Gor Mahia blank Chemelil 2-0

Scorer: Samuel Onyango is congratulated by Mustafa

After two successive draws, Gor Mahia put their march towards the 2018-2019 Kenya Premier League title back on track when they beat Chemelil Sugar 2-0 on Wednesday

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Gor Mahia beat Chemelil Sugar 2-0 in Kisumu on Wednesday to restore their seven-point lead over second-placed Sofapaka on the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) table

Kenneth Muguna and Samwel Onyango were responsible for helping Gor Mahia pick up six points from the Sugar Millers this season after winning the reverse fixture with the same scoreline. 

Mpondo Samwel was quick to deny Francis Kahata an entry into Chemelil Sugar’s box in the seventh minute, after Kahata and Erisa Ssekisambu had a good build-up before Mpondo robbed the Gor Mahia midfielder and cleared his area.

Joash Onyango saved Gor Mahia from early blushes when he stopped a counter-attack by the hosts in the 15th minute. The Harambee Stars defender managed to slide and clear the ball from the feet of Adefeya Junior as the Chemelil Sugar forward made his way towards Gor Mahia’s box.

Francis Baraza had to make an early change when Lucas Waitere was stretched off in the 33rd minute with Charles Okiya taking his place. Onyango’s reckless tackle on Waitere forced the Millers to make that first half substitution.

Kenneth Muguna scored the first goal for the Green Army in the 38th minute from a free kick – Ssekisambu was fouled outside the box and that chance proved all that Gor Mahia needed to bag the first goal.

Okiya could have restored parity on the hour mark if he were clinical when the chance presented that itself following an accurate Richard Oti pass. Okiya failed to beat Frederick Odhiambo, who was all but beaten in goal, as his shot went off target from close range.

Philip Mwangale’s timely goal-line clearance denied Nicholas Kipkirui from doubling Gor Mahia’s lead in the 68th minute. The former Zoo FC striker had beaten Morgan Alube in Chemelil Sugar’s goal but Mwangale’s quick reaction kept the Millers in the game.

Samwel Onyango doubled Gor Mahia’s lead in the 76th minute after Chrispin Opondo blundered inside his area. The former Ulinzi Stars man has now bagged seven goals for the defending KPL champions, level with Kipkirui who was substituted in the 79th minute.

A bigger test awaits the Green Army as they host Sofapaka on May 12 in Kisumu. Chemelil Sugar will be away at Mbaraki to face Bandari on May 14.

Chemelil Sugar XI: Alube Morgan, Opondo Crispin, Mahiga Vincent, Omino James, Mwangale Philip, Mpondo Samwel, Akoko Nicholas, Oduor Pablo, Oti Richard, Waitere Lucas, Adeyefa Junior.

Subs: Onunga Richard, Okiya Charles, Ocholla Francis, Wangulu Gilbert, Ochieng John, Kwezi Boris, Otieno Selassie.

Gor Mahia XI: Frederick Odhiambo, Wellington Ochieng, Geoffrey Ochieng, Joash Onyango, Haron Shakava, Hashim Sempala, Francis Kahata, Kenneth Muguna, Erisa Ssekisambu, Nicholas Kipkirui, and Samwel Onyango.

Subs: Shaban Odhoji, Philemon Otieno, Joachim Oluoch, Bernard Ondiek, Ernest Wendo, Francis Mustafa and Boniface Omondi.


27 thoughts on “Gor Mahia blank Chemelil 2-0

  1. Congratulations for the win as we maintain the gap before we meet sofapaka and put them to the sword. Am also glad that Muguna scored and also samwel continued with his impressive form. Am very happy that Muguna scored, because I always believe that he is the future of Gor mahia. Since he came back, he has achieved a lot. On his debut season back, he helped Gor mahia qualify to the group stage of caf confederation cup,He also helped Gor mahia reach quarter final for the first time after trying in several occasions . He has achieved a lot and even the league he has done well as you can see on the table. He is the future of Gor mahia fc and Gor mahia fc we be built around his impressive talent. Now bring on sofapaka fc so that we put them where they belong.no.2.

  2. Congrats team kubwa, confirm your dominance by beating sofapaka. Football is a game of teamwork and not individual brilliance like track and field events. All 11 players on the pitch work together and win matches based on cooperation and cohesion.

