Gor Mahia contemplate CAF withdrawal

Gor Mahia treasurer Kennedy Ouma has told the Daily Nation that the club may be forced to withdraw from the champions league due to lack of finances.

“These competitions are very expensive. Last year we paid the travel agents in bits and we still haven’t cleared our bills. We may be forced to stay away next year because it is meaningless to send a depleted team to such a tournament,” he said

Participation is costly. Kogalo needs approximately Sh2.5 million per match in air tickets only, while other expenses including accommodation costs could amount to an additional Sh2 million per match.

“The club is yet to put it in writing that they will not make it to the competitions but if that is the case then we will do without the competitions because the runners up (Sofapaka) will be engaged in the Confederations Cup. We are not obligated by any law to participate in the tournament,” said John Kariuki, the Football Kenya Federation media liaison officer.

Gor Mahia will face a fine of $1500 if they withdraw now. However if they withdraw after the draw is made, they could be banned from continental competitions for three years.

Gor Mahia has never withdrawn from a continental competition before participating. In 1982 the club withdrew from the first round second leg against Dinamo de Fimia of Madagascar after player unrest.


21 thoughts on “Gor Mahia contemplate CAF withdrawal

  1. Woke up to the best news ever released………this is the direction ! I urge EC and kogallo fans to take this news positively and embark on the journey of conquering east africa as a priority.

  2. I disagree with the statement from Gor Mahia Treasurer Kennedy Ouma on this matter. Clubs win leagues to compete with the best in Africa and if this is not the vision of the EC, then they should all call for an Extra Ordinary Special General Meeting where they should not seek re-election. The is a dead EC office with no vision and future. EC members have been depending on the Chairman who is also the biggest problem in putting his EC house together.

    Bloggers and fans have put forward several proposals on how the club can be turned into either a full or semi professional team but this EC are doing nothing about it.

    The club is bleeding with financial misappropriations by the likes of those that have overstayed in the club. For example look at the sales of replica jerseys and other merchandises. Why can’t the club have an official shop or team up with countrywide shopping chains for this business. Why are the EC members signing sales contracts with individual owned shops in Eastleigh? Where is the accountability and transparency?

    The Chairman Mr. Ambrose Rachier stands to be blamed for having failed the club in charting the best way forward for the club.

    Yes, we have won KPL, GoTV and Super Eight accolades but it is the same old story year in and year out.

    Fans have also failed the club by electing inept leaders to the club. Club is being run like a political party where goons are hired to cause havoc to perceived opponents for status quo to be maintained.

    If the club is poor and not making any money, why are these officials like Ngala, Okuku, Kilo, Rachier etc are overstaying in the club management without any tangible projects and goals being achieved? It is the same old story year-in year-out.

  3. Painful though these exposez (which are succeeding in scaring away potential signings) by the treasurer means that Gor Mahia should now cut its coat according to its cloth. Its evident
    1) We cannot pay players salaries on time,
    2) That we have not cleared bills that were incurred way back in February2014. Surely we can’t for now continue digging a deeper hole by participating (not competing) in CAF.
    3) We can’t sign experienced players and even if we do we cannot afford to retain them or benefit from their transfers.
    I concur with jakoyo 4get CAF and concentrate on the league & CECAFA.

    1) Cost cutting we cannot afford paying a head coach kshs. 1M. Let’s look for a good affordable coach (not a local) whose total package is between the range of 350,000-400,000. The savings can pay 6 players kshs.100,000 per month. A narrower spread in salaries of the club will also encourage team work.
    2) Accountability & transparency by EC is now a must. CEO Aduda called for a forensic audit of KPL but we need one to be done at K’galo. There is a log in our eye and we worry about the speck in our neighbours eye.
    3) Gate collections must be streamlined.
    4) We need to identify those who want to be members of K’galo and they must own the club be it through a Sacco or other medium.
    So far the Sacco (despite misgiving of some bloggers) is the most affordable with sufficient legal safeguards.

