Gor Mahia 5 Anse ReUnion 0

The well maintained playing surface explains why Gor Mahia played excellent football by all accounts: Image courtesy of Lorine Orwa

Gor Mahia put aside their scoring woes and beat Anse ReUnion of Seychelles 5-0 in the CAF confederations cup preliminary round match.

Gor Mahia announced their intentions early when Paul Kiongera put Kogalo ahead as early as the 1st minute. The early goal was crucial as it opened up the game and prevented the Seychellois from falling into their defensive shell. Kiongera then added another goal on 15 minutes. Chris Wekesa scored the 3rd goal in the 24th minute.
In the second half, Edwin Lavatsa added the fourth in the 6oth minute before Kevin Omondi rounded up the scores in the 70th minute.

“I am very impressed. I believe we have the quality within the squad to go far in this competition. The lads deserve a pat on their back,” Club Secretary General George Bwana told Goal.com

Gor Mahia will now face a tough matchup against ENPPI of Egypt in the 1st round.

Line-Up : Jerim Onyango, Christopher Wekesah, Nasio Solomon, Donald Mosoti, David Owino, Ivan Anguyo, Moses Odhiambo, Joseph Njuguna, Rama Salim, Edwin Lavatsa,  Mungai Kiongera

41 thoughts on “Gor Mahia 5 Anse ReUnion 0

  1. Wenzanguuu……Wenzangu…
    Gor kipenzi chetu, hatutaiacha daima na mileleee
    Gor kipenzi chetu, hatutaiacha daima na milele.

    Tushinde tusishinde sibanduki: Mimi ni Ja-K’Ogalo daima
    Hata Ulinzi akija sibanduki: Mimi ni Ja-K’Ogalo daima
    Na Barcelona aje siogopi: Mimi ni Ja-K’Ogalo daima
    Real Madridi pia siogopi: Mimi ni Ja-K’Ogalo daima
    Na Bayerni mbona wasahau? Mimi ni Ja-K’Ogalo daima
    Umlete Arsenali atalala: Mimi ni Ja-K’Ogalo daima
    Na Sofapaka pia sibanduki: Mimi ni Ja-K’Ogalo daima
    Efusi pia aje sibanduki: Mimi ni Ja-K’Ogalo daima
    Ukimlete Tusker atalala: Mimi ni Ja-K’Ogalo daima
    Manchester wote waogopa: Mimi ni Ja-K’Ogalo daima

    Gor kipenzi chetu, hatutaiacha daima na mileleee..
    Gor kipenzi chetu, hatutaiacha daima na milele.

    Gor Mahia ni baba wetu tena ni mama wetu hatuiachi kamwe daima na milele
    Gor kipenzi chetu, hatutaiacha daima na mileleee…
    Gor kipenzi chetu, hatutaiacha daima na milele..

  2. Am happy for the boys and say kudos to the wonderful spirit you’ve shown. Kudos more so for rewarding the coach’s confidence in you with a goal. Keep it up you will be a thiery henry for gor mahia

  3. As I had said earlier on that Gor will beat Anse Reunion and it has come to pass.I had the privilege of watching the game in Seychelles and as Fans we kept on asking how anse reunion drew with gor at home.Gor played better football here than Tusker did.The game flowed and the boys have very good passes and rarely played long balls.They were in a class of their own,and victor ali abondo who came in as a substitute really impressed with perfect passes and exquisite ball control.To God we say amen and may he continue to bless gor.

  4. We return all the glory and honour to our Almighty God for this sweet victory. The lads are picking up very well.

  5. Obongo Nyakalaga, wagoyoni erokamano kuom miyowa loch ma galamoro. Praise be to God, may you continue showering us with wins as we conquer our enemies, may you keep Kogalo in it’s winning ways and grant us every win, remember us as you remembered your beloved nation, i pray in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, Amen.

