26 Oct 11

Finally Kogalo fans have a lot to celebrate after months of misery. On Wednesday Gor Mahia beat defending champions Sofapaka aka Batoto Ba Mungu aka Bana ba Nzambi by a score of 1-0 to lift the FKL cup. The all important goal came on 33 minutes via happy returnee Edwin Lavatsa.

Sofapaka started well with John Baraza forcing a save from Jerim Onyango. Kogalo slowly started to find their feet. The speedy Lavatsa gave the Sofapaka defenders a torrid time with his pace proving a handful for the aging Edgar “Fighter” Ochieng. On 25 minutes he beat th Sofapaka goelie with a well taken shot, only for John Njoroge to make a goal line clearance. Four minutes later he latched onto a Gattuso through ball and with only the keeper to beat, he shot straight at the keeper.

In the second half , Sofapaka launched numerous raids but the Kogalo defence led by Jerim Onyango stood tall. In came Hajji Mwachoki, Anthony Akumu for Kevin Omondi and Kevin Ochieng. On 64 minutes a counter by Kogalo saw Lavatsa with yet another chance which he did not finish. Gor Mahia sought to maintain their lead by falling back on defence.

The win not only marks a comeback in many different ways. To begin with, Gor Mahia were all but eliminated from this cup only to be saved by a technicality. The last few weeks have been nothing short of a nightmare with Kogalo going six games without a win. And Edwin Lavatsa had been reported AWOL by assistant coach Zablon Otieno “Pro” . Only for Lavatsa to return in devastating form with his trademark “Olympic” speed.

The win sees Kogalo return to continental football next year. Fans who remember the drubbing at the hands of Rwanda APR will be eager to see Kogalo make amends. This represents the 7th time that Gor Mahia have won the cup since 1986.

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  • Pod Antie says:

    Without Zedi we can win everything! I said it a long time ago. Go Kogalo go. Back to continental soccer. Well done. Fantastic.

  • George Ouma Philip says:

    Congrats Kogalo. The hard work begins now. We shall support you through and through.

  • tom atinda says:

    That is the way to go.We have to be tactical in all spheres including fielding to enable us record credible results like this one. I again urge the office bearers to ensure that all branches are registered so as to enable the club is economically stable. The task a head needs the support of all genuine k’ogallo fans.

  • Mama Maggie says:

    Thank you Jesus for the WIN

  • Odhiambo Brian says:

    we are the Kenya champions good game Gor Mahia we love you forever you are the one!!go go go Gor Mahia goooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  • Jackowili says:

    Wuon Pap, Salapata Salawowo, I want to celebrate this sweet victory with you. Where are you guys. Good news Albert Kosero has resurfaced. Welcome brother.

    Our optimism as k’Ogalo fans was not in vain.

    Let us dedicate this victory to our gallant soldiers who are out in a foreign land, teaching Al- Shabaab some manners and making sure that we can still throng our stadia and enjoy the beautiful game.


    Congratulatios boys for bringing our groove back. I wish also to salute the great K’Ogalo family which i proudly belong, for their unflinching support throughout this period. From the officials, the technical bench, players and fans, i owe you a debt of gratitude.

    Elsewhere on this blog, i said our goal this year is to win both the premier league and FKL cup. As i type this text away at the heart of maasailand, the FKL trophy is safely in our cabinet. As things stand now, we are technically out of the KPL title contention. However we still have a chance to finish in a respectable position.

    When our officials announced that we will participate in the FKL cup, a section of my comrades were quick to dismiss the decision claiming the tournament is colourless and unnecessary obstruction. While you toss away the champgane to celebrate today’s win, you have now come their wise decision . We now have an opportunity to showcase our talent and footballing skills in the continental platform.

    Make no mistake. In order to make any meaningful impact and perhaps surpass what our counterpants Ulinzi have reached, we require enough preparation. Moreover we require cohesion as we meet the best clubs in the continent.

    Zico may not be the club tactician in the coming season. Fine. I woud not like to see the next K’ Ogalo coach being haunted out of office. Let us cultivate a spirit of football. That ‘jabulani’ effect. I wish our great K’Ogalo well in their new assignment and to be with you all the way.

