Gor Mahia and AFC draw 2-2

Owino celebrates the equalizer Image from supersport

courtesy of michezoafrika.com

League leaders Gor Mahia staged a spectacular comeback to earn a 2-2 draw with AFC Leopards in a thrilling derby played at Kasarani Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Edwin Wafula and Paul Were had given Ingwe the lead before Sserunkuma and David Owino restored parity.

Gor Mahia dominated the opening exchanges. A blunder by keeper Matasi allowed Sserunkuma steal the ball but Eric Masika was at hand to clear the lurking danger.

In the 10thn minute, Kiongera made inroads into the AFC dander area then unleashed a brilliant shot that Matasi saved.

Two minutes later the action swung to the opposite end. Allan Wanga was  first ruled offside. Then Edwin Seda dribbled well from the left wing but his effort ended up in a goal kick for Gor Mahia.

Gor Mahia would have taken the lead in the 15th minute when Eric Masika was outwitted by Sserunkuma who found  Kiongera. The latter had three shots on target. First Matasi blocked then the post stood between his way then Nahimana  cleared.

At the half hour mark, AFC Leopards Noah Wafula had space and keeper to beat but he delayed in execution thereby allowing Israel Emuge disposes him.

Allan Wanga  then made a lovely move from the flank but his shot saved was saved  by keeper Jerim Onyango.

In the 33rd minute, Allan Wanga again made a good run on the flank before sending a cross that was met by Edwin Wafula who comfortably beat Onyango for the opener.

AFC leopards led 1-0 at the half time break.

A minute after the interval, Paul Were brought the stadium alive with a nice move but his cross was intercepted for a corner. Peter Opiyo sent a low  corner but Onyango had the resultant header comfortably in his gloves.

In the 55th minute, AFC Leopards broke on a counter attack. With two strikers as decoy to distract keeper Onyango, Paul Were chose to go for the shot himself and he curled  it perfectly to double the lead.

Gor’s next effort was a low free kick shot by Paul Kiongera in the 56th minute that did not trouble Matasi.

In the 61st minute Dan Sserunkuma tapped into an empty net. Moses Odhiambo’s header from a free kick by Innocent Mutiso had been blocked by the post and before the ball fell on Sserenkuma’s  feet and with Matasi out of his place there was no one  to deny the Ugandan.

Five minutes to the end, Coach Bobby Williamson threw in Kevin Omondi for Paul Kiongera.In his first move,  Omondi lifted the ball to  David Owino  controlled well  with right foot before unleashing a left foot shot past Matasi for the equalizer.

Ssreunkuma had claims of a penalty in the 88th minute when he has pushed by Matasi inside the box but the referee did not entertain the claims.

Mike Baraza came on for Wafula in the 89th minute in the last Ingwe sub but could do little to help his side secure a victory.

The draw leaves Gor Mahia comfortably in the top of the table with 41 points.AFC leopards moved to third spot with 32 points. Ulinzi Stars who have played a game less than the two sides is second on 33 points.

AFC Leopards lineup : Patrick Matasi, Edwin Wafula, Eric Masika, Jonas Nahimana, Abdallah Juma, Martin Imbalambala, Peter Opiyo, Edwin Seda (Charles Okwemba 65), Paul Were (Micheal Khamati 78), Noah Wafula (9 Mike Baraza 89′), Allan Wanga.

Unused Subs: Martin Musalia, Abbas Kiwalabye,  Patilla Omotto, Oscar Kadenge

Gor Mahia line up: Fredrick Onyango, Solomon Nasio 9 ( 5. Musa Mohamed 54’), David Owino, Donald Mosoti, Israel Emuge, Anthony Akumu, Erick Ochieng, Moses Odhiambo (9. Edwin Lavatsa 79) , Innocent Mutiso, Dan Sserunkuma, Paul Kiongera(14. Kevin Omondi 85).

Unused Subs: 23. Joel Bataro. 20. Joseph Njuguna. 10. Paul Odhiambo,18. Ivan Anguyo.

Yellow Cards : Martin Imbalambala, Allan Wanga

26 thoughts on “Gor Mahia and AFC draw 2-2

  1. Coming from 2 goals down is no mean achievement. As a team we were not at our best but it is player maturity and a professional mindset that ‘won’ it for us.

    Six reasons why I must celebrate:
    1. The boys staged a memorable, uncharecteristic and remarkable comeback.
    2. The technical bench identified the weak point in the defence and fixed it.
    3. Danny Serunkumma maintained his superiority over Efusi.
    4. The results went against the wishes of the noisy and big-talking Ekaterina Kasavuli, the Efusi chairman.
    5. George Bwana’s remarks that Ekaterina was day-dreaming of beating GM were vindicated.
    6. The big-talking Yvonne Michael Khamati failed to score the many goals he has been yapping about.

