Gor Mahia appeal rejected

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Gor Mahia will have to find a way out to make their Kenyan Premier League (KPL) game against Mathare United happen after their request to have it brought forward to Sunday 1 April was rejected by the league secretariat.

As planned

According to the KPL fixtures for the eighth round of matches released by the league, Gor Mahia’s game stands as it had been planned, with a notable change being in its timing.

The game was originally planned for 1900hrs on Wednesday 4 April at the Nyayo National Stadium and was to be televised by Supersport. However, in the fixtures, the game is set for the Nairobi City Stadium on the same date at 1500hrs.

Struck off

The game has also been struck off the roll of live matches for the eighth round as the broadcaster seems to be upholding the blackout it started during the Gor Mahia versus Rangers FC game on Wednesday 21 March.

Gor will now have to negotiate with the City Stadium management over the KPL-assigned date, an issue which one official of the club had said was a tall order considering the stadium is mostly busy on weekdays.

48 thoughts on “Gor Mahia appeal rejected

  1. The fans who to stadium not for futi but to show who has more nyathi than the orther are having the club punished , why cant they just stay at home, me thinks Gor players are also suffering from stress brought about by intolerant thugs masquareding as Goe fans , if apart of the fan base continue on this path we are going to loose players , change begins with you and me , kwanini to si anze campaign , in eastlands it was crime si poa campaign targeting the youth we can similarly do such a campaign in Kogalo fan base wan gi chir

  2. Good jobs. Uplifting the ban will only encourage impunity. This nonsense of Gor is sirkal must stop. Moreover, these acts of stupidity and idiocy by GM thugs are coming at the wrong time. Detractors of PM Odinga might use this for their own political mileage. I can upon the true GM fans to stop the thugs within their midst before they bring the GM boat to a grinding halt.

  3. as true fans of football let’s stop this habit,just talk 2 ur friend who has this habit and tell him to stop such behavour,they r just our friends who r doing that,we know them.

  4. Anything that is fed must grow..feed love n twill grow….include hate,our bodies,…including violence…mention them all!
    Jothurwa its high time we feed TRUE PATRIOTISM n starve all the vices that have been witnessed of late n our beloved club will grow in haste…
    To all our branches,the onus is with us,lets shame the devil..
    Of late even useless vagabonds [u know them] are badmouthing us just bcause they av a leeway to do so..u hear them in matatus,social places etc !

  5. @jarabuon, there is nothing you will benefit if the club is thrown out of KPL. infact people will no more talk of kpl games but turn fully to EPL. the main copetitors in Kenyan league is GOR and AFC nothing else. by chuking gor mahia out we will be left with one competitor which will not bring hapiness in our football.
    Lets look other avenues of finishing hooliganism but if you see Gor is the problem, then lets wait and see. We have our DSTV from which we can watch more intertaining football than going to watch Tusker playing KCB or Sufapaka playing Muhoroni Youth with less than 200 fans in the stadia.
    Lets not forget that it is just a few years back that we used to see empty stadium and even now when teams are playing. infact Suprsport will not be happy to televise any game on an empty stadia.


    Our officials are left with few options of where to play the home game against Mathare United after the management of City Stadium made clear the facility will not be available. For the first time in the history of this club we are on the verge of giving our guest a walk over unless an alternative ground is sought on time.

    I am sure our officials were working overdrive to source for an alternative ground. For many years, Gor Mahia has been sourcing these facilities until the recent violence strained the relationship. It was the Sports Stadia Management Board who fired the first salvo filled by the City Council of Nairobi. The Executive Committee of Football Kenya Federation is yet to decide on what penalty to impose. Minister of Sports is also reportedly constituted a commiitee to investigate the fracas and advice him accordingly.

    We are still in the dark of what the EC of Gor Mahia is planning to counter the tirades of condemnations directed at the club. I am suprised some bloggers are introducing politics into the issue. Far from it, matters football MUST be solved using FKF, KPL and FIFA rules alone. We must play MU at all costs.

