3 Sep 13

Winger Innoce Mutiso in past action

courtesy of goal.com

According to KPL rules, Sony stand a chance to forfeit the match after their fans forced referee Nasor Doka to call off the fixture with five minutes to play

Gor Mahia are likely to be handed points after their opponents Sony Sugar caused the abandonment of Sunday’s Kenyan Premier League match at Awendo Green Stadium.

Sony Sugar players protested Gor Mahia’s second goal in the 85th minute after defender David Owino had scored to hand them a lifeline.

Fans of Sony Sugar poured onto the pitch immediately Owino had scored and made play impossible to continue and forced referee Nasor Doka to call off the fixture.

Sony players declined to continue with play claiming Owino had scored from an off-side position and forced Doka to call off the fixture. According to KPL rules, a team that causes the abandonment of a match automatically loses the fixture.

Contacted on Monday, KPL Chief Executive Jack Oguda said they are waiting for the official match report before making a decision on the fate of the match.

Samuel Onyango had opened the scores for Sony in the 32nd minute helping the home side to take a 1-0 at the break. Gor Mahia goalkeeper Jerim Onyango kept the team in the match and denied Sony any more opportunity to score.

As usual Kevin Omondi came on and equalized for Gor in the 57th minute but it was short-lived score as Marwa Chamberi immediately extended his side’s lead two minutes later.

But a determined Gor Mahia side were unrelenting and kept up the pressure getting the equalizer in the 85th minute but it only lead to chaos.

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  • Dan Original says:

    With all the conflicting reports as well as te league being at a crucial stage everyone will be waiting for this decision. To me the decision will be as political as the one for the SC. Personaly I think the decision will retain the status quo.

  • jakoyo says:

    Retain status quo – 18 points to go and we shall begin the celebrations !!!!!!

  • Kibalka says:

    which status quo????? The rules say if u abandon a match the u get no points… its that simple!!!!

    That rule was put there with a purpose.. Ask yourselves Jakoyo & Dan what if AFC abandoned the derby while they were leading??? Teams will be abandoning games knowing the ‘status quo’ will remain.

    3 derseved points for Gor for their discipline and zero points for rogue Sony!

  • fred odhiambo says:

    Before i comment on this article,let me give my take on the previous article on David Owino.

    Owino has proved to be a much better player than many defenders before him…including Masika. Technically astute,fast and has goals in him and can play in many positions,hence a utility player.For me he is a top top player.Chances are that he will end up a pro like his friend David Cheche Ochieng.

    Now my take on this article.Let due diligence be followed and fairness prevail!!

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Why such obvious contradictions?

    Was it Sony or GM fans who invaded the pitch?

    Anyway, as the “home” team Sony was responsible 4 security but we’ve lost a such a clear cut case b4 coz EC bungles them by not emphasing strict application of the rules.
    But here Sony abandoned the match so its awarded 2 GM 2-O.

    Thx”King”David 4 the goal

  • dinga says:

    obviously sony was into their usually theatrics. having observed how sony goalie kisaya behaves i can only imagine what he did in awendo. in terms of child behaviour he is unbeatable. probably only afc goally matasi comes a close second. what beats me is that sony goalie seems to play according to the coaches tune. why ppl like z. otieno can call themselves coaches is quite amusing. matasi recently applied such delaying tactics right from the start from the second half and has been immidiately benched. kisaya applies such tactics as per the last game i watched btwn sony and gor, amusingly this is considered a technic by the coach. kisaya later provoked a punch from njuguna. my pitty goes to the sony players under coaches like . z.otieno. i bet that at the end of the day matasi will come out a better keeper the nxt time he gets a chance. for kisaya his chances of realising the folly of his ways are pretty slim. this is one such example why i believe foreign coaches (+matano) are a better lot for kenyan football. when loger was at gor emotional unfit players were quickly downloaded. the character of players visibly changed and show-off football was greatly minimized. matasi recklessness was greatly encouraged by the fact that any stupid challenge he made would be backed up by an ‘injury’. at the end of the day the keeper does not bother to time his runs as he always expects his back up ‘injury plan’ to work. but when he instead bumped to his own defender he could not ‘switch on’ his backup plan resulting to a goal. matasi failed to realise how his back-up plan to feign injury was greatly increasing his reckless goal-keeping. emayel and logar both commented on the weak mentality kpl players displayed. logar built mwapundas psyche as a penalty keeper that even the opponents players started to believe that they could not score against mwapunda. some even started to blame his towel.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Old habits truly die very very hard. The Zico-Kasaya theatrics are as out-dated as they are repulsive to the”beautiful game played by gentlemen” that football is supposed to be. That Zico and Kasaya should re-enact such fossilized and pre-Cambrian culture is such a shame. It is a shame that in this generation soccer matches should be turned into fora and arenas for settling clan/business/love-relationship scores as was witnessed in the sixties up to the eighties. I look at Zico and Kasaya and I am reminded of the tuff wars and pitch battles pitting Jo-Kisumu boys and Jo-Kisumu ‘Technical’ or Jo-Ulowa and Jo-Kanyibok, or Jo-Chewoyet and Jo-Kabuyefwe, or Jo-Usenge and Jo-Maranda, or Jo-Sawagongo and Jo-Ambira or Jo-Onjiko and Jo-Otieno Oyoo, or Jo-Chesamisi and Jo-St. Joseph’s. Looking back you wonder why a football meet was and should be allowed to be marred with such unnecessary and ugly scenes that Zico and Kasaya want to take us back to. Bure kabisa.

