Gor Mahia camp in Alexandria

Gor Mahia arrived in Alexandria, Egypt for a 5 day camp ahead of their pivotal match against Zamalek this weekend. The match will be played in Cairo, 220 km from Alexandria. Gor Mahia need at least a point to keep their hopes of qualifying for the next stage alive.

The match will be officiated by Ghanaian referee Daniel Laryea. The Gor Mahia fraternity will be hoping for a match better performance from the Ghanaian compared to what happened last weekend. But playing away in North Africa is always difficult as officials often seem compromised.

Gor Mahia will be without key players: Shafiq Butambuze who is suspended after being yellow carded last weekend and Dennis OLiech who is injured and will thus be unavailable to replicate his heroics from the last time Gor Mahia played Zamalek.

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  1. Due to his age and a lot of kuon gi omena, injuries will be the norm for Oliech.He may not perform to the fans much hyped expectations coupled with off the field issues of payment. Unfortunately this condition offers Aduda and his mustafa life line to continue with their mediocrity.

    1. Kuon gi omena is a local delicacy from the lakeside my friend. Too bad probably for you your wife or mum must have been a damn bad cook. And am pretty sure he eats more healthy and better food that you will never eat in your life. Just ask the facebook guru who paid his mum a visit at their hotel and almost aye his fingers.

  2. Oliech is not injured, it’s his commitment to the club that is not 100%. If in Algeria he played for only ten minutes and he was not stretched out on the field, how comes he is now injured. I know that he is not serious with the team and was forced to go to Algeria. In fact the person saying that Gor mahia will miss two crucial players is missing the point. The only crucial player we will miss is only Batambuzi and not Oliech. If we could be missing kipkirui is when I would say that we’re missing a crucial player.

    1. I too, have been wondering how and when Dennis picked that injury and I do agree that the injury of one key player should not make the team lose it’s focus. We have time to airlift George Blackberry. He can definitely boost the team with his massive experience. We make a mistake of giving the chance to Mustafa, then we shall have set only ten of our boys to play Zamalek in their backyard…..a recipe for disaster.

  3. After the Ajax , Real Madrid motivator to perceived inferiority , yesterday in Paris offered another example worth emulating and the example is BELIEF IN ONES SELF ” and yes , just like Man U went into the match without their greats like Pogba and Martial , Gor will also go into the game without Batambuze , another fact is that just like Hussein dey also missed some of their stars , Zemalek may not also not be at full strength , the Most important thing Gor must take into this game is BELIEF , after all beating Zemalek in the first round should be a belief in itself , not believing is not an option neither will it be acceptable .

  4. Going into Sunday’s game , being without Oliech is not my biggest worry because we have since prooved that we can win and lose without him , the onus is on him to proove to as that his presence or absence makes a difference , I wont make that judgement for now , my biggest worry is this guy Samuel Onyango , I have so much belief in this capacity but I wonder if he is aware of how good he is coz his inconsistency disappoints .
    On Batambuze side , a lot has been said about how good this guy Godfrey Ochieng is , well now , if given the chance , is his time to proove that he deserves all that has been said about him .
    On the striking , Tuisenge and Kipkirui have since prooved that they are capable on the big stage , they will get much help from Kahata , but kahata’s help to Tuisenge and Kipkirui would be greatly boosted if Samuel Onyango were to turn up .
    As for Lawrence Juma , you are good but this doesnt seem to show on the big stage , my advise would be , just be the self that we know , play your game , stay composed and dont overdo and keep simple , the same goes to Samuel Onyango .

  5. J’Asego you know that this camping north in preparation for Zamalek was our brainchild. We should therefore not rest until the baby is safely delivered.

    Our team should get this notion that Gor Mahia will be playing away, out of their minds. No. This camp takes away any so-called home advantage that Zamalek would enjoy. Our players together with the entire technical bench should restrict this ‘awayness’ of Alexandria to its geo-spatial meaning only. Let Alexandria be away only because of its distance from Nairobi. The entire team should not allow the ‘awayness’ to get into their mind.

    In our last 30 minutes against NA Hussein Dey in Algiers, Gor Mahia was the stronger and fitter side. The Algerians were so tired and desperate. One could see fatigue and panic in their eyes. The explanation to this is a scientific fact which we should exploit in Egypt:

    The fact that we come from Nairobi, a high altitude gives us the advantage anytime we play against teams from the lowlands. The concentration of oxygen in atmospheric air is lower in the highlands and higher in the lower lands. The body of highland dwellers must therefore manufacture a lot of red blood cells to be able to cope with the body’s oxygen demand. As it is, this means that in Alexandria as we speak, our players have more red blood cells that their bodies manufactured for them while living in Nairobi. This is a huge advantage over Zamalek players. There are three beauties here: 1.The concentration of oxygen in atmospheric air is one major determinant of that the red cell manufacturing process. 2. Red cell manufacturing is a continuous second-by-second process that is influenced by body demand. 3. Barring any adverse influences, every normal red cell has a lifespan of 3 months (120 days).