  7. A punishment is not suppose to inflict pain into the offender but should bring sense to the same,what sense does someone find.in refusing to bring forward our match?
    Yes we may derserve the punishment,but mind you that it’s a security matter which should be addressed by all much as we are suppose to initiate,moreso we’re in electioneering period.I find it disturbing that we’ve been banned be4 as fans,fined as a club,and denied live broadcast,but no constructive change has materialised,cauese in my oppinion to some extent,our views are constantly ignored,could even the federation at some point come and listen to them since punishing a child everytime might not mean that the child shall change.
    Am of the view that given chance to manage GOR MAHIA,by some of the people agitating for the ban they shall equally fail since managing[African] acommunity club could be different from institutional club and so is the belief that A.F.C are just acompholaging we shall see them later.
    Upto the time that A Kenyan team shall bring home a continental cup,GOR shall remain the only HERO,and you dont just disguise your hero that way

  8. How are these despicable and unconcerned goons feeling now knowing that we are struggling to remain relevant and secure just a ground for our match? Are they happy? They should answer that.

  9. I totally agree with Capital G. GM is Kenyan Football and kicking GM out of KPL is like killing football in Kenya.That is the bitter truth. You can take this argument to the Bank if you like. GM brought football back to the country when all were heading to EPL. Whoever has a contrary opinion should just wait and see what happens when this team is banned completely from participating in the KPL. We should focus more on ending hooliganism in football rather than banning GM from playing in the KPL.

  10. It’s an unfortunate turn of events. That means that even our opponents will struggle to get a venue. For the first time we might find ourselves playing at Kawangware. What I ask for is a sober handling of this issue as this will be a turning point for Kenyan football. Punishing is always the last resort but the cause of the ‘disease’ must be found out and the appropriate treatment given. Emotional outbursts by any of the parties is not helping at all.
    So some GM fans behaved in Nakuru. Was GM in charge of the security? Please let’s stop giving the club a bad name. We will be the losers when GM will not be the club of choice for most players and even potential sponsors.

  11. POL@5 & others show me how GMFC is supposed to fight crime like bhang smoking n roits by thugs wearing GM jerseys.WHERE R THE POLICE?In Brazil the police there have already made arrests following recent riots by soccer thugs.Our police remain invisible in this matter for political expediency only.POLICE JUST MAKE 5 ARRESTS N THIS MATTER WILL B OVER,GMFC IS THE BIGGEST VICTIM HERE NOT THE VILLIAN

  12. I don’t think any royal fan can justify hooliganism. I’m very surprise to hear and see some fans trying to justify hooliganism. You don’t do things because they are also done elsewhere. More surprising is that at times you even hear some GM official speaking as if they are supporting hooligans. Remember when you injure an innocent person going about his business remember the bad prayer he/she makes to the Almighty will affect the club. The EC must come up in public and denounce hooliganism.

    1.GM branches who represent true GM fans shld go to court and get an injuction halting all KPL games until the matter concerning SSMB ban is determined
    2.Remember SSMB is funded by taxpayers funds,its stadia built by same funds.GM fans contribute taxes n they n GMFC shld not suffer coz the POLICE(even with police post @ nyayo) do not want to do their job.

  14. Now I understand Balotelli’s rant “why always me”. These are hard times for GM, truth be said. A club that once dinned with the greats of this continent- the Zamaleks, the Esperances, the Canon youndes, the Asante Kotokoz and so on now cant even get a stadium to play. I think it was a humble request to move the game forward as the Fc game was postponed. The Secretariat should have considered the appeal. Back to matters at hand, we the funs have to help this great club, the desire to stamp out this hooliganism have to start with us. We see always what happens in the field of play a dangerous tackle, a goal disallowed after crossing the line but funs dont react this way. Its the way of football we know. Lets eradicate these vices. Lets not give the FKFs, the KPLs and the SSMBs of these world reasons to justify some of their in competencies.
    We all knew these acts were bound to catch up with us some day. We need to relook and create an atmosphere of harmony for all Gm activities to grow in. Our off field activities impact on our players. If they could come out and urge the funs to be peaceful so they could pick up the precioius point againt AFC that tells us something. Let reason and peace prevail, then and only then will we turn around our fortunes even on the pitch.
    GM is lucky to have very passionate funs lets generate positive energy to drive this great club forward. We have shown this in the past coming up with a number of social iniciatives in our societies, in the process becoming a fast in most of these ventures. Let us stand up as passionate funs to eradicate this vice that keeps pulling us back. Lets not give FKF,KPL and SSMB a chance to use us as a scape goat for their own short comings. I remain loyal to the mighty Gor Kogalo!

