Gor Mahia destroy Posta Rangers 5-0

Innocent Wafula in action against Posta Rangers

Undeterred by the departure of Meddie Kagere, Gor Mahia continued their unstoppable march in the 2018 Kenya Premier League when they hammered Posta Rangers 5-0.

George Odhiambo found the back of the net twice while Jacque Tuyisenge, Ephrem Guikan and Lawrence Juma provided the other goals.

Gor Mahia are now 12 points clear of second placed Sofapaka with two matches to spare.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Gor Mahia’s head coach Dylan Kerr said he was happy with the win, noting that it was a clear indication that the departure of Kagere will not affect his side.

“He (Kagere) is history and I do not want to talk about him now. He was not part of us today but we have won by a huge margin, his departure will not affect us at all,” said Kerr.

Odhiambo should have fired Gor ahead in the 10th minute, but his left-footed shot inside the box went wide by few inches.

The postmen were reduced to 10 men three minutes later after dformer Tusker man Joackins Atudo was sent off for handling the ball inside his danger area, with Tuyisenge beating Bonface Baraza from the resulting penalty.

Posta survived a few minutes later after Tuyisenge cleverly found Francis Kahata with a back pass on the left flank and the latter sent a dangerous cross to Ephrem Guikan, but Baraza was alert to keep out the danger.

Rangers won a free-kick deep inside Gor’s half but Gershon Likono smashed the ball wide, before Tuyisenge was denied by the cross bar a few minutes later, with Achesa clearing the ball to safety.

Center referee Wilston Otieno ruled out Harun Shakava’s 33rd minute goal for offside, before Guikan buried in a header past a helpless Baraza four minutes later to stretch his side’s lead.

The visitors made a first half substitution with coach Sammy Omollo resting Likono for Suleiman Ngatho.

Gor went in search of more goals as they begun the second half strongly, creating two early chances that were well dealt with by Rangers’ defenders.

They were however breached as Odhiambo netted K’Ogalo’s third goal in the 52nd minute after Baraza spilled Tuyisenge’s high drive from the right flank.

Lawrence Juma replaced Guikan, who looked to have sustain a knee injury, from a collision with Baraza.

Tuyisenge almost scored his third and fourth for Gor again with a header in the 72nd minute, but Baraza parried the ball wide for a corner kick.

Odhiambo scored his second and fourth for Gor in the 81st minute with a low strike on the left side, before substitute Juma sealed his side’s victory with another low drive five minutes later.

52 thoughts on “Gor Mahia destroy Posta Rangers 5-0

  1. The Fear Factor At Play. Yaani Gor Olo Koyo Kuom Timbe.
    Though Its Regrettable That The Club Is Losing Revenue Vide Free Transfers Of Its Best Players.
    Again If What Goal Reports Is Anything To Go By Then There Is Fire On The Mountain.
    Let The Ec Do All It Can To Stem This Impending Heamorrage Of Players.
    Congrats Team For The No Nonsense Dismissal Of Posta.

  2. Whoever thought that they would celebrate the departure of former Gor forward are in for a rude shock. His departure was a blessing in disguise, Mayienga will continue matching like the true army, congratulations GOR MAHIA PLAYERS AND THE TB.You have made us proud.

  3. “You are pretty much aware of the Kagere’s case since it is in the public domain and wish to confirm that only two player’s contracts have expired and the negotiations are still on.

    “In fact, we met Kagere and the other player on Sunday and we agreed to sign contracts on Wednesday,” national treasurer Sally Bolo confirmed.

    Procrastination. What was so special about Wednesday? Why do Gor Mahia’s contract talks always drag?

    Odhis Muga Mayienga will continue matching only if players are appreciated and paid their dues. Walipeni wachezaji tafadhali.