    J’Asego inform them that they will still come back to Nairobi with all the red cells that they left Nairobi with. There is nothing we need for performance in sports more than red blood cells to deliver oxygen to our brain and muscles. That oxygen is a major requirement for energy conversion process. For this reason, our team should fear not. Our boys should be fitter, sharper, stronger and more enduring than the Zamalek chaps.
    J’Asego I trust you to get time and deliver this lecture to the whole team. A huge advantage over Zamalek that is enough to deliver us victory in Egypt. A K’Ogalo player must be brave.

  6. Copied

    Zamalek – 8
    Petro – 7
    Usein – 7
    GMFC – 6

    Usein draws petro zamalek beats GMFC
    Zamalek – 8
    Usein – 8
    GMFC – 6
    Petro – 5

    Mtachday 6.
    GMFC beats Petro Zamalek and Usein draw ater Petro and zamalek win on matchday 5.

    GMFC – 9
    Zamalek – 9
    Usein – 8
    Petro – 7

    GMFC beats Petro, a draw in Algeria after a draw in Luanda and a win for zamalek

    GMFC – 9
    Zamalek – 9
    Usein – 8
    Petro – 4

    GMFC beats Zamalek and Petro.Usein and Petro win home matches too.

    GMFC- 12
    USEIN – 10
    PETRO – 7
    ZAMALEK – 5

    GMFC beats Zamalek and petro.Draw for Petro and Usein at home.
    GMFC – 12
    USEIN – 9
    Zamalek -6
    Petro – 6

    Gor draws matchday 5/6 , Usein wins matchday 5/6

    Usein – 13
    GMFC – 8
    Zamalek – 6
    Petro – 5

    Gor and usein Losess matchday 5/6

    Zamalek – 11
    petro – 10
    Usein – 7
    GMFC – 6

    Gor/usein Draws match day 5/6

    USEIN – 9
    GMFC – 8
    ZAMALEK – 7
    PETRO – 6

    I will tell you some bitter truth.Zamalek will beat GMFC in Egypt.Usein dei cha was quite beatable.Be psychologically prepared for a loss and get back to your calculators.
    Petro Beats Usein and zamalek beats GMFC

  7. Gor, can pull a surprise by beating the Egyptian Giants or forcing a draw. This
    is football nothing is impossible.

  8. Let’s prepare for the best but equally anticipate the worst.If Gor players can contain them for the first twenty minutes then pressure will be on them to score thereby reducing their chances of scoring.Our superior RBC count due to the Nairobi climate will then work to our advantage. Just hope this is part of the psychological preparation going on in Gor camp now.

  9. good analysis@janam, Round 5 pyschologically i am preparing for a loss of 2-0 and hoping Petro draw Hussein Day.

    Iet the betting begin………

  10. Janam, we are prepared for any results and let’s not bash anyone in the crucial week leading to the Petro match, that could be the only match that that matters after Sunday. The only significant loss is Batambuze and however much he’s been criticized he has unmatched creativity advancing in attack, but let’s now see this Ochieng what he can do in the big stage.

  11. I wish Kogallo all the best. I want to believe the Malian ref has not been given and will not be given any match to officiate until he’s cleared.
    In fact Africa has been talking and there is every reason that the match was poorly managed

  12. The Confederation of African Football has declined Zamalek’s request to change the venue for Sunday’s must-win clash against Gor Mahia from the 86,000-seater Borg El Arab Stadium in Alexandria to the 16,000-seater Petro Sport Stadium in Cairo.

    Zamalek fans had petitioned their club managers to effect the change since Borg El Arab is outside the capital and therefore outside the convenience of most supporters. They also raised concerns over the size of the stadium, which might be “too big for any impactful cheering.”

    1. Some years back, it would not have bothered Zamalek where the match would have been played, Borg el Arab, Alexandria, the bath tab or in the kitchen. All they knew is that they could beat Gor any Kenyan club for that matter. The mere fact that Zamalek can now worry about which stadia want to face Gor in shows that things have now changed…RESPECT.
      Kudos team K’Ogalo.

  13. Lessons to Gor Mahia from yesterdays outcomes in Agiers and Cairo .
    Club Constantin needed only a draw from their game against Tunisia’s Club African , not only did they not get that draw , they lost the game , despite being awarded a penalty that they threw away , In Cairo , Tp mazembe knocked out Ismaily by holding them to a draw .
    The common denominator in this for these away teams was BELIEF and that is the lesson must learn from this .
    Lastly , the major unsaid reason why Zemalek wanted to move this match is the fear that Zemalek’s local opponents’ fans will do to them what Simba fans normally do to Yanga fans and vice versa , and what Afc fans normally do to Gor Mahia and vice versa , the only difference between the Zemalek opponents’ fans , Simba , Yanga , Gor Mahia fans AND Abaluhyia fans is that while fans of the former phisically go to the stadiums to ” decibelly “exercise their rivalry , Afc fans exercise theirs on Radio Jambo , as such , Gor are guaranteed of home support away from Home and if they thread that with belief , then they is absolutely
    no Reason/Excuse why they cannot come out with whatever positive result I.e a Win or a Draw and to quote Amos Kimunya “Zemaleks’ local opponents would rather die than see Zemalek progress “.