  • Ja Ngere says:

    Guz,i can now see that we ar all celebrating because of fkl cup.but lets remember we did send Siang’a away in 2009 after what KPR did to us.Nilikuwa pale thats day .Leo we hv won the same cup but according to u guyz we hv send zk away with a bit of ZD and Siang’a’s players.What plan do we hv followers kwani sasa ni ndege na sisi.The following players have been natured during ZIko’s time.Who knew the following players.Jery,Nasio,Masika,Aguyo,gattuso,Mosses Otieno,K.Ochieng,Lavatsa and Kiplagat.This are the nine players that were given a chance under ZD and today they gave us the fkl cup.4 Gor Forever.

  • Tinga says:

    Does anybody know when the first matches of the next Continental cup is schedule??

  • Gor!! this has been long since we lifted a trophy (2008),last year we came close to winning the kpl,This season we started well but the second leg has been hard and challenging,i know we are out of reach for kpl title but i hop n b’liv we r going to represent kenya well in the CAF Confederation Cup…Go!! GOR MAHIA Go!!.

  • JaBAHRGAZEL says:

    Atleast a silverware to holdon to as we continue to build Kogalo back to what it was in the golden days.Rebuilding the team will not be over night it will take time lets be patient.

  • ochigah says:

    ja Ngere u said y’day we were going to loss & loss miserably u even called us fools today we hv won u & your zd we’ve 4given 4 the messing up the team but we shall never 4get go form your own team

  • arrumtiddi says:

    thank u jerry,thank u nasio,thank u wekesa,thank u anguyo,thank u masika,thank u moses otieno,thank u kevin ochieng (musa mohammed),thank u gattusso(teddy),thank u lavatsta, thank u kiplagat,thank u kevin ochieng(hadji).
    Thank you all the unused subs,thank u anaba,thank u pro,thank u all t/bench members,thank u fans,thank u GOD!

  • joshu says:

    We are grateful to ziko for the two years he gave in seervice to kogalo, but he is not the man to take us where we want to be. Under awono we finally playing the kind of soccer we always believed we were capable of

  • collins okebe says:

    i hope awono anaba will be around this time next year. Kwako sofaset.

  • The signs of good things to come because God is wth us.

  • Ja Ngere says:

    This post was deleted by Admin

  • Wuod oyango says:

    What is!!! Bravo brothers n lets hop 4 more +ve results

  • Muthoni says:

    God bless Gor, “Boys, Hongera”

  • Ja Thur gi ji says:

    This is done. The hard part is preparation for the continental cup and we shpuld not wait too late like Harambee Stars. Guys you know it now in October, the cup kicks off January, this is ours as was predicted by one of us here, 1987 replayed – some philanthropist please get Blackberry back.

    I do not know if some body else saw this,but I witnessed a tactical blunder by the bench which almost cost us the match: you don’t defend a one goal lead that way- bunching every player in defence- that is the time you need to attack more and more; the last substitution (Mohamed) didn’t have any role at that juncture – probably Moses Odhiambo (for the tired Kiplagat)would have kept the Sofapaka defenders back peddling and easing the pressure on our defence.Akumu needs to rest for long period to rediscover his game.

    Otherwise congratulations boys , you have given us something to smile about, keep it up.

  • JAHKOREMO says:

    plse if wv done wrong tell us ngere coz u keep on dewling on ZEDY ISUE WHY BRO CHANGE STOP THAT. FANS WE HAVE DONE OUR PART LIKE WE SAID juzi tulienda city we did it even players saw fr themself am very happy us kogallo fan thanks guys u played like afamily jana FOR JERRY AM HAPPY COZ MYBE U HAD MY CONCERN JUZZI KUTOKA KWA GOAL KABLA BALL YANI wrong timing jana u were poa keep that pace in mind .to all kogallo fans who have been thinking same direction like me thanks alot on this pages lets keep it up.

  • omondiomollo says:

    biiro wuod Ogalo ni Gor Biro…..

