12 Sep 10

Kogalo kept their hopes of clinching the league title afloat when they beat KCB 2-0 at the Nyayo national stadium on Saturday September 11. Boasting the services of players returning from national team duty, Gor Mahia faced an opponent that has proven difficult to beat over the past 2 years.
KCB lived up to their reputation and proved to be a hard nut to crack. The first half ended scoreless. On 75 minutes, national youth team defender Musa Mohammed scored from the penalty spot to give Kogalo the lead. 10 Minutes later, George Odhiambo “Blackberry” scored yet another classic goal to seal the score.
Gor Mahia are now in second position behind Ulinzi.

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  • Wuod Ogola CC says:

    Mos mos pole pole we are in internation focus as all the people are focused to see if K’ogalo can repeat the 87 football to became the world champs again tuko pamoja kogalo and we will win all the remaining matches .. sofapaka kuweni tayari tuna kuja kabisa

  • Wuod Ogola CC says:

    Gor Mahia fan was injured as he celebrated the 1st goal Gor scored form the penaly kick my prayers to the family and friends of our beloved fan i wish him quick recovery

  • John Lawrence says:

    Sad to know that NICO…”FULI FURI FAN” PASSED ON

  • Saimz Muiruri says:


  • Wuod Ogola CC says:

    BRK NEWS: The Gor Mahia supporter, Nick Were Odoyo form Karachuonyo who was celebrate the goal scored by the mighty K’ogalo is reported to have passed away. Nick was around 27yrs and live in Highrise with his Sister. more info can be found at Gor Mahia facebook page Lets help our beloved fan of… K’ogalo and his family thru this tragedy. May God bless his family and give them strength and encouragment.

  • Paul says:

    We are sorry for the demise of Nick Were Odoyo who was celebrating the goal. May Almighty God rest his soul in peace. RIP Nick.

  • Wuod Ogola CC says:

    The Gor Mahia supporter Nicholas Were Odongo we loved you and valued your support to K’ogalo may you rest in eternal peace

  • Saimz Muiruri says:

    May his soul rest in eternal peace!! I believe he will join Kogalo’s guardian angels…

  • Okoit says:

    Pole sana jamii…..This quite unfortunate!

  • One love kogalo we lost one but we shall all join.

  • Jerry Juma says:

    my condolences to the family of nickolas. kudos to gor too we are coming for that number one spot

  • Saimz Muiruri says:

    Sofapaka drops points, Tusker beaten!!!!!!!!! Good news to Kogalo fans & admirers alike!!

  • ZAB says:


  • Ganda says:

    He he he Kogalo mayienga, this time i beleave it will be ours forever.I love Gor mahia.

  • Onyango Oduor says:

    My condolences to the family of Nicholas Were.may his soul rest in enternal peace.Kudos to kogalo team.Lets turn up in big number on 13th.Sofapaka mtie yenu maji coz wea coming to shave you…Ubiro yie!!

  • Ja Thur gi ji says:

    I want to convey my heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Gor supporter who lost it while supporting his most beloved club.The sad loss cannot be in vain and when we play again on Wednesday lets dedicate it all to this young man. To the team thank you and please keep it up. Even the God of football is with you considering what happened yesterday: SOFT PAKA 0 Chem 0, SONY 2 Brewers 1 – that cannot be taken for granted.Just go ang go, boys.

  • Andy says:

    ja thur my friend th@ was not a smooth move on our friend but I am sorry for wh@ happened to him let us educate our fans to celebrate somewhere safe. I dunno know how God is being dragged in this context

  • Ganda says:

    This guy was a hard core fan, ‘read’ he vowed to summersault if Kogalo scores the first goal.He is a hero and we should all contribute to his last respect.Anyone who knows how we can do that please let us know.

  • Ja Thur gi ji says:

    Andy I didn’t mean that way. If I sound to have mixed things up then I apologize for that.I was refering to yesterday i.e. Sunday results on the field of play not anything else please.Lets get thing right.

  • Albert Kosero - (Kampala Branch) says:

    My heartfelt condolence goes to the family, friends and entire Gor Mahia fraternity. We have lost a dedicated fan whose contribution to Kogallo will be greatly missed. May Nick’s soul rest in eternal peace. Otherwise well done Kogallo Boys, and lets dedicate the Sopafaka match to Nick.

  • Jasidindi(Jemoh) says:

    May the Almighty God rest his soul in eternel peace.My heart felt condolence to his family,friends and all K’ogallo fans.Lets give him a precious gift by clinching the premier league title.He did this unfortunate thing for his adorable club.However,lets learn to be responsible fans and always act with caution no matter the level of excitement.

  • George Owuor says:

    Kudos to the fans, you give our players more confidence to play real football n that’s what’s needed to win matches. Fans should come in large numbers when we next play this Sofapaka thing

  • Richard Awino says:

    we share our deepest sorrows with the family of the late. May God give them the grace to understand his will and to overcome the trying moments

  • Nicholas Migot says:

    It is sad news to loose a fan in such a circumstance, Fans lets celebrate our beloved club with our safety in mind, maturity and discipline we display as fans is a major boost to the club. I’m requesting that the wednesday game be dedicated to Nicholas Were Odoyo

  • Ignatius Alingo says:

    thats was one great victory,however tha demise of a fan was so sad,lets have more security on the stadium to prevent such incidents.Hongera Gor pole Rafiki,God rest yoy soul in internal peace

  • andy says:

    ja thur am sorry then for my comment & thanx for tha explanation so we gonna wait for small cat on wed

  • Ephra says:

    Jokogalo, We are happy about the perfomance. Fight hard and we shall win this title this year.

  • Oti Oluoch says:

    Rest In Peace Nico, pole

  • ja ugenya says:

    that is very sad to lose a fan that way, but such things happen in soccer though we should all try and display utmost caution with regards to safety. wednesday should be for him. RIP. long live KOGALO!

  • oyanda says:

    All will die,you had gone but will be remembered for many years .God time reached and he havested,the way he has done it,we cant questioned.Jakarachuonyo nind mayooom ,lit to lit ndiiiii ne jokogallo

  • anthony kiragu says:

    nico rest in peace.

  • Joseph says:

    my heartfelt to the familly and friends of the bereaved familly .mos uru jothurwa.

  • Peteros says:

    Seems Gor are going back to the good old days!!!!

  • Gerald Omondi says:

    i can only say pole sana to nikos family and the entire Gor mahia fraternity lets beat Sofapaka for him please.May the almighty God rest his souls in eternal peace amen11

  • D.O. Abagi says:

    MALO MALO J’KOGALO, this is the time for going on top and remain there throughout. wish you all the best

  • F.O.OTIENO says:

    RIP – Nick.

  • BERNARD says:



    Dear Gor mahia Chairman we are tired of buying gormahia jessy at this nairobi stall at back street please please organize for the team to get its own sho where fans can get all the club equipments and then the club can benefit
    kindly do something