Full Interview with Jerim Onyango

Jerim Onyango discusses his formative days, his career at Gor Mahia and his future plans. He discusses his annual tournament (Jerry Jagoal Cup) that is held in Ugunja in Ugenya constituency. Two graduates of that tournament are currently playing in the Kenya Premier League.

In the second part, Jerim discusses why he has decided to hung his boots and what he will do if elected as MCA for Ugunja.

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  1. In the last blog someone asked if maqbul has been signed and the answer is yes.
    We had our own training session at parklands sports club where incidentally Gor was also training.
    In attendance was Wafula…Simiyu…Bernard odhiambo who it had been reported had been released….plus all the new signings and old guards

  2. Yes he was.
    Our attack looks very blunt though.i know it was training, but there were many shots off target by kagere,tuyisenge and Timothy.BB was on the touchline…got injured but it’s not serious.

  3. Hehehe, the attack was blunt!!!!!!! For crying out loud- guys it’s off- season and people have just reported back to training. Anyway it’s good to be informed of anything Kogalo. We appreciate you for the info. I hope that we will be fine when we kick off against Tusker in the dstv super cup. We pray that we win every cup available this year. Please, let us rally behind the team to the last man when the league kicks off.

  4. Oswozo, you were training !!!! That’s good. We need to let Ze Maria know of your ability. You might just bail us out when one of the departments needs reinforcement. That’s if you were doing football training and not tennis.

  5. Haha @le pastre. …yangu ni ya kukeep fit.the best I can do for kogalo is play the 12th man.
    But it was good watching them train.fyi,Tom ogweno was also there.but there was no sight of ottamax

  6. @Oswozo Moziek, are you saying that King David’s brother was in training? Great news. Please confirm that you did not see Passenger 27 there.

    1. @BB,if twas within my power i would declare that GM permanently retires the no.27 to avoid causing you any more heartaches/blood pressure.That no.27 seems to trigger a phobia type reflex action in you.Le Pastre & Jasego,the tatical minds, surely how will the coaches deal with wastefullness infront of goal.I for one, strongly believe that if you can’t get it right in training or have’nt got it right at by senior level then expect worse at competitive matches where strikers are under much more pressure from packed defences/negative football.Tiki Taka bila goals ni T*ka Tak*.Blocked shots on target is understandable but offtarget shots hiyo si ni lack of skill? What is the solution and can Ze Maria hack it?

      1. Oduor12 this bluntness in front of goal is due to lack of a clinical striker.I said it b4 and hereby repeat Tuyisenge is a winger number 7,not a typical out and out 9 striker role he’s deployed in at GM so don’t expect that he’ll ever pick the golden boot award.We have never replaced Olunga per se and therefore the only solution is to have scoring midfielders to complement the main striker and that’s why I wud like abondo back or Ze Maria can try putting Kagere as the number 9 since he is a better goal poacher in my view then deploy tuyisenge to the wing to face competition from wafula and now Jeconiah I yoga for the position

        1. Jeconiah uyoga from Zetech whom we signed…That’s why June last season I talked of signing Allan Wanja but never succeeded.This time Kepha Aswani was free but some people were not meant to wear the white and green coz to picture Aswani in kogalo is hard to fathom but still he outscored tuyisenge last season despite playing fewer games

          1. Did/ does the TB know / understand your technical concerns? Was Jausenge recruiteted to play this position? Is the coach gambling again this year? My adrenalin is rising.

  7. This year Gor Mahia will have a squad of more than 25 capable players. As at now we can assume that baring any natural calamity we will have Boniface Oluoch, Shaban Odhonji and Peter Odhiambo as our Goalkeepers for the season of 2017. Our defensive positions shall be occupied by the likes of Mike Simiyu, Maqbul, Walusimbi, Karim Nsigiyimana, Joash Onyango, MM, Haron Shakava. Our impressive collection of midfielders shall be led by the languid but effective Kahata assisted by the genius that is Muguna and the enforcer that is Wendo and Gatusso. Wafula, Philemon Otieno, Migi, Teddy Osok, John Ndirangu and Oliver Maloba will complete the line up. Our front line of Kagere, Tuyisenge, Jeckonia Uyoga, Nondi and Blackberry looks promising and will trouble many defenses in the Premier League.

  8. @BB…yes,I can categorically state that king David’s brother was in attendance, and passenger 27 was not there.i even have photos to back me up!!

  9. Passenga 27 joined Bandari a few hours ago and has been officially confirmed.
    If what @oswozo Moziek is saying is real,then i think we need to recruit a 20+ goals per season striker, the question is who is this striker ?

  10. Bloggers you are too much on the happenings at the training. Let the technical bench members led by the coach do their work. Our role as bloggers is to give maximum support to the team. Personally I am not a fan for people jamming the training sessions and giving us information that cannot be substantiated.

      1. @musymo, I know you are one of the bloggers that have no stand at all. You always want discussions to go on your way. What business are you going to achieve when the team is being trained unless you are part of the technical bench or ground handler.

