Gor Mahia beat SoNy on penalties

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Defending champions Gor Mahia sent parking hard-fighting Sony Sugar 4 – 2 to book a final berth in a Shield Cup semi final match staged at a rainy MISC Kasarani starting 1600hrs local time.

David Calabar Owino slotted home the winning penalty after Charles Odette and Ben Barasa splashed theirs with Wycliffe Nyangech and Marwa Chamberi coolly placing theirs past Ivo Mapunda.

Patrick Oboya, Kevin Omondi and youngster Joseph Timonar Wanyonyi had as well scored theirs.

Second half

From an eventful first half, Gor Mahia came back in the second half and pressed on to break the deadlock. Kevin Omondi took his free kick wide from 30 yards that coming in the 46th minute.

It was Sony Sugar who made the first sub pulling out Victor Ochieng’ for Steve Biko in the 57th minute.

Moses Arita then latched on a Marwa Chamberi cross from the right flank in the 66th minute but the former’s attempted shot on target was cleared from the line by Israel Emuge.

Ball possession

With Gor Mahia leading ball possession by 55% compared to 45% that of Sony Sugar, the match seemed to be going Gor’s way with Emuge again heading wide from a Joseph Wanyonyi corner in the 67th minute.

Bobby Williamson brought in recovering Patrick Oboya for ineffective Mungai Kiongera who had earlier been benched but handed a starting opportunity after Dan Sserunkuma picked up a slight injury minutes before kick off with the Ugandan international being relegated to the bench.

49 thoughts on “Gor Mahia beat SoNy on penalties

  1. the likes of kalekwa na nandwa be warned coz the river(gor) is washing takataka zote njiani!
    the river will not spare anything be it sofapanya or afc panya ,stay away!

  2. It would have been an abomination to lose to a kambula-chewing Kasaya and his equally afita-sniveling team mates. For his slight roughing up, unfortunate as it was but the lesson to many Kasayas out there is: you only reap what you sowed. Chewing too much kambula (vegetation) like a nominated cow is not good for the game. He is lucky Rama and Sserunkumma were not part of today’s game, otherwise he would have made several trips to the net. All in all, congratulations boys and it is so befitting that the winning goal was scored by The King and that Ja-towel once again proved his mettle. See you on Wednesday against the other cat.


  4. Word has it that fkf is going to review this result. Apparently, gors fans entered the fueld during and after the penalty shoot outs and attacked sony players. When will this madness at gor end?????

  5. This game is under review by fkf. Appare ntly gors fans invaded and attacked Sony plauers during and after the penalty shoot out. Fifa rules are very clear regarding such incidences. Sony mus be awarded this game as per fifa rules

  6. Ingo get away with your misspelling. Which school did you attend? We are waiting for Ingwe and you will see Danny Serenkuma on your back.

  7. @Ingo,you are quick to cry “Sony must be a warded this game as per fifa rule”.For objectivity purposes i never read you saying the same in Gor vs Sony kpl match in Awendo,what where were you Mr.fifa legal officer?
    Kasaya ought to have been punished by kpl then for roughing up the referee and punching Jerry but nothing happened,again one of the qualities of an appropriate disciplinary action is promptness in undertaking the same,football authorities have unnecessarily delayed the decisions and as you know justice delayed is justice denied,this communicates impunity and lack of sanity in the country’s game,in the absence of the rule of law,anarchy reigns,KPL and FKF,must embrace rule of law and fairness but not double standards,i’d like to see players punished when they provoke fans,i don’t want to only see this when Rama or any Gor player does it,rules are not made for Gor only but all football participants in the country….Wearewatching!!

  8. @ Don, the bottom line is this. Gor Mahia fans invaded the pitch during and after the penalty shoot out and in the process injured Sony players. What happened in Awendo is irrelevant in this case. The questions that need to be asked are as follows: 1) What happened during the Sony/Gor Gotv match 2) What does fkf, caf and fifa rules state with regards to such a situation.

  9. Failure of fkf/kpl to act on this, will be sending a message to fans that it is ok to attack players. FKF has no option but to take a firm, fair and frank stand on this.

