Gor Mahia barred by SSMB


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Following last week’s skirmishes after the derby on Sunday pitting Gor Mahia FC and AFC Leopards, it is now emerging that the Kenya Sports Stadia Management Board (SSMB) has ruled they will not host Gor Mahia at their venues – Nyayo national stadium and Moi International Sports Center Kasarani for a period of not less than one year starting immediately.

According to the ruling delivered by the chairman retired General Daniel Opande on Friday morning in a press briefing , any game/match or event involving Gor Mahia whether home or away will not be granted access to any of the Stadia managed by the Sports Stadia Management Board.This will last until such a time when the board shall be convinced that the trend has changed.

These include Nyayo National stadium and Moi International Sports Center Kasarani that is due to be re opened after two years of closure for multi Million shillings renovations.

Gor Mahia FC has also been instructed to pay for all the damages caused at Nyayo during the scuffle that left a number of fans from both divides injured and property of unknown value damaged extensively.

Football Kenya Federation chairman Sam Nyamweya was present during the function by virtue that he is a member of the Sports Stadia Management Board in capacity of Federation chairman. Also present during the meeting were officials from KPL.


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  1. Gor fans lets start operation have a stadium, Lets have our own stadium. Gor mgt should start this project immediately first by having an Mpesa acc no for this, then members should contribute a certain amount then have all media stations running adverts for this project.Please comment.
    Lets take care of our destiny bcos very soon even the sponsor might pull out at this rate.

  2. My brothers & sister its so diheartening to learn of the action that has bn taken against us,for sure this could have bn prevented had we hid some of the advises advanced by our fellow bloggers.
    Initially i used to be seated in the main stand coz it used to be cool and atleast you would get some guys to share with ideas costructively on matters of soccer,only for some guys to start carrying with them some liquors which may not be so bad save for their behaviour thereafter.I even stopped carying my children to the stadium who had wanted to see me along even on Sunday due the behaviours they would witness.I believe that we can change much as i think that we are not very bad people and kindly the E.C should find us the best way to handle this matter much as i feel that banning us has political connections,but,if that is the case the we shall comfortably overcome.

  3. It appears to me that there is a wider conspiracy to ensure Gor does not excel. For the green army this is the time to stand firm and support our club, we made mistakes yes, but the reaction from SSMB, SS and their ilk is not well reasoned.
    We shall stand by kogalo not matter what because “WE ARE GOR MAHIA”

  4. It’s quite annoying if such behavior can lead to the harsh ruling. what i know a time shall come……

  5. The only way we can prove this people wrong is by winning the league.The EC should hire a reputable firm to deal with our own security and qualified stewards to deal with errant fans.

    As you know,City Stadium is our kichinjio,we are going to maul everyone we play in that carpet field.

    The EC can talk to City Council to renovate and add more stands to the stadium,just like what happened to the KRFU grounds with Safaricom.

    Lets stand by our beloved team,togetha forever

  6. Let us open our eyes now! It is the price we have to pay just because of not being civil enough. How long shall we take to know that violence does not pay! And shall we ever learn that we are living in the 21st Century.. Can’t these Morons see that they are spoiling the name of Gor Mahia! For how long shall we shed tears of shame just because of a few misguided hooligans.!


    FIrst,it was SuperSport who gave the Gor Mahia Vs Rangers FC blackout and now the Sports Stadia Management Board (SSMB) banned K’Ogalo from using their facilities for a period not less than one year. The club will also go deep into his pockets to pay all damages caused during the Nairobi derby.

    And more punitive measures is still on the cards.

    I must say this is a very sad for K’Ogalo. As much as comrade Omuchura want to paint a good picture, there is more than meets the eye. The banned venues were good places Gor was using to maximise revenue. The facilities are big, more secure and better managed than the only facility Gor is now left with. The blackout by SuperSport is a big blow to our boys who are aim the paid ranks in Europe and elsewhere around the world.

    On the local scene, we may not know how much stain the fracas put to our sponsors, TUZO. The second most reason after corruption that is scaring away potential sponsors is club violence. No corporate want to associate with a club with such image.I do not at this stage want to point at any one person for our woes. Whether you come from Kibera or kileleshwa, Ongata rongai or Muthaiga, Legea or Adiddas, we are all members of this great club. In view of this ruling, let us all join hands to rid bad apples in our midst.

