Gor Mahia awarded all three points

The Kenya Premier League has awarded Gor Mahia all three points from the abandoned mashemeji derby encounter from last weekend. The match was abandoned in the 65th minute after the referee awarded Gor Mahia a penalty following a blatant handball by Jackson Saleh of AFC.

In a letter to both clubs, KPL stated: “In accordance with Rule 3.4 (b) abandoned matches and 7.8, Responsibility of Clubs for Misconduct, the AFC Leopards SC supporters caused the abandonment and in accordance to Rule 3.8, Forfeited Matches the match is awarded to Gor Mahia FC on 2-0 basis and any yellow or red cards awarded during the match are valid and will be counted.”

KPL chief executive Jack Oguda told Daily Nation Sport on Tuesday that the two clubs have been summoned to appear before the Independent Disciplinary and Complaints committee (IDCC) next Wednesday on the same.

In another show of poor sportsmanship, AFC have announced that they will appeal the decision.

“We are definitely going to appeal the ruling. We were the away team, hence not responsible for security. We will present our case to IDCC,” said Asava Kadima the AFC secretary general to the Nation.

Gor Mahia official Ronald Ngala has told off AFC officials.

“Why do they (Leopards) claim that there was no security?”

“There was adequate police officers and the policemen take orders from their bosses and not Gor officials. Why did Leopards fans find it so hard to let the match continue?” posed Ngala


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  2. KARIBUNI MOMBASA JOKOGALO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Mombasa Longroom Branch is pushing a contribution campaign dubbed ?#?themagic101bobforGorMahia? in which we target around 1 million fans to be sending at least only 10 bob to paybill no 350100. During the Bandari match we plan to have printed flyers to be given to fans to urge them to make it their habit to be sending that small amount every month. So send what you have to 350100 and make a difference.

    1. Som E kindly ensure there is feedback once someone remits his or her contribution. Please note that this venture could be a success if you can undertake to give regular updates for purposes of accountability. All noble initiatives to make Gor Mahia self-sustaining have not borne much fruit because of ilack of updates on fans’ contributions.

  3. Are ALL three points same as 3 points were to get had we’ve won? Just want to understandwwhat All mean.

    Not surprised with AFC move. It is written in their constitution that the three points they can’t get in 90 minutes. ..The official must get in boardroom once their goons have forced abandonment. Unfortunately these three will be tough to get.

    No Disciplinary action.? Why is Gor summoned? If there is no victim here? Next dabby could be total war. Gor must take responsibility for not fighting back. That’s understandable

  4. Admin. Your observation noted . Whatever has happened has happened lets move on the long room branch ‘ s initiative is a good one

  5. @ SOM E , your efforts are commendable, very commendable indeed, may be EC can adopt that campaign before every match, thats a cool Kshs 1 Million + gate collections…

    I said, this and i say this again, the league is OFFICIALLY OVER unless someone from another planet believes that Ulinzi can win 7 matches in a row, score 40 goals in 7 matches and still expect Kogallo to loose all their remaining matches without scoring a goal !!! SOUNDS OUT OF THIS WORLD.

    Lastly, on sad note , very sad to hear Dirkir Glay has exited kogallo by mutual consent. He was one of my best defenders in the premier league. Best of luck to him !!

    1. Dirkir is the first of many, we are very vulnerable,

      Kagere, Zingimana, Abouba, Aucho, waluwalu…………..

      start recruiting for 2016 so that we can win straight 4 titles.

  6. SOME E’s idea could have worked very well during the derby and advatised on all major radio sports stations and luo stations so that even sofaset fans can participate, imagine even a student can afford 10bob.
    By the way how much was collected on sunday?

  7. I totally disagree with how reporting has been done by the media because they are
    portraying Gor Mahia as if we are the ones who caused chaos.Every body so what happened.Please Gor haters stay aside and leave Gor alone.Iam shocked with the comments newspapers and TV Stations are printing and airing.Also the innocent fans that were arrested did not cause chaos because police were just arresting anyone wearing a Gor jersey in town.Why were AFC fans not arrested? They caused chaos and run away .Kwani Gor fans were fighting each other.All haters should differentiate Gor as a club and not a political party.Painting the name of Gor in bad taste will just bless us.Haters keep off Gor affairs completely.Media do not be biased in your reporting

  8. Not sure the 10 bob thing is sustainable.Since the 80s this issue of making Gor Mahia sustainable has been shunned by office after office.Most of the plans including the SACCO are half hearted.Whenever the leadership in any organization act on their own self interest.nothing much will ever be done.When the interest of the club will be number 1;and people start viewing Gor as an entity separate from its players,team leadership and fans;then there will be progress.For now Gor Mahia is too personalized;and so what happens is each time a new office comes in you have a new personality and not Gor Mahia.This is the same problem with FKF etc.Clubs that are run like business entities do not have these problems generally.