  4. Congrats team. This team surprises me, the more congested the fixture the more sharper they become.
    Hongera vijana you are doing us proud. The management must now find ways of motivating these players, they deserve it

  5. Ooh Laa la..!! “WHAT A BLESSING IN DISGUISE” ..Very Dispensable really….

    Bye bye our very Pacman, Aguero incarnate a.k.a Kagere “Season II” , Thanks for your contribution forever while you donned K’Ogalo jersey. I will only miss your goals celebration antics since in your absence K’Ogalo has nothing to worry about but may enjoy your life at “Wekundu wa masimbazi” Simba f.c.

    It is my humble prayer that Simba will not encounter K’Ogalo during CECAFA in Dar. “Hapo ndio watu hapa kwa hii mtandao wata jua hawajui” ATALIPA DENI.
    That it is Gor Mahia which is the platform that makes players flourish and not vice versa.
    Let me take my sabbatical while celebrating today’s win but i will be back soon after we are crowned CECAFA champions “alafu tu jadiliane tena vile itakua”.


    FEAR FACTOR IS DEFINITELY BACK ! Wait till we unleash samuel onyango aka ‘daddy’ in the centre forward position …..goals galore !

    Meddie may be gone but he has created a room for others to prosper just like olunga, calabar, abondo, marcelo and many others have done in the past.

    I suggest we look at the glass as half full.

  7. How come an extension of a player’s contract can not be negotiated midway of the original contract for a valuable player in this part of the world like they do in advanced leagues? I believe this will ensure the club is paid handsomely once a player moves to richer clubs.

  8. Samuel Daddy can play Centre orward very well too infact i have been advocating for him to get more playing time.May he grab this opportunity with open arms and be all he can be as i have full faith in his abilities

  9. Thooo we are over celebrating yawa. For a team of our caliber to play against a 10 man posta and hit them heavily as we did is fairly normal. we were 1 man up gentlemen. Yes the boyz deserve pongezi but lets be moderate.

    1. I view of the bad news that was circulating we had to do that and by the way there is no guarantee that if a team is 1-man down then they are weak. Ask Sweden about Germany.
      I think we now need to stop ‘mourning’ Pacman’s departure and move on. What if he was still our player and got a long-term injury like Karim’s, what would we do?

  10. Players on a go-slow. Having not been paid even from the Super cup win. This cones when the hyenas are sniffing to grab them off one by one. The reason is that the chair is off on Russia. Does he travel with the office? What then is the purpose of the many office holders if they cannot do anything when the Chairman is not around

  11. So what’s wrong with celebration? Team is doing well and we need to celebrate, we shall grieve together when they lose. As for Kagere let’s appreciate him for what he has done for us, and wish him well. On the go-slow, someone is being silly here and must be told off, it is utter stupid. I hardly use such words but on this one am hurt to the bone considering what the playing unit has put in lately. Jasego what’s going on?

  12. Congrats k’ Ogalo. I am still not into the cecafa adventure, BUT I wouldn’t mind a Simba-Gor encounter even though I doubt if Meddie would play in that match. I also congratulate Simba for showing as how a good business man does his trades.
    Football clubs are like trophy girlfriends. What matters is what your sponsor(s) can do for you.
    And also be notified that Simba, Yanga et Azam operate far bigger budgets than Kenyan clubs. The sad part is their persistent inabilty to account for it in the African scene…