  14. Even when our gallant, brave warriors fired four past them in Nairobi, Zamalek still had 9 players who played in the world cup. Nothing has changed. Coach Oktal ought not to have reminded our players of that, unless he is deliberately inviting Zamalek players, officials and fans to be overconfident.

    What I know is that in Exodus 14:4 God promises that “And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and he will pursue them. But I will gain glory for myself through Pharaoh and all his army, and the Egyptians will know that I am the LORD.” K’Ogalo, God is reliving his word once again tomorrow.

    The Israelites said to Moses in Exodus 14: 12 “Didn’t we say to you in Egypt, ‘Leave us alone; let us serve the Egyptians’? It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert!” 13 Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. 14 The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

    Yes K’Ogalo we need only to be still. Players stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring to you tomorrow. Just wear the armour of BELIEF that Teddy Sofaset has been emphasizing the whole week. Belief will see you not conceding early. Belief will see you holding your own against Zamalek. Belief will see you running them rugged and belief will see you scoring three glorious goals and winning goals in Pharaoh’s land.

    Remember you are playing at home because of your superior red blood cell counts. You are the better team because you have the Toothless Diamond in goal; you have Blackberry, Jausenge, Sammy Onyango, Boniface Omondi, Benard Ondiek, Kenneth Muguna, Nicholas Kipkirui and Kahata. You have Dennis Oliech wuod Ajaccio….and you have us here: Dinga, Musymo, Jamigori, Jamriambo, Teddy Sofaset, J’Asego, Le Pastre, Dan, Sylvester etc, etc..

    Remember to leave the referee alone. Play your game as if the referee is invisible.
    Remember a K’Ogalo player must be brave, thiring’nyi, manwar, kalagwena, maninga wuoche gweno, nyandhuru kwesi.

  15. @Barefoot Bandit, this statement is prophetic, powerful and motivational indeed. If our players can read it before the match, then we will overcome the Egyptians. The Pharaoh we were seen yesterday before the match, we will not see him anymore during and after the match.

    May the almighty God bless the team and give us victory today in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  16. The worst mistake a team , any team can ever make while playing away , against a desperate team , with a loud but equally frustrated fans like Zemalek’s is to concede early , and my early applies to either half , for if that happens , the whole psychological dynamics will turn massively against you , on the contrary if you are to keep at bay the home team into the half time and at the beginning of the second half , the team will get frustrated , the desperate fans who were frustrated even before the game will turn against there team , Now these are the moments when a coach’s total knowledge of football in context is tested , his technical knowledge , his tactical astuteness and more importantly and more pressingly in this case , GAME MANAGEMENT and Mental discipline .
    Most importantly , what is remaining of our opponents is nothing but just a name , a name that was but not anymore , nobody has to remind us of this , because we already reminded ourselves of the same in the first leg .

  17. We have just been handed a lifeline going by the Petro vs NHD results. Our fate is now squarely in our hands against Petro here at home regardless of today’s outcome verses Zamalek.

  18. We must beat Pedro, with as many goals as possible, and avoid conceding at all cost. All the best to Kogalo against Zamalek

    1. That Pedro result is what I was praying for coz were Hussein dey to win , at 10 points they would have already qualified , and with their last game being against Zemalek in Algiers , what would stop Hussein dey to make a deal with their fellow Arab and allow Zmlk to win , meaning if Zmlk were to win against Gor today , a win against Hussein dey would see them go top of the log at 11points , Hussein dey 10 , Gor 9 . . .hence Athletico’s win means that It will be a do or die affair btwn Hussein dey and Zmlk and ONE MUST DIE but only on condition that Gor beats Athletico by whatever goals , even if were to be 1-0 .
      But having said that , these permutations are just that , permutations , coz there are no guarantees Gor will win against Athletico , hence its incumbent upon Gor to get the best result possible from today’s game , a win is difficult but possible .

  19. Petro -7
    Gor -6
    Zamalek -4
    This group is still open and Gor has goal difference advantage am sure they will to through all the best team Sirkal

  20. We have our destiny in our own hands. We loose today the table will be as follows

    Zamalek 8
    Petro. 7
    Hussein. 7
    Gor. 6

    In this scenario it’s a do or do final round of matches, if we win we go to 9. So either way the match between Zamalek n Hussein goes even if it’s a draw we qualify. So our fate is in our own hands, and that’s what I said the last time, let’s utilize our chances without looking at the outcome of other matches.

  21. I wish the team all the best but from the probable line up Mustafa starting and Kahaya not in the line up I have reservations

  22. Koro wachak Uru ywagruok. We met the best in Africa and have been thoroughly humiliated. We cannot even match them toe to toe…Tuko nyuma.

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