  15. Gor is a big club and i hope the hooligans have learnt lessons and they’ll change the bad ways…we must know that humbleness is a virtue..

  16. @ Jarabuon why are you so much obsessed with GM misfortunes to the extent that you are dragging PM R.AO. Into matters that he is not directly involved. The problems within GM is actually hooliganism crafted through LUOISM that has nothing to do with football matters on and off the pitch.

    Where as we have bloggers like MWAKIO, PAREYIO, MUTHONI, KAMAU WA NJOROGE amongst many others who have subscribed to K’Ogalo due to their love for football and GOR MAHIA for that matter irrespective of their tribal affiliation here comes @ Jarabuon who justifies that it’s LUOISM in him and PM R.A.O that matters. LUOISM of Pakruoth,Jo-nyathi, Otada, achaye, sungruok, Wang’ teko, Jo juok, Jo kwo, oteku, the lust is just endless


    GOR MAHIA is there to stay what ever the political dynamics of the country

  17. @ Jarabuon the issue at stake is this vice called hooliganism and not K’Ogalo slogans which have far fetched history in the club. This slogans can not be wished away with your emotional comments and for your information the slogans were cleverly coined by the media when GOR MAHIA were their darling. Who coined “GREEN ARMY” is not both print and electronic media when K’Ogalo revival took the sports fraternity with pomp of vuvuzuela, green clolour and storm in the spirit of there supporters.

    SIRKAL slogan has it genesis as from the days when MOI ordered the ministry of sports to let GOR MAHIA retain it’s name as it were without alterations since it was not tribe oriented name but rather a cultural history in the man from LUO nyanza. MOI was the GOVERNMENT and as such GOR became SIRKALI . That should inform you that
    SLOGANS have nothing to do with hooliganism.

  18. @12 Oduor12,I do agree with you.Branches can come in the petition the case since i know we have the best brain of laywers who are also supporters of the great Kogalo.Hence from branches we can identify the goons who come in to spoil the big name of GOR MAHIA.We should bear in mind also that this is an election year so people will use all means to spoil the name of R.A.O.LET the name of RAO SHOULD not feature on this site.otherwise to ALL branches YES WE CAN.can we find a laywer/laywers to help in our dented name for our great club?


    I have borrowed this inspirational words from Dr Myles Munroe from one of his teachings, the purpose of Kingdom business.

    They say necessity is the mother of invention. As we scratch our heads to find for a ground for the remaing home matches, there is also a need to give our own stadium a serious thought. Chairman Ambrose Rachier campaigned and was indeed re-elected on this platform.

    The last i checked, the club have since secured a peace of land at Embakasi from the former President, His Excellecy Daniel T. Arapaho Moi. Next is the drawings. Don’t we have people who can do this job pro bono basis? These and other tasks are the small sacrifices we make for our great club. Once we have the drawings, we will go flat out to look for funding from African Deveoplment Bank, World Bank or any other financial institutions.

    It is sad a great club such as K’ogalo has resorted to ‘kuomba omba’. We are going through a rough patch but soon we shall overcome. Let us remain united and always fixed our eyes on the prize.

  20. I don’t consider it big problem so long as we have been allowed to use city stadium.It would have been difficult if fans are ban in stadium and our matches taken out of Nairobi,lets just come in big number and behave orderly then we shall restore fkl back.I know most of fans are demanding for good glory of the team.

  21. LEGAL ACTION IS THE ONLY DIRECTION AS AT PER NOW. Any fan who has legal background to petition this matter in our courts and it should be taken as a matter of urgency.
    EEEEEEI! this matter is destroying my body system. Mnisaidie

  22. @ Ndugu Pareyio on post 18 that is a brilliant suggestion, but if my memory can recall this sentiments and blue prints were presented to none other than the same hooligans so as to entice their campaign gimmicks so as to make the contenders achieve their personal agenda as opposed to the long term plan for K’Ogalo.

    If at this point in time we can not feel the leadership of EC from the front and our house is in a fatal crisis then we should be wise enough to know that silence speaks volume on the quality leadership. Previous chair like Zack Mbori used to monitor all club activities from remote through phone call discussions when they had engagements overseas as much as they had delegated to there deputies in those days ; how about in this era of when you have all the E-technology at your disposal and yet you remain silence?