  13. GM EC step up to end this bad precedent you are setting up in the club. Why not play players their hard earned sweat from the CAF reward money instead of making them head strong in defiance like they are now leading to uneccessary Go-Slows?Supercup prize money was shared in half 1.5M for EC and 1.5M for Players and TB that i witnessed though some conman EC member tried short changing players before as always i called out his antics and he paid up. I am not an EC member but someone who meets with Chairman and Entire EC except the two ladies frequently to offer technical assistance for the good of the club. I sit with coach frequently in hurlingham over coffee over a ”tete a tete” chat on the tactics and current worldwide football formations being deployed and how we can localize that for benefit of GM. This go-slow has it’s genesis from reports that the 27M Caf qualification money has arrived in GM EC controlled Account but for a week no word is being relayed on how players will be rewarded. The players keep citing Rayon Sports who gave each player an equivalent of 300,000 Kshs or 2.1 Million Rwandese Francs as a token of appreciation while here all they hear is Aduda saying their original contracts contained terms for renumeration and that did not include tournament prize monies and that stern action will be taken against senior players for the go-slow. This threats especially when Simba is hot on Kahata’s heels won’t help anyone just sit down and agree how to reward them for qualifying for Caf group stages and earning the club that money. AR my friend what are you doing in Russia while your house is on fire back at home?While you were away Kagere left and signed for Simba and if you take too long you might come back to find 3 of your most prized players gone too. You alone are GM EC as the rest Senior Vice Chairman John Pesa, CEO, Secretary General Ben Omondi et al are just names since the one who controls the money calls the shots and that is ONLY you bwana Wakili..

    1. Why would any right thinking person sign to give away tournament prize money to the players assuming that the club is being run as business which should be the case. I support Aduda on this. Its the players obligation to negotiate his contract well and so long as he is getting his remunerations then he has no claim to the business profits. Only CEO’s like Mwangi in Equity or the Safcom guy negotiate on the company profits. Even Harry Kane cannot lay claim to Tottenham profits. However should a company choose too out of goodwill, can give bonuses when targets are surpassed.
      Unfortunately Gor does not have the financial muscle that the regional clubs have hence is forced to resort to giving away the tournament proceeds to players. But the end result will always be indiscipline as is the case now, assuming these reports are true. The players cannot use Rayon sports or any other club as an example.
      I kindly ask the players stick to what they negotiated for and see if that is what the club has serving them.
      – has your training allowances paid?
      – has your salary been paid?
      – has winning bonus been paid?
      But if Gor Mahia club strikes oil tomorrow in Turkana, tafadhali hiyo siyo yenu players.

  14. Listening to AR last evening from Russia, I think kahata could also be on his way out as his contract lapses in a few days, just like meddie. It is rumored kahata has requested to leave the kisumu camp to sort out personal issues.

    Shockingly all players are demanding a minimum of Kshs 120k each in salaries excluding allowances or else….you know what !

    EC saw this coming as the Kshs 27 milion windfall from CAF as widely predicted by some bloggers was going to be a curse rather than a blessing.

    1. In that case we can as well say that Kahata is as good as gone. Simba just said that they will have him in a few days. The CEO should also desist from sorting things in the press.The money the Chair is spending in Russia could be used to motivate the players. Apart from the CEO are our EC members beong paid? Are they Gor employees? I hope not. Jasego, please clarify

      1. @ Dan Original… Yes EC members are salaried employees being paid good salaries complete with hefty bonuses like sitting allowances for meetings whenever they attend and per diem for those who accompany the team to away matches like during Caf assignments.

        1. @Jasego, I thought Club EC members everywhere are volunteers who love the club and even use their resources to run the club. No wonder the elections are a matter of life and death. Does that mean that somebody like Ngala is more or less a ,premanent’ and maybe pensionable Gor employee.
          I can’t imagine that.
          People like Kalekwa use their resources to run their clubs yet in Gor they eat from the club at the expense of the employees. Does KRA know that these persons have extra incomes from Gor?

  15. Let these players go and make money , if gor does not have the financial muscle then that’s it. You cannot force things, that is who we are, let’s buy players that we can afford.
    Kahata enda ukatengeneze pesa and any other player who would like to follow suit let them go.
    Its unfortunate that players are going for free after giving them a platform to shine

    1. Totally agree with you. But first if anybody wants to walk out, come with your lawyer and just show the club how you plan to negotiate yourself out of your contract. Unfortunately EC ppl have little biz sense, thats why players slap them right-left and center whenever they want out.
      What Gor shud consider now;
      1. The club has a sponsor.
      2. The league is basically won so nxt yr cc caf competition intact.
      3. All players I assume have professional contracts but if majority have labourer contracts then correct this based on merit.
      4. If a player’s contract has run out use the 27mill wisely but DO NOT give it away as bonus.
      5. Never again attend ‘Wayne Rooney tournaments’ with players who do not have solid contracts.