    Congratulations to the entire Gor Mahia family. Any ordinary team would have counted itself dead and buried at 2-0 but not the mighty Gor Mahia. Congartulations to Efusi too for one hell of a great, good fight that exposed our defensive weaknesses and will make us better prepared for the Tuskers and the Ulinzis who are next in line.

  2. AFC rescued by KIRWA. Why? Matasi pushed Sserekuma after being beaten to the ball inside the box and he erroneously points for a corner kick. What a shame on kenyan football FIFA ranked referee , but i pray we meet again in GoTV shield. Next TUSKER A MUT win for them and if they slip with a draw it is another advantage to ULINZI and THIKA.

    This championship might go down to the wire unless K’Ogalo wins the next three games in a row. It is not easy given that all teams remaining in our fixtures have ganged up to play the spoilers role at all cost. Plan well for TUSKER and please understand the opposition strength and weakness in order to counter their game plan. NASIO was the highway for AFC and i wonder why JBO could not advise Williamson based on the previous derby experience. AFC wingers are very fast while NASIO is an offensive defender, that was mis-match. As a matter of fact AFC just lacked the winning mentality and strategy with 2goals to nothing after 68minutes of play, and I doubt the tactics of their TB on such occasion.

    Lavatsa, Daddy and MUSA have the experience and know how of big matches and yet the TB was gambling until the last five minutes. This is absolutely lack of match intelligence.

  3. Erokamano NYASAE, Dan “Flava”, “King” David and last & least “Makaratasi” Matasi.
    AFC the truth be said are attempting to play an attractive brand of soccer K’galo style but MAYBE ITS JUST THAT ITS OUR TIME.
    Leo matchwise K’galo players were as confused as the bloated “executive community”, apart from E.Ochieng our midfielders is below par as usual and needs revamping.Ball control ya Mutiso/Kiongera also wanting. Can’t wait for analysis frm Le Pastre.


  4. 19 more points to go………..Gini kik waketh, Gini kik waketh, Gini kik waketh! ! Lets not take the game to the wire…….

  5. @Okoth Jabilo your observations are accurate. Gor Mahia was disadvantaged in this match from the word ‘go’. Luc had an advantage over BW because he had been there before and knew exactly what it is like unlike BW who was making a maiden appearance. Besides, Luc was a man on a ‘revenge’ mission considering how painful the loss of the first leg was whereas BW thought it was just one of those match days. No wonder he fielded our ‘experimental’ defense in that kind of a match. I am sure BW will be wiser next time.

    Your observation that Efusi players played to the fans’ gallery is spot on. I read a lack of maturity for the likes of Allan Wanga and teammates to celebrate a goal with a dance while making circumcision gestures. Surely where does that leave the likes of Pinchez? That was most unfortunate for players to sink into the hype and mindset of their fans. Bure kabisa. They lost it the moment they got emotional and became careless.

    I want to believe that our boys actually wanted to prove a point to Efusi. It must have been a tactical move to give our good in-laws a 2 goals head start and then humble them by catching up as a sign of maturity and championship material. The message: ‘even with a 2-goals head start, there isn’t much you can do. Congratulations team. As for the denied obvious penalty against Danny, I think the referee used his heart rather than his brain. He must have weighed the consequences of awarding what would be the winner to a team that ‘down and out’. Reminds me of the AG’s advice to the supreme court: “Consider the consequences of your decision!”.

  6. Anyway game yetu leo ilikua down.Midfield ilitulet down we hope our remaining matches we re-organise hiyo MIDFIELD.Congrats to the boys though for the fighting spirit for sure they fought like real champions but next time lets not leave it too late like that to take over.

  7. with me the man of the match was Erick masika 4r saving Efusi from conceding many goals.were it not 4r Masika the match would’ve ended @ 4-2 in favour of Gor. congrats to the TB & the playing unit 4r the remarkable comeback. That is how champions play, by stamping the authority when needed most.k’ogalo forever!

  8. I totaly agree with @ 5 for that lack of maturity showm by the likes of wanga & were who r too waluhya & can only think of how their manhood r mutylated and those whom they think are not circumcised r bad yet their midfield maestro is a man from the lake.Supersport r also to blame 4r showing those provokative images. What can Opiyos team mates explain to him why they were celebrating in that maner.

  9. Congrats well deserved for the team for the manner of the comeback. Could have been a win save for the ref for thinking of the consequences instead of playing by the rules.
    @jakoyo I we still need at least 23pts to be champs. assuming Ulinzi win all their matches and draw Gor, they will have 61 pts to 60pts for Gor. Ulinzi seem to be very solid at the back. I stand to be corrected.