  6. Am not surprised because with history Gor has a good record playing away than when they play at home.In 1983 they beat Vital’O of Burundi away 0-2 and lost 0-3 in a return match at City.In 1992 they drew 0-0 City stadium with Diamant Yaunde of Cameroon and went on eliminating the 1978 Africa cup winners champions in Cameroon by Zedekiah Otieno’s volly that took Kogal’o into round 2 just to mention a few.Congratulation.GO GOR GO.

  7. @ 9 Lester- I remember when I was saying we will beat the Re-Union in Seycheles so many people opposed me but I’m happy you sided with me at that time and now those who were slow to believe can now see.

    I still insist Mr. Logarusic needs to train the boys how to play in a locked match (where opponents are defending and not opening up). Today I believed we scored easily because Seycheles opened up in search of a goal and that is how we were able to break through their defense…congrats to everyone for your support to the team

  8. Watching the first leg, I was left wondering why Gor could not score. everything was in their favor. But I was certain Gos will go through in the return leg.
    Congrats boys!

  9. What happened today should be a good lesson for our fans who were not behind the team when we drew in the first leg. They kept on condeming the team instead of encouraging. @13 walter,we were among the few who stood with the team during that difficult moment. Let us learn how to support the team and accept any outcome. CONGRATULATIONS BOYS!

  10. Congrats Kogalo! You remind me so much of the 80s. Are u going to take us back to those glory years! When our mighty name caused shivers down the spines of all our opponents across Africa? I see no reason why u shudnt. There’s quality in the team and when you work as a team who can stop u? Bring it on boys. Make this year our year.

  11. Gor biro yawneyo.from kanyamua to kanyaluo.from riva nile to misisipi kogalo will alwaz be stronger than yath yenye imemea migingo

  12. I love the spirit in our boys, we should learn to support our team through whichever the outcome, this gives the boys morale, furthermore i think we played well here at home buy was a boy unlucky so let’s not be like our rivals who only support team when they win

  13. @ leister #9 am happy kenyans over there so what they have been missing from home. Gor mahia always play even better especially @ tok komwanda “city stadium” where the field has the artificial turf. Please pass our sincere appreciation for all kenyans “the overseas away branch” whom turned out to so support and solidarity to the team in the foreign land i believe u sung the traditional kogalo anthem there then. God bless kogallo my club

  14. Where is kiswero of kampala sofaset branch? Let him know the season is on and we play tusker on wednesday 6th just as the 4th president gets the certificate from hassan

  15. Fans, I think we are getting it wrong. We should learn to be humble and return glory to where it is due (God). We need to stop this habit of saying I and so were the only one that stood behind the team. It was the Almighty God that gave us victory.

  16. Sina mengi Hasante baba aliye mbinguni, Uwasaidie wafike salama nyubani, wa jiandae kwa mechi kati yetu na wa Misiri. Pongezi kwa team nzima.

  17. I think you are all getting excited for nothing……..the score line for Tusker and gor mahia is a reflection of the gap in class between the two countries. Infact, if anse reunion where in Kenya , they would be playing in the second division. ……..can you imagine gor mahia beating kakamega homeboys 5 – 0 , impossible!

    The ultimate test is when we meet the Egyptians who are generally more technically astitute than most clubs in the continent. If we beat Egyptians, then there will be reason to celebrate……”…………..

  18. Congrats boys. To say that Anse cannot play in our Top league might not be correct. As much as we outplayed them in the first leg they showed some flashes of brilliance. Their goalie to me was good. Not sure if ti’s true that we cannot beat KK Homeboys 5-0. I have seen Barca beating Real 5-0 and both are world class teams.
    As Mwakio says let’s not be carried away. We have two tough matcheds on Wednesday and Saturday against Sofapaka and Tusker. These two will tell us the state of preparedness of our team

  19. Winning 5 nil away to Anse Reunion is the perfect preparation for Tusker (wed) and Sofamiew (Saturday). Kogalo will carry the day with mesmerizing swag.

  20. congrats boys for making us proud, K’ogalo forever.

