Eric Ochieng: My dream was to play for Gor Mahia

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Ochieng played the entire 90 minutes of his first match for Gor Mahia since moving from Bandari against Karuturi Sports and was brought down for the penalty

Gor Mahia’s new signing Erick Ochieng has expressed his joy after making his debut since completing a move from Coastal side Bandari.

Ochieng played the entire 90 minutes of his first match for Gor Mahia on Sunday in their 2-1 win against Karuturi Sports in Nakuru and was brought down for the penalty that led to the first goal.

Speaking to Goal, Ochieng says he targets to improve better noting that he was not entirely at his best in his first game in K’Ogalo colors.

“Since childhood, it has been my dream to play for this great club. I have always looked forward to getting the chance to don the colors of Gor Mahia and I am happy that this chance has presented itself. I am very happy after my first game,” said Ochieng.

“It was my first match so I did not expect to be at my best but everything has a start. I aim at improving myself in each game that comes and cement my place in the starting team.

“The players have been very welcoming and that is why I have not found it hard to settle in. The club has very good players who have an attitude and ambition to win and I am pretty sure we can challenge for the league title.”

12 thoughts on “Eric Ochieng: My dream was to play for Gor Mahia

  1. Welcome Eric and make us proud by commiting to give your best and strive to win all the games we play. I know it is hard but all the samw it’s possible. Remember that playing for Gor also enhances ones chances of playing for the National team.
    We look forward to the weekend game against your former team and bagging the three points

  2. Gor must change its playing style otherwise we are not winning the league.I want to see our midfielders,strikers and wingbacks run at their opponents without fear,besides they should take more risks.Our current tiki-taka style is taking us know-wea,that is why our shot on goals sums is scanty.And most important teams that win leagues post consistent results at the moment that is not forthcoming,so the onus is on the technical bench .

  3. Ando@2…i agree with you totally.Playing well is not enough,we need the 3 points. Thats why we have a table,and the team that is at the top is the team that garners the most points!!!

  4. We used to get results while playing nice soccer and we were all happy. Then we got results while playing poorly and some fans were not happy. Then later we started losing while playing good soccer and again some were not happy. Later we won but played poorly and again some were not impressed. It’s a tough league and results will count even if all the goals are scored on penalties

  5. Dan@4,at the end of the day what really counts is the 3 points…thats what we needed against Thika last season but we dint get it and so lost the league!!

    For me it dosent matter how we get the points.If we play badly and keep grtting 3 points,so be it!!!!

  6. Whoever thinks that if Gor plays 4r a draw then it means that they played bad.We were playing current league leaders who came to lk 4r a draw. They were underpressure to avoid defeat at all cost.They r also a good team & they r not pushovers.Let us not put unnecesary pressure on the technical bench & players which will not help the team.we should only urge players on to put more effort in looking 4r points. Go K’ogalo go!!!

  7. @Oswozo, How do we lose the league just because we didn’t beat Thika Utd. The only team that can lose the league is Tusker since they are the defending champs. We can only lose the FKF cup just like we lost the Top 8 cup. FYI Thika beat Tusker yet Tusker might win the league. The team that wins this year’s league might even lose to the relegated teams. The league is a marathon and Gor is just one of the 16 teams that want to win it. Now that we have not signed Monday I wonder who else is there still waiting to join a team this late in the transfer period. How about Obwoge of Chemelil? That’s a future striker with alot of potential

  8. @Dan how many strikers do we need?? Kiongera,Lavatsa, Odhiambo, Sserunkuma,, you want us add another 1?. Our midfield has been sorted by Eric Ochieng’s arrival..and again lets support Sir Bobby

  9. To the likes of oswozo who thinks that the team must win every match they play i tell you ,you will be really disapointed this is amarathon as others says it and their is no team who is just coming to give three points as easy as that, xo dont think its easy.If you are afootballer or areal football fan you should be ready for three outcomes ,either awin/aloss/a draw and adraw that we got against thika is one of them xo lets not give the boys unnessesary pressure.unless you are those stone throwers who does not reason at times.Even BARCELONA is always the best team in the world and they dont win all the games they play, so the oswozo guy just advise us on how the players can up their game so that we get good results but not telling us you want them to win and you dont give us your advice otherwie lets meet tommorow at tok komwanda.

  10. Caleb@9….read and re-read my contribution again!!at no point did i mention that the team MUST win every game.I have been in the game long enough to know that it can go either way!!

    However,what matters at the end of the day for every team is the 3 points and thats a FACT!that is why the team that drops the least number of points wins the league.And again that is the reason we go all out to cheer the team to get the 3 points!and that is why Gor,AFC,Tusker and the other teams have put up their teams to go out and compete!!

    Am not the tactician here,so dont ask me to give advice that i cannot.i only give comments on what i think…like everybody else who is entitled to his or her own opinion.

  11. we got to be honest this season the team have been inconsistent in terms of results,and it does not look like it is going to improve in the near future,that is why we are sounding alarm bells to the technical bench to ring the necessary changes before it is late,my intention is not to put pressure on any one but just to make a honest opinion that can save the team so the likes of DAN and CALEB let me remind you that football is about winning trophies but not just trophies but important ones and in Kenya TPL is the ultimate prize otherwise we will be talking of next season like some team in England.

  12. Just watched Tusker play Sofapaka and I could not come to terms on why both Moses Otieno and Yusuf Juma were left to go. In the case of Yusuf Juma we even have the odesity to say that we are looking for a left back just after releasing one of the best talents in the market. By the way it’s good to watch other teams play not against Gor and we will appreciate that the league is tough and we are at times exerting unnecessary presuure on our players

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