Gor Mahia /AFC to face FKF sanctions

FKF are under pressure from league sponsors sportpesa and have been forced into taking decisive action to curtail hooliganism.

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Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards have been summoned to appear before the Independent Disciplinary and Appeals Committee (IDAC) over hooliganism. At the same time, Football Kenya Federation (FKF) will today set out far reaching measures it believes will tackle the vice. The federation suggested during their executive meeting on Monday that clubs whose fans cause abandonment of matches be docked points.

The Sportpesa Kenyan Premier League (KPL) announced that both Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards have been invited to answer to several charges following fan trouble in their matches. While at the disciplinary committee, Gor Mahia will answer to charges of fans throwing stones, bottles and other objects at assistant referee George Mwangi who awarded Tusker a penalty during the match.

Gor Mahia goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch will also be required to answer to charges of confronting Mwangi after he pushed the assistant referee twice while protesting the awarded penalty. Another charge that has been levelled against the club is failure to control their fans who entered the field of play and assaulted the assistant referee while their stewards watched.

AFC Leopards on the other hand will answer to charges of their fans causing the abandonment of their KPL match against Ulinzi Stars last Saturday in Mumias. The fans also attacked match officials, stealing from them and harming them in the process. The match between Leopards and Ulinzi was abandoned while the scores were tied 1-1 and the soldiers had been awarded a penalty.

According to KPL rules, Ulinzi Stars will be awarded the match. SPORTPESA CONCERNED The league’s title sponsors, Sportpesa, added their voice to the matter by accusing KPL of not doing enough to end the vice.

Ali Abondo joins Ajax Cape Town

Ajax Cape Town have confirmed the signing of Kenyan midfielder Victor Ali Abondo from Gor Mahia.

The 26-year-old has penned a two-year deal at Ikamva following a successful trial earlier in the year.

Abondo becomes the fifth addition to Ajax’s squad for the new Absa Premiership season, after Erick Chipeta put pen to paper a fortnight ago, while the club has also promoted three teenagers Masilake Phohlongo, Darren Johnson and Sirgio Kammies from their academy.

“It’s a good feeling to finally sign for Ajax Cape Town. This is what I’ve always dreamt of,” Abondo said.

“I consider Ajax as one of the best clubs in the PSL. Even in Kenya, people know Ajax Cape Town and rate the club highly.

“I will work hard to make my stay here successful. I’ve worked hard on my capabilities, so it’s time for me to take the next step in my career. For me, this is a big challenge and I will give it my all.”

19 thoughts on “Gor Mahia /AFC to face FKF sanctions

  1. Main culprits;
    1. Ref who saw all the wrong being done but left it to the linesman to decide it was a penalty.
    2. Siboumana who deservedly, was on the wrong but decided to confront the referee.
    3. B.Oluoch who probably incited the fans thru’ his actions.
    Kudos to;
    1. Linesman made a correct call but was let down by an indicisive ref.
    2. Musa Muhammed who did his best to correct the damage his two clubmates created.

  2. How come nobody is talking about the Asike handball before the infringement?or was the infringement before the handball?
    As for hooliganism,we have always said it here,let the culprits face the full force of the law…nobody should be spared on this!!

  3. Now these IDAC, FKF and KPL are talking tough but talking money…in the sense that these two clubs will be fined!
    I understand the word ‘hooliganism’ but in Kenya, it only makes meaning when combined in a sentence alongside ‘Gor Mahia’ or ‘AFC Leopards’. Players reacting to a referee’s wrong decision is also called hooliganism in Kenya. A referee and linesman assuming a handball then seconds later penalizing a tackle is called ‘professionalism’ in Kenya.
    It is bizzare to note that instead of these IDACs and FKFs nurturing quality in match officials before donating whistles to their mouths, rulings are always quick to expose hooligans and suggest ‘fines’ against the two clubs.
    Using referees to spoil games then imposing fines is a very barbaric way of funding FKF. Take action against individual players who fuelled violence. Above all, take action against referees who assume handballs but penalize tackles.

  4. Start from the Top please.Why penalize Gor Mahia & Afc Leopards while the Trend was started by Harambee Stars at Nyayo and Fuelled by Origi and Captain Victor Wanyama?As long as the National Team remains unreprimanded we Shall and Cannot Accept whatever IDAC/FkF or Sportpesa want to Sanction us for.Suspend Sponsorship all you want but remember football is a passionate game,the day fans are told to keep mum and let referee’s injustices go free due to threats of sponsorship will be the beginning of days when league winners are made in the boardroom.Unqualified Ref’s/Wrong Calls and Favouritism have no place in Kenyan football,Sportpesa sponsorship notwithstanding,Okwabisecho and stand injustice lying down because of money,Sportpesa make huge profits from betting and publicity we give them as that’s their business,Ours on the other hand is winning trophies and to do that Refereeing Must be Top Notch.Lanes sportpesa we will not be blackmailed into submission through threats…We achieved 3 Peat mane uongee so we will never Secho

  5. I saw it coming. Gor and Ingwe to lose big if sponsorship is withdrawn/suspended. Let’s see how it pans out

  6. i will repeat again…you should have in mind Gor and Leopards are purely Luo/luhya ventures. Who wants Luo/luhyas self-employing themselves,without depending on handouts and saidia saidia? Secondly Gor/AFC are law maintainers, they pay Police to come and do what they are paid for…otherwise should Gor/SRC form militais with guns to take care of Security? Who is in charge of security, is not charging Gor fans in court in order, that is the law.

