Gor Mahia beat SoNy Sugar

Gor Mahia consolidated their lead in the 2017 Kenya Premier league with yet another hard fought win. This time they beat SoNy Sugar 2-1 in Kisumu on Saturday. Ernest Wendo scored the opening goal. And yet again it was Rwandese striker Meddie Kagere who came through with the all important goal to give Gor Mahia a 2-1 win.

Additional Reporting from Capital FM

Inside the first minute, Rwandan Jacques Tuyisenge was presented with a golden opportunity from a Godfrey Walusimbi cross with only the keeper to beat but he placed his header over and wide.

The 15-time champions were using their strength on the wings to destabilize Sony with Walusimbi and Karim Nizigiyimana employed as wingbacks doing most of the donkey work.

Goal scorer Kagere also had a superb opportunity from another superb worked move from wide, but he could not find the target after Nizigiyimana had picked him up perfectly.

Gor continued to dominate and Kenneth Muguna came close to his second goal of the season with a shot from distance which went over.

Sony had struggled to create chances as Gor denied them spaces, but they managed to squeeze one with Amos Asembeka crossing in but George Abege saw his header well collected by Boniface Oluoch.

Gor were rewarded for their perfect start in the 22nd minute when Ernest Wendo grabbed his debut goal with a well struck low shot after a Sony poor clearance from a Gor corner found him well placed at the edge of the box.

Sony provided the response in the 38th minute with George Abege breaking the offside trap and skipping past Oluoch to tap into an empty net. The Gor defense had been left standing with their arms up, thinking the second assistant ref would call for offside.

K’Ogalo however, rose back into the lead just three minutes after the restart.

The ball landed perfectly on Kagere’s path after Muguna’s attempt at a shot was futile, the Ugandan-born Rwandese simply tapped in past Kevin Otieno in the Sony Sugar goal.

Gor would have late chances with Tuyisenge seeing a header off a Nizigiyimana cross being saved while Muguna had a shot go over.

John ‘Softie’ Ndirangu earned his first piece of action in a Gor jersey later on and he showed glimpses of what is expected of him with a fine shot from distance that was well handled by the Sony shot stopper.

“It was a tough match because Sony have never been an easy opponent for us. We are happy with the win though because getting three points back-to-back gives us a lot of confidence. We played very well especially in the second half and we hope we can keep up that way,” Gor Mahia skipper Musa Mohammed told Capital Sport after the match.

17 thoughts on “Gor Mahia beat SoNy Sugar

  1. Dala every weekend mitna, and once again, thanks to the legendary leadership of almighty AR ! the results are showing…….

  2. My observations.
    1. Good day in the office. Another hard fought victory
    2. The stone that the builder refused Wendo, my man of the match!! I am one of the few who has said before and will say again ni Wendo nyale but still raw.
    3. Walu was not at his best but still delivered
    4. Why do we play so many backpasses?
    5. We need to stop conceding. We have been known for conceding less than 15 goals last 5 or so seasons, now five games 4 conceded!!
    5. Good to see Tuyisenge getting hauled off. I had said he needs to score or get benched. If Kagere continues his sharpness, obiro cry e toilet!!!
    6. Ndirangu was a joy to watch and wish he could get more playtime same to Maloba.

    1. Very good analysis but too short. Please give us a complete analysis of all players fielded and even Sony players. Now that Dstv is out of business, the Garissa branch totally depends on your observations for all updates.
      Miwago completely wuod dala.

  3. Gor mahia played a very nice samba.accurate passes and good ball handling skills.maturity is going up match by match.Wendo is becoming a cog in gor defensive midfield. Good ball transition from defence to attack.And to top it up he opened the scoring with a long range outside the D area after the likes of tuyisenge became M.I.As.In fact Wendo, Walusimbi,mugiraneza are the true gor mahia Tomahawks. Together, they tossed Sony around like school boys.Tuyisenge was in his lowest today. first a miss of free header in the early minutes then indecisive and very slow to think in prime areas. Same case with nizigiyimana.sony managed to shut his wing and he disappointed fans when he resorted to back passes. Gor mahia played to themselves for most of the match reducing Sony to spectators for most of the day. Then complacency cropped in. Gor played Tiki taka dangerously around the D area and when Sony marksman snatched it, he took it with both hands beat the entire defence including Bonface. The mark of a sharp striker. Gor went into high pressing in second half followed by tiki taka and sleek passes leaving Sony dazed completely.kagere found himself facing empty net everybody displaced by tiki taka.Then gor again went back to samba until fans started shouting”we dont want display we want goals”
    For once I was happy to see tuyisenge substituted early in second half. He was so indecisive, that he couldn’t figure out what to do with the ball in prime areas. Then enter Ndirangu, this guy is cool fast thinker and fleet footed. He tossed Sony around with some sleek touches. If tuyisenge and Timothy stay in the bench and a new attacking formation built around kagere,things might be different. Gor plays alot with the ball and focuses less in scoring hence the low scoring margin. Last week western stima pulled a tharaka nithi on gor and fans were not ready for another tharaka nithi.and so the shouts continued, “we don’t want display, we want goals”