  • Mwakio says:

    Kogalo has made proud by winning KFL Cup. I think Executive need to re-hire Sianga and Jolawi as Gor Mahia under 17 team to spot the emerging young talents all over the country as soon as possible to identify possible Blackberries, Machedas, Lavastas etc. The talent is outside there in Nyanza, Western, Coast, Eastern, Central, Rift Valley, Nairobi and North Eastern regions that can fit into Gor Mahia’s pattern and rhythm of football. If we can identify players at the ages of 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20, then we will always get the best from our scouting systems. Am willing to be a co-ordinator of this initiative of identifying the sprouting talents all over the country.


    Comrade Ja Ngere.

    First, with lots of sadness in my heart, I read your comment when you hurled abuses to the dignified people who regularly contribute on this blog. I felt happy when you later apologised.

    As a wise man, who i know you are, should not respond to any comment directed at you. Of course you have your right of reply. You and I must respect the sanctity of this blog. It should be a place where a minister, lawyer , judge or even a president who is a fan of K’Ogalo can visit and share his/her comments.

    We want to attract fans throughout the world who cand help this great club both in cash and kind. DStv is filming most of our matches in several countries around the globe. and this would generate interest for the club. Next year, we shall come into sharp focus when we participate in the CAF Confederation cup.

    So, are we ready to market our image as a football powerhouse in East Africa? What sacrifices are going to make either individually or collectively? Comrade Ja Ngere, this blog also belong to you. It is your money that was used to create this website. It is your money that pays the person who updates this site ( if there is such a provision). Thus, exercise utmost responsibility .

  • Mwakio says:

    @Ja Ngere your body launguage is wanting and stop being negative in your comments. I think we need to look at Gor Mahia as our team and give support regardless of coach. The coaches will come and go the same way but Gor Mahia is there to stay. Imagine I’m from Taita Taveta and Gor Mahia is my team. I started supporting Gor Mahia when I was a student in Maseno School and I have remained a fanatic supporter of Gor Mahia. I had reported some weeks ago that I was threatened by some thugs but that did not stop me from giving my full support to the team. If we have good accountability processes, I’m will to remit part of salary of Kshs.15,000- 25,000 every month to the team. My two siblings are also willing to remit monthly contribution to the club if only there is transparency in the team.

  • ole mendex says:

    Thanks to everyone who suports kogalo thanks to the players for what they have done plus the current technical bench, u have made us proud. The work has just began and its upon each and everyone of us to play his part in term of poaching good players allover the country so that we reclaim the cup that we won in 1987. We need a formidale team that has depth, that can challenge, all the best teams that i know of in the continent. Once more kudos to everyone.

  • Dan O. Anne says:

    Thank God for such a fantastic win. I salute all Kogalo family for the part they played. Can we have a lap of honour on Sato to celebrate this win. You know some of us were out of town because of the date, and we missed the fun. Maybe a walk from city to nyayo through kenyatta avenue, uhuru highway.

    How can I register Magadisoda Branch

  • Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch - Kampala) says:

    Congrats the boys for the spirited fight. You have made us proud. Initially you were rebuked, called names even branded “best losers”. You have overcome all that and everyone is now smiling and heaping you with praises. To my dear bloggers, let us give unwavering support to the players, technical bench and the EC. Like I have always said, I will support the incumbent. If coach Awono is now the man in charge, then he has my full support. I had a chat with Erick Masika “PPO” when they came to Kampala to play Uganda Cranes 3 weeks ago and he assured me that there was NO crisis in the team. He told me that it was only a deep in form which is normal in football and he promised that they would make us smile again before the end of the season. I am very glad it has come to pass. Congrats once again. For God and my club Kogallo.

  • Sam Dola says:

    Thanks boys you have made us proud.You made us Heroes and FKL Champs.



    To my fellow “bloggers Branch” lets us remain focused with our mission and vision. While scrolling through the archives, i bumped on to the comment posted below. I could not for once imagine that some of us are still applying the reverse gear. JUST READ IT AND DIGEST.

    “@ 14 Ja Ngere posted on October 25, 2011:”

    Let us forget and forgive this one “” on this blog since in every “MARKET PLACE” there is always a “” who will claim the ownership of being “ANTI-RADAR”.