  • Mesh Oketch says:

    Remind me in 2011,Gor fans caused our match against Ulinzi to be abandoned, and Oguda made it simple,the game was awarded to Ulinzi,, why are they taking long to decide our fate with SoNy?

  • Dan Original says:

    I wonder why we are blaming the EC even on this issue. What was the EC supposed to do yet we were away? There are some things which we cannot just change since KPL is run using structures and our EC cannot just wish away their responsibility of providing security as well as a ground for their home matches. Maybe next season we lobby to change these rules.

  • Dan Original says:

    From the ref’s report (courtesy of Michezo Afrika) SONY did not cause the abondonment but the ref did so for security purposes. I wonder where that leaves the decision on the game. Maybe some solomonic decision will be needed here. Where’s Marende?

  • hesbon says:

    if kogalo is awarded the points, all teams will use that as excuse for losing. let the points be split and kogalo to win the league

  • Looks like we have to replay in Nakuru.

  • fred odhiambo says:

    Villager@11….has the venue been confirmed??

  • oswozo moziek says:

    The decision to replay does not sound right to me.How was this verdict reached?was it based on fan invasion or the fact that the game was stopped in the 85th minute??

    However,lets just replay the game and hopefully win it outright!!

  • jakoyo says:

    The match should be replayed in Nairobi, SONY would be better off with gate collections and security will be water tight !!!! wacha mambo ya mashinani

  • Fred@12, Awendo is out of question and so is Nairobi. Sony took us to Awendo because they are fighting relegation and most likely will not settle on Nairobi. Kisumu is not ready and Awasi is worse than a shamba. Get ready for Nakuru.

    The verdict was reached because Sony players and fans protested and Gor fans joined in the melee thereby making the referees decision even more difficult. How i wish we can educate our fellow fans to always calm down.

    There is a day we almost lost points to Karuturi following a similar event. Fans calmed down (except a few mad ones) and it was a turning point in our season.

  • fred odhiambo says:

    Thanks Villager@15…personally i have never understood this fascination of entering into the field of play.From what you have said,this is what might have cost us the points!!

    Reason dictates that when it is the opposing team causing problems during a match…and the results are in our favor,we should keep as far away from the trouble spot as possible lest we also be implicated.But no…not some blood rushing Gor fans who always want to be in the thick of things.When will this nonsense ever stop???

  • Albert Kosero - Sofaset Branch Kampala says:

    This is contradiction of the highest order. KPL orders a replay because the match could not proceed. Reason being the security of both teams and match officials were at risk. They then go ahead to say that Sony had done everything to ensure there was security. My question then is, what caused the stoppage? What do the rules say? If indeed Sony had put the necessary security measures in place, how come the fans invaded the pitch?
    I do not want Gor to earn free points, but I would love to see fairness here. I am 101% sure, if this had happened at the city stadium, Gor would have been penalized heavily with all sorts of fine like paying Sony for their transport and accommodation, paying the perimeter wall of the stadium, buying new uniform for referees, paying for Zico’s laundry etc. Gor would also be ordered to provide detailed plan on how they would ensure Sony travel safely to and from Awendo. The double standards when it comes to treating Gor cases is annoying to say the least.

    For God and my beloved club Kogallo

  • oluoch says:

    ************************jakoyo which gate collection are you talking about?there is nothing like gate collection if you are willing to give sony more cash please do it yourself.i travelled to awendo with my cash and paid gate charges to get into the stadium,so if you never went to watch the game you can just go and pay sony at your own will but with me over my dead body.