Gor Mahia 1 SoNy Sugar 0

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Gor Mahia returned to the top of Kenya Premier League table standings following a hard fought 1-0 victory over Sony Sugar in a match played at Afraha Stadium in Nakuru on Sunday.

Chemelil Sugar had temporarily taken league leadership on Saturday after edging out Thika United 2-1 at Chemelil Complex. The win now pushes K’Ogalo back to summit on 23 points while Sony Sugar are ninth after amassing 14 points.

Gor Mahia were the better side from the first whistle and deserved to go ahead after a number of missed chances through Ugandan Dan Sserunkuma.

The sugar millers under former Gor Mahia player Zedekiah ‘Zico’ Otieno, should have taken the lead after five minutes but top scorer Edwin Oduor’s goal was ruled for offside after being put through by Marwa Chamberi.

Gor Mahia started to threaten after the scare with Erick Ochieng’ and Dan Sserunkuma combining well and forced a corner whose resultant kick was cleared off the line.

On resumption, Sony looked more dangerous on counter attacks with Chamberi twice coming close. The sugar millers’ efforts to attack, were however, thwarted after they were reduced to ten men in 68th minute when Eugine Ochieng’ was shown straight red for a foul on Erick Ochieng’.

From the resultant free-kick delivered by Anthony ‘Teddy’ Akumu, the ball hit the post and rebounded back only to land in the feet of Sserunkuma, who struck home.

The goal however, did not dumpen Sony from attacking and coach ‘Zico’ Otieno injected new blood into the squad bringing in John Semegunyi for Marwa Chamberi. The sugar millers then rested Victor Ochieng’ for Victor Ademba.

Gor Mahia coach Bobby Williamson also introduced Shaban Kenga for Rama Salim and in 84th minute they squandred another chance to go 2-0 up after goalkeeper Lukas Indeche saved a well taken free-kick from Godfrey Walusimbi.

K’Ogalo coach Bobby Williamson was satisfied with the outcome despite blaming Sony Sugar of applying defensive tactics. “Sony Sugar wanted a draw because they tried to restrict us from playing our flowing game.

“It was a matter of when to get them on counter attack because they resorted to a more defensive game than attacking. I am though satisfied because the win takes us back to the top.”


49 thoughts on “Gor Mahia 1 SoNy Sugar 0

  1. Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records..The financial challenges Kogalo is facing will go down the history as the turning point in Kogalo’s endowment management, financial self reliance and excellent club. The eagle soar but but against the storm, I urge Kogalo community to stand together and walk together..bearing in mind that ..There is a palace o’er the river and its jasper walls i clearly see, and among its many mansions there is one prepared for us but if we remain faith steadfast.

  2. thanks to the ALMIGHTY GOD for the win en plz jo k’ogalo m-pesa pok olor juu kpl wamekatalia pesa ya monthly ya club.


  4. Thank you very much players for being positive even if the club is going through a lot. Always remember there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. We return all the glory and honour to the Almighty God for having given us sweet victory over the stubborn Sony Sugar in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. On behalf Mombasa County and entire coast fan fraternity, I sincerely thank our players and technical bench members for the hard work and excellent performance. Keep it up. You always make us happy.

    EC please we appeal to explore all ways of turning our club to a fully fledged professional outfit now. Start rolling the ball and all Gor Mahia fans will give you the much needed support at this time when all odds are against us.

  6. Glory be to God for the victory. Indeed as many have called upon Gods name He will not put us to shame. I said in one of my past post that this challenge will be our turning point for better things. AR i still insist your one million fan base is a pipe dream. We should put fans into different bands Gold, Silver & Bronze in which each band will contribute a specific amount of money either monthly, quarterly or yearly. How should fans benefit, probably in terms of discount on merchandise and gate charges. Imagine if the club was to get these cash in advance it will mean the stadium management will not have a dig at this money and probably attendance will rise. By contributing fans will have a sense of ownership of the club.
    AR you have done much for the club and i personnaly appreciate but you must stop this inertia and simplistic way of looking at things. Be the man bwana AR and take the lead or else i shall start believing that your intentions are not good. PROVE ME WRONG.

  7. Shukrani zote kwa Mwenyezi Mungu kwa huo ushindi dhidi ya Sony.

    Imani Mypya, Kasi Mpya, Ari Mypya!!!

    Hoyee kwa kilabu bingwa Gor Mahia!!!

    Kwa raha,kwa dhiki K’Ogalo daima1!

  8. Yaah,,to mitnaah.mitnaaah.nxt sasa ni sofapaka on 11th,kuna jama mwingine hapo anarusha mpira ile mbaya,so balls hazifal karibu na goal.,tena 2chunge miheso.they dsapnt dring gotve knockout..cogrants boys.david juma mwaaah..imit baba,fight 4 ntnl koL

  9. Good performance by the players and may GOD BLESS the k’ogalo fraternity. Now the Mpesa issue let’s continue with donations and ask some hard questions later please.
    Once again thanks all of you.