        Fans have no business attending training sessions apart from only open days for the fans. We have no business frequenting the training sessions unless you are a busybody with nothing to do.

  11. @jamigori…what exactly cannot be substantiated?and who has jammed the training session? I did not go looking for Gor training.fyi…Gor found me where I train on a daily basis.
    Further,there is nothing wrong with sharing what I witnessed and there is nobody interfering with the technical bench work here.
    If they come back for training again tomorrow and I find them or they find me,I will be back on this same blog to report what I witness.so too bad for you. …I do what I please and the likes of you are of no consequence to me whatsoever! !!

    1. Thanks for the update Oswozo. We need such firsr hand updates. It is not only the TB who understand football matters. I am also planning to attend such trainings when I get time, and when I do, updates hapa pap.

      1. Misinformed. First hand update need to come from the officials but not busybodies with no value to add during the training sessions.

  12. @oswozo…thanks for the information. I think we are all stakeholders at this great club and I see nothing wrong in knowing what is going on at the club,whether it’s in training, on match days, behind the scenes, name it, we have a right to be informed.
    As long as we are not being disruptive to the team, then it’s all in order.kindly oswozo let us know what else you see.some of us are away from the team but would like every detail of what’s happening! !

    1. Hehehe thoo…Even wanga was rejected for having been too passionate while at Ogwang and his face being too symbolic of ingwe

  13. Thank you @Oswozo Moziek. I can now rest easy. Very easy. King David’s brother should now fight his way into the first eleven. He should not make history by warming the bench in Gor Mahia for 3 seasons. Indeed Oswozo Moziek you are innocent since it is Gor Mahia who came to your territory. As a member of this site you know how starved of information we are and i feel it is quite in order for us to be informed of both the positives and the negatives.

    I fully agree with Jasego’s views on Jausenge. Ze Maria should not force what cannot work. Last season I was faced with a similar scenario in the institutional team that I coach. I had to deploy my number 9 to operate in the wings while I relied on the midfielders to get the goals from his crosses and his spadework. This strategy worked for me so well and I ended up bagging the championship.

  14. @Oswozo; thanks for info.We seriously need Gor TV 24 hr channel. There is a big appetite for Gor news.On Tuyisenge I remember coach Makinstry’s words that Tuyisenge is more of a winger and can score 10 goals and give 10 assists.

  15. On strikers we should be very strict.I admire Laffor of Sundowns who is 30yrs.He can run faster than Tuyisenge n Kagere combined good in the air and has a powerful right foot.Must we scout only in Rwanda for strikers?West Africa is awash with talent;even retirees who will not demand 6 month contract but know how to put the ball in the net.Bloggers imagine Laffor is from Liberia;try and watch him with M Sundowns and compare with our 26 yr old striker.

  16. I have come to realise that many bloggers on this site are quite knowledgeable in matters football! I am therefore kindly pleading with those who are ever quick to tell us that the TB should be left to do its work, to give us a break. We have what it takes to analyse football matters. And since we are not partisan, sugarcoating of our analysis is never going to happen.

    1. Great, does the TB ,ever read this analysis? Jasego Kanyada wuod Homabay, at times the emphasis of the spectators is very important to ignore. Do they ever read these opinions ?

      1. @Jamiriambo, I believe they do. Who would not want to read the great grammar written by the boys of this site! Sometimes you read mpaka unashanga ati wewe no was shule gani? But it is well.

  17. Blunt attack was not the worst problem. The real problem is that the team did not create any decent chances. They were not able to bother the Hilal defence much. I did not see the Hilal keeper tested much even with long range efforts

    1. I believe with the newly recruited midfield we will be able to create chances.now it will be up to the strikers to finish the job !!

  18. @joe Riaga I agree with.Against Al Hilal much of the action was on our half of the pitch.But I love the way Al Hilal supporters attend matches.It was just a Friendly match and the venue was packed.Some food for thought.There was a brand new car by the pitch side that the camera men repeatedly zoomed down to.Was it for the MVP?.@ja Asego,are we done with the recruitment?

    1. Baba travis there is a school of thought that we end transfer business as is but I propose re-signing abondo and one more clinical forward if possible…

    2. In total agreement, I do not think we need to recycle players that left us without a penny being paid to the club. Abondo forced his transfer and in this regard I do not think it will be wise to have him back. Let him continue with the search for greener pastures in South Africa.

  19. I believe the squad that we have is very capable of doing as proud this season , I believe that even last season most of the games were lost even before we stepped onto the pitch bcoz of the behind the scenes instability instigated by the likes of Kilo , just like what ends up on your dining table is a product of what happens in the kitchen , if the cooks decide to tear each other up or decide to quietly
    and “peacefully”
    apportion themselves chunks of food that was meant for the players , then all we should expect is a dissatisfied unit , Hope that this season we will be spared those sideshows and if not then this new office should expect a very rough season outside the pitch…we must tackle these problems from whence they emanate

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