    On the Sacco i urge the EC not to make the monthly contribution in excess of kshs.500/month since it has been proved that GM draws its support mainly for the not so “rich”. The members must at least also in return be given discounted tickets for home matches.I.e “Quid pro quo”.
    We need to know how the 12M raised in November was spent.

  4. I have been reading so many posts over the past few weeks and i can only add what i have written here before. Sell the club!

    I have seen people branding others, fans, members, hooligans, politicians, thieves and many other names. The truth is that we are fighting each other instead of pulling in the same direction. This club will fight itself when rich and fight itself when broke. Sell the club!

    All previous initiatives at raising funds have raised too little and this include the bloggers fund raiser.

    Any honest fan or member who would like to compare ourselves with the EPL needs to study what has happened in England in the last few seasons. Most clubs had fans but had to sell in order to have proper administrative structures and be competitive in a changing world. Egos had to be massaged and history had to be overlooked for this to happen. We must go the same route. Sell the club!

    Arsenal was bought by Americans, Man U was bought by Americans, Chelsea was bought by Russians, Man City was bought by guys from UAE, Liverpool was bought by Americans and the list goes on… Who are we to think that we can live in 2015 and do the things we did in 1987. Sell the club!

    How can Sofapaka, Posta, AFC, Muhoroni and even newly promoted Shabana be competing for the same players and even beating us to their signatures? How can Mr. Ambrose Rachier stand up proudly and claim he is a serious Chairman a midst all these shenanigans? Would you imagine Man City loosing Aguero to a club in Spain for free? How can we let our Suarez (Sserrenkuma) go for free? Not unless the same officials are eating in the deals.

    Forget the SACCO. We can’t have a SACCO managed by Men in Black. Sell the club!

  5. Actually come to think of it. Selling the club on a willing-buyer-wiiling-seller basis will make those who really appreciate the club to buy shares in it. The rest can remain as fans. After all we cheer Arsenal, ManU, Mancity etc but we are not owners. With this no one will ver use the club as a podium for political office or community support.
    I think as much as AR has done alot for the club he has failed theleadership test. Maybe he would be better off as one of the owners or financers of the new Gor.
    As said everyone is beating us to the top players which never happened before. We should let Tusker, AFC or Sofapaka represent us in Africa before we continue digging ourselves into a financial hole

  6. Sell the club to who ? Nigerians maybe, whoever buys it wants a return on investment and with the type of ‘fans’ we have ….forget it !

    CAF draw is this week therefore I believe the decision to withdraw kogallo from CAF champions league has already been made or MUST be made this week !!!!

  7. I think its unanimous by “selling the club” we mean that Gor Mahia cannot continue as a society anymore.
    We know our options and capacity.

    I would not outrightly dismiss the potential of Gor fraternity.

    These fans attend matches in droves (both home & away) and in fact its gate collections that “sustain” the club and is also “enough” to be mismanaged.
    Even matches in Kisumu, Mombasa & Nakuru attract sizeable numbers.

    Such committed fans can “afford” to contribute kshs.500/month surely.
    I can’t believe that all these fans travel all the way with the team to go and bribe gate keepers with 50bob.

    Gor Mahia just needs a change in structures and perhaps mostly a change in EC right from the top.
    Where we have failed is the muscle to fight the hooliganism and corruption and impunity by some amongst us be it officials, fans etc.


    And then keep on building castles in the air. Hehehehehehe,, thooo

  9. Fellow bloggers, below is a short history of Manchester United, a club which at some point went through what Gor Mahia is facing. (Source: Wikipedia)

    Manchester United Football Club is an English football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester. The club was formed as Newton Heath LYR Football Club, the works team of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot in Newton Heath, in 1878. The club split from the railway company in 1892 and changed its name to Manchester United after being saved from BANKRUPTCY in 1902. The club remained under PRIVATE OWNERSHIP for almost 100 years.

