may, I think knowing the Coaches where about is more crucial. We deserve a better reporting on Kerr than just what is being said.

  7. No disrespect to our local coaches,but they cannot successfully handle GM.

    The level we are at,and the strides we have made over the years,only a foreign coach can be able to handle us at this moment in time.

    1. If Kerr has quit be it for “medical reasons/a better offer” then tupende tusipende we are stuck with Zico mpaka a new coach is hired.Let’s pray Zico can AT LEAST get us past BB (not B.Bandit) so that any lessons from that friendly can be put to some use!

  8. Could this be just another “Walusimbi” circus? Mara better offers, mara doctor’s report just tell us IF Kerr HAS QUIT! If we need a coach as “fill gap” then why hire an expensive foreigner, it is more prudent to elevate the assitant, however unpalatable.

    1. @Oduor12, Hogwash comment…no local current coaches can succeed in Gor Mahia. This is the first time I have no read deregatory remarks of Mugabe and Mara bloated EC.

    2. @Oduor12, this comment now confirms that you have meant well for Gor Mahia. Unless you do not have clear memory about the performance of Gor Mahia with local clueless and idea less coaches then you can support local replacement or appointment of local coaches.

      This is for the first time that I have not read deragotary remarks of “Mugabe” and your synonym of “bloated Executive Committee”. This reflects that there must be something cooking for money eaters to find a permanent foot in Gor Mahia financial coffers. If this is the case, then I will continue to support your “Mugabe” for the position of chairman at any time election or AGM is called. It is my fear that bloggers that have been making lots of noise have been eying something at the club to confirm that it is their time to eat.

    3. If Kerr is gone then Gor should very quickly hire a qualified coach and not play around hiring the local squad. How many times does a coach have to fail for you to believe. If Kerr is coming back then Zico can hold fort but just remember how unfit and bogus the team has become under his watch.
      What happened in Everton was Zico’s work.
      For Okumbi, I have no words. The other short term solution is to ‘rent’ the Harambee stars coach. At least he beat Ghana.

  9. Some of you are so quick to forget that it is Zico, the club legend who delivered the first sportpesa cup for KOgallo in tanzania last year! and offcourse, for some ‘foreign’ coach to claim all the credit.

    Every Kogallo player worth his salt, knows that It is Zico who has been gelling the club over the last 2 years building behind the scene a cohesive solid unit so that the so called ‘ foreign coaches’ can build on…..

    So for those of you who have little respect for the so called local coaches , check this out ……Kerr was nothing before coming to the club, Nutall was nothing before coming to the club and many other so called ‘foreign coaches’ were nothing before coming to the club, Kogallo made them whom they are so let us support our own….Tujiamini as Africans.

    Look at Zesco united, TP mazembe, KCCA uganda and more recently esperance of Tunis, they won the CAF champions league last weekend with a 37 year old local coach with no experience in coaching . …Tujiamini as Africans.

    And the icing on the cake, Kerr has endorsed Zico as his prefered successor. Tafakari hayo , you people of little faith in your abilities/potential.

    1. Yes,why refuse to face reality! WHERE/HOW WILL GM GET A H/COACH BY 27NOV? WHO HIRED ZICO, IF NOT MUGABE & BLOATED EC? I remain anti Zico as a coach but rather than rant I accept reality that Mugabe has again had his way so i’ve resorted to PRAYERS. CLEAR!

      1. Even if it doesn’t happen as I would wish,am well within my rights to express my wishes, dreams and aspirations for the team.

        So me and like minded individuals shall rave and rant as much as we like and nobody..I repeat, nobody can stop that no matter what!!!

        1. As a seasoned blogger you know nobody yet has the ability to gag opinions on this site, so WHY get hot under the collar when repeating the obvious. Selective reading and inability to deduce each other postings, even insults are commonplace so keep cool.

  10. It’s been a while since I was on this site.
    I want to agree with sentiments here from the likes of jasego, Moziek and jamigori.
    No local coach can take us forward.locals have too much favouritism, cronyism,umtaa and the likes.That kind of mentality will only take the team backwards.
    As for Moziek,you are free to express your views herein without fear.its a free world man, enjoy that space…get as hot or as cold as you want.
    Jasego, kindly brief us on the incoming and outgoing players.we are eager to know yawa

    1. Geoffrey Ochieng a leftback from Western Stima is due to sign anyday. We are pursuing Dennis Odhiambo and Cliff Nyakeya plus one more foreign striker depending on if Karim renews contract or we release him… Plus other players might also sign depending on who brings them

  11. Gor Mahia FC coach Dylan Kerr praises new Ugandan catch Shafik Batambuze
    Seth Willis

    The Ugandan is among the new faces at K’Ogalo as the club prepares for new season that will see them play in Caf tourney

    Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr has admitted that he is impressed with new signing Shafik Batambuze.

    The Ugandan is among the new faces at K’Ogalo as the club prepares for the new season. Kerr says it was painful to lose Godfrey Walusimbi last season, but the arrival of Shafik has brought optimism to the team.

    “I liked the way Shafik played against Everton; confident on the ball, knew when to pass, hold and press. He was also good defensively and that was the best part of it, he is a good signing. Yes, we lost a good player in Walusimbi, it was a blow but I believe Shafik will fill his position well.

    “He will definitely help George Odhiambo in attack, that is the good thing about it, but again I have to take a keen look,” Kerr told Goal.com.

    Apart from Batambuze, Gor Mahia have already also signed Kenneth Muguna, and Nicholas Kipkirui from Zoo Kericho. K’Ogalo have also managed to renew the contract of keeper Boniface Oluoch as they get ready for Caf Champions League where they have been drawn against Nyasa Big Bullets of Malawi.

    Gor Mahia will host the Malawian league leaders on 27/28 November before the return leg a week later at the Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre.

    1. Meanwhile something to ponder about for those who thought Jasego was forcing players on Kerr that he didn’t sanction. I promised they would all force their way straight to the starting 11 and win him over to which Shaffik already has. All the others will too once they get their chances

  12. Jasego kindly educate me on this, do we have a technical wing at Gor/ consultant/ specialist? why do we sign players who are ineligible for early rounds of CAF tournaments every year when we really need them then we regret? Did the executive consult to have ZICO as an acting capacity in Continental tournament, not even a regional or local cup? His records as a Harrambee coach speak for itself. Wuo kanyada Office maru no Juakali kabisa.

  13. Copied,

    When you sent away your wife and hata hajafika kwa gate every male neighbour wants to have her, what do you do? Ador tactics. Karibu tena Guikan.

  14. Jasego maneno ya kawaida in Gor has started . As usual kila siku, year in year out. Players are on strike. This year it will be worse becuase money bags now have their own club- mt Kenya FC.

    1. Players now complaining of non payment of their October salaries, training ground payment not made yet SP has released sponsorship monies for upto Dec18 upfront. Are these lessons from Merseyside? Misplaced priorities by Mr.M and his cronies! AFROSINEMA!

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