    Those goals can only be achieved when we the so called supporters shall realize that Gor
    Mahia belongs to people from all walks of life as long as they posses the right credentials
    and can offer their services loyally devoid of ethnicity and clanism as is the case at the

    Current officials are in office by virtue of using the GM branches to Marshall hooligans to force their way into the office and as the saying goes GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT.
    We are reaping what we sow and that is why hooliganism has become a norm in GM.

  23. lets get the point straight, we have our security department in this country which is police that is fit to deal with hooliganism anywhere. if these guys can work hand in hand with the media, they can indentify these people who have a norm of causing meyhem whnever we play and have them arrested and arraign them in the court to face the law. when this is done others will learn from them and wont repeat this act of hooliganism.
    imagine i stay in Kisumu and i was able to see some guys who caused problem during 18th derby on the television though it was from both sides.
    i believer this is the paffect way of identifying these people (hooligans)

  24. G. Bwana and Faiz you bragged with the idea of playing at City Stadium when the decision to ban GOR from NYAYO and KASARANI was arrived at. Now you have no alternative ground after your request for pushing the match forward has been rejected as a counter reaction to your official statement on SSMB verdict.

    There is no way KPL will grant K’Ogalo permission to play on a Sunday to the benefit of hooligans who has driven the club to this peculiar position with there shameful behavior.And again you guys decided to foot the bill of hooliganism in Nakuru at the tune of 40 K ,such decision just end up justifying that you condone hooliganism. WAKE UP GUYS!


  25. Being for or agaist GOR MAHIA is a personal decision but would like to point out that any football administrator especially KPL,FKF,SSMB, should be as neutral as possible[fair].
    Yes,hooligasm should be tackled from all corners but have these bodies which i believe have advisory role to the mgt of soccer in this country offered any?
    Isn’t it in Kenya that Harambee Stars played Tunisia in an empty stadium and they have since been fined?
    Yes i’ll condemn hooliganism as i have always done but would wish to remind anybody with ill motive on taking such actions that GOR MAHIA was and has remained to be a living spirit that either keeps or destroys and OKOTH JABILO can attest,please if any need be take action that will benefit both.

  26. We are in agreement then , lets campaign aganist hooliganism and aganist unjust punishments on Gor Some one tell Nyamweya NO KOGALO and the stadiums will reaim empty lakini ma fans tuwe na adabu

  27. The high amount of hard drugs consumed before and mostly during the game(especially in russia stands) is a main contributor to the violence witnessed during our games.

  28. inasmuch as most of us condemn the acts of hooliganism here, on the field its a completely different ball game..you will see very “respectable” people agitating for violence by saying things like “tugo okethre”…it starts with us..if we continue carrying along this tabia, we will continue to suffer for our actions..its time we stop blaming outsiders and keep our house in order first…once our house is in order, then we can face those outsiders with one voice

  29. @ 28 Opuk raronge it’s a pity that GOR MAHIA stewards are the main drug peddlers at the stadium. And am informed that they are the ones who collude with thieves who happen to be the same goons that always break into vehicles to steal lap tops and I pads once they have spotted the items at the parking bays. GOR MAHIA needs a thorough house cleaning exercise starting with the stewards / youths and the entire internal security mechanism otherwise it is wishful thinking to assume that by blogging on this site we will get anywhere near to find a lasting solution.

  30. The pinheads, criminals, goons, thugs, looters, hooligans, muggers, have laid team Gor Mahia and the administrators of this club under siege. Comrades what we are seeing is a band of hoodlums holding Gor Mahia F.C. at ransom with everyone not sure of how to tackle the problem.

    These leeches have clung on Gor Mahia F.C and are sucking every drop of its blood while systematically and methodically taking this once mighty club to its grave. Apparently we are all (including the administrators of these club) very helpless.

    I join other bloggers in taking note of the very LOUD silence of the GM administrators. These honorable gentlemen had it all wrong from the very onset of this crisis. Why did they have to take an antagonistic stand with respect to the ugly incidents? Would things be different today if they had openly and loudly condemned the hooligans? These officials missed an opportunity to align themselves with the football FKF and KPL if only to save the club. This makes me wonder if GM has any legal advisors. This was one occasion when K’ogalo really needed a spin doctor- someone to handle and manage public relations.

