Gor Mahia 0 ENPPI 3

ENPPI proved to Gor Mahia why they are the league leaders in the Egyptian league group A ahead of world champions Al Ahly. They soundly beat Gor Mahia lost 0-3. Two goals in the first half and one late in the second half sunk Gor Mahia. More to come later.

Ivorian striker Vincent Die Foneye put the hosts ahead after 30 minutes after making the most of a cross from forward Ahmed Omran.

Omran turned from provider to scorer four minutes before the break to double ENPPI’s lead.  Striker Ahmed Raouf completed the score after 85 minutes.

Coach Zdvarko Logarusic inexplicably fielded a lineup with 3 strikers and only one defensive midfielder. This despite the fact that teams usually find it difficult to contain Egyptian teams in Cairo.

Gor Mahia now face an uphill task in the return leg to be played in Nairobi in a fortnight. To even the score they have to score 3 clear cut goals and concede none.

STARTING XI: 1. Fredrick Onyango –GK (Cpt), 19. Solomon Nasio, 3. Christopher Wekesa, 4. Donald Mosoti, 18. Ivan Anguyo(David Owino), 6. Anthony Akumu, 20. Joseph Njuguna(Ali Abondo), 14. Kevin Omondi(Musa Mohammed), 21. Rama Salim, 9. Edwin Lavatsa, 8. Danny Sserenkuma.

31 thoughts on “Gor Mahia 0 ENPPI 3

  1. There must have been something wrong with our defence. Allowing such number of goals! We have a huge task at home. Good luck!!

  2. Sasa hii ni aibu gani? Loga, why have all those strikers when playing away?why have one holding midfilder in away much in a foreign land? This tie is over, just like the feraviaro one.

  3. Me I think the blunder was playing with 3 strikers. In the 1st leg against an Egyptian team in Cairo you are supposed to park the bus. Egyptian teams are very good at exploiting defensive weakness.

  4. May i take this opportunity to thank almighty for the result.though it’s heartbreaking i believe that maybe there was something wrong with the defence line and strikers.i was busy following the updates from our official website and i didn’t understand something,in the morning admin of the site mentioned something about fans insulting players and from the comments, statements were made on anguyo which i didn’t understand,mind u players always visit these sites to know fans take on them.
    The comments may motivate and demoralise, and that’s why i said we need a team psychologist period!

  5. Kudos to the team. How u recover for the return leg matter. have journey mercies back home. We will teach them lesson at home too there is still 90min. Dont blame the coach nor the players we must learn to accept the results, every coach has his tactics and players are used to. My only advice is not to carry an injured player abroad with aim of passing late fitness test that made our substitute bench thinner and restrictive game plan.

  6. Do not loose hope. Let’s just have confidence and self belief in the return leg and we’ll stand a chance.

  7. Yes we have 90 minutes to make amend for that lose. Bt to be honest,do we have the ability to score 3 to 4 goals to go through? When did Gor last beat a strong opposition by a 3 goal margin?
    @ nyakogalo, it’s better to have less faith in the team and rejoice if they go through that be confident and fail to through.
    Why did anguyo,kiongera and dube travel with the team yet they were not feeling well? Do we have sacred cows at GM? David owino is better than both anguyo and mosoti combined, innocent mutiso is better than both dube and abondo, yusuf is better than wekesa. The seasons as to why loga overlook them is a mystry to me.

  8. @mcosweto,i concur with you that our team had players who were not feelng well but the coach had a reason for carrying them along,despite playing there is something i always call mind game or is it pschology,winning is part of the game as well as a draw or a loss, i have been raised in a family of footballers from ma own dad who played for re union in early days name withheld and has coached and my siblings too are in the sport, so i know what players and coach go through in all the scenarios and in addition what their families go thru after a match leave alone me being a fan of kogalo. and that’s why i always support the team positively no matter what their outcome is coz i know being positive gives them strength to go on.

  9. So much for the trial and error tactics of coach Logarusic. Looks like his luck finally ran out in Egypt. I will join other fans in asking for the wisdom in playing an open game against a north African side. Good tactics would have demanded we play dull and ugly but concede no goal. Can anyone out there remember Kenya’s famous elimination of Algeria in Algiers under coach Gadisevic Vojo? Kenya’s game that night remaains the worst fullball ever played on the planet yet we eliminated Algeria. I still believe that with good tactics and purposeful fielding, we can roll over this Egyptian nonentity. What the team needs is self-belief and this starts with the coach.

