Gor Mahia appeal to FKF


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Kenyan Premier League (KPL) giants Gor Mahia have made good their promise to contest the ruling made by the Independent Disciplinary Complaints Committee (IDCC) following their troubled derby game against arch rivals AFC Leopards in March.

No appeal option

The club is however, not appealing to the body that made the decision to have them play three KPL games behind closed doors as the secretary general Mr. George Bwana says the IDCC did not give them the option.

They have thus decided to write to the topmost office in charge of football governance in the country, the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and hope to get a fair hearing.

-We have sent an appeal requesting the status quo to remain and we are hoping that our appeal will be heard, he told futaa.com.


-We have appealed to the federation – to the FKF chairman because IDCC didn’t give us that option of appealing to them, which we feel is unfair. Even in a court of law someone is given the chance to appeal.

Highest office

-Fortunately we have an office (FKF) mandated to run football in Kenya, and since this is a serious football issue we decided to present our complaint to the highest office in charge of football governance, he said.

Aside from the three games behind closed doors verdict, the club was also told to furnish the disciplinary committee with a plan of how they will organise security in their home matches.

25 thoughts on “Gor Mahia appeal to FKF

  1. those good comrade of the law like @omllo omondi should come out and advice us on this i feel this IDCC as i said earlier is meant to work on gormahia they have no agenda for kenyan football at all if we too have an issue with these hooligans it is time playing in empty stadium is considered no punishment for when you return the thugs hit again what should be done let even one person go to jail for causing trouble ,referees too be sacked for being influenced the IDCC should also educate fans on way forward these thugs care less since they dont strike daily they will wait for their opportune time to strike on the other hand my honest opinion that idcc was created for some jobless people to get income there should be a stipulated appeal fee mot organizing for drink and lunch for people to case against you how on earth is that done

  2. No comment on the appeal.To all travelling fans pls note the match will be played as from2.30 pm and not 3pm.Be timely

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    We must not always be subjected to insults and foul language day-in-day-out. Kindly take a tour of comments on the previous article entitled ‘Gor Mahia to play 3 matches in empty stadium’ and you will understand.

  4. [we misbehaved and i mean this in a very polite way we are lucky to have gotten such a ruling we would have easily lost the point gained….Note}An Appeal really, Bwana and Team reserve your energies please..! i say not a good idea at all.

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    I must state that i totally support the idea of the Mpesa business account for GM.We need to support the club during those three matches but must be sure our money is not misused and it must be accounted for.

    Now if EC wont open one then can the Bloggers branch a.k.a GM Mpesa Branch or GM Accountability & Transparency Branch do it.The answer is NO.
    No cause the efforts to set up this branch was met with lukwewarm response.
    IF AND I REPEAT IF We can set a a branch cum sacco to drive all the great ideas bloggers continually generate at Gor Mahia.net THEN WE CAN CONVINCE THE EC TO ADOPT OR IMPLEMENT MOST OF THESE IDEAS.
    We can target a monthly contribution of even Kshs. a day / 150 per month.
    Our constitution can only state that EC can only access various a % of these funds (upto 50-60%) on implementation of certain conditions.
    1.Change the GM constitution for the club to be run by an elected non-executive board and not an EC.This branch must also be run by a board i.e we pratice what we preach.
    2.Publish 1/4 accounts in the print media or at the very least on this website.Yearly accounts must be audited.
    3.Set up the clubs own Mpesa account or we surrender ours and so many more practical ideas.

    The balance of 50-40 % will be for sacco part of the branch. With properly management and vision this may be the way to build even a stadium for K’galo to generate a return for both K’galo/members. Investing and nuturing talent within GM. Signing or two of our talent to even a middle level club is the EPL, La Liga etc gives handsome returns. BUT IT STARTS WITH ME & U FORMING THAT BRANCH. THERE’S NO OTHER WAY TO INFLUENCE THE EC.

    On holiganism bhang smoking is still rife yet IDCC/SSMB apparently want GM players,office and fans to do the work of the police. I ASK AGAIN WHY NOT FRISK B4 AND AFTER THE GAME.SURELY SOMEONE WHO HAS PUFFED AWAY FOR 1 1/2HRS CAN EASILY BE PICKD OUT BY THE POLICE.

  7. I miss the good olden /days of this blog,when we could do real debate,with ‘real people’.
    @Kosero, as much as he was vocal,defiant and even sometimes arrogant,was a force to reckon with,when it came to debating and ‘exchanging ideas’.Most of the times he was a lone ranger,though occasionally dan and pareiyo would fight from his corner.Then from the blue corner and with equally good debaters was mwakio,jabillo,pundit,ogango and arrumtiddi amongst other bloggers.Jackowil,creative village and i think wuon pap,used to be more like middle ground people,though jackowili used to be more centre right(leaned towards the blue side).
    Historical soccer facts,could be thrown here and there,facts could be provided and supported by figures.Debates could be lively and arguments incissive.One could not help but marvel at the intellectual giants(in matters football,moreso matters kogallo),who bestrode the length and breadth of this blog.
    People tried as much as possible to be OBJECTIVE.Occasionaly ja ngere would serve us a bout of laughter.But that was a long time ago in this blog,before the coming of the SHEMALES .How i miss the good old days!
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    I wish to register my full support to the officials for their timely appeal against a ruling made by the independent Displinary and Complaints committee to make Gor play three home games in an empty stadium.