    I wish to talk to the fans who are only interested in Gor’s downfall. They are only wishing that Gor should loose so that our coach should be fired.Iknow them and they believe that all wins that Gor had last year was engineered by OMINO.Please if you claim to love this club, dont wish the club bad luck.This club is bigger than even OUR son Raila Amolo Odinga.It is the one that unite us with many pple including other foreigners who love this club. I dont see how you can claim that you love this club and at the same time you want it to fall.

  21. @michael odhiambo ogolo: ‘fans who are only interested in gor downfall’ . the ppl u refer to are not fans. it’s like saying christians who only want to go to hell. and where does raila come in all this?? probably one of the silliest comments ever posted.

    my comments. congrats to gor. i feel this league will be fought betwn gor, tusker et ulinzi. but i expect a gor , tusker race. gor is getting on form and right now i don’t think tusker is above gor despite their pre-season good run. so pliz , lets welcome egypt side bila fear. i know gor can give a very good account of themselves against this team. egypt sides rely on the fear team have while playing in cairo(and ofcourse refs who want favours from CAF). gor is brave. egyptians will always remember the zamalek fiasco when they were saved by the sudanesse ref. this is a match i am really waiting. my only advice to gor, do not rely on homeground advantage, go for the match in cairo or wherever in egypt as well, DO NOT SHOW FEAR. remember gor and zamalek. this is the time such legendary players who were on that squad to visit gor camp and tell the players how they made zamalek collapse. but needless to say they knew how good gor was and they had put plan B in place…

  22. Congrats Gor! the real test begins now, @dinga i totally disagrees with u on the title being betwin Tusker n Gor the league has just started n the 2 r yet 2play

  23. Many thanks Bill Wabz and Vitoo for the support and encouragement you gave our boys. May God bless and reward (1) you always and (2)your team only when it is not playing against Gor Mahia.

  24. One thing I believe – as long as we are not conceding easily then no team in Africa will beat Gor Mahia, including the Egyptian teams.

    All glory shall always return unto the Almighty God and we as fans we have our part to play in encouraging each other and the team but don’t always hide when you are happy. For instance if someone tells you ‘you are smart’ halafu unajibu ni Mungu…then that I find hypocritical and spiritualizing everything unnecessarily. Let people say without fear ‘I, we, us, them’ etc but ultimately we return glory to God as Mwakio puts it.

    @ 28 Dan – I agree with you. We did not beat this Anse Re-Union because they are weak but it was the strategy. If it was that weak as some people are thinking then how come we could not beat them at Nyayo (first leg). The coach had to change the tactic for us to get the breakthrough.

    @ 29 Pod Antie – I agree; timu imeiva.

    @ 30 michael odhiambo ogolo – I don’t think there are GM fans who are against the team or who want us to lose. Don’t confuse GM fans with the Efusi fans who from time to time give comments in this blog

    @ 35 Joe Riaga – I echo your sentiments; let us not fight each other at all. After all if we lose two next matches then as a test of many fans’ support, you will find the tone will change and pple will be saying how the team is ‘bad’. So then when the team wins then everyone is happy and arguments on who was right comes up which should not be the case but our MOTTO of ONE MATCH AT A TIME should remain.

  25. @14 Walter Alando, I still concur with you especially on the issue of a locked match.Gor was hugely successful in Seychelles because they scored an early goal that disorganised Anse Reunion and as they went out in search of an equalizer they opened up the game.Otherwise, even the Anse Reunion coach had noted that weakness in gor and according to newspapers here in Seychelles he was to use similar game approach as was in Nairobi and hit gor on counters.I hope the coach will listen to your concern mr. Alando as it is a genuine one.

  26. @Bill Wabz: a view can be based on paper. looking that tusker could not really molest gor during the dstv cup. and that they will end up having better preparation coz of the africa cup. so unless for sofapaka et ulinzi i still thnk gor and tusker will set the pace. ofcourse there are the unpredictable sides eg the sony,w.stima… but that’s just a view, otherwise i would be a fortune-teller.

  27. Gor is back on form and we should not be worried at all. ONE MATCH AT A TIME. Kogalo will always carry the day.

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