  9. I wish to condemn with the strongest terms possible this comical and unfounded decision by KPL. According to their letter, trouble started at half time and then escalated at the 64th minute. The match commisioner also stated that the police were not prepared. FKF, the supreme soccer body in Kenya also stated that Gor did not provide a security plan to them as per their request which on its own is disrespectful. All this suggests that Gor did not provide adequate security and security plan for the game.. KPL’s constitution clearly and unequivocally states that the home team is responsible for adequate security. It is very funny that KPL did not state that “Security was adequate but it is AFC that still caused the abandonment.” If they did this, then I could live with their decision

    1. @Ingo, at Thika where ingwe fans got into the pitch and molested the referee was security adequate? And when the same fans got int the pitch and literally beat the ref when the team was playing against Chemelil last year was it also security? And how much is adequate security? One ingwe fan to one policeman? I saw more than 50 stewards in that game. Are those not security or is security only armed policemen? Once a human being or group has decided what to do no security will stop them. On the Gor fans who were arrested in town unfortunately I cannot defend them since I don’t have the facts. But what I know is that some of our fans are a nuisance to the general public, maybe these ones were

    2. @INGO as a millionaire and an engineer as you claim to be in this blogsite, am sorry to lament that your post above has today differed from the true-self real INGWERIANS who are are still suffering from the BARBARIC, UNCOUTH ,CLOWNISH & QUACKISH behavior of hooliganism demonstrated with some few thugs out to spoil the name of the club.

      Just around June this year HOOLIGANISM caused AFC an opportunity to land BROOKSIDE sponsorship and yet you have guts to yap that SECURITY was the issue during the derby. Was SECURITY the cause of SALEH to handle the ball or pressure from the field of play. Reason like an engineer and a millionaire and help US transform soccer as an industry.


      AFC Leopards fans against hooliganism
      By MICHEZOAFRIKA 28 Jun 2015

      Saturday 27th June 2015 will remain etched in the memories of many as the day when an unruly section of soccer hooligans caused mayhem during a Kenyan Premier League clash pitting hosts Thika against AFC leopards that rendered Thika Municipal stadium and surrounding areas a no-go zone as police battled the crowd.

      The match had to be stopped twice as fans protested a goal they believed was scored in an offside position. Thika United won 1-0 but the uncivilised manner in which a few goons protested the goal was another dark chapter in the Kenyan soccer.

      The unfortunate developments left a bitter taste on many true AFC Leopards fans who have now launched an anti-hooliganism social media campaign dubbed “AFC Leopards fans united against hooliganism” to sensitise the few hooligans in their midst to stop their uncouth behaviour.

      Many Ingwe fans have also expressed their disappointment on social media and called on the few spoiling the name of the team to style up.

      “We fans we know a team can win, lose or draw. Close decisions like the one today could have gone either way and the fact that it was not to our advantage does not justify violence,” an Ingwe fan wrote of Facebook.

      “It’s a sad day for our club that wants to woo Brookside to have fans behaving in such a barbaric manner. This must stop,not good for the game ,” wrote another fan.

      AFC Leopards is currently searching for a sponsor and the development at Thika Stadium did little to help the cause. Brookside Dairies who sponsors Thika United and were keen on taking over AFC Leopards but the negative publicity could jeopardise the any likely sponsorship deal.

      Kenyan Premier League will soon be constituting its disciplinary committee to look at the issue. This could lead to fines on either Thika United and/or AFC leopards with the latter likely to suffer more in-case of a cash fine.

    3. Why don’t you define what adequate security is.
      Give as an example what ingwe provided on the first derby as home team then compare it to the ‘inadequate’ security u n ingwe r referring to. Oh hh…pls give us figures in terms of numbers, security departement n budget n shame us forever.

      1. You want figures? Here you go: During the AFC game, how many people went to Jail? Zero! During the Gor home game, how many people went to jail? 19! By the way they were all Gor players. The notion that this individuals misbehaved outside the stadium is purely a fallacy. There behavior spilled over from the stadium onto the streets. Anybody who says that they only misbeved while outside of the stadium is dreaming

    4. Your argument that the home team failed to provide enough security is lame and stupid, can you check the rules governing the kpl games ending prematurely? you are showing ignorance here, so lack of proper security prompts your stupid fans to throw missiles on to the pitch? is that guilt or lack of reasoning you are displaying? blame game will not solve your problems, instead educate your fans to be civilized and to act like true football lovers, I hope you are posting on efusi’s page and help them fight relegation.

  10. So Ingo do you want the three points for your team? Or what are you suggesting? This season we could even replay you even on the moon and still win as we were winning this one. Move on man.

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