    Finally, I wish to request the club officials to read the ruling in between the lines and respond appropriatly. I have great confidence in our team and in the end it will a win- win situation for all of us.

  8. hahahahahahahaha pple think that by suspending gor from ssmb stadium they have solved hooliganism.nyet!. this can and will only be solved thru a collective effort. surely personnally i think there are pple born with personality problems. how do you explain someone killing all his kid without a care?. Same thing how do you hurl abuse, smoke bangh and drink yourself silly, hurl stones at pple and property without a care. it shows one thing about you, no respect for yourself and those around you. thats how security come in and they should start by using snifer dogs to smoke out bangh smokers before they enter the stadium. no drunkards nor alcohol shld be allowed in the stadium. those with a tendancy to hurl unprintable words shld check themselves and those next to them shld try to diffuse tension arising from them. stadiums shld install cctv cameras round the stadium to.capture the faces of trouble makers with a view to prosecuting them for crowd trouble and destruction of property. players should work even harder to win games by showing maturity in the field. a mature players knows how to relax and deffuse tension which can translate alot to the fans. but hey we dont own any stadium so we habe no option but to respect their decisions. Lord God i can see a better display from my team and i pray that you touch the hearts of those with ill motive amongst us with a view to soften their hearts in Jesus name i pray. Amen.

  9. Big blow because of the few fans who will never appreciate that football is business.

    Admin need to appeal to Paul Otuoma the Minister for Youth & Sports.

    Similarly we have seen worst activities of fans for example in Greece fan rioted and destroyed properties.

    Peace-loving football fans are being driven away by small minorities of thugs who are intent on hooliganism, thuggery and violence. And this is a major problem for Gor Mahia football right now that need to be addressed soberly.

    In UK, it used to be the order of the day. However, this overtime turned football around. It used to be difficult for fans to walk round wearing their team strip in the last 25 years ago. These days football is real big business in England, because it doesn’t have the hooligan problems that it used to have.

    Take for example there are many women and children now attending Gor Mahia matches – almost unheard of 15 years ago. These gains need to be nurtured and kept for Gor Mahia to move forward.

    The answer on containing hooliganism lies in full co-operation between the KPL, FKL, police and Gor Mahia football team plus fans. A clear division of responsibility between them for securing football grounds during matches is very necessary.

    Establishing dedicated special police intelligence unit or teams to trackdown the hooligans is very important part of all the stakeholders strategy, along with improvements to the football grounds and the introduction of membership and smart cards. This is what was introduced in UK 20 years ago. Why can FKL borrow a leaf from UK?

    Special police unit without official uniforms can deal with their fair share of arresting football fans troubleshooter after the matches, during the matches or during violence.

    We also need co-operation between the club and authorities, which is currently minimal.

    It’s not going to be an easy task, it’s going to take some time tyo contain these hooliganism.

    Admin must visit the Ministers of Youth & Sport and Internal Security to obtain quick and immediate measures.

    I think the issue should also be pushed to be the government’s agenda.

    Fans and bloggers we have to stamp out football hooliganism in order to attract more fans and sponsors.

    Though I may sound comical here, I asked the KPL and federation to change the disciplinary law and penalties as harsh as excluding Gor Mahia or any other team from the league as well as docking points, banning teams etc.

    The government should also introduce sports legislation in that direction aimed at stamping out hooliganism.

  10. One thing that is amazing is that we are all in this. It is not only a wake up call but also a lesson to us. Where is the land i hear we own? Can we now start planning on how to build a stadium there? And also ask yourselves what we have done to this vice. What do you do when a fan next to you is preparing to throw a stone, let us not only use this blog, let us put it in practice and we will overcome all these.

  11. Kogalo family dont worry much. This is just but a blessing.they av always want to finish the club in vain thus, am urging our beloved ARMY this is the tyme to show solidarty with the club to ashame the dooms.We can break record if we attend our matches in full capacity.To the players en technical bench we r behind u.Scouts will be coming for our matches.In GOD i trust. They will come back to us.

  12. iam personally tired of seeing all these it is time someone came up with some solution to our problems there is no where our club will go if we play in this fort jesus thing called nyayo it is total shame we should think towards our own stadium nyayo is pathetic ,the managegement can afforrd to boast of such a national shame thing realllly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Summary of measures taken to prevent football violence
    Main measures to prevent football violence and to improve the match day experience for football supporters. These measures have been developed over a period of time, as part of an ongoing collaboration between The Federation, KPL, Gor Mahia,Government and the Police.

