Gor Mahia destroy Telecom

Gor Mahia ended their 2015 CECAFA club cup preliminary round on a sound note beating Djibouti Telecom 3-1. It was a significant improvement from last year when they almost lost to this side. Coach Frank Nuttall continued with his squad rotation policy bringing in 8 players who did not play against Al Khartoum including keeper Jerim Onyango while Collins Okoth returned from injury.

Gor Mahia attacked from the very beginning. As early as the 3rd minute Michael Olunga sent a swerving shot which forced a good save from the Telecom keeper. George Odhiambo Blackberry, showing glimpses of his 2010 form, made a good run down the flanks, beat two defenders and with the defence expecting a cross, Blackberry sent a shot into the net from a difficult angle.

The second goal came in the 28th minute through Michael Olunga who converted a left wing cross. Olunga now has 4 goals to his credit.

Nuttall rung the changes at halftime, replacing Olunga with Kagere. Ali Abondo who has yet to score in this tournament almost scored in the 54th minute but his header went inches wide. Telecom who had scored at this tournament finally scored via substitute Said Hassan Elmi who came off the bench in the 65th minute.

Enock Agwanda who had yet tp score for Gor Mahia netted the 3rd goal in the 77th minute to seal the score: He controlled a cross from the right; he shot and was stopped by the woodwork. He followed up to make it 3-1 without any effort from the Telecom defense to stop him.

Gor Mahia Starting XI: Fredrick Onyango, Erick Ochieng, Ernest Wendo, Collins Okoth, Ronald Omino, Dirk Glay, George Odhiambo, Innocent Wafula, Michael Olunga, Ali Hassan Abondo, Enock Agwanda

Subs: David Juma, Harun Shakava, Meddie Kagere, Musa Mohamed, Abdoul Karim

Telecom Starting XI: Jeef Nzokira, Nour Miad Charmarkeh, Daher Kader Mohamed, Meraneh Mohamed, Hussein Warsama Said, Eninga Freddy, Houssein Butoyi, Abubakar Dharar Djama, Moussa Ahmed Hassan, Mohamed Bouh Guedi, Osman Yousouf Mohamed

Subs: Gamil Hadari, Anwar Sadad Ibrahim, Mohamed Moustafa, Mawlid Ali Beyleh, Said Hassan Elmi, Douleh Mohamed Elabeh, Daoud Wais Ali, Warsama Ibrahim Aden

30 thoughts on “Gor Mahia destroy Telecom

  1. Congratulations to blackberry.let nuttal dont ever field such a team.very lazy and stupid performance from the likes of omino,wafula and abondo.abondo and omino doesnt deserve to be in the first team.

  2. Even if G.odhiambo scored he perfomance was wanting. He, Omino and Erick ochieng are plyers who should also be dropped if Gor has a serious African agenda. Many will argue that Gor won but what ppl should think of is how can Gor handle the big African teams with such shallow players.Wafula i will exclude him for now but if what he showed today is a sign of his future then this guy will take Gor nowhere. Abondo continues to show he is aimless as usual. These reserve players showed no killer instinct at all. I still think Gor can take this cup if it wants too, but this is based on team A performace… and i also think Gor will pay a heavy price if these players get fatigued or injured.

  3. @Dinga and Compressor. Wafula is a brilliant player.He is just fatigued. On Abondo,Omino and Glay we seriously need new talent to take us far in CAF.Wafula plays well and can be useful to play behind Kagere and Olunga with brilliant passes.On the other hand Kagere it seems prefers to be fed near the box for him to be effective.But team imechoka;bench is weak;we need a central defender,attacking midfielder to partner with Wafula and a good striker at the bench.

  4. Good game but we were told gor has 27 players…..What became of kevin oluoch, ghanian tawfiq, timothy otieno, martin werunga, cameroonian simon pierre ?

    I think todays game showed an obvious lack of depth in the squad and before we criticize note that only jerim the keeper was playing in the right position. The other players 10 players were misplaced.

  5. Looking at the bracket, I think the next tough game should be in the Final.
    racket Edit
    Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final

    28 July
    Rwanda A.P.R. —

    Sudan Al-Khartoum —
    TBD —
    29 July
    TBD —
    Tanzania Yanga —

    Tanzania Azam —
    TBD —
    28 July
    TBD —
    Kenya Gor Mahia —

    South Sudan Al-Malakia —
    TBD — Third place
    29 July
    TBD —
    Uganda Kampala C.C.A. — TBD —
    Sudan Al-Ahly Shendi

    1. Our next game is Gor Mahia Vs South Sudan based Al Malakia. If we beat them, then we will meet the winner of Uganda Kampala C.C.A vs Sudan Al Shyl Send in Semi Final

      1. And we will meat either Azam or Yanga or Rwanda APR or Sudan Al Khartoum in the Final. These four teams looks tougher than the those in our quarter final bracket.