  10. Those fans who attacked Sony players are beleived to have been paid and sent to do this by some gor players and Technical bench as revenge on what happened in Awendo. I was not in this.

  11. Am not a supporter of hooliganism of any level but what KASAYA did from the game on set warrant discipline. Why did he have to exchange harsh words with ZICO his coach until the later had to back off throwing his hands on air? Every time fake injuries even at finger touch of his shirt?

  12. @ingo,I support you on this. For how long will these hooligans continue tarnishing the name of the club? It’s time they learnt their lesson the hard way. In the spirit of the game and all fairness, Please fkf, give Sony their derseved win. Failure to do this will prove to all football fans in this country that you are cowards and fear hooligans

  13. @ingo @gor @mcosweto you can all shout out your throats i don’t care. You are the FKF and KPL you are quick to see the sins of Gor but close your eyes to the sins done to Gor. Please stay at your clubs websites and write what you like’s there. I condemn acts of hooliganism and i wonder where were security officials and that also raises another questions. But all in all what happened was not good at all

  14. Incitements and provocations are the main causes of such actions worldwide and attack on Kasaya. However, fans should have controlled their tempers in handling such incitements. Point to note that we have fans who are very zealous about the club no matter the circumstances.

    In the regards, Ingo of AFC have got no point here to comment nor criticize as AFC goons once stabbed their own players.

  15. @ja gor, I’m a k’ogalo by birth, i support gor with all my might. If we believe that we should be awarded the abarndoned match at awendo, then sony should also be given the yesterday’s match by the virtue of gor fans invading the field. One can argue that sony playes got intimidated and thus could not successfully convert their penalties. As we seek fairness, we should be the first to show the same. We should not use our ‘tyrany of numbers’ to scare and bully our opponents. God made us all, big or small. Respect is paramount.
    Fkf should administer justice to all clubs. And to all K’ogalo faithfuls, pride comes before a fall. Premature celebration may just cause us the league and maybe Gotv shield if nyamweaya and co fail to serve justice

  16. Ooooh when will these hooligans ever b arrested.
    Though Kasaya provoked & deserved it I was actually waiting 2 see his monkey antics after conceding all 4 penas. The cameramen were ready.
    That roit also put our players in harms way.

    @Mcosweto, with due respect ua argument would b valid if ref & Sony players refused 2 participate in the shootout. U can’t sit thru an exam & then claim then claim ua pen failed/u were tense after uve handed in ua script @ the end.
    Ade gud u redeemed uaself bt soccer’s a team effort. Even if ua cpt. u can’t win a match alone.All those free kicks wasted.TB what’s Kevo is the success rate of coverting free frm 20yards in training. If its nt 80% y try it always.We must b more scientic

  18. contd..
    I was also pissed off with the act of K14 tieing that goon’s shoe laces but on reflection I think the as captain he wanted 2 get on with the game as soon as possible (Kudos on that score) but mayb he should have just let the ref book Kasaya. Sad that even the ref. was falling 4 the silly tricks.
    Finally, now that the milk has been spilled am happy hooligans disciplined the idiot.

  19. It is very unfortunate for fans to invade the pitch,according to fifa rules that pitch is not for fans even after the game is over.The beating of kasaya was long overdue and that is what he got yesterday,I can remember very well in first leg when the guy cornered sserenkuma after scoring equalizer goal and infact he made njuguna to be red carded,again at sony the guy slapped jerry and i witnesed it so his beating was just delayed.To guys calling Mc osweto names should know he is alagard of kogalo and this blog…….Bwana ingo go and concentrate on afc issues and infact am sure afc is going home without any trophy this season wait and see,with that failure Nandwa who has achieved anything in kenyan soccer and he keeps on yapping every now and then .otherwise let us wait for the ruling of that game because gor is being attacked from all directions and no one wants gor apart from its fans and that is why the ruling of awendo game is not yet made,and that is why we were also taken to thika municipal stadium and yet nowadays we cant play at city stadium because of fan base.SO let us not assume that the game was over we have to know that the likes of oguda nowadays are sharing an office with kalekwa in westlands and not Riadha house where they used to be.