    National Legislation
    The Government should introduce series of legislative measures to combat hooliganism. The following types of behaviour should be made a criminal offence:

    1. Entering a stadium when drunk or in possession of alcohol
    2. Possession of alcohol when entering football stadium
    3. Throwing any object at or towards the pitch or spectator areas
    4. Entering the pitch without lawful excuse
    5. Indecent or tribal chanting
    6. Ticket touting.

    Under the legislation, any person convicted of a football related offence must receive from the Courts a football banning order. This order prevents the offender from attending any football match at home or abroad for a minimum period of three years. Failure to observe this ban is itself a criminal offence.

  14. Summary of measures taken to prevent football violence

    Police forces should develop a great deal of expertise in dealing with football related disorder. The Inspector General must produce the best practice document with guidance on the policing of football matches. This include runing training courses for police match commanders wit an annual conference of match commanders which helps further to share items of best practice.

    Representatives of the football authorities must meet regularly with police officers and attend the annual conference.

    Football intelligence officers should be assigned to follow each football team at home and away matches, to gather intelligence and to “spot” any potential trouble-makers or ringleaders or banned offenders who may turn up at matches. Football intelligence officers produce a report on each fixture which is logged by the intelligence section of the Kenya Football Policing Unit.

  15. Summary of measures taken to prevent football violence

    Measures to be introduced by Federation, KPL and Clubs
    The use of segregated areas and CCTV cameras in all stadias will significantly reduce problems of spectator misbehaviour inside stadia. The problems that do occur mainly happen outside or away from the football stadium.

    There is a need for a massive building and stadium improvement programmes in the country. We need two new stadia with new stands.

    Clubs in the top divisions should be required, by national legislation, to identify the ring leaders and trouble shooters. All trouble-makers or ringleaders or banned offenders who may turn up at matches should be arrested.

    Under safety legislation, each football club must have stadium safety certificate, issued by the police or local authority. As part of the safety certificate, each club is required to have:

    1. A designated Safety Officer, responsible for the safety management operation at the stadium on match days
    2. Stewards trained to a nationally-recognised standard
    3. Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras covering key areas of the ground
    5. Stadium control room with radio communications links to steward supervisors and police, CCTV display monitors, access to the public address system and a display monitor linked to the computerised turnstile counting system.

    If the local authority is not entirely satisfied with the efficiency of any of the above items, it may reduce the capacity of the whole stadium or specific areas of the stadium accordingly.

    Many Safety Officers have a police or fire service background. They are responsible for the recruitment and training of stewards (unless the stewards are supplied under contract by a steward agency). A national Football Safety Officers’ Association should be formed.

    Clubs should ban any person who is arrested or ejected from a stadium and supporters do not misbehave as they would risk being banned or jailed.

    Clubs should also introduce travel clubs for their away matches – clubs will only issue tickets for an away match to supporters who are members of the travel club. Anyone who misbehaves risks losing their travel club membership and therefore the right to a ticket for an away match.

    Football stadias should in future be safe and welcoming places, offering good quality facilities to supporters. Supporter violence inside stadia will be very rare.

  16. Mwakio @ 11 cant add a word on your contribution. Pls lets all go back to it and have sober and critical read. Its a sad day lets not pretend about it.

  17. Mwakio kindly let me have your email. I want to forward your credentials to relevant authorities for this very so educative way of combating this vice. You strike me like one person we can second to be a secretary in the next cabinet of the coming government. Thank you, thank you.

  18. Its tough but we need to know that opande never played any football and that’s why he can rin away from his responsibility to identify the goons thro cctv and have them arrested. How do we know it is not a conspiracy to provoke the fans into violence for two reasons : To scatter the unity of purpose between ingwe and kogallo fans! Let the fans know they are being set up and must control their emotions. There is also infiltration of the fan base as the ultimate aim is to destroy the gor and afc alliance and we are not seeing. After Gor is down it will be Afc. Wake up guys! Free advice: 1) the stadium seating must be zoned and tickets equally numbered.more tomorrow

  19. History tells as that it is blessing 4 those wu dont know. In 1985 GM was suspended 4 2 years against ZAMALECK of Egytt. Those of wu were there can tell us in 1987 the same team that was given a 2 year suspension were the African Kings for Mandela cup.Even AFC have have never and will never reach that fate. KOGALLO ARE KINGS OF THE E .& CA.

