Felixinho Nwosu fate unknown

Stories emanating from the Gor Mahia camp appear to indicate that Nigerian import Felix Nwosu has been sidelined. Team management is yet to clarify the situation.

The move is seen as a big blow to many fans who were impressed by Nwosu’s passion. He apparently watched Gor Mahia play on Supersport and was so impressed that he made the trip to Kenya all the way from Enugu in Eastern Nigeria to come and join the club. A story which endeared him to Kogalo fans.

However stories abound that coach Awono is hesitant to sign the player whom he says has issues with discipline. Also that it is pointless to sign an average foreign player.

Others will counter that determination and passion for the club which Nwosu has shown in abundance should count for something.

29 thoughts on “Felixinho Nwosu fate unknown

  1. Pls let the coach and technical bench make an influenced and informed decision. No “untouchables” as jose mourhino use to have at chelsea

  2. Pls let the coach and technical bench make un influenced but informed decision. No “untouchables” as jose mourhino use to have at chelsea. Let us also not be time bad with both local and international player registration

  3. Give the guy an opportunity to prove his worth…Awono should not base his decision on the usual grudge that exists between Cameroon and Nigeria….

  4. i agree with the coach. i have seen the guy play during the friendlies and yes he is ‘an average foreign player’.

  5. Let the coach have the final say on player selection coz the buck,as regards performance on the pitch, eventually stops with him. As for the Naija guy he seems a bit to be too keen on playing to the galary ‘with his mouth’

  6. To judge a defender, you have to watch him play against good strikers. They should have let him play against El Merreikh, marking his fellow Nigerians so we can see how good he is.
    Judging him based on performance against upuzi teams like Muranga combined and sijui World hope does not make sense.
    You havent even given him a chance to prove his abilities.

  7. Most likely this player was brought in by EC without consulting the coach. I am on recording complaining on this forum about this bad habit by EC. The current EC seems to be a free for all. They want to out do each other. This is not good for GM. Some EC members are behaving like NARC ministers of 2003. Slow down and work in a co-ordinated fashion. To coach Mahono, dont spare any indiscipline player. Deal with indiscipline ruthlessly. Do not bow to unnecessary pressure from fans. For God and my club Kogallo

  8. Felix without gor u still d best,if u wr no good olando pirate wit call u bck my guy liv kenya n go n make ur name in sa wr thr knw ur wort kenya is no a place of soccer ur a star weather d coach hate u or not ride on bro

  9. Wat do u mean my avarage playa wen u got d hieght n d fitness,n d basic wat else do d coach want,ur r not a bad boy dan ballatolic but still macini uses him cos he knw his wort,evry body will nava like u in africa or kenya so live dem wit thr polictic n go else were wr thr like n value u,coach n d managment don’t make a mistake on filix n regreat lata cos his good

  10. Let him climatise with style of play,language weather and tactical aspect. Does he look tactically sound in his mind frame of the game and speed?

  11. Let all of us hope that the reasons offered are the only bases upon which the decision to sideline the player were based. However, I thought that the club already signed the Player way back early this month. How come we are now told that the player is being sidelined at this point in time? In case the club had been signed, then I think that would leave the club a bit exposed as it may be liable to the player for breach of the player’s contract of employment.

  12. Can’t the coach give the guy a chance against El Merreikh tomorrow and Tusker next week so as to be able to objectively determine this player’s true abilities. Please Mr Awono, do not have any prejudices against this player.

  13. I am sure this Felixinho guy’s pay bill will be way above the rest if contracted. This will in turn cause disharmony in the team. Why pay an average foreign player so much yet local players who even play better less. This should be avoided at all cost. Let the guy try his luck at Rangers. For God and my club Kogallo

  14. The Felixinho issue is another example of the failures of our EC. Kosero is right. These guys are behaving like politicians. The player says the issue is about a facebook post. Those on facebook can tell us what it was.

    The main problem here is not our coach or the player but people who can’t shut up. They share with journalists all internal matters. All teams have small issues but talking about our own players and their errors in the media will cause us so many problems this season. The guy is apologetic yet he is already being called a conman by our very own supporters. Surely, is this how to build a team of champions?

    Many gifted players need help in terms of character and that’s why we were happy to have an experienced father figure for a coach. One even abused a referee the other day and got a straight RED CARD. Please guide these boys. Discipline them.

  15. let the technical bench to have a free hand in the running of the squad, that way, we will hold them responsible for failure to give results-tall jakom

  16. Anything touching on players’ reliability,suitability or otherwise should be left to the t/bench.For if anything the buck always stops at them if we dont get results.So let us give awono and team,a free hand to do whateva they want.they r the t/bench we r the fans.let the principles of ‘separation of powers’ apply.kila mtu afanye kazi yake!.officials,t/bench,players,fans every one play your role and lets’ only create checks and balances on one another,but not overstep our mandates.

  17. Let the technical bench have all the powers to recommend suitable players. It is not the role of fans nor EC to hire players. Bloggers please we have to stop this habit of asking the coach to give players time that have never proved themselves in trials.

    It is sickening if admin members like Ngala are busy abusing their position by hiring players without consulting the technical bench. Let technical bench be fully responsible for the noble task of recruiting quality talents.

    We must stop interefering with the technical bench jobs. It is pity that fans are calling for so and so player to be recruited. This is nonsence that must be stopped.

  18. Ndugu Mwakio, for once we are reading from the same script. I agree with you completely and also. For God and my club Kogallo

  19. Let Nabi Hono run the show. Earlier on in this blog we bloggers recommended that the Oga be thoroughly vetted in-as-much-as we were so excited about him.
    The coach has run a background check and it is from this I believe that issues of indiscipline have arisen.

    Why take a risk signing an average player with discipline problems?
    Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch Kampala) and Mwakio I am fully in agreement with you.

  20. pls i beg again give felix anoda chance…no body is perfect…to air is human and to forgive is divine….let judgement for God..pls allow him enjoy Goe mahia…..

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