    NB: Just like KALEMBE NDILE in the 9th PARLIAMENT so is the one above in “GOR MAHIA.NET”

    [Text deleted by Admin]

  • Ja Ngere says:

    Pareyio ole lelerue@23. Thanks 4 ur wise advice.
    As i can read from many of Mahia followers comments,the family is very happy with what the team did yesterday.And i hope that in future we should not judge a coach with one or 2 games but we should learn to be patient and this must now start with our current technical bench which did us proud jana.4 Gor forever


    GOR MAHIA!!!!!!!!!!

    GOR MAHIA!!!!!!!!!!

    GOR MAHIA!!!!!!!!!!

    GOR MAHIA!!!!!!!!!!

    GOR MAHIA!!!!!!!!!!


    Am happy for the boyz u av made me proud.It is sad that I never made it to stadia due to some unavoidable circumstances but am happy coz I was getting the update what was going on.This is NOW a call to all branches to forge ahead with what will be waiting us lets give the team the support they need.I also appeal if branches can come forward with proposal on how better we can raise the club to the level that is required in that in mind we can organise a meeting for all branch officials can meet and relay message to there members.food of thought.


    Ja Ngere@17 please woud min come back with a sober mind hence language.Kogalo is a big team hence people all over the world are readind this site.U are great coz @29 you are coming back just stop the insult otherwise KOGALO FOREVER as u av said.

  • Agwa Kassam says:

    Guys, i believe we are better off running away from our immediate filthy past..lets stop the Ja Ngere beating debate and soldier on. At least ZD must have gone and we can now prove ourselves right with the support Kiplagat gives upfront in the team.

    Truly people must be given a chance and thats what ZD had and we can constructively appraise him for the time..i too believ coach Awono may also deserve some opportunity.

    I still wonder what happened with the branch next meeting and the obligations for members passed in the members as the time is going real fast..as in the communication regarding members registration fees amount and monthly contributions as some of specifically me could not come due to last minute hitches..could i be invited for the next meeting sirs

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    I also join you comrades in congratulating our boys for their wonderful achievement yesterday. Despite several missed chances on a”ONE on ONE” situation with the SOFAPAKA goal-keeper the end result remained to favor Ko’galo as the CHAMPS.

    @28 OGANGO TRAILER please reflect on the comments posted @ 23 by our beloved brother pareyio ole lelerue; Two wrongs will not help us but rather dampen the spirit of “KO’GALOISM” that traverses all CULTURAL, ETHNICITY,TRIBAL OR SOCIAL CLASSESS. Can we for once tone down our language with ego-centric emotions.

    @24 Ndugu MWAKIO your suggestion for financial support for the club are most welcome. That is what “BLOGGERS BRANCH MEMBERS” are aspiring to achieve as its core objective. You are most welcome. We longing to get your email address so as to facilitate communication.

  • Dan says:

    Congrats to the team. Looks like the bad patch is over albeit so late in the season but better late than never. Just like our season literally ‘ended’ with our 3-1 win over AFC it started again when we beat them in the FKL cup. Talk of exercising the ghost(cat)! We are back with the same players who were literalyy dumped from the team.

    Can we also stop personalising issues on this blog. Exchanges on the comments from Ja Ngere do not do us any good especially when we want to forge a united stand. As Prezdo adviced, GM has to work twice as hard to reap any benefits from the cup assignment next year. The journey starts NOW! Let’s observe restraint in our behaviour and communication. . I can now foresee some of the faint-hearted fans who had deserted the team trooping back to City during our match with SONY. They are all welcome but we have to know that every team has a bad patch at one time or the other. Remember the 6-1 and 8-2 spankings and these coaches still had the support of their teams.

    Congrats to the team


    Mwakio please give Jabilo your email address for further communication.even your brothers are welcome to Kogalo Family.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Congrats Gor Mahia. The K’galo fans have been is great form instead of being dampened by the 3-0 loss to mashemejis they choose to rally behind the team, literally being the cornerstone. The team nowdays at least plays with purpose.Tactically a lot nids to be done, more drilling of our forwards on how to beat keepers when faced with a one on one situation. Midfield needs to be looked into also they r still overloading the defense. ZD did a lot of damage and it will take a bit of time b4 all these are corrected but we r on the right path. Thank-you players and technical bench. WHAT A CELEBRATION BY K’GALO FANS U TRULY HAVE CLASS!WOW GOD BLESS GM

  • sika says:

    congrats to kogallo,it is important that as we play in the caf cup we are united.i cannot wait 4 my beloved kogallo to come to this country my children will finally know their team.all kogallo faithful in s.a we need to have our branch.