  20. Though it’s a sad day I tell you the moment we start winning and fans back for our matches all and sundry will have forgotten. Remember we lost some fans some 2 years back back the fans are back. Like the Deputy Chair has always said there are three categories of fans: those who love footy, those who treat it as an outing (what of the cool ladies and gents of late attending our matches) and goons who don’t mind a chaotic situation. How do you tell that someone is a fan or wearing a GM shirt makes you a fan? I have bought several t-shirts for my friends who treat it as a fashion item but have never been to the stadium. SSMB implies that even playing behind doors is a risk to the tax-payers facility(GM fans also are) . Anyway this could be the silver lining we have been waiting for. I hope that’s the end of the punishment unless there is more than meets the eye. Are we being punished ’cause we ‘refused’ to lose to the ‘favourites’.
    For now since we have realised that we don’t have friends out there let’s fully get behind the boys, ‘intimidate’ the opposition with our numbers and soon we will be at the top. Let’s not worry too much about SS. Very few, if any, people watch local soccer in SS9. The SS is only used for EPL and if scouts need you they will come. Also a good player will go pro with or without SS, Oliech and Mariga are examples.
    The last thing is that I hope those of us who love GM will desist from any activity that will further soil our name.
    Long live GM

  21. Dragging rtd Major Opande’s name just because he is the SSMB’s chairman beats any logic and is dishonesty of the highest order! How does he come in here? We have soiled the name of Gor with our rotten and primitive behaviours and let the white name of Opande shine as an example to us. Cant some of us see that the problem is from within and not without Ladies and Gentlemen!

  22. When we won MANDELA cup SS were not there. WE were the same KOGALA and now am sure Gods are with us. JBO & TO it is ur time we are confident that u will deliver

  23. Most Gor Mahia fans are stupid and arrogant as evident in the comments here. GM has been banned from playing in SS facilities and you call that no big deal instead of opening up your eyes and calling for concerted efforts to nip hooliganism. At this rate GM will be banned from using city stadium or any other stadium for that matter. GM does not own and does not have the financial muscle (the so called loyalist fans are living on the periphery of poverty) to own a stadium. Wake up Kogalo fans, kick hooliganism out of football.

  24. Jarabuon,kindly mind your language and please choose the words you use carefully ,a word like stupid and arrogant has no place in this blog and we must be tolerant of other peoples views even if you do not agree with them.

  25. What we need are solutions but not chest thumping. Can you all see what Mwakio is suggesting? Isnt this the way forward? Thank you brother Mwakio. Have taken it down. Will get in touch on the same.

  26. Its very unfortunate that almost every football stakeholder(kpl,ss,ssmb,royal media family et al) has banned us from accessing and using their facilities.I believe its too harsh on us to be subjected to these penalties for vices that we could and stil we can deal with collectively as football stakeholders.Hooliganism should not be regarded as a sole responsibility for Kogallo family.why do we pay for the stadiums whenever we are to hold our matches regardless of their stature if we cannot receive equal services for the same?I find it disheartening that in spite of all the contributions that Kogallo has brought to Kenyan football,stil we get subjected to very unfair and uncalled for actions.What if we rise to the top of the table,wil these unfair penalties stand?I perceive it as a case of double standards in issuing of penalties.Who said that every person who dons Kogallo strips is a Kogallo fan?In the same measure,some of us bloggers seem also to be promoting footbal impunity.Why do you take pride in the harsh judgement since we’ll be using Komwanda where we normally get results?Think also of maximizing on our revenue since we need this for Kogallo’s sustainance.Am very much delighted by Mwakio’s proposals unto the resolutions to these hooliganism plights that keep bedevilling our beloved club.Guys,the ultimate solution to hooliganism,remember starts from you and I.Lets meet in Afraha stadium tomorrow.Kogallo forever.