  6. We need depth guys,that game was an embarassing.i dont know why pp always rate omino highly yet every time he is fielded he has no impact.abondo on the other end is very inaccurate and wastleful.kagere have dissapointed me in these games so far,below expectation

    1. @Compressor, you are ever and ever complaining without giving tangible solutions. Why can’t you get Gor Mahia good players instead of posting useless and baseless criticisms. We all need to encourage our players instead of throwing tantrums at them. These are good players and giving them more playing time is very important for their motivation and encouragement to in future games perform. The important objective was to win the match and these players you are talking ill of won it by scoring three goals. Was this not goal achieved? Sometimes we have to win ugly.

      1. I think blaming the players and calling them stupid is misplaced. Though we played below par but considering that we played most of the players out of position that was the expected outcome. For our info even the A team at times performs below par. an example is the Mathare or Muhoroni game. What we need to do is to continue encouraging the players. Comments like those form from @Compressor have never and will never help the team.

  7. Let us encourage our players, not caliing them stupid, I wonder whether some of Bloggers ever play Football,its easier to say that so and so are not surpose to be in the Club. Those boys tried their best so far let us encourage them with advices. What I have learnt so far from our Team is speedy, other teams are playing fast game if we can prove on that, we can go up to Final, God willing!.

  8. Good game K’OGALO considering the line up. Those who are complaining about the fielding of players are just loudmouths who look for avenues to pour out their anger yet they know nothing about football. K’OGALO will prosper

  9. I said and I repeat here where is the strong bench that was talked about? We have thrived very dangerously on a 1st eleven without an effective back up, thanks to God we have been spared injuries

    1. @Jathurgiji, a team must have a strong first eleven….you can not have two first eleven teams that will have the same pedigree. For example look at EPL, La Liga, Serie A, etc top teams have their strong first eleven and this is not an exception with Gor Mahia.

      Bloggers it appears most of you do not understand football. Football is all about winning by scoring goals and this is what make teams champions. Wenger has tried with his tiki taka football but won the EPL many years ago.

  10. Imagine you are out there, sweating in the heat, humidity and low altitude of Dar trying your best to protect the honour and identity of your nation, community and culture then a self-declared know-it-all summarizes all your efforts as stupid. It is so discouraging, crushing and absolutely demotivating. We should still be able to point out weaknesses of the players in a more diplomatic, less emotional and more encouraging manor.

    The truth is Wafula, Kagere and Victor Ali are yet to give us their best. Wafula is a good tackler who knows how to disposes the ball from opponents, but he holds onto the ball too long thereby denying the team great scoring opportunities. Victor Ali is wasteful with corner kicks and seems to have extinguished the fire that was burning in him at the beginning of the season. I feel the blame on Ronald Omino and Eric Ochieng’ is unwarranted.

    As we blame the players let us also take time to audit the officiating. Nobody is condemning the infringement on Boniface Oluoch by the Khartoum player that resulted in a goal. That well-timed knock on Boniface threw him off balance and compromised his timing and grip on the ball. Any referee worth some salt should have called for a foul on the GK. Our defenders also demonstrated some naivety at that point by first exposing the goalie to attackers and secondly failing to point out the illegal contact with the goalie.

    For the Malakia game, let our boys watch out for winger Saddam Opera Peter, defender Wesley Onduso Arasa and of course a very good keeper in the name of Kennedy Santolino. Onduso is particularly dangerous because of long throws that match Agwanda’s in accuracy, speed and power.

    1. @BB and @Jamigori, you guys are spot on on the bloggers who do not know anything about football. Why do they refer to players as stupid. May be they borrowed this word from the mouth of President Barack Obama and used wrongly against our good players that gave us victory. Shame on these bloggers and their postings are misplaced and need to condemned in equal measure.

  11. I have been doubting this COMPRESSOR who resemble the struggling dotted lines with a long tail. He could be Ingo or Disi. COMPRESSOR, you should never call our players stupid. I think this tag resembles you and your character.

  12. The good thing is that Gor plays on Tuesday so they will have a day more to rest as compared to their oponents in the semis (That is if they win the quarter finals)

  13. The bottom line is a win and I think the team did their best so I congratulate them.

    We can increase the depth once the transfer season re-opens at the end of the season but as for now, that is the best we have.

  14. Am 100% gor mahia fan.even madrid fans criticize their players,rem their game against schalke 04.and @mwakio kindly stop attacking me every time i place my comment.i know u are only with us during the day and at night u r with kimanzi at tusker.

    1. @Compressor, we won the game and any true and real Gor Mahia fan will congratulate the team for winning but not throwing insults to players that have done well. I think you are the real Ingwe fan and stop pretending. Why are you running away from your dotted spots and long tail.

      1. We criticize them to perform better.U dont need to show me ur supremacy by insulting me.by da way if u are not criticized then know that u r not doing the correct thing.

        1. I warned you of this COMPRESSOR long time a go, this is not constructive criticism, its an insult to players!!

  15. I watched the replay and now can clearly see that, in tough matches where Karim will not be able to make his runs we can rely on Berry or Omino;both played well. Wafula can also play short passes close to the box or make inroads from the flanks.For Abondo he needs to work very hard.

  16. Should Gor make it to the semis(By God’s grace they will) we will play either APR or AL Khartoum again and not KCCA/AL Shendy. So no advantage of a days rest over our opponents.

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