    Thank you so much for sharing your story and how the bug caught you.

    The passion, fun, excitement and colour at K’Ogalo is contagious. I want to submit to you that you have joined a winning club with a strong team of officials and a competent secretariat. We also have a magazine and website. Our bus stands out on the road. There are also over 100 branches throughout the country. What’s more?

    If you are eager to become more proactive, join any club of your choice. And I can even suggest you join our newest branch- Bloggers branch. Further still, you can open a branch in your county, why not? Here, you can register your 2 siblings, let them accompany you to the stadium as they collect autographs.

  • admin says:

    Ja Ngere : Post # 17 was deleted. Please sober up and stop hurling insults at fellow fans. This blog enocurages debate. But you can debate people in a sober manner. OK now lets all go back to the business of helping Gor Mahia.

  • saul murefu says:

    great game frds…

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    @42 admin I salute for finally taking responsibility to guide, correct and control the kind of comments posted on this blog. That is what I call strategic management because we have a lot of issue at stake to deliberate upon. So keep on deleting all the garbages that do not add any value to our debates on this site.


    The technical bench and the playing unit yesterday avoided the changing room right from the word go. They entered the stadium casually without pomp and minus the TUZO bus. After initial warm up both the players and technical bench changed into their official playing regalia right in front of the fans. And when the action time dawned they used the KO’GALO entrance side and avoided coming in with both match officials and Sofapaka players.

    During the breathing interval they opted to refresh on the pitch where fans could easily see a relaxed outfit,exchanging ideas and smiling to their fans.

    When we played AFC during the FKL semi final the same scenario applied.

    After the final whistle I could see all players being carried shoulder high. The mood was quite inspiring and it justified that we all needed something to write home about.

    ARE WE FINALLY BONDED AS A FAMILY namely; Ma fans ,players and the bench.

  • jakojera 9 says:

    all of us have put their nice encouraging words to the team but also let us not forget God who has given us another chance…..

  • Agwa Kassam says:


  • Ja Ngere says:

    Admin@42, i think Ogango TRAILER @30 is out out of order and as Vincent Ocampo@34 said p’ple all over the world are reading this site hence the need to control what we write.So will i be not in order to request that the same be done to Ogango message.I DID ASK FOR FORGIVENESS why are you guz finding hard to forgive.4 Gor forever.

  • jakogwen says:

    Great news from the Mighty Gor Mahia.This was made possible by all your inputs and unwavering support.Make sure you say a prayer for GM coz God is able on all fronts.Be all blessed i.e players,fans,coach etc.

  • admin says:

    Ja Ngere Point taken. Foul language deleted from comment #30. Trailer and others please no more foul language. I thought everyone would be happy today. Lets all focus on what we can do to make Kogalo better and Kenya football better. And dont forget to continue celebrating this monumantal achievement. I will be drinking this Friday and singing cheers for the team.

  • Pundit says:

    AMEN AMEN…GOD thank you

  • WUONPAP says:

    congatulations to the fans,playing unit and technical bench for this achievement.There are still glaring inefficiencies in our game.When on a one on one situation with the keeper a striker should put the ball between the keepers legs and thats what the bench should teach that young lad lavatsa and the other forwards.As things stand now,kogallo has some of the most promising players in the kpl league.What is needed now is a bench that can turn this promise to a polished outfit.My suggestion is that we should add a player like Dan Sserunkumma -the city stars midfielder to our team to inject more creativity in the midfield and reduce the pressure laboured on our defence.Mwakios idea of bringing in sianga to nuruture young players is a gamechanger as we would now be assured of a steady stream players of talented players who will ensure our team always stays on top as ASEC does continentally and BARCA globally.For strikers then we can add one or two a young lad who can be polished to reach the levels of the legendary Peter Dawo.Let us start planning for the league next season as soon as today and register as members in our branches so as to brainstorm on the way forward for this great institution.

