15 Oct 11

Youthful striker Edwin Lavatsa has mysteriously disspeared from the Gor Mahia camp. His whereabouts are unknown by the technical bench. The Speedy Lavatsa who recently finished school at Upper Hill has not been training with the team for the past 2 weeks according to assistant coach Zablon ‘Pro’ Otieno and has not communicated to the technical bench.

“It is good for the public to know about what is going on in the team so that some fans don’t get agitated when they see some players not being fielded in some of our matches, in fact I would prefer that the club be holding a press conference before each of our matches,” said Otieno.

He added: “Lavatsa has not been coming to training and we don’t know what is happening with him because he has also switched off his phone or may be changed his lines. He will certainly not be featuring against Bandari, Collins Okoth only trained once with us and will not be travelling to Mombasa and so is striker Wycliffe Ochomo who is suspended.”

In the absence of Lavatsa, coach Awono Anaba who will be on the bench in the absence of head coach Zedekiah ‘Zico’ Otieno, would be forced to start with Ezekiel Odera and Dimonde Selenga upfront.

(Additional Reporting from EA Standard)

Unconfirmed rumours abound that he has been poached by AFC Leopards in a manner similar to the way AFC poached Musa Otieno from Kogalo circa 1993

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  • jakojera 9 says:

    nyathini kara wang’e tek! This is unprofessional! Someone needs to advise him on the consequences of toying around with contractual obligations!


    I am quite disturbed that Edwin Lavatsa has disappeared in unclear circumstances. While I do not at this jucture want to speculate his whereabouts, his premature departure leaves more questions than answers.

    His football talent was spotted by GM scouts while still a high school student. In the beginning of 2010, he was given the opprtunity in the first eleven and wore the number 0 jersey. No sooner, he endeared himself with kogalo fans. He has very short but skill passes, good ball control and is not selfish. He has several goals to his credit.

    if the boy does not report for training, switches off his cellphone, then have no other to term it other than gross indispline. I urge the coach to crack a whip on him and all others who wants curtail our mission as a club.

    Finally let us be alive that this is an open market reality. it has been reported several times that agents from Assam from Tanzania have been chasing to get the signature of the player. Who know’s the boy is now there? I don’t believe the AFC rumor. They simply afford his services. Prove me wrong Mr Magelo!

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Why the panic by the office n bench as if the lad is not under contract,hope its not another saga like AFC’s Kisuya and Lavasta is simply taking advantage of a loophole. Come EC get ua act together GM cannot be jumping from crisis to another.

  • TABOO says:


  • Fidel says:

    I am an ingwe fan, the dissappearance this player reeks like that of collins kisuya’s mischievious antics just like the Kisuya, Lavatsa had previously gone awol then reemerged mysteriously before this latest act

  • Ataly says:

    The truth is that the Lavasta saga started long ago fans from woodley and kibera may have a hint we have seen training with other team i suggest we forget him.his mind is somewhere else.

  • Dan says:

    I believe no player can be bigger than the team. After all so many experienced and better players want to play for GM. I believe this is a God-send opportunity to clean our house. Like Fabregas did, if a player’s heart is not in the team he should be left to go.

  • He should not be allowed back in the team unless he apologises sincerely-like Rooney did. We got so many willing to dorn Gor Jerseys at that position. Matako mbali. See what you get when u force a player to stay: Carlos Tevez.

  • ole mendex says:

    I saw it when we were playing leopards, the boy was simply taking a stroll on the field like he is on a window shopping in town, he has decided to leave and so be it.

  • dan collins obonyo says:

    am left speechless for a kid like lavatsa to start these commedies

  • Joe Riaga says:

    It is inevitable that when a team is playing poorly, some players leave. I am surprised that Lavatsa is the only one.

  • Agwa Kassam says:

    Well said and seen Ole Mendex.. i also saw it and asked someone sitting next to me during the Ingwe match..he was not in the team and the coach AA saw him and substituted.. let him go in peace to AFC.

    But all these were coming from a distance.

  • Ja Thur gi ji says:

    Let us not condemn the young man, others will follow and thats expected when the house is in a shambles like now, signs of bad management.Who wants to be associated with mediocrity? Certainly not the young talent who need proper nurturing for greater things. If you check, you will see that instead of developing, the lad was on a steep decline. I wish him well wherever he has seen fit to move to.

  • Jeremiah Radido says:

    we should look for the root cause of the problem rather than provoking the player

  • Mondeng says:

    What a great team! great fans and world wide following.Next time scouts please yier uru kodhi mabeyo to populate Kogalo.Gor Mahia is the best brand right at the equator.We are diasappointed but all our in laws should not organize futile celebrations.We wish all other teams well.We are cool and determined under pressure. . We dont like defeat.We will be back. Yes We will.U can take that to the bank.

  • Peter Mulesi says:

    I am a die hard ingwe fan and wish to advice GM to have the respect of keeping INGWE out of your every saga.You recently saw when our defender “COLO” was smuggled out of the country by handbag based academies.During this saga we never even suspected GM hand.Why do you throw fingers at the mighty AFC when the matter has to do with bonding among yourself.
    If he was to be targeted by our team, we have the capacity to reach any player anywhere including Rooney!Maybe you are unable to handle diversity among the playing unit as well as technical bench.Keep off our INGWE as much as the Chair of AFC.Peter Mulesi (Enkwe Engofu)

  • BOBOH says:

    i have come across the lavatsa several tym escorting litle girls around DO OFFICE in kibera hapo kwa chief. i even worder huyu kijana ana fanya mazoezi saa ngapi?HE is mostly in a company of Were the mathare utd player.waswahili wakukosa kuseme palipo na moshi…..

  • Felix Atema says:

    Am an ingwe fan and find this rather disturbing. We the ingwe family do not cherish the misfortunes of K’ogalo….remember,we’ve been there before and risen again. Felix Atema.