  27. The few goons in our midst brought this upon us. Like Mwakio has said, they need to understand that football is business we need to make it a family event. I concur with Mwakio that we need to tackle hooliganism from all ends, fans, clubs, SSMB, KPL, Police and FKF. Meanwhile as per the minutes i’ve posted in the other thread, the newly formed Gor Mahia Fans Investment Company that aims at assisting the club by taking care of the players welfare and ultimately constructing a stadium for Gor has in identified acquiring medical cover for our players as the first project. We’ve started this campaign on the Gor Mahia FC wall on facebook and the response has been positive. Be assured of utmost transparency as all contributions are posted on the wall as they come. Below is evidence of the same

    FANS: THE NUMBER IS 0708 304 895…MEDICAL COVER FOR OUR BOYS: This is just the beginning of GREAT things to come…and yes WE ARE VERY SERIOUS!!
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    Sherry Halima Ayugi By the way..Just to RECONFIRM the committee has not actually registered to MPESA. The Phone is just receiving money. So as at now – Nobody can withdraw the money – please be assured of our commitment to transparency and accountability. Thank you.
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    Frankline Orinde Haya twende kazi, nani anachafua hii wall na 1500? Ortiz,Boni,Aseda…. Mko wapi? Richard Lukaya?
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    Frankline Orinde Aseda have seen it. Boni vipi?
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    Naima Ferrari Min Bentley Confirmed CD29WA706 received from ENOs OCHIENG Ksh 500
    Thank uuuuuuuuuuuu
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    Sherry Halima Ayugi ?800 Kende yawa…Who is willing to sacrifice 4 beers today!! 🙂
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    Naima Ferrari Min Bentley Confirmed CD29WS412 Ksh 225 from MANASEH OPIATA OTIENO OIRO
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    Sherry Halima Ayugi ?600 only!! SACRIFICE 3 BEERS KENDE!!
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    Sherry Halima Ayugi ?Naima Ferrari Min Bentley please update total at 7pm…may God Bless GOR MAHIA and May God Bless all that have contributed today in earnest and I pray that he shall add you more.. Tom morrow is another day.
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    Frankline Orinde Halima dnt leave yet…..tuna fikisha hii target saa hii tu…. Tranparency int branch pia wapewe list wajione,ths is to those asking abt credibity av given u a branch there….. Lets move on comrades
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    Jack O Odeny Hahaha, eti what branch-Transparency Int‘l Branch.
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    Naima Ferrari Min Bentley CD30BV539 confirmed Kennedy Otogo Ksh 200
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    Tony Anelka Yani bear huwa 2sok? Mano wach mawendo kuoma. Ok, nani anatufungia siku leo?
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    Naima Ferrari Min Bentley Am here till midnyt;
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    Tony Anelka Sawa @Ken, 4sok to go.
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    Tony Anelka ?@Sawa Naima, night shift tuko ready. Mpaka ngware.
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    Frankline Orinde Tony kwani in imadho beer mar pesa adi?
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    Naima Ferrari Min Bentley M-pesa amount as at 7.04pm is Ksh 9,650
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    Frankline Orinde ?350 to go,whoz gona make our day?
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    Naima Ferrari Min Bentley Confirmed CD30TG949 received from Edwin Onjula
    Asante sana
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    Tony Anelka Wewe Frankline dnt ask ma amadhoga lets get the 350 tufunge siku.
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    Tony Anelka ?@Edwin Onjula, morale
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    Naima Ferrari Min Bentley We have reached the Ksh 10.000 mark
    Confirmed CD30WJ082 received Ksh 250 from VINCENT ODHIAMBO
    We are now at Ksh 10,200
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    Tony Anelka Thanks ppl, thz is sm gd job. We will achieve thz. Kidogi kidogo will see us through. Hapana choka the line is still open just feel free to send ur contributions. Night shift tuko macho na Naima.
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    Frankline Orinde Congrats guyz….yes we can! Am vry hppy to wrk with u guyz. God bless
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    Frankline Orinde Night shift niko macho pia……
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    Tony Anelka ?@Frankline, l thought u going kutafuta bear ya 2sok. Am loyal
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    Nyakwar Odande you will have to wait for mine kidogo…hope there aint a deadline?
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    Jack Kaire Tony anelka,sherry, naima. asanteni
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    Frankline Orinde Phahahahaha! Tony, am here hyo ya 2sok mimi hapana tafuta, an loyal
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    George Aseda Hakuna deadline till we have 1.5m and beyond. I urge guys to join in and help raise the cash. I can’t wait to see the day we are info of the cameras with Resolution health, Team manager and GMFC officials handing presenting medical cover to players
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    AndyVince Mugenya Gud job guys, keep it up! A.k.a CD30WJ082
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    Izc Ivan Izc Thanx George
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    Tony Anelka ?@Odande, no deadline. Tuko hapa na namba ni hiyo. Lets walk together. Safari inakaa ndefu bt tutafika l biliv.
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    Nyakwar Odande ?Tony Anelka, thank you owadwa…yangu takuja…promised land tutafika
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    Izc Ivan Izc Tony Anelka of late av come to love ur optimism…
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    Naima Ferrari Min Bentley Looking forward to tht day too dooning my green jersey presenting the medical cover to the players eiiiiiiisssss God pls see the works of our hands
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    AndyVince Mugenya Penye Nia Pana Njia! And God Almighty Be Our Fountain Of Hope! Yes We Can!
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    Frankline Orinde Gor Mahia diehrd fans,who av worked hard to ensure thy secure medical insurance for gor mahia players……….wawawaaaaa! Cnt wait cz am also sure ss wld b begging to cover that. Lets go guyz,yes we can…….bado tuko chonjo night shift pamoja na Naima n Tony
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    Omosh Were asomo maye ka asedwanyo wiya gi green label sherine CD31UA799 Tony to moro mar cleansheet and goal scored waoronenga? kata gilor stadium wabosolo ne Gor pesa. GB people politising sports by linking it to politics and turnishing tribes here should be given to kibwana.
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    Jack Kaire ?@Tony anelka.is it possible we organise a raffle and a Kogalo Night to help us raise funds.We can also organise an inter branch competition and selling of merchandise and Kogalo branded water during our games.Food for thought.
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    Tony Anelka Great idea @Jack. We nid to talk about thz n l hope kesho guyz will be here we see how to go about it. Thanks man.
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    Naima Ferrari Min Bentley Nyt shift branch still awake;confirmed CD31UA799 received from James Were Ksh 525
    Confirmed CD31YT991 received Ksh 200 from Antony Gowa
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    Frankline Orinde Thnx Naima,we r stl awake…. Tony donge?
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    Opiyo Carey Wait for it wait for it …….
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    Frankline Orinde Opiyo,we r stl waitin 1hr dwn the line….. Naima,any info? Good morning guyz, Halima u left us mapema jana, Tony,wot hppnd to nyt shift?
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    Tony Anelka We are here guyz, just feel free to send urs anytime. Kurauka branch tuko hapa.
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    Frankline Orinde Phahahaa! Tony,oyawore?
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    Opiyo Carey Tony yangu nimetuma but Kuwait I think. Bank zifunguliwe huku ni usiku achomo kitandanda
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  28. with what one reads here, surely the club is in great trouble. if this is what “great minds” have to offer then gud luck guys.