  16. In as much as players are legally entitled to payments based on contractual terms, the club should appreciate their efforts by paying them sport pesa super cup money as a good gesture. However, no player should demand this unless it was agreed upon prior to the tournament. Lastly, those hurtling down to Tz due to peer pressure must be courteous otherwise they’ll regret. When the deal is too good…………

  17. I wish to concur with @dinga on this issue of this demand of bonuses by the players .
    A professional player in a team is just like any company employee with terms and conditions vis a vis their contracts and as such this demand for a share of the club’s winnings if not in any prior agreements or within their contractual agreements is simply a case of blackmail irrespective of how you have shone on the pitch .
    I may have my issues with some of the ECs shortcomings but on this , based solely on fact and common sense business practices , am with them on this .
    Encouraging this kind of behaviour only emboldens the players with them assuming that since they are performing well , fans will emotionally rally to their side while in essense rewards vis a vis their good performance is already captured in the contracts they signed .
    The road ahead for Gor is still long , let everybody stick to their lane .
    Having said that , I hope that the money that is in question will not be used in a NYS kind of way , we dont want any more unveiling of begging bowl to politicians in the near future , we have had enough of such embarassments .

  18. So all the monies for tournament ni za officiala.Woi! beloved players there is no point of toilling for these ungrateful officials, What is the point of taking the team to champions league money bracket, better you stick with kpl , ndio salo na allowance ziko fair.Tournament watu wachoree

    1. Level mind,do you know what you are talking about or do you just talk with emotions. When players sign for the club, they (with their agents) negotiate for sign on fee and what they will earn as salary. In the contracts there is nowhere a player is required to choose the matches to play and not to play. They are signed to play for the club period. So don’t mislead these players to abandon their duty that they signed to do.

  19. Bloggers help Jasego who has a consistent migraine trying tooth and nail to make sense of things unravelling quick and fast in our beloved GM. We have a sponsor who bankrolls our recurrent expenditure consisting of the following;

    1. Players salaries and allowances inclusive of match winning bonuses
    2. Coach’s salary and entire TB emoluments
    3. Field training fees at Camp Toyoyo
    4. Rent for Gm offices space and fuel for team bus
    5. Air Tickets to and from match venues locally and abroad

    That being the case, when we reach money making stages of Caf and get 27M from player’s and coach sweat, is that money for the club only to do what with it? I would have believed it can be saved in the club’s accounts to handle things like contract renewals and new player signings but as you all know all our star players are leaving since they are being offered terms that are more or less the same to what they have been having prior to contract lapse hence the exodus we are witnessing. Kindly EC led by Sally Bolo the Treasurer and Aduda CEO what do you have planned for this money that players cannot be given anything or contracts renewed using it or new players signed using it?
    Okay nimechoka i will simply suggest if Kahata leaves we sign two foreigners in Erisa Ssekisambu and Mustafa Francis or Milton Karissa since they might fall within the practical budget allocations since all the players i wanted to bring are termed extravagantly expensive. Also if possible Ovella Ochieng, Paul Were aka Sensei is around and willing to sign for GM, Eric Marcelo Ouma can come back to cover that left back position and i am reaching out to Kenneth Muguna who is frustrated in Albania having gone 5 months without salary and is being sustained on Ze Maria’s salary to come back be our playmaker.