  10. I believe now the sceptics have been answered by the TB and players. Most of us would not produce such performance at our places of work/school under the current circumstances. CONGRATS AGAIN TO THE BOYS and the TB. So instead of asking the questions and not contributing to the team we should continue with the donations. Our situation is like being in a listing/leaking vessel and still asking who caused what when and why. In that sitaution you first of all control the situation and asking the HARD quesstions later.
    So please let’s continue contributing that extra fund we have as we know these players/TB have obligations like school fees and other family commintments.
    This does not absolve somebody in the GM office from errors of ommision and commision so they should be prepared to answer the Gor fraternity.

  11. can someone highlight me on how Owino & Akumu performed on their new possitions which I believe were wings bcos I did not watch the match.
    The line-up which was released showed that Juma,Musa,Emuge,Shakava,&Walusimbi were to be in defence.Kizito , Erick,Owino & Akumu in Midfied & Sserukuma & Rama salim on attack. Thank You God for the Victory.

  12. bro it was 3,5,2 wea musa n walu were operating from the wings then teddy,baba,erico dieres then rama, sere mbele.

  13. Thank you LORD sony was just after a draw and they parked that chelsea bus but we managed to penetrate.please let us contribute and motivate the players,i was very happy when sserenkuma scored and ran straight to the cameras showing them our M PESA number.please the players morale is still high ,let us rally behind them with our contribution.

  14. Congratulations. All to remember 350100, ile uko nayo……..! Let’s talk less and act big via paybill. Next Sofapaka…….., let’s focus!

  15. Gor Mahia,my marriege to you was-and has never been-a marriage of convenience.Many suitors came my way before I got hooked up to you.I had a choice to be Mrs.Breweries,Leopards,Re-Union,Scarlet,Bandari the list is endless.I chose you.You were and still remain my best option.If I were to be given another chance to chose a spouse I will still chose you and Man United as my best times.As with all marriages, we have had a fair share of disagreements these past few weeks.There have been few sticking points.I vowed to love and cherish you for good and for worse.Through the sun and the rain.This is a promise I have kept despite the pains I have had to occasionally bear.Looking back,and I must admit,it has not always a life of gloom.Many have been great moments.At your best no man could stand in your way.You out thought,outmaneuvered, outsmarted and outwitted everyone.You have been a joy to watch and live with.To day I re commit and recite my marriage vows to you.I know our financial status is dire.Honey,you can count on my support-till death do us part.I have done it before and still willing to go 10 more miles just for the good of my family.I saw the glint of tears in the eyes of sons in Nakuru after that goal went in.I celebrated,yes,but in retrospect I knew some of them are facing eviction from their houses and are going hungry.Today evening,I will deposit 3000 in your account.I hope it will be 10k by month end.I won’t mind who pockets the money.I’m doing this for the love of my club.Purists on this blog,please do not lecture and tell me that I am throwing my hard-earned cash to the dogs.Kogalo sweetheart,I have never loved you more.Good week.

  16. @Baba Travis, am married too to Kogalo and no matter the circumstances, I too recite my marriage vow. This is the team and no matter the circumstances, we are together in poverty, lack, plenty, etc. am sending my 5000 too.

  17. Thanx bro mwakio. This is the spirit. I have cut on my daily airtime by 250 to be channelled to 350100. Together we can!!

  18. @ Dan Original please take Baba Travis’s route coz there is NO-ONE & NO-WHERE to ask your HARD questions later in the current GM setup.
    If so tell us how?
    Apart the much vilified fans who rightfully hold officials hostage/chase them at the stadia.
    You are not even sure that the situation is being controlled!!!
    Thank-you Baba Travis for being so humbly eloquent & to the point.

  19. Sorry let me add I think what is important is a weekly statement that XXX,XXX shillings were collect and used to pay so & so expenses first & foremost salaries of TB & their bonuses / allowances.
    As gallant fans contribute to save the situation the onus is on EC to show that the situation is actually being SAVED.

  20. nakuru is a happy town and has been happy since we beat ulinzi, the victory against sony was extremely sweet and encouraging. on behalf of the fans of nakuru, i would sincerely wish to thank the entire kogalo fraternity for their effort for the good results is sum total of several efforts, for the traveling fans especialy from nairobi, kindly accept my kudos for without any doubt you set standards not only for kogalo but for football.the executive just do the right thing always, AND THE PLAYERS KEEP IT UP WE ARE EXTREMELY PROUD OF YOU.

  21. Congrats for the sweet victory. 13 more victories then we are crowned. To all well wishers contributing towards this very noble cause, may you be blessed abundantly. I am not worried about nothing.
    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo


  23. @ Olu posted on May 4th. your commentary is brilliant. Very Objective as well as unifying during this very difficult period. I would just add as said in the swahili saying” Kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa kupika” Let us the K’ogallo family also come out more stronger.