  20. Correction @ 23, i meant Gor should b more scientific.
    An example while I admired Kevo’s 2nd penalty as it showed his confidence/ ability 2 lead.
    I still question the decision 2 take the first penalty. Was it bcoz he was the captain, bcoz his previous penalty are conversions have not been convincing.
    Gamewise I think GM has a lot 2 do in terms of accuracy of (penetrating)passes, speed of play esp. in transition & quality of crosses/freekicks, awareness & finishing in the opponents final 1/3rd.

  21. @mcosweto i understand your argument! The only difference here is that this match was not abandoned like the earlier one to award it to Sony, but, it’s likely that GM will be fined for the heinous acts of fans. But Kasaya somehow deserved that beating !!!!!! Peace bro! Peace!

  22. My friends av never supported hooliganism but on this one u will excuss me,these one Kasaya is like he is after something that we dont know and its high time he tells us,from all the 3 games we av played Sony THIS SEASON just look at his behaviour,not for the growth of game in this country (DONGE)

  23. Friends, if a team disagrees with something in a game, they are required to continue playing but under protest. That is the only way they can win an appeal (if they decide to file one). This is exactly what Sony did. If you remember correctly, both teams were ready to continue the game in Awendo because they clearly understood this rule. It is only when there was a rush of fans to the playing field after the wall collapsed did the ref stop the game due to security reasons

  24. Kogalo bloggers who have become experts are misadvising the public in this site. The match ended with Gor Mahia victory and we do not understand why ignorant bloggers are calling for the match to be awarded to Sony. On hooliganism, I wish to point out the following:-
    1. Fans were wrong to rough up Kasaya. This was a rough up but not assault.
    2. Fans were equally wrong to invade the pitch after the penalties shoot out.
    3. Kasha ya should be reprimanded by provoking and inciting fans to violence.
    4. The overall officiating was suspect and biased. Nduati is one the poor referees who does not understand how to officiate high calibre games. He should first have experience from Nationwide games.
    5. Kasaya was too much on theatrics and time wasting tactics and he was never reprimanded by referee Nduati. This was however done later on after 90 minutes.

  25. Gor Mahia cannot be held liable to what happened to kasaya. this was not a league match and security was emtirely on fkf. they have always asked gor to provide eloborate security plans. SO WHERE WAS THEIRS THIS TIME! kasaya spent most of his time on provocation. this also shows that this was the same game plan in sony. unfortunately the “innocent” person in all this is zico. zico wants to impress on all that he is a great coach but he is ready to use the most uncouth ways against gor. one way he does this is to instruct his players to waste time. a ball hits ur feet but pretend it’s ur stomach. how do u waste time from 46th minute? kasaya being a buffon has taken this like a fish into water and knowing how well stupid gor fans are…. provoke them to distrupt the match and get ur 3 points. gor played great but kevin omondi did not impress at all. the guy seems to be in a permanent show-off mode. the fact that he could recover to score again on the penalty is however commended even though he clearly lucked confidence. the rest of the team played pretty well. i however congratulate sony for giving gor a taste of rouge football match for this is the kind of competition gor will at times encounter in the african arena. sony is a good team with good players but unfortunately, zico being what he, is will never get them anywhere . perhaps surviving the league is all they will always fight for…

  26. Friends, gor mahia fans started trooping onto the grounds DURING the penalty shoot outs . Again, Sony continued to play under protest. If we say that the game was played to completion and that the remaining issues are police case, then what you will see going foward will be abandonment after abandonment .When a team thinks that a rule or rules have been violated by their oponent, they will walk out! Is this what we want?

  27. Can someone tell ingo to concentrate on AFC s Gor is coming for a slaughter on the final day. I have never been to EFFUSI site and the burger should just defect to Gor Mahia as we are willing to initiate him and orient him on Gor Mahia matters. I do not know how effusi side loks like or resemble.