  20. Guys, this is like an amateur juggling an egg. It will fall and break. Soon the players will be demoralized and leave or not give their all. The fans likewise will retreat to where they were a few months ago.
    And sooner or later the Coach will call it quits. Or does the EC think they don’t have alternatives.

    latest is that the deal with the Viper striker has fallen through, maybe in these turmoil he thought better. Moreover we are treading on thin ice waiting to recruit on the last day. Mukangul and Mutamba are already playing for their new clubs. We will leave to regret since the CEO is busy mishandling the go-slow and the Chair is enjoying himself in Russia. The rest of the EC members as we know can never do anything apart from manning the gate for collections sake.

    I fear to go back where we were before SportPesa came along. The problem is that the EC has not changed though the problem is us for electing some of those office bearers.

    The big question is , will the players on the route to NBi go back to Ksm for the friday match and will they go to Dar, thereafter.

    Whenever this happens we never win, and now Wa Nyambura could be gone too

  21. Personally i have no problem with any player leaving after expiry of the contract. The contract can be reviewed by both parties if there is an agreement. We had great players who either left or retire at the Club so let’s not ki?l the EC because a player decides to leave after the expiry of the contract..
    Are you saying that our women nolonger give birth?
    Kagere and Kahata have done their best at Kogalo and if at all they have decided to leave them it’s fine. I believe we can still get good players to take over.
    It’s a team work so loosing only two players will not make us disband the team. We have even lost matches when the two were playing. Like the coach said Kagere is now history and lets move on.
    The EC can now bring the Ugandan and The Burundian who are willing to play for the team. Gor mahia has done wonders without Kagere and Kagere.
    This one you can take to the bank , the two players will never shine at Simba. Alan Wants, George Odhiambo, Kiongera, Musoti, Ssrekuma arc tried and failed.
    In the issue of bonuses, I have no comment.
    I rest my case.

  22. Hehehe, JTG I guess your comment was quarantined because you are deemed to have used very strong language. Do we have a choice now? No. That is the only language that a shameless EC can understand. They cannot renew contracts. They cannot sign prospective replacements for the ones we are losing. They won’t pay players. These people belong in jail.

  23. Eeh Otek Omera mae dwaro mana ni adogi alem Got Asego wuod jokamaa..How can GM not want to part even with a single cent and expect to recruit players?It is better for EC to simply state without ambiguity that the club is not interested in signing any player this transfer window and is ready to leave two foreign quota slots vacant since they feel we are strong enough. How can Aduda offer international players like Ssekisambu 300k sign on fees for two year contracts and expect him to listen, have we all of a sudden become ingwe? Tuyisenge cost us 4 Million, Karim and Abouba cost us 3M combined then, Meddie cost us 2M for two year contract and Walusimbi renewed for two years with 2 Million. What has changed in club fortunes that now we are talking of 300K which is equivalent to less than a month’s salary that Simba will be offering Meddie. We are not poor as GM not at all but the usual suspects have decided to close the purse strings under vault, lock and key so let us wait for whatever will be to be..

  24. The playing unit think all fans don’t have ability to think plz earn what u signed for , orlse leave GOR MAHIA is bigger than all of us idhi for nitie uber moloyo dawo zangi magongo just a few

  25. The office use this opportunity to know who is who gor has 30 players call those that can play on Friday and officials those that decline are the enemies within ,show the door without fear even if it the coach

  26. Jokes aside this ec is too much now….kama pesa haiko mnalia ikiwa mnalia zaidi…..there pride is to see us stagnate there……erisa negotiations have broken down bcoz terms are not even close to agree able terms…. we rise high and some pple want us to fall and stay at the level they see we belong….. no ambition what so ever believe it or not. which player whos is sort for will come and start negotiating from 50k when at vipers earned much more… is there vision planning or even idea in them to take Gm forward….. my heart bleeds just realising the kind of mess we are in……. what’s the relevance of signing a player like mieno guikan and keeping hold of walusimbi when u don’t wish for progression and exposure…if we lose players in the middle of the season when we are having the best team among all times then fixing this need a surgery

  27. Fare thee well Kagere, I was not worried by the loss of L.M because in my view the combined scoring rate of our Rwandese duo was merely average. Kagere’s leaving was a golden chance to sign an “upgrade” of a striker until the effects of bad administration, our achilles heel spewed out into the open.