  4. This pass pass pass and more passes philosophy of Gor Mahia is really pleasing to the eye but less on end product- goals. Tuyisenge isn’t having the best of seasons so far as he continues to huff and puff a lot around the field hitting misses and near misses. He missed two glorious headers today. Wendo is very calm on the ball but must improve tactically. He needs to learn to disposes and retain the ball without fouling the opponents. He did that today and hence was not carded. Muguna is a joy to watch as he glides through the lines and channels while dictating play. When tired, just give it to him and he will surely find the free spaces. He is the reason Kahata occasionally finds himself on the bench and is not missed. Migi is a breath of fresh air in our midfield as he combines both tact and technic. He knows when to apply force and when to take it easy. His and Wendo’s ability to read the game is very impressive. The strength of Gor Mahia is located at this engine room. They shackled Sony’s midfield around and rendered them ineffective today. Shakava’s partnership with Musa has not been tested so far this season. The goals conceded week in week out are as a result of careless mistakes and concentration lapse. Sony’s equalizer today was not an exception. The two are solid and it’s encouraging to watch Shakava play with both feet and pass the ball from the back. He is capable of doing those little triangular and square passes at the back. ( the coach should encourage them to minimize on the number of sideway passes) As for Wellington, what a player!! His on your face approach to playing football takes us years back to the times of Jua Kali, Oduwo Cobra and Andai Container ( the late Joseph Owino) He has acquitted himself very well with this new role of an auxiliary defender in our new set up. Joash is already displaced as Wellington is a better player than him in a 3 5 2 formation. He is our Azzipliqueta, tidy and clean with the ball at his feet and rarely gives it away. His genuine desire to do well for the team will soon endear him to the Kogalo faithfuls. The legendary Dan Ogada started at a slower pace than him but because of hard work and discipline rose to become the captain of the team and a legend. He did very well today and has become a cog in that back 3. Boniface Oluoch is not your ordinary goalkeeper. He annoys and excites in equal measure. That’s Bonny for you and for now let him be. He conceded a goal through no mistake of his. At the same time, he nearly gifted Sony an equalizer late in the second half when he dilly dallied with a back pass and kicked it directly at a Sony player- I think George Abege. Sony rarely threatened us but in the few occasions they did, we dealt well with the threats. Bony uncharacteristically flapped at one or two crosses today. This is not good as you can remember that it’s his failure to deal with Western Sima’s corner that resulted in their second goal. Kagere is our lucky charm and should now lead the attack. We played well upfront but still lack the conviction to shoot. Kagere and Wendo scored the goals because they dared to shoot. Ze Maria and Zico must encourage this of they want to win the league. Thank you and may God bless Gor Mahia.

  5. BRRAKING NEWS ….kogallo must win the league in 2017 by whatever means necessary..both top 8 and gotv shield cup co- sponsored by DSTV has been terminated or suspended until a new sponsor is found. Tafakari hayo !

  6. Kudos players and TB. EC ensure that winning allowances are settled as and when games are WON. There are no 2 ways about it. TEAM WINS EC PAYS! Zesco and UG’s KCCA through to the group stages of CAF conferderation cup i.e money bracket, exposure, excitement for fans. St. George’s of Ethiopia had already made to the CAF CL group stage. TB and EC led by our, very very experienced and as per Jakoyo legendary, Chairman in 2018 we need Mighty K’galo to make it to at least the CAF group stages. We are being outshined by newbies and i doubt if the said teams are being sponsored (or able to generate income/funds) way above GMFC.

  7. Bandari and Sofa win with a big margin.They are ahead of gor in goal difference,this is because our forwards especially Tuysenge become confused in front of goal.A striker who is shy of shooting to score is a liability to the club.They reach near the D area and turn back to pass the ball to midfielders,this is why we should expect narrow wins, loses and draws so sad.Please our strikers be ruthless and resilient and shoot at any given chance without hasitating otherwise we will soon be displaced by Bandari or sofa and forget the league for good.

  8. Just make Kagere the lead and main striker and partner him with blackberry in the first 11 with Jeconiah Uyoga as the immediate substitute.Tuyisenge as I said is a re-hatted number 9 who has instincts of a winger so will never be the goal poacher we require though he remains a good hearted guy with good work rate.We need to bang more goals in as a matter of urgency.Otherwise congrats to the team and TB for the win

  9. Watu waachane na tuyisenge bana, mambo ya siasa Kali tuwache, sasa shida sio mabao, shida inakuwa ni nani, I personally think everyone in GM Jersey can score and Jacques is only 1 player in a team of over 20players who can score, let’s not put the burden of goalscoring on I player and hope all outfield players can contribute in goals because Gor plays finals everyday

  10. The kind of bloggings I have been seeing in this site no longer matches what we used to post in 2012/3/4/5 why? Most good and rational bloggers left the site and the current bloggers are just too personal, vindictive, opinionated and above all I do not know what they really want. The kinds of criticisms I have read in this site are not constructive but fear mongering with no substance of solution or the way forward for the club.

    In football what matters are three points and if the team can win all matches at 1-0, this is what will give us trophies but not many goals with loses or draws. Goal differences only matters when all the teams are tying on points but if Gor Mahia can win all matches at 1 nil, this is all that is needed.

  11. Hi @ bwana mwakio .happy new year ?where have you been comrade, infact its your diasappearence n many others that has caused the quality blogging to be this level we see here today.

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