  10. Let’s not read 2 much into types of celebrations, its just friendly banter between fans & players. Its been there since the begining & I don’t think S.S is wrong to air such scenes. In fact it would be wrong not to.
    Remember how we all laughed & enjoyed Dude’s kuku dance while celebrating a previous goal against AFC, in fact i’m still tickled whenever i see it,thx to S.S.
    THICKER UTD losing the Top 8 & seeing AFC fans shell shocked/in disbelief sort of make the events of 10/11/12 a bit bearable.

  11. Congrats to the boys and T/B. We were too cotious in the first half that we could not play well. I don’t understand why BW is rulactant to make subs. Efusi wingers started their highway thro’ Nasio early in the game. Kevin Omondi could have been brought early not at the end of the game.

  12. On paper we have the toughest run in with 6 teams of the 9 remaining in the top 10:
    1- Sony A: struggling 3pts
    2- Tusker H: tough 1pt
    3- Chemelil H: home adv 3pts
    4- Mathare A:always tricky 3pt
    5- Thika utd A: fading 3pts
    6- Sofapaka H: home adv 3pts
    7- KK Hboyz H: winnable 3pts
    8- KCB A: fading away 3pts
    9- Ulinzi A : tough match 1pt

    That gives us 23 pts plus the title. But this is on paper. with football anything can happen. Jst lyk today efusi were sure of the 3pts at 2 nil up we all knw wot followed.

  13. Congrats boys, today you showed grit and determination to come back into a game that normally would have slipped away. How many teams come back from 2nil down in the Kenyan league to claim a point? Am hard pressed to find a single game this season. In fact you were winning the game had the ref given the deserved penalty after Makaratasi’s clear shove on Sserunkuma after the the equalizer. Today’s fight- back proved that last season’s last day draw against Thika that snatched the title from our grasp left lasting memories with the pain and disappointment it inflicted on both the players and the fans. I can’t forget how Akumu slumped in tears in the middle of the pitch that dark afternoon. Today’s game prepared you for next year’s continental soccer and how you’ll dig deep to claw away points from hostile territories. The result today left Kogalo psychologically better placed that AFC and even our watching opponents. We are matching on to the title. No one can stop us.

  14. Ayub we take one game at a time.Its only through hard work that will make us champions dont give us a breakdown of how things will be.

  15. Ayub @ 12….. The saying “Dont count your chicks before they are hatched” was intended for people with mindsets like yours

  16. Thanks to God, kutangulia sikufika, We played and prooved that it is not over until it is over
    Firimbi maogik
    ematieko ga mipira Kogalo erokamano uru

    I believe that we can do much better in the next matches remaining and carry the day

  17. What a brillint show, I was very much excited. I think Odhiambo has a very bad day and Akumu too wasn’t at his best. But in all congratulations guys,you all fought like men and I was impressed with the last efforts, it was real headache for afusi defense.

  18. where is le pastre….?,nway i luvd the fighting spirit,it was one of those bad days in office for calabar bt atleast he made up for it in da best way possible wit a spectacular goal.as for danny thanks for remaining a constant threat to ingwe…and also for proving a point to bobby.again someone call le pastre…

  19. I love BW for being the coach tht he is- Cool, Calm and Collected. His demeanour gives nothing away so its very difficult to read his mind. You can all notice tht he has already moved on from yesterday’s match to planning for the upcoming ones- a TRUE professional. He is not whining about the two early lost chances, first by DANNY then KIOGERA. He barely mentioned the BLATANTLY denied penalty on the 89th minute because he knows the referee’s decision or indecision is final.

    To the BIG ONE. Anyone with a good knowledge of football will tell you that the League was half won yesterday by GM. One hand is on the trophy though GM is still throwing cautionary glances behind their shoulders just to be sure.
    Three Reasons has informed my Pronouncement:
    1. The knock on effect and the opponent:

    This was a DERBY, & to trail by two goals with 30 minutes of play remaining and still claw back the deficit is nothing but remarkable. This is the Stuff Champions are made of. The manner in which the draw was achieved has given this team A self belief ( tht is if it was missing) tht they can achieve Anything if they put their mind to it. That’s wht sports physicology does. It was very easy for heads to drop once Efusi scored the 2nd goal from nothing. The reason would have been-(its just not our day) as GM had earlier missed not one but two guilt edged chances. Instead the players dug deeper and scored not a consolation goal but two to level the scores. With better luck and unbiased officiating, GM should have won the match as the referee denied us wht appeared to be a CLEAR penalty when Makaratasi bundled Danny to the ground in the penalty area in the 89th minute. I would like to advice Kirwa to watch the Chelsea vs Hull City Match on 18-8-13. Pls concentrate on the decision made by the referee to award
    Chelsea the penalty kick for
    A foul on F. Torres by the goalkeeper (Allan Mc Gregor) I think so. I just wnt to remind you tht wht Makaratasi did is one of the 10 fouls against an opponent in your own penalty box punishable by an award a penalty kick (FIFA) edition. Wht was so dissimilar in the two cases!! I am very bitter about tht denied penalty appeal and I will address it on a subsequent post.