  28. @Ingo: it does not matter when the fans invaded the pitch. the point is that it was not up to gor to take care of this. this is a fkf tournament. fkf was and is incharge of the security. kasaya was simply pointing to a scheme he created when he delayed going back to the goal. it never worked so he had to go in and swallow one more… one thing zico 4got, yes he wanted penalties but forgot that gor too is good in them.
    …so where was security? sony knew they were not going to beat gor unless a skirmish was created. the master of all this is one zico, and kasaya is his prophet. they are doing a disservice to kenyan soccer and unfortunately the referees are so weak minded that they just let such activities go by. that ref was a shame to kenyan soccer and it’s little wonder players shove them anyhow. afc was really hoping to play sony nowonder ur wailing about fans invading the pitch…but before you now is one MIGHTY GOR.

  29. @Mwakio and Dinga stop arguing with this fool called ingo.they have qualified for the finals and we will teach them soccer on the final day then we leave for them to represent kenya in continental tournament.Mr ingo i can assure you ,Afc is going home trophyless again this season we are going with all these trophies.The kind of football you are playing with that Nandwa guy,afailure coach who has not achieved any silverware in kenyan soccer ever since he started coaching can not match gor as at know.so be prepared for aproper walloping mtu wa maragoli ama ni bukusu?

  30. @Oluoch: cool down bro’… don’t be too personal with @Ingo guy. but i agree that gor will win the cup but let afc present kenya… ofcourse they will have to write a ‘woiyee letter’ first.

  31. Keep your cool men, remember we have sofapaka on wednesday. The sony match is gone, forget about the Ingo man, you know what he is upto plse ignore him.

    Our next match against sofapaka is the crucial one, plse lets focus on it.
    we need to up our game on wednesday. Things did not work so well in our last match against sony.
    Bye and be blessed guys.

  32. I agree with those who knows that Gor won fairly. The match ended with Gor winning @4-0.Gor was not in anyway responsible 4 security lapse in the stadium as the match was organized by fkf.we as gor invested in this match interms of prepairing 4 the match & we cannot be held responsible 4r what was not our responsibility. so those who wud want fkf to award sony the match should know that we r competing to win trofies not to participate as others do. Now that efusi have qualified 4 the finals, the final

  33. cont @30
    the final will not just be about the shield cup but about bragging right. K’ogalo is top and is playing attacking football and efusi also think that they r the best. So even if we win the league but fail to beat efusi in the shield cup, efusi will think that they r kenyan champions by virtue of beating the league champions. So if we play sofapaka on wed, lets show efusi that what they can do we can do better by giving sofapaka a propper beating to show efusi what is in store 4 them in the finals

  34. 1. I have read @ and every post and I m impressed by most if not all. Why is the administrator giving this man masquerading as Gor Mahia player time and place to air and display his stupidity! For crying out loud Mr web administrator, please blacklist such persons for they do Gor Mahia no good.
    2. Why are we even having this debate on whether we will be playing in the final or not? I have watched 3 replays of this match and I haven’t seen ANY fans encroaching on the goal post where the penalties were being taken. Kasaya is really bad for football in this country. He needs to be civilised because this monkey behaviour isn’t doing him any good Why do you think the fans descended on him and not any other Sony player? ( I Don’t condone the fans behaviour neither Kasaya’s) Players are always encouraged to cut down on showbiz and any provocative behaviour. NI makosa ya referee because he should have stamped his authority in the match by warning Kasaya and giving him a yellow card much earlier in the match for time wasting and unnecessary theatrical behaviour.
    The match ended yesterday and results lodged with FKF. Please don’t let this Ingo man work you up! He may after all be just one of us who out of mischief wants to gauge our resolve at handling criticism and negative publicity.
    3. The man called ingo is ignorant and understands only one language- being ignore. Once he is Ignored he will stop posting on our site if he is a real mtu Wa Ingo and if he is one of us then he will revert to his original name. If he is mtu Wa Ingo then his posts means he really fears Gor Mahia.
    4. Kindly Watu Wa Gor Mahia let’s come together and discuss our upcoming matches and the expected results. Let us discuss the probable Line-ups that will easily beat Efusi in the GOtv shield Finals on 16-11-2013. Kindly post your preferred Gor Mahia line -up and let us discuss it. You can also post Efusi’s if you have time. For Gor Mahia its given that we have a much more settled team than before and the 18 players picks themselves.
    5. Kindly take Notice of the fact that Gor has two more Cups to aim for apart from the GOtv Shield and the TP League. We have a new competition called Dstv Super Cup which will be played on 15-12- 2013 between TPL champions and Top 8 winners. This is a Christmas treat. For football lovers in Kenya and the Winner walks away with Ksh 750000/=
    Please kindly remember its different from the annual curtain raiser Dstv Super cup played before the season begins between TPL champions and GOtv Shield winners.