  • Opiyo says:


    K’Ogalo should seriously think of improving the technical team. We WANT GOALS. Ask us money and we shall provide so long as you convert the good will of fans into GOALS


  • Ja Ngere says:

    Admn, thanks for coming to my rescue if i may call it that. Followers b4 we go to continental cup next year.Can any of my beloved ko’galo followers in this blog forward to us Awono’s CV.Which team he was coaching b4 he came to Gor.we must take every pre-caution.because i hv a Nigerian coach in stand by.4 Gor forever.

  • I also support the idea of bringing Sianga to work with the young talents in the “youth team”

  • Jasawagongo says:

    Ja ngere,
    Lets not interfere or be seen to be doing other peoples work.The club has structures to hire a coach and none of us has mandate u to look for a coach.Further note that football is all about perfomance not about the length of cv.

  • Dan says:

    As fans let’s do what we are supposed to do and that is to support the team both financially and morally. The issue of the coach should be left to the technical committee which i read is analysing the current situation and will give their recommendations to the EC. The finacial implication of the CAF cup will be huge on the club and we should be prepared to shoulder that burden even if it means high gate charges for our home games. Otherwise as fans we did our best to support the team thugh in some cases some of us were a liability when it came to hooliganism. I hope to see a situation where we lose and go home peacefully though creatfallen. Was saddened to hear on radio that after the aborted Cup semi some of our fans were seen engaging in hooliganism on motorists on the way to town. Was that necessary? It actually acts as a reason to drive away potential fans and sponsors. We need to do alot of civic education to eradicate this mentallity.

  • sika says:

    amen to that.our members need to fight hooliganism through thick and thin.usually brings alot of embarrasment.

  • bernard says:

    Kudoos kogalo players for your hard work keep it up this is our cup for this season lets focus for continental cup[ now



    @48 Admin i beg to withdraw the harsh “WORDINGS” that i used on my comments that i posted @30.

    Having said that i have also FORGIVEN Ja Ngere my reference to hin as “kalembe ndile” as per his request@46; but on condition that he refrains and style up like our PRODIGAL SON.

    My humble advise to Ja Ngere is that he should not subject “POTENTIAL & RESOURCEFUL” bloggers to recall the recent past memories that made us bust into flames.

    Ja Ngere having read your previous article where you referred to my fellow bloggers as “FOOLS”,i was lost for words and to be truthful to all of us; i contemplated to hit you back very hard “word by word”; Once “MIGHTY KO’GALO” overcomes SOFAPAKA to disapprove your predictions and sympathy for “ONE ZICO” the immediate former GM coach.

    At the moment we do not have any issue with the technical bench and as a matter of fact we have completely reformed as “KO’GALO NATION” to the extent that even our SUPPORTERS, PLAYERS & TECHNICAL BENCH have testified the same.

    We do also appreciate what “PRO-ZABLON, AWILO,KOREA and the stand-in coach AWONO have so far achieved in the short spell they have handled the team since the official dismissal of ZICO by the fans.

    So Ja Ngere once more i advise you to read the mood and understand the prevailing circumstances within GM and desist from “side-kick topics” about individuals who have already shown that their commitment and loyalty is with the “NATIONAL TEAM” and GOR MAHIA .

  • aGWA says:

    Guys may be i should regret saying this but i will still go ahead.

    I am dismayed to read the Standard newspapers quoting the current Chair as having plans to recruit players and the new technical bench and talking of engaging fans and other new sponsors for GM.

  • Agwa Kassam says:

    Guys may be i should regret saying this but i will still go ahead.

    I am dismayed to read the Standard newspapers quoting the current Chair as having plans to recruit players and the new technical bench and talking of engaging fans and other new sponsors for GM.

    I wish that the elections for the club would be conducted in good time so that the new team of office bearers have ample time to beef up the said tech bench if need be and the need be new players be recruited on merit to avoid confusion that marred our performance from the beginning of the season.

    Friends i believe if they desist from this ‘recruitment’ then we’ll avoid long term confusion.