  7. Omera,No where in the world with football fanatisicm does acts of Hooliganism not exist.Brazil,England,Uruguay,Argentina etc,In Colombia it goes a Notch higher with Referees and match officials together with players deemed to be useless and costing teams are shot dead by snipers or at point blank range in bars.Closer home,Egypt witnessed fan violence that led to mulptiple stabbings and clashes with law enforcers,while even CAF Champions league second round saw Zesco players been shepherded to safety when Guinean fans began hurling missiles and projectiles onto the pitch.Now tell me someone,in which world is Kenya or Gor/Afc better or greater than any of those countries/teams I’ve just mentioned?Still football goes on there and do does Sponsorship.I will say it again without any fear or favour…We won’t beg a Betting Company reaping huge profits from “sponsoring” the league and two of the biggest clubs plus the only ones that matter to support us,do it if you want and its economically viable which I know it is or Go wherever you want,Are you paying referees by any chance to influence certain outcomes hence your move to temporarily suspend sponsorship to the two teams?You are not doing us any favours by sponsoring Gor,it is a two way traffic in which you are reaping big,if anything Betway were the first betting firm to want to sponsor the big two clubs b4 you in typical Kenyan style corrupt fashion,cut better deals with kickbacks to officials to push betway out of the scene and dominate the sports betting business.We achieved greatness without you and will continue doing so long after you are gone,be sincere and reasonable or go sponsor city stars and sofapaka,we will endure as we have always done.Are we the police to arrest fans and prosecute them,which was done?What more do you want…You will not dictate Kenyan football,you are only 1 year old as a company so come slowly

    1. Guys, this is not suppose to be a story book. Write short and precious. Belive me, on this block most people reads short messages and skeep long ones. We don’t have much times as some may be thinking as they publish encyclopedia.

  8. Jowadwa undike ma kizungu moko okalona matin. Lakini awinje maleer. Kwani hapa spostpesa hakuna kukohoa. Tunabet kila siku na pesa yetu kidogo. Spotpesa Sportpesa. Sasa kila mtu anaitwa huligan. Kama vile mtu ameandika kweli watu wengine wanaua marefs Na sio sisi Na wenye wanaita watu eti ni huligan ovyo ovyo lazima wajue wale walionyesha hasira wana kazi kubwa kubwa. Madaktari, managers Lawyers waalimu, etc. msifikiri wenye wako kiwanja ni tu watu hoe hae. Wiwa to nyaka wacharji e pap tho kik udeya.

  9. Sasa wanatangaza kwa news eti wamesuspend sponsorship. Omera tumekuwa Gor since 1968 msituletee. Ok wabisau bwana. Hata bibi yako akikosa kidogo unafukuza., Ok wabisayo akiani waruingeni omera. Kik Ngato yanya kae iya owang anyalo yanyo ngato mateeek.

  10. other clubs do not have fans. tusker have 50 fans ulinzi have some few who can only be seen whenthe r playing against other teams without fans. h/stars depend on gor/afc fans. try to kill gor/afc & supersport will close shop the next day. If u want a league without fans then let afc/gor to stop playing in the league.we shall stick to european league.

  11. only gor & afc have fans. Afteral this money of sportpesa is cursed. Since they agreed to sponsor Gor we’ve not been doing well. Sportpesa u came to Gor & Afc bcos they r the only teams with fans. u cud’ve let Betway bcos they have xperience of supporting teams with fans. Kama mnaona hati pesa yenu ndio sawa basi wacha tuanze kubet kwa betway.we thought u will help us fight huliganism but it seems u only need our money by collecting 300 million every week & cheating us with 50million/year.

  12. It is high time Gor maria brand became a self sustaining club.The suspension by sport pesa is so premature. I heard that it is a 5 yr deal though I don’t know much of the details. These early threats are disturbing. We no longer hear of the Eliots bread deal any more. My take is the sponsorship should be based on mutual understanding and not threats from one side. Both parties are beneficiaries of the deal. I wonder whether other sponsors used to warn Gor fans at every opportunity!

  13. Wezangu mafans Ka ngatni ogolo sposor to #HAMASPORTPESA. Kwani betting company ni wangapi. Kwani Gor gi Afc ondiko police.Mashemeji tuko na nyinyi hapa.Watajua mpira ni sisi. Hatutaki vitisho vya burechokeee. Na hatutaki warning ya kila siku. Nextmatch kama hawatakuwa wamerudisha sponso to plakards mag # hamasporpesa.

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