  35. @Barefoot, your post above has made you loose respect of your readers. You are certainly in support of hooliganism. I now see why you call yourself a bandit and it will not be off the mark to confirm that you are one of the usual suspects who give the team the unwanted name.

    @Don Dan, two wrongs dont make a right. In as much as I dont support Kasaya’s action in Awendo, he is not an armed robber to deserve fire for fire. As Zico said, football is supposed to be a friendly game. What Kasaya did at Kassarani was done within the perimiter of the filed and he did not attack any fan. Kicking a football onto the stands is a normal habit of footballers after the game. He was probably donating it to the fans.

    Erico Jarae, there are other venues to follow if Gor feels Kasaya was off the mark and should be dealt with within the ambit of the law. That is why we have a disciplinary committee, otherswise Gor Vs AFC is a DREAM FINAL. Football administrators will leave with their pockets full on that day

  36. This current office can’t stop hooliganism, if there is any video evidence let it be used to prosecute them they need to learn the had way. I wouldn’t call them Gor fans

  37. That efusi midfield and striking force has got marauding players. They raid incesantly without getting tired. Also, I heard that they use magic. We must look for a way to contain their midfield and striking force.

  38. Guys we must CONDEMN HOOLIGANISM irrespective of who the parties are. Since FKF was in charge of the security what happened? They are usually the first ones to condemn other teams for not providing security. we should also know that they is absolutely nothing wrong with a player assisting the opponent to tie his shoe laces(a keeper has to remove his/her gloves to tie the shoe laces) or even during a muscle crump. Looks like some of our fans have not recognised that footblall is just a game and the players are actually buddies. If you check the clips you will notice GOR FANS SHEILDING THE sony PLAYERS FROM the goons.
    As much as Ingo can runt as much as he likes the games actually ended with the last penalty taken though our fans should also understand the mathematics of penalties. You don’t win because one has been saved and another kicked out. For invading the pitch we mess up the final ceremony of man of the match and interviews. At this rate the league cup might be given to Gor on a weekday devoid of any celebrations. Therefore we must restrain ourselves. For @Ingo we know what your wish is

  39. Thank you blogger for bringing this topic up- the Efusi team is currently playing well but that is expected when a team gets a new coach. Our next match against them will be on 16/11/2013 in the GOtv Shield Finals. By this time a lot would have happened as the match would be coming one week after the end of the League. We need to first wrap up the League on Wednesday against Sofapaka. Only after this can we proceed and give the less featured players time to get a feel of the action in the league in the remaining matches.
    Back to Efusi- If we prepare well and in the absence of injuries to Key players, we have a big chance of winning the GOtv shield finals. Once we neutralise the wing play of Were and Wafula(Yes Musa and Calabar) have the wherewithal, guile and technical ability to completely shut-out Were and Wafula.
    I believe from the goalkeeper to the last man of the 18, Gor Mahia have the players to beat any team in Kenya. Our defence and midfield is more proven and the reason we have conceded the least no of goals. If Danny will be fit then Efusi are right to be a worried lot.

  40. I have been a keen reader of Le Pastre’s postings here and i have been impressed so far.Keep it up bro,i may not know you personally but sooner rather than later i shall engage you in the probable line up which in my opinion should take on Efusi after the league has come to an end.

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