    The club went public in 1990 and was the subject of takeover bids from property trader Michael Knighton and Rupert Murdoch’s BSkyB corporation before Malcolm Glazer’s stake was announced in September 2003. By the end of the year, Glazer had increased his shareholding from 3.17% to around 15%, which he almost doubled in the year up to October 2004. His acquisition of John Magnier and J. P. McManus’s 28.7% stake in May 2005 pushed his own up to around 57%, well over the 30% threshold that would force him to launch a takeover bid. A few days later, he took control of 75% of the club’s shares, allowing him to delist the company from the stock exchange, and within a month, the Glazers took 98% ownership of the club via their Red Football parent company, forcing a squeeze out of the remaining 2%. The final purchase price of the club totalled almost £800 million.

    My Proposal:

    Let Gor Mahia Football Club be registered as a Limited Company with 20 new branches spread across the country (Branch Code 1-20).

    Each branch should pay registration of Kshs. 100,000. Each branch must have 50 people maximum and 20 people minimum.

    With 2 million collected from the registration, the company can start managing the affairs of the club like a corporate entity.

    Elections should be a college system where one has to carry 15 branches to be declared chairman. The chair can then appoint his own team to run the club for 3 years with AGM’s at the end of every footballing season.

    Members can be given cards to gain free entry until they exhaust their investment. (5 home games)

    Matters finance, i would like to invite Oduor 12 to see how to share dividends, profits and attract potential investors with my model. (@Oduor, kazi kwako even though you are for a SACCO)

  10. mwafrika umaskini nayo tulizaliwa nayo…..shida ya pesa ilianza 1978, mpaka leo shida ni ile ile !!!

    tufanye nini ? ….tuwaachane kabisa na mambo ya CAF na naomba EC wajikakamue kushinda taji la East Africa. Mambo ya kushinda taji la Africa tafadhali tuwachie wale wenye pesa…………

  11. I disagree on the withdrawal. It seems the end of lies about who has been financing and a true exposure of the importance of sponsorship!(Tuzo).

    I still believe though that the Sacco may do us better service than all other modes. But honestly i’ve always feared for continuance of stay of respected chair-AR. He may be the best but i just think he’s overstayed. To me he should have left a few years back.

  12. How can you sell a club that nobody owns. If you sell the club, to whom to the proceeds of the sale go? Back to the same person who bought the club?

  13. Kusema na kutenda…

    What is our patron saying?

    Anyway someone should approach Uhuru Kenyatta to assist the club look for a sponsor or can our patron sponsor or approach friends to sponsor this lovely club? I think we need about 24 – 30 million for a start. I’m I right?

  14. Here are the gor mahia assets for sale…..

    25 contracted players valued at Kshs 12,500,000.00
    Disputable land in east lands valued at Kshs 5,000,000.00
    Gor mahia bus valued at Kshs 1,500,000.00
    Miscellaneous and other merchandise Kshs 1,000,000.00

    Total value of club Kshs 20,000,000.00

    Additional investment 5,000 seater stadium Kshs 25, 000,000.00

    @ oduor 12, if I get a serious foreign investor who pumps Kshs 45 million to gor mahia by 31 st January 2015 …..what kind of return does he expect and what is his payback period going by the SACCO model or the model proposed by @ villager ?

    Urgently revert.

  15. To me likening GM to the Man Us and Reals may not work in this generation, thats why to me the sacco model suits the situation. Its (sacco) embraces the community club outfit. It avoids ‘fitina’.

    It also gives affordable,continual and sustainable ‘ownership’ to all and sundry yet maintaining the social appearance with little differentiation. It also removes the ‘financier'(conny) syndrome.

  16. Ken ouma why is that gormahia is ever broke.?gor won the league I think the club got money, why is that money? the last game gor played against kra money was raised, why that money? we had an harambee why is that money?


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