  3. Congratulations Team Gor Mahia for winning and for maintaining a healthy gap with the rest .
    Now we have Sofapaka next and after that we will have , for the first time a full one week gap before the mashemeji derby and its worth bearing in mind that the Leopards we are gonna meet is not the same Leopard we met last time and we have to ensure that we retain those bragging rights .
    Finally , it is with shock that out of no where , both our Official social media handles are down and out I.e our Twitter handle and our facebook account , I dont know why , but if it is for the reasons I suspect , then I applaud the move so as to allow for a reorganisation , these accounts have been run like a mchongwano account and I was very disappointed during the Gor vs Kcb game to see the Gor twitter admin literally stealing contents from the Kcb twitter live updates account and pasting it onto our account .
    Our facebook account has over 350k followers , our Twitter account over 120k and professionaly run , they are able to do what we have perpetually complained about and that is continous updates of the clubs activities , promotion of the membership drive etc etc .
    Otherwise Congratulations one more time to the boys , its been rough , its been tough and it has been ruthlessly congested but through sheer grit and determination , we have overcome and come out on top – wacha mzuri iwe mzuri .

    1. ni misuri shaaana teddy,bwana can u fish out jasego.hata kama tulipata kichapo na berkane we hav licked our wound and matching towards another local glory ber kano that team and it is my wish we meet them next season but tell jasego i need to soko wange kaka pile.

  4. @DawaPlus , wacha @Jasego atulize roho , mambo za Gor sio mchezo , he is a guy who means well but in Gor Mahia , being good may never be enough .
    I hope he will be back soon .
    On a light note , we have two mashemeji derbies in the next 4weeks , 1st. Derby Gor Mahia Vs Afc Leopards 2nd Derby Divock Origi Vs Victor Waniama – kila mtoto acheze kwa mlango yao

  5. Congrats team and our match is unstoppable. Just like last year we might again win the league during the Mashemeji derby.
    I have also noticed that most of us are very ‘active’ when we lose or draw. That is when we know that so and so is a liability and should be sold or suspended etc etc.
    My prayer is that @Jasego is fine and most probably organising something for the next season

  6. Congratulation to the team for a job well done. There is no easy game whenever other teams are playing Gor. Every team comes with attitude to win against them so that the tempo at which Gor is moving can be reduced if not stopped. It is also worth noting that so far, all the contributors to this page have opened their remarks with the Word Congratulations. Some bod may ask, what is the big deal about that?. To me this is an attitude of appreciation. Not only because the team won but as a motivating factor in encouraging them to always cultivate a winning attitude all the time.This comes from the backdrop of playing very many close games, injuries and all the other teams wanting to stop the momentum. I wonder how many other teams would have survived if they found themselves in the situation Gor is. Take for example Kariobangi Sharks after Sportpesa tournament in TZ, and missing a few games, look at where they are. Bandari was once flying up there, what is the point gap between them and Gor? Let us therefor Continue to encourage the team on these matters.

  7. @DawaPlus , there are some very vicious village idlers in the city who make it virtually near impossi
    ble for any well meaning men and women of status to publicly associate with Gor Mahia if you are not a conduit for handouts and woe unto you if your offices are in the CBD or its environs .
    Hence @Jasego , just like the anonymous friends of Gor may have decided to go incognito and associate silently .
    I know my saying this and consistently repeating it over and over again is annoying those leaches but annoying them is my intention .
    @Dan Original , We have DNA supporters and Generic supporters , the former loves the club unconditionally , Win , Draw or Lose while the latter feels as if the club owes them and that sense of entitlement makes them feel as if when Gor wins its normal and doesnt deserve any appreciation , but draw or lose , they are owed an explanation and apologies , this are the same group that dont pay gate fees and are quick to violence notwithstanding the consequences to the club because their entitled feelings supercedes the good of the club and for 200bob can vote in a thief to be a Gor Official.
    If I have stepped on anyones toes , let it be known that if it was my wish , the boot would be on your necks instead .

    1. @teddy sofaset branch entebbe, you have made my day with your last two lines and I quote “If I have stepped on anyones toes , let it be known that if it was my wish , the boot would be on your necks instead .,

  8. Congratulation to the team you have been really working hard as a team and may you continue with that spirit and believe that everything in God is possible.
    He knows your desires and continue working hard for it.
    If God blesses you and you take the league we are praying this time round that you will do much better in champions league those teams are not so better than you keep on working hard and praying to God for you to achieve your goal. Thank you and may The Almighty God Help you achieve your dreams in Jesus Name Amen Be blessed.

