10 Oct 17

As the end of the season nears, the transfer season has already begun in earnest. And it appears that Gor Mahia’s first task will be to try and maintain the services of talisman Jacque Tuyisenge. According to Citizen Sports, Rwandese side APR have sent a delegation to Nairobi to negotiate with Tuyisenge in a bid to get him back.

Gor Mahia for their part are trying to keep the Rwandese striker who is currently the highest paid player at the club.

“As a club we are talking to him. We do not want a situation where we lose him for free .We are therefore trying to reach a common ground,” a club source who requested anonymity told Citizen Digital.

Tuyisenge has scored 11 goals this season including 6 in the Sportpesa premier league. His most notable goal was the header against Everton in Dar es Salaam where he headed in a Kenneth Muguna corner kick from a very difficult angle.

With success inevitably other clubs mostly foreign but sometimes local ones come knocking on the door to seek the services of Gor Mahia players and technical staff. Tuyisenge is likely not the last player whom Gor Mahia will be fighting to keep this season.

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  • jasego says:

    Strikers are available in much abandon,whichever way it unfolds just task me to bring a lethal and prolific replacement who can make the CAF charge unprecedented.I hold nothing against tuyisenge but players come and leave as many have aptly said here in previous chats…

    • jamriAmbo says:

      Imako dhoga. I thought you always proposed continuity? Why make changes when everything is oily and going smoothly? Chuma liet

      • jasego says:

        Osiepa on what capacity can i propose any change on player transfer?I just said if he goes snc at GM anything happens i can always ship in a better quality striker if tasked.Aseywagoo adii ni odong Gor to podi nodhii?None fought more tooth & nail than myself to retain Aucho at any cost but still he was let for free

  • ja thur gi ji says:

    Not very good news, I hope it is not the beginning of trouble as we look forward to competing in CAF Champions Cup. Competing NOT merely participating. This squad, should be the same one or 90% going into the opening stages, but am afraid we may still have things like…”gelling”, ..”not registered for CAF”…” injuries”(unavoidable). We are tired of winning the local league, lets go for something more challenging.

  • With Tuyisenge’s resurgence, even Ze Maria wants him at FK Tirana alongside Muguna.
    That is not a problem. The problem is that Gor is struggling to pay allowances and bonuses to its players. Who would resist a club where bonuses are paid on time and salaries never delay for 3 months?
    APR is his home club. Tirana is a European club. I doubt whether the guy will still be in Gor next season. However, the final decision is known to him. I appreciate his efforts especially this year. He has been a consistent and dedicated striker working overtime in the field.
    Let the scouts search for early replacements just in case Tuyisenge chooses to offer his services to other clubs. Umar Kasumba of Sofapaka is good (my opinion)!

    • musymo says:

      Umaru should be marwa if Tuyisenge leaves!!!!. And with his contract running down chances are high he may be tempted to move so he does not share the sign on. If he wanted to thank us for the two seasons, he could sign a new contract then leave all the same but then the club would get a cut of the transfer fees. But any keen student of human nature would tell you, highly unlikely!!!

  • Wuod suba says:

    This idea of speaking for the players should be stopped…Tuyisenge has signed or renewed his contract……No player will be happy to leave the mighty team…