    This festering wound had had only been covered up courtesy of a dedicated coach whose good run hide the inefficiencies / greed of Mugabe and his bloated EC.
    Yest EC can stick to that existing contracts as they are content with the KPL and local trophies. Fans are interested in CAF trophies but are totally powerless and inconsequential.
    I have said it before and I continue to say CAF tournament eats into EC members’ personal budget allocation of GM funds i.e gate collections, donations, sponsors etc.

  28. Somebody in EC wants to pocket the Kshs 27 million windfall+ Kshs 3 million sportpesa win….

    My information says EC salaries have been increased …didn’t we see this coming ? And why can’t we have the same built into players contracts in terms of performance bonus. Surely we don’t expect players to be winning games and tournaments and their pockets remain the same.

    I think that’s the issue…period !

    Over to George bwana, please broker for us a top striker and a top midfielder in a record 72 hours who is willing to be paid peanuts. We are at your mercy ! We beg …..

    1. hehe Jakoyo you have made my day..lol ikoo ni over to George Bwana broker number 1 in Kenya to bring Top Striker and Midfielder willing to be paid peanuts,…Haha @ Dan Original herein above you have your answer regarding EC Salaries which Jakoyo gathers have been increased after Caf and Sportpesa prize monies win

  29. As we weep and mourn, wail and gnash our teeth over failed contract renewals and failure to sign players to replace departing stars one ADOR bwana Wakili is relaxing in Russia with Vodka moosssss Apana taka jua mambo mingi.Stress ni za akina Jasego yeye ametulia tuli world cup kiwanjani kwa Angolo machoni. Wuod Gem awuorii Chairman ionge huruma gi ngato Gor Kae…

  30. AR is reported to have advised Mr John Pesa to write to Mr.Musonye,the CECAFA Secretary General to withdraw Kogalo from the competition. The report further adds that Bolo has been requested to pay all the June salaries.Players have been reportedly told to get back to Kisumu in time for the Friday encounter and those who fail could be punished or even expelled and others recruited.Is this possible?Signing players within a day?Sony must be rubbing their hands in glee.If there was a better time to beat Gor,it is Friday.

  31. On Christ the solid Rock I stand
    All other else is sinking sand
    All other else is sinking sand.

    Almighty God this is beyond me and I leave it all to you. May your will be done. Natuombe……….

  32. Village mentality and stone age thinking of some of GM fans & worse of some officials, that GM is doing you a favor if you wear its Jersey,is what has & is making GM not progress miaka nenda miaka rudi.It projects myopic view of those teams that have embraced football as business that their monies are made out of juju.Most of these fellas come to be entertained by the players after working for 5days with jobs that guarantee them retirement after 55yrs, same cannot be said of players & they expect these players to sooth their egos every wknd in the name of donning GM colors while they are paid peanuts and fans and officials bask in glory.Primary duty of each player is his family then club & fans.Instead of throwing words carelessly that others will be born , let’s put EC to task and demand answers. Its unbelievable at a time when we seems to be unstoppable we are our worst enemies.Sometimes I wonder kama kuna kitu God alinyima wa’afrika in general

  33. The Biggest Enemy Of Gor Mahia Within Is Ambrose Rachier. The Man Operates With The Mentality Of Stalin. Steals From Kogalo Then Pretends To Be The Greatest Benefactor Of The Club.
    For Those Who Are Always Praise Singing To Rachier Where Was His Benevolence When The Team Almost Failed To Travel To South Africa?
    I Am Convinced Trhat So Long As We Have Rachier At The Helm We Will Forever Remain The Proverbial One Eyed Man Who Is King In The Kingdom Of Blind Men That Is Kpl.
    Losing Star Players In The Middle Of The Season Simple Out Of Stingyness Is Unspeakable Abominatio.

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