    For now the going must just be rocky because of the stand our EC took against vandalism and wanton destruction of property and life. How I wish they thought better!

    As bloggers we should not watch and see these criminal fans have a field day in their concerted destruction of the club. Let us come out and assist the EC to salvage the situation. We have stockpiled numerous brilliant ideas on the development of Gor Mahia in this warehouse (blog). My question is: of what use will these ideas be if the club is dead? It begins with you and I. It begins with this blog, ladies and gentlemen.

    Let us confront the misconception that all GM fans are violent thugs. Let us show the human face of GM fans as follows:
    1.Meet urgently as bloggers branch of Gor Mahia F.C and address a press conference with these themes:
    a)Condemn the soccer thuggery by a section of Gor Mahia fans.
    b)Call upon FKF and the government to crack the whip on these thugs.
    c)Convey a message of sympathy to those Kenyans who have fallen victim to Gor Mahia fans thuggery.
    d)Express appreciation, solidarity and friendship with fans of other teams including AFC Leopards.

    2.Organize for community work to clear the vicinity of Nyayo stadium of all debris that can easily be used as missiles while clad in K’ogalo replica jerseys.

    3.Encourage the EC to cooperate with the administrators of football in Kenya.

    As contributors to this blog we must just roll up our sleeves and get to work if we really love this club. Let us work now and do less discussion for awhile. Over to you interim officials of the bloggers’ branch.

  31. @Jackowili count me on. I promise to facilitate media coverage with one of the leading media houses if BLOGGERS are serious.

    This is a negative publicity war on K’Ogalo and it can only be won through positive reaction with the help of media coverage. Two wrongs do not make it right and charity begins at home (in this BLOG). Guys let us be the “VOICE OF REASON” within GM family.

    Set date and time for those activities to be rolled into action through the branch and I tell guys our EC will wake up from their slumber land. We have some leadership vacuum.

  32. Jackowili i do agree with u.we have really talked its now time of action.Jabilo can we agree on the date for BLOGGERS BRANCH meeting?venue should not worry.over to u Jabilo


    Since the violence broke out at Nyayo Stadium when Gor played against AFC, the officials never came out strongly to set the record straight on the matter. Infact they have let the media and indeed our opponents provide a biased opinion.

    I am suggesting as a matter of urgency, the above association be registered and whose specific objectives shall be;
    1. To a common opinion on matters pertain to the club irrespective of the position of the
    Executive Committee.
    2. To draw up a code that will guide branches
    3. To facilitate civic education
    4. To provide civic education materials such as flyers, caps and t- shirts


    .The membership of the association shall comprises chairmen / ladies of branches,secretary and 3 paid up members from each branch.
    . Each branch shall pay an annual subscription fee to be decided by the committeee.

    . To be done yearly in line with Gor Mahia constitution
    . Elections by secret ballot
    . Chairman / lady shall sit in the Executive committee of Gor mahia

    What I have just done is to provide guidelines. These rules are not conclusive. I do hope Comrades will follow up the matter if they so feel it is worth trying. I can also be contacted for further details.

  34. Those who cause problems are thugs not funs so lets do something to be example to the others . n thugs please go to the buttlefield dot come to the playingfield . let us continue with our beutifull game.

  35. Real fans should always restrain themselves in barbaric acts.have been a fanatic gor fan 4 many years but have been extremely disappointed by a section of unruly fans who keep on denting the good image of our beloved club.thgey might not be getting good results but believe me we have agood side capable of turning things around as patience pays.we in diasphora would like 2 assist under all means but we need our passionate fans 2 restrain from violence hopefully starting from mathare u. game things will start2 work…go go mighty gor!!

  36. All, let’s support Zdravko Logarusic and JBO with all our might. Some fans might have their preferences but at this point in time we as GM fans have to stand strong as one with the coaches, players and EC. Currently we have so many ‘enemies’, both internal and external that we cannot afford to be divided or wash our ‘dirty’ linen on this blog. Personally I think the EC this time is senstive to what the fans want. The only problem is that you cannot satisfy all the fans all the time.

