30 Nov 11

Harambee stars recovered to beat Ethiopia 2-0 after having lost to Malawi by the same margin on Monday.  Whereas Collins Okoth was the sole Kogalo player in action on Monday, There were  no Gor Mahia or AFC players in action on Wednesday.  Sceptics including former Gor Mahia and Harambee stars skipper Austin Oduor have suggested that the defensive pair of Mandela and Pascal are too slow and will be found wanting by a pacy forwardline. They have suggested the inclusion of Gor Mahia’s Eric Masika who is fleet of foot and can deal with speedy forwards.

Most pundits said that Okoth was off colour in the Malawi game as was the rest of the midfield especially Titus Mulama and Jamaal Mohammed. In fact almost no Harambee stars player acquited himself well on Monday. Wednesday’s game was a vast improvement. Victor Ochieng was voted by most observers as the best Harambee stars player on show. However we all know Ethiopia is not as strong as Malawi so any celebration should not be excessive. Nevertheless, the win is worth some celebration because Ethiopia and Eritrea have humiliated Kenya in tyhe recent past at both club and national level. Remember AFC were unceremoniously dismissed by a nondescript Ethiopian club and last year, Harambee stars lost to Ethiopia at the same stage of this tournament.

Coach Kimanzi kept faith with veteran keeper Duncan Ochieng who had a nightmare game on Monday. Sudan and Malawi tied in the other group C game. Kenya play Sudan next.

Kenya Lineup

Duncan Ochieng, Mulinge Munandi, Brian Mandela, Pascal Ochieng, Yusuf Juma, Humphrey Ochieng, Titus Mulama, Jamal Mohammed, Kevin Kimani, Victor Ochieng, Bob Mugalia.

Subs: Jacktone Odhiambo, James Situma, Dennis Odhiambo, Jockins Atudo, Collins Okoth, Stephen Waruru, Paul Were, Stephen Ocholla, Eric Masika.

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  • Omondi Omollo says:

    Truth be told, Kenya needs to do a lot,we lack confident defenders and our midfielders aren’t good ball players. Jamal is good and confident but cannot make the right decisions and always wastes a lot of time with the ball. Collins Okoth needs to improve on ball control and reading the game. Perhaps this calls for investment youth development.

  • I Concur with omondi,Kenya indeed need confident defenders like the one we had in the 80;s eg Bobby Ogolla,Austin Oduor,Josphat Murilla etc,but for Duncan Bnface Oluoch of TUSKER or Odhiambo of ulinzi is much better,Kimanzi should think positively Duncan is OUTDATED. Okoth Jabillo bravo ,lets hope next season will be better with us kogallos.

  • papamiky says:

    wow,wow…..AFC is doing it differently guyz. they have chosen to honour their own. they will have their extravaganza tomorrow dedicated to the whole ingwe fraternity. something to think about ofis mpya!!!!!!

  • Dan says:

    If Kevin was there the HS line-up could have had five Ochiengs !!

  • Joe Riaga says:

    If Kogalo are serious about continental football, they should hire Victor Ochieng and some of those Malawian players.

  • Pundit says:

    @Joe Riaga..i support you kabisa…we need victor Ochieng and another serious Malawi midfielder.

  • Teddy Yiaro says:

    Kogalo nid rama salim and victor ochieng and goal keeper ivo mapunda.
    Teddy Yiaro


    I don’t want to sound a pessimist.

    While we have every right to speculate why both GM and AFC players were not in Kimanzi’s starting eleven against Ethiopia, the sole prerogative to field any player lies with the coach.

    I give him the benefit of doubt. He has watched the opponent previous games, studied their weakness which he wanted to exploit. He knew what player to use where and what time. He has been with the players during training sessions.

    I also believe it is the responsibility of every player, no matter which club he comes from,
    to fight for his place in the national team. The Kenya premier league is becoming very competitive and new talents get discovered everyday. Let us shun these myopic and tribal sentiments in our football in order to have one national team representing one country called KENYA. Why haven’t we raised the same sentiments in displines such as athletics which have been dominated by one ethnic community?

  • Joe Riaga says:


    Good sentiments but I am curious who you are referring to. No one on this blog has criticized Kimanzi or expressed any tribal sentiments. One person above actually said Collins Okoth needs to improve. My take is that we need better players. So I am curious who you asking to shun mypoic sentiments. Swali tu

  • paul says:

    @pareyio ole lelerue, your comments reflects that you have no idea nor understand football. If you have nothing to write in this blog, it would be better not to post any of these nonsensical comments. When fans are making positive contributions, you always post cramp. I think you better differentiate positive comments and negative contribution for you to mature up.