FKF files formal protest to CAF

The Football Kenya Federation has filed a formal protest to CAF. The protest will in all likelihood not change the result but should highlight the abysmal performance of the match referee.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Football Kenya Federation has complained to the Confederation of African Football over the officiating of last Sunday’s Caf Confederation Cup match pitting Gor Mahia and hosts Nasr Athlétique de Hussein Dey in Algiers.

Sunday’s controversial 1-0 defeat saw K’Ogalo drop to second in Group D with six points, and their best bet now is to get maximum points against their remaining opponents in order to qualify to the tournament’s quarter-finals.

In a letter sent to Caf dated March 4, 2019, FKF has criticised the performance of centre referee Boubou Traore and sought clarification on why he disallowed Shafik Batambuze’s 58th minute goal from a Francis Kahata corner.

“We would like to single out the performance of the Centre Referee, Mr Boubou Traore. The specific criticism of his performance is during the 58th minute where he disallowed a goal scored by the visiting from a corner kick.

From the video obtained frim Caf on the match highlights, it is evident that there was no contact/infringement from the attacking players on the goalkeeper neither was there an offside call it being a corner kick and as such, we would like to seek clarification from Caf as to why the goal was disallowed,” read part of the letter written by FKF Secretary General Robert Muthomi.

The federation further wants the Malian referee scrutinised carefully before been allowed to take charge of future matches.

“We hope very much that you will carefully consider the reports of the Caf Referee Assessor for the match and look at the TV recording of the match to form a view about the acceptability of Mr Traore’s performance, and of his suitability to referee future matches,” Muthomi added.

The record Kenyan champions are in Cairo for a six-day training camp ahead of their next clash against Zamalek on Sunday, before they return to the country to face Petro Atletico in their final group match on March 17.


20 thoughts on “FKF files formal protest to CAF

  1. That’s a good move which sends a clear message to other corrupt and unqualified Caf referees. We pray for a stringent measure to be taken by caf so as to deter future bias officiating. It also puts to question Hussein days football capability and strength in the African continent and confirms that Gormahia is superior to the North African clubs. How I wish that we beat Zamalek to send a clear message to the doubters that meeting Gor mahia of Kenya is like taking oneself to a slaughter house.

    1. True. The most morally acceptable thing to do. I was taken aback by Gor Mahia’s very own Ronald Ngala intimating that Gor Mahia may opt not to lodge a complaint with CAF because it will not change the outcome of the very match.

      I found that argument curiously wanting and it reminded me of our EC’s refusal to report Kaiser Chiefs to FIFA. Begs the question as why is EC reluctant to face the higher football bodies whenever they feel agrieved? Are there some skeletons they fear might accidentally come out of the closet? Unfairness by match officials can only be erradicated if the culprits are exposed and heavy punishment meted on them.

  2. Oktay shud not use this ref blunder as his scape-goat excuse. Gor needs to not only believe but also show that it can tame these so called giants even with refs on their side.
    Kenyan clubs have lamented whenever they face N.African sides with many accusing CAF of laying ‘roadblocks’ towards our teams further progress. Time has come that we should cherish meeting these sides and ‘explaining’ to them just what we are made of.

    1. @Dinga try to be objective, now why do you invoke the name of Oktay in this? the Coach has nothing to do with poor officiating bwana. Sometimes i suggest that if somebody has nothing to write on this wall, it is even wiser to keep quiet that comment on nothing.

      1. 1. Get the gist of what i’m trying to point out before making such aimless blubber. I did not say Oktay had anything to do with the officiating…
        how you even deciphered that out of my comment is a mystery.
        The match statistics alone can guide anyone that Gor did not play well. For Gor now to hide under the ref blunder is what I am against. And that is what I am trying to bring out… that Oktay shud not hide under.
        2. You do note own this site to direct me on anything.