  9. Hehe…yawa!Leave jasego alone.His world has literally fallen apart.You know he is a Man U fan(just like me)He was supporting Ajax jana and you know what happened.On Tuesday I gave all for Barcelona and….Never mind how passionate Jasego is about Kogalo.The rest is history.My In-law,we need your input here.We hope next season we shall go one better.

    1. @Baba Travis, we were in the same boat. However our main team is Gor Mahia. With Brookside coming on board, I expect our team to reach semi finals in CAF Champion League.

  10. So the Official Gor Mahia Social media accounts I.e Twitter and Facebook were being run as Private accounts by a Gor Mahia official I have never ever heard of , ati Assistant Secretary General I.e the same lazy social media account that was stealing contents from the KCB Fc live twitter account and posting it onto @officialGMFC during the Gor Vs Kcb match .
    It was long lost on me that we have more than one Assistant Secretary General and while the club is struggling for funds including begging , some officials are hijacking revenue streams opportunities , no wonder the resistance to change and no wonder the manufactured wars .
    @Baba Travis and @Jamigori , From Monday this week to yesterday , while the timu kubwas in world football were making news and occasioning miraculous comebacks I.e Man City on Monday , Liverpool on Tuesday ,Tottenham and Gor Mahia on Wednesday , Arsenal and Chelsea on Thursday , Some small pretending wannabees were conspicously absent and that is Manchester United Fc and Afc Leopards , two teams that apart from sharing a worrying appetite for hiring and firing coaches , also share a trend of living in the past while dreaming into the future , Pole @Jamigori and pole @Brother in Law .
    Lets also share a worry for @Musymo and the Shoeless bandit and watching Origi and Lucas Moura who were played courtesy of the injuries of Firmino and Harry Cane , I remembered @Musymo constant disappointment at the inability of our squad players like Cercidy and Ondiek to grab opportunities by the horns when given a chance , what Origi and Moura did should be a lesson to any serious player with ambition .

    1. @teddy Ssebo, I am around bro just checking things with ‘angoch tiang’. I became so disillusioned with the circus that was our Berkane fiasco that I lost appetite to comment. Good to see that we still enough warriors to keep the blog alive.

    2. Hehehehe @teddy sofaset branch entebbe very hilarious indeed. You have made my evening. It is a learning curve but our team is Gor Mahia.

  11. As we await to seal the deal by winning this league fellow fans their is a wind of change coming in our league called Wazito.That owner will spend big and will give us a run of our money, hell some of our players will be attracted to many aspects of that club ie winning allowance at sh 12000.We have our work cut out

  12. @Moses, thank you for this information that is still in the mills. If it comes to fruition so be it. Kpl needs to have big spenders to attract good players both locally and internationally consequently leading to a competitive league. However, I would be concerned with the bit that some of our players will be attracted to many aspects including winning allowances and the likes.This boils down to the suggestion that the Wazito owner is or will be revamping for Gor as his target and objective. To me that is misplaced and he may not go very far.The simple philosophy is you do not start selling Omena at a given spot because you see some one selling at the same spot and making a lot of money. That is having no conviction about what you want to do.
    If it were me this is what I would do. Buy or develop a team like Mount Kenya. This is for a simple reason. We need a third force of a team in KPL. I mean a team that has community support and can marshal a big fan base. This will spice up our league. Gor and Afc have been lonely for so long on this matter. Finally, I think that the luck of a third force should be declared a National Disaster. Kogalo Oyeeeeeee.

  13. @Moses and @Jaupanda , what is the endgame of this Wazito Fc plan , I ask this because not so long ago Nakumatt were being referred to as The Moneybags , then things went South and they were bought by purported billionares and the name changed to Mt Kenya and now the reports we get from that “billionaires “camp is that the players have gone for 5-6months bila salaries , the same situation is at Sofapaka with players having gone for 3months without pay despite a very wealthy man being at the helm and I keep asking myself the question , what would a supposed wealthy business man put his money in Wazito for ? , if a billionaire put his money in Gor , Afc or Shabana just like Mohammed Dewji has done at Simba Sc , it would make sense because prudently managed , these 3community clubs are sleeping goldmines BUT Wazito !!! , reminds one of Vipers Ug , Azam Tz or Tusker (k) , No matter how well they do , Return on Investment is hard to come by .
    Ofcourse , there are players who will go to Wazito like I have seen one Lyold Wahome moving to it from Tusker but I wouldnt advise a continental bound Gor Mahia player to freeze his ambition for what is a gamble , Stay in Gor , double your workrate and go to a career enhancing destination otherwise it would be like the players leaving Europe to go to China , those are moves meant for players at the tail end of their careers .
    But be that as it may , this league needs a Second force because contrary to what @Jaupanda posits , there is only one force in the KPL and its Gor Mahia , Afc ni lon’gi tu , a second and third would be good for Gor , for KPL and for the League .