  29. Hatuwezi kuepa kwa kununua Uwanja wetu. Hata kule tukileta fujo tutafungiwa. Jambo muhimu ni kuhamisisha mashabiki kwa sababu ni kawaida referee kufanya maamuzi ambayo sio kila mtu hufurahia.Kama ni City Stadium,tukileta fujo na kuharibu mali yao huko kwa sababu hatukubaliani na maamuzi ya referee tutafukuzwa. Sasa tumeanza kuita watu wa fujo. Nani angependa kutoa udhamini kwa watu kama hao. Na kumbuka A.F.C wakati walileta fujo wakati ule, walichukua hatua ya haraka na kulaani hizo fujo na wakamusimamisha kazi mmoja wa scout ambaye alihusika na fujo hizo. Sisi kama mashabiki halisi wa Gor lazima tunajua viongozi wa hili genge . Niwajibu kupatia EC majina yao wachunguzwe ili wachukuliwe hatua. Gor itasimaama wima!

  30. The arrogance of GM thugs as evident in the chest thumping here and in facebook is pugnacious. When will these brokeass!es learn that you cannot eat arrogance. GM needs to clean up its image else it will be on the receiving end from all corners and this might ultimately lead to its demise. The funny thing is that instead of doing a through soul searching and being contrite about the shameful acts of primitivity and barbarism exhibited by GM goons, the diehard supporters are claiming that they can build they own stadium. My foot, how can you build a football stadium when you can’t even afford three square meals a day? Grow up GM goons.

  31. @28 and @37 – I fully support you Jarabuon! From personal experience (I have been Gor Mahia since the 70’s) and I have also personally been harassed by my own fans! So lets look into ways of curbing hooliganism and not wiping our dirt under the carpet! Solutions are what we need not “panga’nga'”.