        1. @Dinga , on this I beg to differ with you .
          As far as the word goes , scapegoating is a situation where you give excuses based on what never happened to justify why something happened , in this case that reason /excuse happened and it is huge because had it not happened , we would be No. 1 , not No. 2 and on the verge
          Of advancing to the next stage .
          Secondly , quotting statistics is not and should never be a basis for judging superiority or lack of it in a game , a team can be tactically superior e.g a team like Athletico against Arsenal and the statistics would all be in favour of Arsenal whereas the result would be with A. Madrid .
          Finally , I would very much wish to be educated on just what is this method a team can use to overcome a team that is supported by a compromised Ref .
          Its good to encourage a team to not be overawed by a percerceived superior opponent , but all this must be on the basis of a level playing field , however it looks like its fashionable amongst sections of Gor Mahia fans to condemn coaches even before the coaches are given reasonable times to proove themselves and Statistics can proove me right or wrong on this , it happened with Nuttal , with Ze , with Kerr and now with Oktay but the same Gor fan will be heard being very reasonable elsewhere like , give Mourinho e.g 2yrs , give Pep 2yrs , give Klopp 3yrs but give Oktay 3months .

          1. Refs will always be biased. Ask any Hussein Dey fan wether the ref was biased. The other day Tusker said it plain on their match agsinst Gor. So let me ask you… was Tusker robbed?
            Biased officiating is neither here nor there.
            Idi Amin used to put it plainly, win by a knock-out.
            Statistics can surely help guide someone on how the game flowed.
            Example. If one side has 10 corners and the other side has none, this can help you draw a picture… just as can ball possession stats. I have not said that they indicate a wininning side. Gor lost and it’s stats were poor. What are the chances of scoring A in KCPE while all along you have been scoring D.
            On coaching, what time did Oktay ask for? Or what is he lucking?
            There is a reason why these ‘European experts’ are paid top dollar. I believe one is immidiate impact. I am willing to give Oktay more time, but the problem is that I am not seeing anything magical on the ground. Actually after the Angola debacle my doubts just went up. My opinion is that if Gor wants to conquer Africa then it must look and act the part. This includes alot of things and not just on the pitch matters.
            So When I see a coach trying to hitch a ride on biased officiating I will not accept that easily.
            It’s not about Gor wininning 1nil or drawing.

    2. @Dinga very true. In fact for the first time Gor will play in NAfrica twice in a week.This is the perfect time to correct our historical errors no more playing today learning and waiting for next year to to best as was the case

  3. Dear Bloggers updates from CAF Headquarters in Cairo are as follows:-
    1. Morocco is the single most powerful Nation in African Football currently as far as Matters Caf are concerned. A fete they achieved through bribery of North African and Cosafa Countries Caf Member Affiliates to let them be the Arab world football lead federation using money they got from middle eastern countries who wanted to help them land hosting rights for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.
    2. On the above note Raja Casablanca Club President Jawad Ziyat already dispatched a letter of protest against their disallowed goal vs RS Berkane and a decision arrived at immediately whereby the accused ref has been suspended for one year with other actions to follow soon after investigations.
    3. The above quick response is due to the fact that Raja Casablanca are an African Footballing Icon and immediate defending Champions of the Caf Confederation Cup.
    4. FkF through the General Secretary did a letter of protest on behalf of GM that has been stamped “received” thereby we are awaiting a decision on that when they will issue one.

    N/B – Point here is we are in the competition together but some teams are more equal than others. Onto preps for Zamalek now in Alexandria be as it may that this is North Africa where “Kings” of Caf thrive…

  4. Something happened yesterday in Madrid that should be a wake up call and a motivator to Gor Mahia as they set out to face Zemalek , and it is called Belief in ones self , two weeks ago , Real Madrid defeated Ajax in their homeground in controversial circumstances similar to what we experienced in Algiers , but after making their feelings known , they (Ajax ) put the lamentations aside and went to Madrid and hit 4 passed Real ,who , we should note , Is not only the defending champions of the cup but have won it for the last 2seasons , a team that has a budget and a pedigree hundreds of times better than Ajax .
    The perceived gap beteeen R.Madrid and Ajax in terms of all relevant indicators are similar to the perceived gap between Gor Mahia and Zemalek and as such , the biggest lesson we can learn from yesterday in Madrid is that we should not the mistake of going to Alexandria with an inferiority complex mentality moreso after we already confirmed to ourselves in Nairobi that Zemalek is only just but a big name , Remember we too are not a small name .
    This reasoning of expecting Oktay to overcome the biasness of compromised coaches doesnt make any sense , in , I believe 1985 , we had one of the best and most astute coach Gor has ever had , called Len Julians , he came up against a compromised ref in a game against the same Zemalek , a penalty was given against Gor from an incident that happened yards away from the box , Red cards were given , How then would anybody have expected Len Julians to win that game and then blame him for not winning it , then going ahead to give suggestions on what he could have done or what Oktay should do to win against a compromised coach , this is akin to blaming Besigye for not winning against Museveni and then purportedly advising Besigye how to win against a man who controls a compromised Electoral commision, a compromised Police , a comprised army , compromised Judiciary etc etc .
    That is why Refs are banned for life if they are found to have tainted the game otherwise Fifa would also have told the aggrieved teams to accept and move on or given suggestions on how the aggrieved teams can win inspite of .