    I also must say again that many a times in the year a lot of issues were to have been addressed with our branch leaders but never was, i wonder how this office now talks of approaching the fans..This brings us to Wuon Pap’s plea for us who love GM to register as members and take responsibility as such..

    AR and his team have had their chance let others be given an opportunity to exercise their talent and love for GM..but if majority decides to take them back so be it..but for now i would suggest that major issues should be dealt with after elections.

  • tom atinda says:

    Am glad that the post that had a wrong message was deleted by the admin. May you keep on checking on others that may breed bad blood amongst the fans. Gor needs all people on this earth, regardless of race tribe, religion or status. We should not even look at the officials from any of these angles that may be considered primitive and outdated. Personally, i cannot even support a player, a coach or even rowdy fan because of clan, nepotism etc. As it stands, even if Adan Duale can prove beyond doubt that he is a good player, or coach or fan and offers his services to K’ogallo, i will be the first one to carry him shoulder high. Zico is our head coach and as a human being, we have to accept and appreciate all he has done and any mistake arising, is to human. Those “harsh critics are only sharpening his trade for the overall good of K’ogallo. It happens everywhere even with Wenger. As fans, we have a bird’s eye view of what is happening around our interest and in most cases we aren’t right coz we are not trainers. Let Zico re-strategise together with the entire technical team, for the good of K’ogallo and the entire green army

  • duncan says:

    Wounpap I think inefficiency is a very strong word weakness is the correct word.Generally speaking Gor has a very good team and i think Lavatsa can be moulded to become a top class striker,he has been improving but he is not a finnished product yet.zd had not ensured growth in the team but i want to agree with him for bringing Moses Otieno to the team,in my opinion there are two exceptional central midfielders in Kenya,Humphrey mieno and Moses Otieno in that order.If technical bench can work on his weaknesses he can become the best.we have to have the guts to allow this team to mature,the 1987 team was moulded for close to 4yrs,can we allow the same for this team.
    As for Ja ngere please zedi case should be closed because his contract is expiring in two months,just because you like him does not mean that he cannot fail,the c.v of Anaba will not in any exenorate ziko from his failure.

  • Felix Odhiambo says:

    Gor Mahia is not just a football team but it is also a lifestyle that many leave to admire.
    Felix – oyugisnet, Oyugis Town


    @58 Tom Atinda ,Please be informed that ZICO case is a closed chapter unless you want to provoke mayhem again in the Ko’galo family. I wonder if really you have been blogging in this site for the last three months.

    Please turn the page and join the bandwagon as we strive to steer GM to the highest level during the post ZICO era were there is cohesion between the playing unit and the bench.
    ZICO’S lack of modernizing football technique, arrogance,ineptitude,suspicious character and above all distraction of promising players career caused him to be shown the door and as such his place in Ko’galo will only be remembered in our history books as a destructive coach.
    I read in “futaa.com” that he is congratulating Ko’galo for winning FKL CUP and lamenting that he is seeking for chairman support as we feature in our next year continental matches after absconding the team in favor of Harambee Stars. If this guy want to sneak back indirectly he will be encounter the same wrath that send him packing together with his goons.

  • Agwa Kassam says:

    Bro Ogango..your position is indisputable, the tone is musical. There are no better ways of putting your point.
    I am working adjacently..

    He is in history as an Arsonist torching a completed house.

  • Sam Dola says:

    I have also sadly learnt in the sama futaa.com that g
    Gatuso and Masika would be leaving at the end of the season.Is this true or another propaganda to confuse the Kogalo Family? I refuse to believe since we have fought much battle and should now concetrate in rebuilding Gor.

  • Dan says:

    The truth is that players will leave for ‘greener’ pastures both ways. Gatusso is eyeing Sweden as well as Sofapaka and Masika is also eyeing Europe. Lavatsa may also leave. Since they are at their peak and are professional footballers the best we can do is wish them the best. After all that way they can build themselves both financially and professionally. What we should now do is to recruit a good mix of players, both experienced and younger ones as well. What I know is that lots of players in Kenya would like to play for GM but are at times drawn back when they see the mayhem some of our fans commit in the name of supporting the team. I still believe there are good players to take us to the next level waiting somewhere for us to recruit them

  • Ja Thur gi ji says:

    Players leaving is normal and we should ready ourselves for the possibility of losing some of our best, but as Dan says above there would also be some very good players dying to play for Kogalo. Lets go out and recruit with eyes open, we need to becuase of the forthcoming KPL season but above all the continental competition.