  32. As we shared yesterday we need to put the right syatems in place and not shift the blame here or there :1) The SSMB have the duty to be ahead in provision of security by installing CCTV cameras in place. 2) all the seats or terraces must be numbered an zoned specifically for issuance of tickets to the fans.3) the fans must produce Id cards that are tallied with the tickets for purposes of identifying those who are a security risk. 4) The police must not abdicate their duty of providing security wuthin and without the stadium not just hurling teargas aimlessly.5) all the teams must have a register of registered fans for accountability of behavior and ease of identificationn6) the national security intelligence must collect and have information on criminals posing as fans. SO STOP BLAMING GOR LET EVERY BODY DO THEIR DUTY

  33. I think the Gor management is sleeping on the job put some value on Gor games put center stand at kshs.1,000.00 and Russia kshs.500.00 gate entry to cut out a certain group of fans like it or not with a following like kogalo’s there is no other way and if they crooks still manage to come in hike it even more coz there is no other way out.This is not about being reasonable its about business football is big business you know

  34. Our unruly colleagues have done so much damage to a team that is just trying to find its bearing. Of more concern is the impending action by FKF. Reading between the lines of a discussion in KTN’s Sports Final, come Tuesday 27th March, Nyamweya will deliver the verdict that suspends Gor Mahia from KPL or relegates it to nationwide league.

  35. Hi.

    I dont know what word 2 use for fans who forcefully remove a person from a matatu and strips him of his tshirt
    just bcoz is wearing the opponents color tshirt and one of them even takes his (1) shoe or fans who strip a girl wearing the opponent t shirt even the the gal is accompanied by their fellow fan. please someone give me the words to use. city stadium is smaller. what if hooliganism continues and we are banned from City too. Lets kick hooliganism out of our football and the town centre.

  36. Hi.

    I dont know what word 2 use for fans who forcefully remove a person from a matatu and strips him of his tshirt
    just bcoz is wearing the opponents color tshirt and one of them even takes his (1) shoe or fans who strip a girl wearing the opponent t shirt even though the gal is accompanied by their fellow fan. please someone give me the words to use. city stadium is smaller. what if hooliganism continues and we are banned from City too. Lets kick hooliganism out of our football and the town centre.


    Away from matters K’Ogalo, I wish to join other football lovers around the world to pray for Fatrice Muamba of Bolton Wanderers who is now fighting for his life at hospital after he collapsed on the field of play.

    I salute the medical team who are still working round the clock to help the player. I cannot forget his teammates who poured into the hospital to convey their get well messages and prayers. The ‘PRAY 4 MUAMBA’ messages on their t-shirts is equally inspiring and full of hope. We all can’t wait to see him on top flight football again.

    This incident brings Africa the bad memories of the late Mark Vivien Foe of Cameroon wh passed on under similar circumstances. From the reports streaming in, the player is said to have died for ’78 minutes’ but God did a miracles to the life of Muamba. He is slowly responding well to treatment. I urge the fans around the world to continue praying for him because doctors treat but God heals.

  38. @Jackowili not sure if there is such a law. And to be made by the Chairman? I can assure you that as much as some of us behaved the decisions being taken are out of emotions and no rational thinking. By sending the team to Nationwide what will stop the same chaos. The report from the match commissair will be sent to KPL who will set up IDCC to mete out any punishment to us. I also think we are treating the symptons without looking at the disease. It’s typical of Kenyans to pick the thing that is current, go over the roof and shout loudest. Even those who can’t tell the difference between Kasarani and Nyayo stadium.
    Let’s hope that sooner or later someone will look at this as a national problem/frastration being vented out by some of these fans. We need to look at the poor refreeing, bang smoking in the stadium, political temperatures etc etc. Otherwise what wrong have the GM players, tech bench and EC done? Stereotyping and mass condemnation will not solve any thing. That could only result in taking this issue elsewehere. Apart from having policemen watching the game where was the security agents before things got out of hand, assuming they were not the ones who escalated it.
    Maybe the people taking these decisions should consult a phsychologist to let them know how to solve this issue once and for all otherwise I don’t see the issue ending, it will just be suppressed to appear a year or two from now

  39. Mr Bwana plz u cannot manage Gor Mahia FC U are the loudmouth who recruited the players singlehandedly now u are trying to cheat the fans that we have a good team, that is a lie normally it takes only 3 months to know whether a taeam is good. Let me tell u the team forward line is not good at all.The midfield depends so much on one person futhermore u av started to get fat.You had the opportunity to recruit Santos but since u r the boss, u chose pple even JBO cannot use.Now the best Gor can do is to survive relegation and then to make sure we hve a coach who will be given time to develop the team.By the way dont embarass JBO he can not turn the team around, Look for a mzungu.Give him a post he is one man Gor should respect.