  5. The only two East African clubs still participating in the CAF Continental championships will be in North Africa this weekend in Algeria and Egypt respectively.

    Simba touched down in Algeria last evening. Gor Mahia “landed safely in Alexandria, Egypt from Algeria”.

    The two clubs have had near similar fortunes in their CAF conquests this season. While Simba lie 2nd in CAF Champions League’s Group D on six points- earned from two home wins, Gor Mahia too, lie second in CAF Confederation Cup’s Group D on six points- also two home wins.

    The two have not fared well on the road. Simba did not fare too well in their two outings on the road to AS Vita and Al Ahly. They took in ten goals from just the two fixtures. Gor Mahia lost away in Angola and Algeria, soaking in three goals.

    Former Gor Mahia striker, Meddie Kagere is now at Simba Sports Club.

    Al Ahly are the top dogs in Simba’s Group D on 7 points, whereas AS Vita- bottom on 4 points, will be Simba’s last opponents in the group stage competition in Tanzania.

    In Gor Mahia’s CAF Confederation group D, NA Hussein Dey leaders on 7 points. Petro Atletico- bottom on 4, will be Gor Mahia’s last opponents in Nairobi when the group stage will conclude.

    Simba takes on JS Saoura on Saturday 9th from 10 pm while Zamalek host Gor in Cairo from 10 pm on Sunday 10th.

    Some interesting statistics in deed.

    1. *while Zamalek host Gor Mahia in Alexandria in an 8000-seater stadium as officiated by referees from Ghana, Nigeria and Chad.

  6. I would like a situation where that even if Gor loses 2nil(plus biased officiating) then they at least threw punches i.e. forced Zamalek goalie to some 3 or 4 fantastic saves. Had at least 5 or more corners and etc.
    Otherwise best of luck in Cairo.

  7. There is a difference between an incompetent ref and a compromised ref , the ref in the Gor vs Tusker game was incompetent , a compromised ref would have found a reason to avoid giving Bony a red card early in the game , a compromised ref’s duty is to ensure that all means possible is used to ensure the payee gets all the advantages -All.
    On Oktay , who can rationally say that Arsenal’s coach is a good or bad coach in the period he has been in , factoring that he first has to deal with the structural limitations he inherited and that doesnt take one season .
    Statistics are not necessarily an indicator of who was superior in a game , the deliberate tactical and technical formations of Mourinho or the Athletico Madrid coach dont yield much in terms of statistical numericals vis a vis e.g Barcelona’s , yet both have a lot to show for their tactics and technics .
    All the players in Gor including Mustapha are not Oktays signing and to just belabour on this point , Pep Guardiola is considered one of the World’s best but even he had to cut , chop and sign before we saw what we are now seeing -TIME.
    NB: This is not to conclude that I believe Oktay is a good coach , maybe he is , but my point is I have seen enough experience globally to appreciate the fact that it is too early to make that decision just the same way some people found out on Nattal who was supposed to be “just a mere PE Instuctor ” at the beginning.

    1. Ok that’s your opinion and it’s very welcome.
      But i’m just wondering how you qualified the Kenyan ref ad incompetent and the vs Hussein Dey as compromised.

  8. So what is Dinga defending here, I think the matter is the ref robbed us and FKF has lodged a protest, that’s is good enough on the part of FKF. Why would one want us to refer to game statistics? Knowing the game of football and in the 58th minute such a goal could possibly have changed the course of the game altogether, so Mr Dinga toka hapo

  9. Am glad that this Gor issue has reached the whole world through BBC Sports and
    if I was Gor Management I would officially appeal to CAF /FIFA to shine a spotlight on ur game against Zemalek instead of waiting for the same to happen then we appeal later , Let them know that all we want is to Win , lose or draw fairly , I dont think that would be too much to ask of CAF , Prevention is better than cure .
    Let CAF and the Refs of the day beware that the world wil be watching , for to be otherwise would just be but a waste of our time , for you cant compete when one side have their legs tied .


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