  37. Whoever have been on the wrong side of the law during matches, should cross kenyan border as fast as posible,Nyamweya and police is after you and we will help them to catch you.Anyway welcome mkufunzi mgeni lets work well with Boby.

  38. I think Everybody whose claiming that GM fans should take the punishment quietly is wrong, this wont help, the best thing is to improve security in such high profile matches, and ensure officiating is of high standard (I think they should give that female ref these matches, she serves well). Enlightening fans won’t help much, its like telling people that HIV kills so they should stop copulating. the former two are the major factors

  39. This blog has some of the most sane and brillaint minds i have seen and i belive this is a boon for Gor Mahia. Gor Investment Ltd , kindly explore the following opportunities with the EC because futi needs money :
    1. We need to rebrand Gor Mahia from a club potrayed as having violent fans – Why not come up with T shirts with a good slogan eg – i support Gor Mahia am Not a hooligan etc – this does not cost much eg – the Tshirts emblazed Gor Mahia srikal ( are black in color writing in Green ) can form the basis for the costing .
    2. We need to give value to our sponsors to make it difficult for them to walk away and to attract potential suitors incase this happens , this can only happen if we get plenty of positive media coverage – branches over to you- what can you do to give Gor more public coverage . For bLoggers i belive if we can encourage as many fans as possible to be bloggers on this site or which ever sight the EC will choose and offer advertising space ( of course giving a good share advert space to our sponsors ) might raise some extra shillings for the club ( kwani where does face book -google etc make money?), remember KOGALO has its bedrock support from a people who number about 4.7 Million which company will ignore this chance to advertise, in addition , who says our fans in Diaspora can only get KOgalo souvenirs only when we travel to this countries , a good site will promote e-commerce , we can even higlight our players on this site and get them lucrative professional contracts abroad , guess who will keep the signing fee? – Kogalo fans with experience in marketing and E-commerce over to you.
    3.Our current sponsors -TUZO and parent Company brooke side – have an alternative to the plenty of soft drinks sold at the stadium and the bottles are later turned into missiles , a cold UHT or yoghurt will quench thurst and malazi njaa and the containers cannot be used as a missile – why cant KOGALO adopt the policy – during KOGALO games only TUZO products can be sold in and around the stadium , this company have agents and KOGALO can make some extra cash from the proceeds of this sales while giving somethingh back in return to our sponsors .

    Finally a plea to KOGALO fans lets behave and respect all and especially our palyers coach , technical bench na majirani- long live Kogalo- over to youe Gor Investment and EC

  40. Guys, thanks for the many positive comments (and criticisms) you have made. It seems that we have many sharp thinking members whose ideas on improving the security at and within the stadium should be taken and implemented by the management. Granted, I had my own ideas taken from watching other leagues in Europe and USA but you guys have pretty much touched on most of them. @Iganatius Otieno .. those are very insightful suggestions. I agree that any glass-bottled should be banned from sale in the stadium. This is a recipe for disaster. It is unfortunate that the management has not realised this BUT it might as well be that they are under there is a cartel that is benefiting from this.@OGANGO TRAILER … good point you have mentioned about drug peddling and breaking into people’s cars. I wasn’t aware of this. Where the hell is security when these kind of things happen. I suggest that apart from beefing up security at the car parks, fans should be told not to leave any valuables in the car. Even in USA where second hand laptops are as cheap as the price of bread people are normally warned not to leave any valuables in the car (in public places).
    Finally, this obsession with having wazungu coaches should stop. Awono could have done the job but there was too much infighting among the technical team. These same people will worship the mzungu coach! Speak of “inferiority complex”. What GM needs is a strong technical team that speaks with one voice and has access to state-of-the-art coaching techniques (such as videos). Each an every post-match should be analyzed and players told how they can improve. Equally each an every opponent should be analysed and ways of marking the strikers and manning the midfield be thrashed out. Otherwise practicing without having a clear target in mind will take us nowhere.

  41. Banning Gor not a good idea, Isuggest gor branches to form club policing groups to deal with the vice. I noticed the thugs are not football fans but criminals awaiting for any oppotunity to commit crime in the pretence of football. They have used the advantage of the big crown that gor pulls. All in all Gor shape up or shape out.

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