  24. am touched by baba trevis marriage vow n am adding 3100kshs right now.long leave Gormahia,our God will never dissapoint.to otthers lets keep it up n at that tempo.

  25. Thanks to all contributors. Can we ask the admin to ‘black’ out the contributors’ names and phone numbers from the list? For privacy and security reasons we can get these info either at the office or when requested. That should not however stop us from contributing.
    Last week was not good and we hope to get some uplifting info from the office this week. The main issue should be that we are already engaging the taxman in order to be compliant. The issue of Oboya and sponsorship we can also be updated on the progress or non-progress of it.
    For our weekend match we need to ensure there are no leakages at the gate so that we can maximise our collection.

  26. I will pay another Kshs.5000 to the playbill number before the weekend. I will be using my ID number only. My target is to have deposited Kshs.10,000-20,000 per month and Kshs.120,000-240,000 per annum. This is the only way to support our team.

    We are still waiting for Gor Mahia SACCO to be officially unveiled and I will be the first member of the SACCO. It is saying and doing but not keeping empty promises.

  27. The SACCO will solve all this problems we have. The contributions can be invested in many ventures.
    Just put competent and proven professionals to be managers.
    This way nothing will no longer be a dream; own stadium, club house and other ventures. With a SACCO finance can be accessed very easily.
    Lets have a definite timeline. Otherwise I will mobilize likeminded fans and form a SACCO within 2 weeks.

  28. Thanks Mwakio,am following suit,now is the time for your great ideas..can AR/EC also come up with the platform for incorporating these ideas..

  29. Just paid 3k.FA251Y955.By the grace of God I hope to contribute another 3k by Monday next week.Comrades,lets join hands and rescue Gor.My three thousand can’t do much but when added to your one hundred or two hundred the value,invariably increases.My community has a proverb that”Kicheche afukuzwe kwanza ndipo kuku hatadhirishwe dhidi ya kuzurura mwituni”Loosely translated it teaches that we deal with the wild dog first then warn the chicken later against wandering too far into the bush.I also have issue with this chicken.However,I must ensure it is safety first.It will have learnt her lesson.I implore those of us who have who have reservations to drop their hard line stance and embrace this project.Your concerns are genuine.We need you.Kogalo needs you.

  30. So far 400k raised not enough! a ‘ million man march’ to raise the funds for kogallo is still on……the proposed dates are as follows and we shall work closely with the EC! Details to follow

    24 th may – nairobi

    31 st may – Mombasa

    7th June- kisumu

    14th June – machakos

    21st June – Nakuru

    28th June – thika

    5th July – kitale

    12th July – Malindi or garissa

  31. @ Jakorando, omera in this hour of need there is NO time for propaganda, at Jakoyo NI KUSEMA NA KUTENDA !

  32. Clap, Clap, Clap Mwakio, Baba Travis & all who contributed to the Mpesa paybill no.

    More importantly i want to strongly encourage Jacity. You can count on my full support as regards mobilization towards the GM Sacco. It’s the most structured & sustainable way to build our beloved club.

  33. Admn, kindly audit this Jakoyo man! All GM fans and followers, ignore this character. This is not a site for jokers, spare us the barrage of vitriol please!Rule No 1 to Admn, before publishing a comment we would want to see FA……. Confirmed!

  34. @ stiv agwati, before you post anything on this site please seek approval from your parents, you have nothing between your ears! Great minds discuss ideas, narrow minds discuss events and small minds discuss people…..so I see where you fall, chieth ni !!!!!

  35. 350100. Our new sponsors. I await the The Gor Mahia Sacco. I will contribute to this with all my heart. As Serenkuma ran to the flag and raised his hands to our number 350100 and was joined by other players I realised what they were asking for. Our support. My tears flowed in emotion. I pressed my contribution. I will do the contribution as God wills. I realised we are in our own destiny control. We shall never again rely on others to determine out destiny. 350100 Together we can.

  36. It was such a match well taken by the players. I hope to see a similar output in the subsequent matches. It s true the team needs our support as fans.

    Let no one relent in offering the much needed moral support. To those bent in ever benefiting from free entry to the stadia,its time to stop, just stop.

  37. At least there is accountability for the funds we are contributing if the message from the office on the sire gormahiafc.co.ke is anything to go by. What is coming out is that we need to ‘recruit’ more friends since with an average of the 200 bob contributions we need to cast our nets wide. To supplement this we need the SACCO as well as a proper membership recruitment drive that takes care of different tiers. We can use a bank like the idea we had with DTB to actualize this.
    Meanwhile tusichoke kuendelea kutumia 350100. Personally the little money i was using to watch non-gor games i will now channel it to our team and only rely on SS for updates. Unfortunately this will now extend to HS.

  38. The title of this article should have read “Sony 0: Gor 1” and not vice versa. There is a big difference. Please have your facts right if you want to succeed in writing soccer articles. The name of the home team MUST come first!!

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