FKF plans to reduce number of foreigners to 3

FKF chair Sam Nyamweya has concurred with Tusker coach Francis Kimanzi and has decided that next season the number of foreigners in each time will be three, of whom only two can play at the same time.
“We are concerned by the huge number of foreign players in the country and while we have allowed clubs to sign five, we are now going to scale it down to three.” said Sam Nyamweya to the Standard.

“Furthermore, to ensure that only the best are allowed into the country, the federation will set up standards to be met by those wishing to play in Kenya.” he continued

Nyamweya also wants the immigration department to clamp down on foreigners playing in lower leagues.

“We are aware that many foreigners are taking part in the other lower leagues and the fact is we have not given them permission. We are wondering how they got work permits without us ” he said.

This came about after Tusker coach Francis Kimanzi singled out Gor Mahia as a team that is benefiting due to foreigners.

“It is good that Gor Mahia are doing well in the inter-club championships but the unfortunate thing is that when you look at the squad, their key players are all foreigners. “This is an unfortunate situation and unless addressed urgently, it will affect our progress as a country,” said Kimanzi to

KPL chair Jack Oguda concurred that the number of foreigners needs to be curbed.
“We are considering things like imposing an age limit on the foreign players allowed in our league. We also want to comprehensively deal with the issue of refugees which continues to bother us,” he explained to the Standard.


14 thoughts on “FKF plans to reduce number of foreigners to 3

  1. Lets remain focused,this is meant to divert the kogallo entire family from kagame cup and the league.Our eyes should remain glued at the goal (league,top 8,Presidents cup and kagame).Lets not allow Kimanzis,Ogudas,Nyamweyas side shows distract us.

  2. What is hindering the likes of Kimanzi from signing foreign players. A looser will always look for scape goats when they fail. EPL has lots of foreign players even La Liga, but have not heard of such shenanigans from other loosing coaches.

  3. Aaaaah so they have now found the reason for failing to beat Lesotho,Ethiopia etc, for not qualifying for anything. Ooooh, its the foreign player; just get that , we had our soccer development structures to nurture the youth under different age groups, but alas, here come the foreigner who rudely interrupted those programmes and so now we do not have good enough players to win for us any thing.
    This nasty story is just merging because Gor seems to be winning everything and some quarters find this a tad uncomfortable, so what to do? Water down their third KPL win, even CECAFA if they win it, by dragging in the issue of foreign players. Free advice to the Kimanzis of this small Kenya,things have changed and they will remain that way. If the soccer manager in this country will continue their slumber and find lame excuses like this one, I am sorry they will continue to lose everything and not qualify for any big tournament in the forseable future.

    1. Winning without sponsorship and they can’t get round it. Tusker with all it’s money are finding it hard to compete against Gor, the local players should view the foreign influx as an inspiration for them to work harder.

    1. This is the politics of Kenya i HATE by all means, shetani ishindwe, if a club is doing well, then they become jealous, if we fail is when they rejoice, shetani ishindwe , Kimanzi now wants to fire foreign players!!! Anyway someone to pass this message to Nutall, the defence to be more serious as we tackle Khartoum to avoid minor mistakes that may cost us, midfield to be accurate with their passes and strikers to be kin not spare any chance, players should not relax at all from the start to the end not like the way they did last time second half. they should aim for early goals, this are critical matches!! All the best and God bless you all

  4. wud somebody tell kimanzi now that amepata a good ride and the only kikwazo ni gor,mchango ndio imefanya tuko hapa sai

  5. pure bullshit by Nyamweya and Kimanzi.The league should have foreigners to make it more competitive. The best leagues in the world have foreigners.Its like saying Kenya does not want foreign goods;you can imagine how lack of competition will create absurdity.

    1. Surely, why to say such a thing wen CECAFA is going on? He wants to sap energy out of our players!! Jealousy ni mbaya sana tena sana. The challenges Gor Mahia is facing only God knows. Sponsors with drew for no apparent reason, we are now surviving without sponsor, KRA was on our neck the other day, Now a new issue has emerged of foreign players and their main target is Gor Mahia, TUMECHOKA!!

    2. Politics in football is killing the game. It’s okay for harambee stars to pick players playing abroad but not okay for local clubs to pick foreign players. Many Kenyans play in other people’s leagues and this directive will set a bad precedent that will ultimately deny Kenyans the opportunity to advance their careers outside the country.

  6. Tusker fc is ashamed that they can’t match up to K’ogalo and now Kimanzi with support of Tusker which is sponsoring the League wants to come up with rules to cage MIGHTY K’OGALO. OKBICHALONU!!! we’ll follow any rules but even if Gor wins you’ll hear them complaining of Height of players, weight, shape and colour e.t.c. WE WILL OVERCOME as usual..

  7. This issue is coming up at a time when we are planning for our Annual General Meeting and we are opposed to the reinstatement of former Coast National Executive Member Hussein Terry, who was banned for life from football matters for taking the federation to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission of Kenya, said Mwayoyo.

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