  • jakochia says:

    Dear K’ogalo fans,football is a game well enjoyed with the right state of mind,when we celebrate all the k’ogalo wins and get sad because of the losses,its normal but what we miss out is asking ourselves,when we loose a game what can the players,technical bench and the fans do to avoid loses,as we have realized,the losses are hurting our prospects and the position of this mighty club,”one who always thinks of the next step before heading that way is always successfull”

  • Ja Ngere says:

    Who will be there to scout for this good players?i have only ask that we should be told which team Awono coached b4 he came to mahia.Let us not be like ngiri .as the saying goes in life there is always good and bad time.4 Gor forever.

  • mindet says:

    we lead while others follow………….go sirkal

  • dan matiku says:

    am reporting 4 futaa.com and am sad to admit that the duo are leaving the mighty kogalo.By the way,can some one pliz tell me why zico never played kiplagat?

  • Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch - Kampala) says:

    @Dan Makitu, we have to admit that every coach has his preferred players. No one knew Eric Masika before ZD came. Instead “Jakambare” was preferred in that position and many others. Awono the coach also has his preferred players. I am sure soon some of us will be asking where Selenge, Ezekiel Odera etc are. Lets leave all this to the coaches. They have thier reason and they know which players to field depending on thier game plan. About Gattuso and Masika leaving GM, I would wish them the very best. They have been very strong pillars in the current squad. We should never fear losing players. Replacements will definately come. The beautiful ones are yet to be born.For God and my club Kogallo


    Comrade Ogango Trailer.

    Allow me to put the facts bare. For your information, coach Zico’s contract with K’ogalo is very much intact. The EC and indeed a large section of our club still have great confidence in him. And the reasons are obvious.

    It will not be wise to replace the coach at this moment in time. What the EC did, is to allow him to take precautioary measures especially after the Nyayo fiasco where fans were baying for his blood. Ogango, the EC cannot be too casual when hadling the contract of the coach, otherwise the club can pay dearly.

    Again, how comes the Harambee stars management board still maintain him? Are we not foolishly throwing away a jewel? Take the case of sammy omollo- the current Tusker coach. He was literally kicked out of GM. He is abot to lift the KPL trophy with his new club.
    The same case with our papa, Sianga. Don’t you ever imagine you will treat the next coach differently; with decorum.

    We can only have one K’ogalo coach at a time. By the way, there is no way the history of this club can be written without Zico’s name. ‘Mgala muuwe, lakini mpe haki yake’ , goes a Kiswahili saying. I am therefore right to proclaim, Zico has added another feather in his cap- winning the FKL cup with K’ogalo!

  • jakojera 9 says:

    Gattuso and Masika leaving…..aaa…aaah,nooonooonoo! untill we are done in the african cup winners championship…if they let them go we will be back to square one

  • . . . .Masika is on his way to Europe, that’s for a fact, and Gattuso is also eyeing greener pastures; kudos to the duo . . . .Zico’s contract is ending in December and he is not interested in renewing it( we tell him a big thank you to him) . . . .comrades and football lovers, as we said earlier on this site that there is life after Zico and clearly I bet it is even a better one, so ladies and gentlemen, let us fear not changes and now we want stability for the club, we get a coach on a permanent basis, but Awono should be retained among the technicians . . . congratulations to the lads

  • Silva says:

    Gor ma Kogalo timbe duto. Fans from Dallas and Washington D.C congratulate you. You make us proud we are proud of you.

  • Mondeng says:

    Nyithiwa tugo kod mor and yawa duto mor tetete.Kogalo has restored the respect that was slipping away.We are all FKL champions.Gor has once again made us proud.Kudos Gor Mahia.I love it,love…. love …. love it! It is Sweeter than the sweetest taboo!!

  • 6million is waiting for u if u succeed.