    The stern measures announced by the committee are not only punitive but also demoralizes further the club still smarting from poor runs. If the last week figures is anything to by, then K’Ogallo is about to loose about ksh 2.7 million. This is a pretty huge sum to be lost by a community club. it is sad the hooligans who caused this trouble are still walking free on the streets and even popooing on this blog.

    Whilst we await to hear from FKF, let us not loose focus of the match ahead. The gor bs Ulinzi game is another date with destiny. I once again urge our fans to turn up in large numbers and cheer the boys. The leading pack on the log has started to break away. I remain cautiously optimistic that we shall return from Nakuru with three maximum points.

  9. Arumtiddi, hmm the good old days, those days. A very good account of those days, we believed we could build..yes we could diffèr and argue but now it only embarasses. You wonder why things must just be destroyed! Those days we could learn from each other..but now we are embarassed!

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  12. MWAKIO it is not GOR but this site. I will be calling you i later. This has to be stop. This chip idiots can use GM name for their selfish agenda. I have already text that gentlemen. They rare monitoring.


    I salute you all ladies and gentlemen.

    I wish to thank you from the onset for choosing to support and be proud to be associated with K’Ogallo, the biggest and most successful club in East Africa. We also warmly welcome you on this blog. The main objective of site is to provide a platform where people can exchange ideas and provide pre and post match analysis. It is also a place to articulate issues of concerns of fans- who are indeed an intergral organ of this great club, and expect the elected officials to act on them. The site is also meant for K’Ogallo fans to meet and make new friends.

    I want to share with you a part of my story.

    I am a Maasai. I am a Gor Mahia fan by choice and very proud to be associated with this great club. I know we are guided by a constitution. As a member of this great club, I have rights and priviledges. But even as I exercise these rights, I do it with a measure of responsibility. Whether you are stating a fact, or expressing an opinion, do it without infringing on the rights of others.

    We share a common vision. We also have common aspiration and challenges. it is therefore imperative for every blogger not to let arrow off the mark. We don’t care who you are, as long as you subscribe to the norms already set, you’re most welcome.

  14. challenge to stadium builders and EC remains. i will still take my issue with those who suggested that they will or can raise 3million on the lost gate takings. cause if u do not then forever shut up about how gor can survive without sponsors and tv. i am waiting. my issue with EC will remain coz they were elected to do a JOB. I hold them responsible for everythng good and bad. stoning, low gate takings corruption in tech bench and of course if gor succeeds, i will owe it to them. blogging here and checking who is insulting who is really being small minded. such ppl are called attention seekers and they are evrywhere. JUST IGNORE SUCH MAIL. discuss what gor needs but be realistic. my contest is with those who take gor to be so BIG. look at the list of the best achievers in african footbal then know about big clubs. anyway my take is that gor has gotten a light sentence with the fkf committee. i suggest that the EC lets it role and focus ahead. i strongly critisize this bwana guy. his style of playing to the court of gor fans is not how to manage a club. he seems to be a by-product of the same demanding fans who basically offer no solutions to anything. but time will tell. the committee has been lenient and blaming it or referees will get us knowwhere. the calibre of comments on this blog in most cases is also wanting and sincerely i also feel my days here are numbered. as much as ‘solutions’ are being discussed, thats just about it… we need one EC official responding to these comments, better if its done thru’ the official gor sight but if there is none then this can do. admin on this blog also needs to wake up and get a editor for the sight. i do not think such a person needs any pay.otherwise discussion just for the sake is now resulting to the insults that is taking place, coz ppl are realising that maybe this blog actually offers NOTHING.

  15. NONONE plse guys its not war down down plse gor ya watu wote mybe thats the haraka he can express himself plse dnt blame mutu hivyo we meet naks kama kawa leo ati game ni saa 230 why this whs rule is this TRUE kweli gor tuko na shida mob but wr on the way .LETS EACH PERSON DRIVING TAKE XTTRA CARE ITS VERY WET GUYS LIKE ME I CAN

  16. Pareyio 09, please restore order on this blog. I know you are either the admin or really close to the admin.

    Arrumtiddi please don’t be worried. We will restore the pride of this blog. We only need to blog in a sober manner. Every market has all types of people and the bigger the membership of this blog, the more you must be ready to see all types of posts. That is precisely the problem with our club. Too many fans make it very difficult to manage. This is like a political party. I foresee us having a second Gor Mahia registered soon. Where money and politics meet…just take a look at our parties. We must fight to restore and maintain the position of this blog. Even AFC fans are now found here. Please believe that this is the most active sports blog today in Kenya.

    OGANGO TRAILER, your language in a previous article is completely unacceptable. No matter your anger it’s completely out of order. Please tone down.

    Jackowili, where art thou? Someone suggested that you are now ‘Barefoot Bandit’ and i didn’t see the bandit deny nor accept. My only doubt is that the bandit is yet to go biblical like our good old Jackowili.

    All the best in Nakuru. I have a feeling we will win 2-1.

  17. At times i wonder why people complain too much…….its easy and clear GorMahia cannot control the fans so its simple,make a select of home matches e.g kogalo vs ingwe etc so expensive that not all can access and all those who afford cant dare spoil the game!

  18. No cause to worry guys the truth is finally out and you will all get to know the route cause of all this nonsense. It quite a pity to subscribe and bend low as portal owner and end up being the same monster now blocking my post to justify your ego. pole sana ADMIN.

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