    1. @teddy sofaset branch entebbe, thank you for opening my eyes wider so that I can see far and wide. I probably needed to have expounded my meaning for the word 3rd Force. Afc as it were, I think has a people who are behind it and always wish that they performed better. Their only undoing is that they do not know how to stay with the team through thick and thin or good and bad times. But as soon as they hit the upward trend, their fans would always start getting back to the stadium. The Challenge for these other teams is that they must start from the grass and learn the rule of the game. Our fan base is active and recognizable. James Situma a former Sofapaka player has admitted it very boldly about our fan base and I quote ““They also have a good fan base that pushes them to perform. Not all teams in the local league can march the crowd that Gor Mahia pulls when they have a match. The crowd always wants results and that puts the players under pressure to perform,” Situma continued.

      “It is always good when you play under pressure because it motivates you to work even harder and their fans have been a good deal for the club.” It is in this respect that I referred to Afc as a force.

  14. Pamzo on Radio Jambo live that referees are favouring Gor Mahia in their matches, can’t believe what am hearing. Of all the people?

    1. We should not be worried about that. Why can’t these teams win the other matches? Baraza of Chemelil used to say that until he realized that it won’t take him anywhere. All over the world the best stars get ample protection from the refs for the sake of the game. Relying only on the Gor game to make a name is what is frustrating these teams

  15. Pamzo Omollo and his ilks at Radio Jambo have always been bitter with success at Gor Mahia. We have had many matches where officiatings have been against Gor for example Ulinzi, Homeboyz, KCB etc but we have never blamed any club.

    Such allegations by Pamzo Omollo will continue to make him unpopular within the hierachy of Gor Mahia as well as widening the rift between himself, fans and EC officials. He should forget about ever coming back one day as a Gor Mahia coach.

    Let us not be distracted by such empty headed and dimwit coaches that have no future in the development of Kenyan football. Beating Gor Mahia can’t and won’t guarantee these dimwit coaches to win KPL logs by their retrogressive teams that always believed in outdated “maling ling”.

    From some reliable sources, I do confirm that Presidant Kalekwa has hired several witch-doctors from DRC and Kenya. They were on transit to Kisumu last evening but their efforts will be worthless as our God is above all dark evil forces and Gor Mahia will emerge victorious. This also confirms assertion by John Baraza, Sofapaka coach that Gor Mahia will drop points.

    All KPL coaches, KPL officials led by Oguda and FKF led by Mwendwa have all ganged up against Gor Mahia but in the name of Jesus Christ we shall emerge victorious.

    Let us guard what is ours and no weapon fathomed at Gor Mahia will see the light of the day as they are wasting their time and meagre resources that they should use to settle their players several months outstanding salaries.

    The plot to deny us KPL log is there and they are also conspiring to use some of our renegade officials like illiterate Nyangi and glueless Omondi SG to incite our players not to win such matches pitting us against closer opponents. Let us be on the watchout guys as the plot and conspiracy is real.

  16. I think the likes of @Sammy Omollo Pamzo have had the phrase “a ref’s decision is more likely to go against you in 50/50 situations while playing away ” , this is not a phenomena that is restricted to local matches but rather is a global phenomenom , it will happen at Anfield , Old Trafford , Emirates , Ettihad , Awendo stadium and even Sudi stadium in Bungoma .
    It has nothing in most circumstances to do with a ref’s love or hate for anybody but rather that even the toughest/most powerful of beings including even the President are susceptible to some form of pressure .
    Unfortunately in the kenyan situation , the dynamics of Kenyan football vis a vis my earlier example is such that Gor Mahia and Afc Leopards are permanently home even while playing away , be it in Mandera , Isibania or Migingo island and as such , any team playing Gor and Afc will be away even when at home with the applying dynamics theirein .
    Be that as it may , the Big Boys do their complaining on the pitch by how they react to perceived injustices , otherwise reasoned shallowly the Pamzo way , we would have been clinching the league today if the perfections Pamzo alluded to were adhered to when we in plain sight robbed of victory against Homeboyz and Ulinzi , just to name a few .
    Local Coaches and Journalists need to grow up out of Grievance management coz Gor Mahia aint moving from what was long prophesised to be theirs -The Top .
    Looking forward to Sofaset Cats feeling Kogalo’s wrath today .


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