  40. As we digress from matters K’ogalo can somebody enlighten me on how we gain by the UEFA cup tour. At the same time our ladies under-20 are literally begging for assistance yet they could bring us the world cup. Are our priorities right? Why not the Africa Cup of Nations trophy tour?

  41. Gor siku hizi hawa sakati ngoma kama kitambo, acheni vita kama humu jimudu kiwanjani. Sofapaka ndio mabingwa wa kandanda kenya.

  42. Karibu Mla Ndege. Habari za kupotea? Karibu kwetu. Sisi hatuna vita na mtu bali ni sisi tunaopigwa vita. Inakuwaje ujumbe wako kwetu ni ule ule? Mbona usituambie jambo jipya?

  43. Colleagues may you kindly take note of the following article harvested from Futaa.com:

    Gor followers to converge at City

    Gor Mahia fans will be converging at City Stadium on Monday 26 March, to deliberate on the next move following a Sports Stadia Management Board (SSMB) season long ban on the club.

    According to the organizer Agnes Nyandega, the main agenda will be to discuss ways of denouncing hooliganisms amongst K’ogalo followers.


    -All Gor fans and the forty branches will be meeting on Monday starting at 1600hrs, Nyandega told futaa.com.

    -We want to identify those few individuals damaging our reputation by throwing stones during our matches.

    -It’ll be a duty of each Gor fan to act as watchdog for his/her neighbor during and after the match.

    denounce hooliganism

    -They’re portraying our image negatively and we want to denounce that vice. It’s after the meeting that we’ll hold a press conference, revealed the organizer.

    His sentiments were echoed by Vice Chair Faiz Ochieng saying that as the supreme office they’re fully behind the initiative.

    On Friday 23 March Gor were slapped a ban prohibiting them from accessing SSMB facilities; Nyayo National Stadium and Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani following the skirmishes caused by their fans during their league match against AFC Leopards last Sunday.

    Written 24/03-12 21:05 by Rodgers Eshitemi

  44. hi, lads i have an issue to pick with this @jarabuon guy you are no different to the thugs you berate here if you argue with afool you are no different to him /her where i live here in zanzibar there are rivalry between kmkm and the revenue team it is no different disagreement in matches all manner of ill take place all over if you call these people all sorts of names rest assured you are solving nothing and you are calling violence to your door step some day you will come face to face with these hooligans then you will know that the solution to this vice is we shape the kenyan society to be law abiding citizens for the good of all from top where you belong as you purport is so rotten how about football fans they too are part of this ill dont inject an open wound for you are wounding it more try to be sober id it is cultural thing address is with pure and sound thinking i feel you are worse of chauvinist than this hooligans you belong in mc kain camp too bad for this Kenyan football which by the way will not grow anytime soon for now nyaweya is running form his role into gor mahia while kenya rank outside top 100

  45. I had given such views @36. The problem with Faiz Ochieng is that at times he behaves like an activist who will is more interested in pleasing fans. This meeting should have been called by the EC long before. I think we as Gor fans should be meeting before every game and talk about maintaining peace during our games whether we are winning, loosing or referee has made a mistake. We can also do this during half time. We should not allow a few individuals to tarnish our name. Such individuals should be identified and made to sign agreement that they will maintain peace and if they breach this agreement then legal action be taken against them.


  47. lets all stop making excuses we deserve to be banned and its such a shame we hv gone to such lows…. on building our own stadium … i dont thinks so if we cannot buy a bus after harrambees held and the cash un accounted for SHAME ON GOR MAHIA

  48. i dont see problem if we use City stadium,we wont mind even if we sit peacefully on those grass and watch our Team.We are used to City stadium and it will be good bullying grounds for most of our opponents.FKL should know Gor are biggest contributors in gate colllections

  49. i stand strongly behind jarabuons sentiments. we need to scale down our heights of pride. Obviously am the proudest of all men on earth, but critical analysis of every second of our lives must be done; forces against morals must be discarded at any cost. Those fans who caused mayhem in the derby needs to be charged in court,period. We cannot trade our sense of identity, pride and power with hooliganism

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