  10. I thought our coach would pile defence as was seen in the sofapaka match and play the same game but maybe he wanted an away goal which we didnt get instead we had the three goals in favour of Egypt, plz lets not crucify the coach.the return leg is in two weeks lets just believe that we shall improve.I wish Emuge played this game coz he intimidates opponents with the strength and physic.this player has won my confidence from game 1 and kiongera apart from being over-confidence and at times being selfish with the ball they are my best signings this season.

  11. Nyakogalo Am glad u r back. But condeming the team is not right because evry team want to win and evry coach has his game plan and all teams however good they r can loose. totham did beat inter milan 3-0 in england but when they went to italy they lost 4-1 & there4 our team is not bad mcheza kwao hutuzwa.so lets encourage our players instead of condeming them.

  12. Kutoka hapa Kansas roho leo inakera lakini vijana wa Gor wasife moyo. Asiye kubali kushindwa siye mshindani.

    Lakini mbio hazijaisha, bado pana nafasi. Mungu akipenda tutafuzu.


  13. Eric
    Hebu tukutane KC (jack stack ile iko plaza) sa sita nikuambie vile Gor watatandikwa. Vile nilisema, hawa watu wa Tuzo ni maziwa lala kabisa. Tuta ongeza sukari ya mumias kwa hiyo maziwa lala halafu tumpatie paka hatari mwenye madoadoa aikunywe

  14. I know Kogalo did their best and we are proud of u. We have a chance in the 2nd leg, anything is possible in football. Kogalo for life.

  15. TUZO is withdrawing the sponsorship: As i said before it was politics….So how will you meet Luosickly’s one million shillings pay per month? For ENPPI, If you watched TUSKER vs Ahly game this eveing, then you should be aware of the dose that will be prescribed for you in Nairobi in 2 weeks time-very bitter one. Lugorosic will through his files and fight the air literallry with his hands……watch this space! ENPPI is not ANSEC!

  16. Hatujawahi chapa hata Karuturi or City stars 3 nill. lets leave all to God. Kuchapa Egyptian team ni kama UK kuchapa RAO. sirahisi. Let me ask again wat is the problem with INOCENT MOTISO. Id like to advice Loga that ths one of the best wingers in Kpl. he has the needed speed and skills. Pls if he has no injury jst field him and ul nt regret it.

  17. Guys, unfortunately we lost but I believe tht even if we are eliminated in two weeks time we should go out with pride.Criticizing the coach’s tactics is fine, but from which angle? unless we were there in Cairo.
    Also saying such a player is better than the other is wrong. I believe the tech bench knows better, otherwise instead of ‘coaching’ from this blog we would be handling even some kindergaten team somewhere. I belive we can make it but will not take that to the bank. Do those criticizing know that the team had issues raising the air tickets to Cairo? As for our shemejis @Ben Dis and @ingo you have a bigger problem locally at the den to sort out and including Kogalo woes as part of yours will overwhelm you. All the same we wish you the best so that you can start getting returns for your investments. For Gor I still believe we have a good team to struggle internationally but excell locally

  18. Let not be any “jose morihno” untouchable nine in kogallo. Advice to TB create healthy competation among the player for starting positions for whatever u are practising now is unhealthy to even kindergaten pupil. Still ask why carry a sick player abroad let all pass fitness test before boarding the plane. All are equal and earn salary from kogalo coffers give them work.

  19. Give me a chance in competative game and judge me from then. History in gor mahia tells me no even one player has had a number for him all players get position when either others are injured or suspended. Example Abbas Magongo, David Ochieng vs Tirus Omondi,

  20. @Michael , i dont have beef with any player but if u remember my sentiments earlier on the blog i loved the pace and confidence of our players and the defence, is good only that they normally have a lapse of concentration in a technical game.

    what happened that Gor nowadays play in navy blue or is it black at night.I’m not supposed to judge but from colour and visibility i would prefer either the green or white coz of motion and easy spotting of a teammate

    Another observation is that our team normally after 20minutes of serious playing they get tired and escorts ball by watching the player with the ball ,i think the players should just be made to flow to the last minute at least it motivates when u have the ball and others are making it easier for u to pass the ball.

    Still I know we can make it!l

    Go Gor go,let the sky be the limit.

  21. for me am sure we can make it better here in Nairobi, lets give our players morale and just hope that kiongera and dube will be fit by then, guys we can make it. if we manage 2goals by half time we will beat them and am sure of that.

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