    2. Minimum efficiency:-
    In a nutshell, GM played at 60% of their level while Efusi out-did themselves by posting A performance index of 110%. Masika, Were, Wanga and Wafula played like possessed men hence epitomising Efusi’s spirit on this day. They were hungrier for the win, worked very hard for it hence the feeling of disappointment and emptiness by just drawing. GM, as promised, treated the derby with equal respect as they would do any other match. We hanged in there when the tide was against us, the screaming Efusi fans, the taunting by the Were and Wanga led group of (‘traditional Dancers’) not to mention the circumcision mimic dance. We swam through this tide and silenced the drums till next year. When the final whistle came, we had earned a very credible draw and a priceless point. As One who has watched most of GM matches this season, I can aptly say tht I have never seen our Back 5 perform so poorly as they did yesterday. When last did you see GM concede a goal as a result of a Catalogue of mistakes committed by everybody in the back 5!! Rare. First Owino gets sucked in by Were and he follows him because Mutiso is up the field. Mosoti has to cover the space left between him and Wanga. He hesitates abit and gets turned over by Wanga who has a clear run, crosses to Wafula who scores. Mistakes 3 And 4 are Made by Emuge and Jerry because they both dithered and failed to pick their lines and men. While the always agile Jerry should hve come to collect the Ball, he chose to remain on his line for too long- wrong decision. Emuge didn’t do much as he allowed Wafula to effortlessly run past him to sweep the ball into the net unchallenged. As for the 2nd goal, let’s just say that it was unfortunate as we were chasing the game. We had committed more men upfront hence the space behind which was duly exploited by Wanga and Were at pace. Faced by two strikers, each running @ speed, there was very little Jerry could do to prevent us conceding. For Nasio, it was just A case of a bad day in the office. The pace of Wafula, Wanga And Were did him in. In other words Efusi got all their tactics spot on( bypass the midfield) by playing high long balls to the wings especially. That GM pulled out a Draw is not an achievement!!. We expected better, hving played the best football the whole match. We certainly will tear teams apart anytime we will turn out with a performance index of 100%. And we surely will, in the remaining 9 matches.

    3. The home stretch form.
    If the eternal enemy failed to beat GM on a day whn they had them by the scruff Of their necks, who will!!! You can be sure tht this draw, though not wht GM wanted has done alot more good to GM thn it has to Efusi. A lot of positivities can be drawn from this match. Its now abundantly clear to all tht it will take a very special team to beat this GM team. (they simply just don’t know how to lose)Kevo, Danny, Kiongera partnership must be given a chance to blossom as from our next match against SONY. Dube can take Kevo’s seat on the bench. Danny is coming to form At the right time, so is Kevo. Who knew tht the tried and tested midfield partnership of Teddy and Pablo would last only one season before being broken by Eric Ochieng?? He is here to stay unless we get some very good money for him From abroad. A marvellous player to Watch. Good job technical bench. Many will agree with me tht coming to this match, Danny had the pressure of the whole Kogalo family weighing up on him. We expected him to score while Masika, Makaratasi & the whole lot were well determined to stop him using all methods available, both orthodox and unorthodox. Danny still topped them all, he scored one of the most important goals when it was easier to miss and blame it all on bad luck and pressure. Finally, GM has thrown down the gauntlet, whoever wants to remove the one hand from the trophy, will have to surpass the 110% performance index posted by Efusi. I CAN tell you, not many are going to pick up this challenge. Just musing- BW should ask for some info from Korea concerning Some of his players ie Boniface Onyango (CM), Sebulimba (CDEF), John Mark Makwata(CAM) and a certain Njenga at full back 3. Thank you all.

  20. Why should Gor honour the replay in Nakuru yet its Sony players and their fans who caused the match abandonment? Its very true if it were Gor who caused the abandonment it would have been a different affair now.Gor management board should not relent to let this one go. In fact they mentioned disciplining some Sony players who confronted the match officials. Only that is an evidence who caused the match to be called off.

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